Hazrat Hamdun al-Qassar r.a

He was jurist of Islamic law as well as scholar of prophet’s traditions and also he was great saint of mysticism. In mysticism he attained great position. His teacher was Abu Torab al-Nakhshabi but he himself was teacher of Sufiyan Sauri and Abdulah Bin Mubarak. His followers are called Qasari.

The condition of his taqawa (fear of Allah) was great and once he was with his friend when was dying in the night and upon his death he put out the lamp and told “The deceased was the owner of the lamp in his life but now after his death his heirs are owners so it is not good to lit the lamp without their permission”.

In Neshapur he met one young man named  Saleh  and asked him the question “What are requirement of bravery and courage? So he (Saleh) replied him “My bravery demands me to wear the dress of mysticism and follow their ways. The bravery which require from you is to take down the dress of mysticism and in this way by remembrance of Allah you can attain  good  position. So that the world may not attract you.” Upon attaining great fame the persons asked him for the preaching so he replied them “His preaching will not be good for the mankind because he is a lover of the world and the preacher must have effect to guide the mankind then he should preach. He should have sequence in his preaching and in his condition there should be divine help for him.” The persons asked him “Why were so effective the styles of preachers who had passed away from the world.” He replied  “Because  they  want  to  propagate  the  religion  of Islam and want to control the soul in their preaching.”

He told “The love of Allah is better than the mankind. Do not disclose the secret matters. Always sit in the company of pious persons. Keep away from the company of ignorant persons and sit in the company of learned persons”.

He told “Asking for more will cause difficulties. To think soul as better will create proud. If one who follows his soul, he will become blind so he will be away from the right path. Always think yourself as worst and due to fear do not look at sottis person because there will be affected from him.”

Always aim at the hopefulness and fear. With humility you will have indigence. The meaning of humility is that not to think others lower than yourself.

Over eating is cause of diseases and will make problem

for the religious deeds. He told “One should think himself lower so that world may respect you.”

Abdullah  Bin  Mubrak  told  that  he  advised  him  “He should not be angry with any body for the sake of matters of the world.” Some body asked him “What is definition of the servant? He told “To love Allah and his worship.” The  meaning  of  zuhd  (mysticism)  is  to  be  content  for what ever one gets and do not desire more than that. The

meaning of trust is to look at Allah for settlements of his debts other than mankind. But before surrendering all our affairs to Allah one should also try his level best and see all his means and sources, so he should check in this matter.”

The following three things with which the Satan will be happy.

  1. For the murder of pious person.
  2. 2. For the death of Muslim person in the condition of disbelief.
  3. From the escape from darweshi.(mysticism). Abdallah Bin Mubrak says he requested him in his illness to advice his (Hamdum AL Qassar’s) children ? And he told  “He   is   afraid   of   their   condition   of   darweshi (mysticism)  and  so  he  is  much  concerned  about  this  as they follow it properly or not their wealthy condition.”

He advised Abdullah Bin Mubrak at the time of his death to bury him among the women and he told this and died.

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