Hazrat Haji Sayyah Said ud din Sarwar Maqdoom r.a

Malfuzat-i-Sarwari and Tarikh-i-Kandhar gives the historica information
of Hazrat Haji Sayyah Saidoddin Sarwar Maqdoom.169 Under the study of
geneology of Sarwar Maqdoom, and find that spiritual and familiar
relation to him from 26th as a Sake to Hazrat Imam Hussain Rajallaanh.
Imam Husain was the son of Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.
The geneology as described by Amir Hamza in his book has been usefull
to study this Sufi saint from Kandhar.170
Most of the Sufis of Deccan and Bidar Gulbarga Bijapur Khuldabad
area who migrated to the city from the mid fourteenth centuty, belonged to
the Chishti, the Qadari or the Rafai silsilas, which had already undergone
considerable development in various parts of the Indian Subcontinent
before becoming significant in Kandhar.171 Hazdrat Saidoddin Sarwar
Maqdoom was the successor (Khalifa) of his father, Hazrat Sayyad Sarwar
Ibrahim Nizamuddin Rafai.172 He was also benefitted by the spiritual
training of Shahikh Nizam ud Din Auliya in Delhi. After the death of
Shaikh Nizam ud Din Auliya in 1324, his murids spread all over India
from Delhi.173
Originally the family of Hazrat Sarwar Maqdoom came from the
town of Basra in Iraq. Hazrat Sarwar Maqdoom had the hobby of travellin
to major cities having Islamic importance. Hency, he was known by the
name ‘Sayyah’ (literally meaning the traveler).174 He was also a pilgrim
of Mecca and Medina in Arabia. He came to Delhi and become a disciple
of Shaikh Nizam ud Din Auliya.175 After that, he came to Kandhar Deccan
at 1325 AD. His Tariqah was known as Qadiriya Rafaiya. The Rafaiya Tariqa or silsila came from the northern part of Indian sub continent and
had originated from the famous Sufi saint Shaikh Hazrat Saiyyad Ahmed
Kabir Rafai Rahamtullahalai.176 Sarwar Maqdoom had died on 17th Rajjab
736 AH and was buried in at Badi Dargah. This badi Dargah originally
was s typical structure with square or octagonal base supporting a dome.177
After the inthakhal of Hazrat Sarwar Maqdoom, his two sons came to
Tariqah of Rafai Qadiriya silsila.