Hazrat Khaja Haji Nisar Mohammed Shah Niazi r.a

   Upon the death of Hazrat Khaja Aziz Mohammed Niazi, Hazrat Allah Ke Hukumese’s last younger son Hazrat Khaja Nisar Mohammed Shah was become his successor. He is an anthology  of incarnate  qualities of pious personalities.

      He is  having  lasting belief  and due to his continuous action and with his love, he was becoming like the conqueror of the world  and so he was  working hard for the  mission  work of  the teaching, preaching of the predecessors. And for these reasons he is very popular and liked by his disciples and devotees equally. The following special things  and the below good qualities  are  found in him, which are must for the successor of the Sufi master.

  1.Zahed (ascetic)

2.Qinat (content)

3.Follow  the Sunnah


      Upon his succession  the construction of shrine building and repair works were done recently and by the grace of Allah one beautiful mosque was constructed in the shrine area. He was performing all works in the best possible manner and his circle of devotees is day by day is increasing.


It is very sad and a great  loss which was happening to  his large number of disciples and devotees that he left this mortal world after a short period illness at 11.00 A.M on the 15th March 2017 corresponding to 15th Jamad al-Thani 1438 Hegira Islamic calendar in Hyderabad.

The Sheikh of the time’s grave is available on the left side of his mother’s grave and  on the right side  the grave of his father is available in the mausoleum of his father Hazrat Allah Ke Hukam Se in Ali Chaman in Saroonagar area in the Langojiguda in Hyderabad. 

I pray Allah for  grant of lofty position and grand status to him as he was engaged in the teaching, preaching mission in his long period life and  for his sake and his endeavours, there should be available guidance and right part of a successful life and attention  to the disciples and devotees on the mystic path of Sufi way. (Amen).