Hazrat Baba Syed Fakher uddin Saherwardi Hyderabad r.a

Hazrat Baba Syed Fakher Uddin Saherwardi alias ‘Metha Shah Wali’  came to India from his country Iraq along with Hazrat Baba Sharaf Uddin Saherwardi for the preaching and propagation mission work of Islam. He arrived in the land of the Deccan  in the mountain area of the Jallaplli village in  the Deccan (South India) near Hyderabad for guidance and showing the right path  to  the local persons towards Allah and he was famous and perfect for his following qualities.

  1. Conduct and character. 2. Style of talking. 3. Knowledge and practice. 4. Worship and riyazat (mystical exercise). 5.Endeavours.6.Taqva (piety). 7. Public service.

 He was followed the above great qualities and excellence from his spiritual master Hazrat  Shaikh Shahab uddin Saherwardi.

   He was born in Iraq and since his childhood  he was not interested in the world and worldly matters. There was indication of Velayat (Sainthood , which is a status of closeness which Allah  will  bless some of His beloved servants through His Grace) on his face from his younger age. So for this reason he never left the Sharia (Islamic) law. Due to kind favour and help of his spiritual master he was attained great position in the following things.

  1. Tariqat. (Sufism).
  2. Marafat (knowledge of Allah).

   He has possessed very sweet style of talking. His entire life period was spent in the following things.

  1. Worship. 2. Preaching and propagation of Islam.

    Due to his high level of conduct and character the people used to accept the religion of Islam. Like his spiritual brother Baba Sharaf Uddin Saherwardi there was crowded by the large number of following persons always with him in his shrine area.                 

  1. Needy persons. 2. Poor persons. 3. Patients 4. General and special persons. The above persons used to visit him from far away places to get benefit from his favour of prayers and help in this matter and the majority of persons were non Muslim who used to visit him and get the benefits of his favours and kind help in this matter.

   Due to his simplicity and humanity there were too  many effects on the visitors and for this reason a large number of persons accepted the religion of Islam and followed the right path of Allah.

    As per tradition from pious personalities of Deccan area it is revealed that despite of large distance of  living of the following three holy personalities of the Deccan area  there was always communication between themselves due to help from an invisible source.

1.Hazrat Baba Sharaf uddin Saherwardi.

2.Hazrat Baba Shab uddin Saherwardi.

3.Hazrat Baba Fakher uddin Saherwardi.

   When he will used to commence his teaching and preaching sessions  then he used to strike one stone with his staff and due to this reason there will be sound of drums in the area so for this reason a large number of persons used to attend his teaching  and preaching sessions and greatly benefitted by his teaching of wisdom and spiritual knowledge.


    He left this world after some days after death of Hazrat Baba Sharaf Uddin Saherwardi and every year on 21 of Shaban   his annual Urs (death anniversary)  ceremony is celebrated. This year  his 730 annual Urs (death anniversary) was celebrated in Hyderabad city on a large scale basis.