Hazrat Ibrahim Dawood Warqi r.a

He belongs to the famous category of saints from
Syria. He obtained perfect position in the worship and in the miracles. He lived in the period of Junaid of Baghdad. He was friend of Ibn Atta and Abdullah Ben Jala. 

There was patch of his dress on one mystic person’s dress and on that person a tiger tried to attack him in the jungle but when the tiger reached near him and kneeled down on his feet and went away without causing any harm to that mystic person. 

He used to say that by over looking the things as per the wisdom and to prove the presence of creatures is called entering into the knowledge of Allah. He told apparently the eyes are open but there is loss of sight. 

He told the signs of friendship of Allah is as follows. 

1.Obedience 2. More worship 3.To follow the Sunnah ( to follow the sayings and deeds of the prophet). 

He told the weakest in the creature is one who does not have the control to leave the creatures. 

The position depends upon the courage and if we use it for the worldly affairs then its value is nothing and useless. But if we utilized it for the pleasure of Allah then it will be helpful for us to gain the higher positions. 

He told one who will not ask the questions will be in the condition of willingness and inclination because due to increase of our benisons (calls) which is against the will and pleasure of Allah . 

To be content on the promises of Allah is called trust. He told to demand more than the fate is not useful and not good because no body could not get more than his fate. 

He told the rich man suffices on his wealth so for the mystic person the trust in Allah is more then enough for him . 

The mystic person learns politeness when he takes interest in the knowledge from the reality. When there is feeling of danger then there will be no nearness of Allah. 

When one who think that some other person has authority for grant of the awards and honor other than Allah and in that case such person will be in the condition of disgrace. 

He told he like the following things. 

1.The company of poor persons.

2.The dignity of pious persons. 

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