Hazrat Fateh Mosli (r.a)

He belongs to great category of saints and he used to love the worship of Allah and  hate  the  mankind.  Somebody told to one saint that Fathe Al- Mauseli is ignorant. That saint replied him “As he left over the worldly affairs so there is no such great learned person like him.” Once in the late night Siree Saqti went to see him but the royal policemen thought him a thief and caught him. In the morning all prisoners were ordered for the execution. When he came near the executioner for the execution but the executioner stopped his hands and when he was asked the reason for it.

He told them  “An old man is  standing  before me and prohibiting me in this matter and he is Fath Al-Mouseli.” So Siree Saqti was freed from there and he went away with Fateh Al- Mouseli.

Once he put his hand in  the  blacksmith’s  furnace  and took one hot piece of iron from there and told “This is called truth.” Once in his dream he asked Ali Ibn Taleb (ra) to advice him so he told him “For the sake of charity it is good for the rich persons for the humility of poor persons but it is more better that the poor persons should hate the rich persons.”

One poor young man met him in the mosque and he told him “I am a traveler so I have right over the local residents and for telling this I have come over there that on such a place I will die by tomorrow so please arrange for my convalescence bath and bury me in these old clothes.”

So next day he went to that place and he found the young man ‘s dead body there so as per the advice of the young man he buried him in the grave yard and at the time when he was leaving the place he heard a call from the grave in which it was told “Oh : Fathe Al-Mousali if I got the nearness of Allah then I will give you reward for your service for me.”

He also told “To live in the world in such a way that life should become eternal.”

When once he was weeping the blood passed from his eyes instead of tears. So the persons asked him why he weep so much. He told them “Due to fear of sins.” Somebody sent him fifty dirham as present for him and

told him “As per tradition of the prophet if some body get some thing without his desire then he should accept it otherwise it will be regarded as ungratefulness of Allah’s grace.”

When he heard this then he took one dirham so that there will be no ungratefulness. He told “He acquired knowledge from Abdals (an order of saints) for a period of

30 years and they advised me to keep away from the mankind and eat less.”

“As  the  patient  dies  if  we  stop  him  giving  food  and water.  So  in the  same  way  without  knowledge,  wisdom and the advice of saints, the hearts of mankind will die.” He asked with a clergy man which way that goes to god? He replied search it any where with attention and you will find it every where. The  mystic person’s every talk and action is from Allah. He will seek help only from Allah. One who acts against his soul will become friend of Allah. One who is a seeker of Allah, he will not be a seeker of the world.

Upon his death somebody saw him in the  dream  and asked him “What Allah done with him? He replied “Allah blessed him with his mercy and told him as  you  were afraid of sins and for this reason you used  to  weep  so much, so we have ordered the angels not to write any of your sins.”

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