Hazrat Aslam Al-Tusi r.a

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He was famous saint and he did great worship and devoted much attention to mystic exercises during his time . He used to act upon the tradition strictly so he was called Lisan Rasool which means tongue of the prophet. Once he was going on the camel and Isaque Bin Zaheriya was holding the camel’s bridle and in that condition they reached Naishapur . He was wearing a shirt of woolen cloth and a felt cap was on his head and a bag of books he was carrying on his shoulder. His preaching was so impressive that 50,000 persons left their lives of sins and followed the right path. 

He was imprisoned and punished severally for the period of complete two years on the charge of not saying Quran a creature . In the prison he used to take bath on every friday and he used to go to the jail gate but he was returned back by the jail guards so upon his return he used to say “ Oh ; Allah I have fulfilled my duty so you do whatever you like.” When he was released from the jail and at that time the ruler Abdullah Bin Zaher was in Naishapur and all courtiers were present in his court to pay him their respect. The ruler asked the courtiers is any famous persons not come over there to pay their respect to him. The persons replied him two persons were absent and they are Ahmed Harab and Muhammed Aslam. Because both are great learned men and worshipers and they never visit the court to pay their respects to the ruler . Upon hearing this the ruler told the courtiers that he will visit them and pay his respect to them . When he first visited Ahmed Harabi’s house and he was in the condition of engrossment and he raised his head and told him “ Oh ; Abdullah you are very handsome so don’t waste your youth and handsomeness in the disobedience of Allah. ’’ After that he reached the house of Muhammed Bin Aslam but due to the friday prayer preparations work he did not called him into his house but Abdullah Bin Zaher stayed outside of his house on his horse back waiting for him till the end of his Friday prayer. When he came out side of his house Abdullah Bin Zaher get down from his horse and kissed his feet and told “ Oh ; Allah as I am very bad so your beloved friend is my enemy. As he is your beloved friend to whom I love him so for his sake forgive me.” 

He left Tosi and settled down in Naishapur and the mosque in which he used to worship become holy one. As he resided in Tosi for many years so for this reason he is called Tosi. But he is from Arabic origin 

One pious person saw him in
Rome in his dream that Satan fallen down from the sky and due to his fall the earth where he was fallen was pressed down. So that pious person asked the Satan “Why it was happened to him?.” The Satan replied him “ Due to expectoration of Aslam Tosi who made this after ablution and due to fear of that sound I fell down from sky to the ground.” There was a canal of water in front of his house but he never used the water from there as he thought that it was constructed for the public purpose . When the water of canal was dried up and he pulled the water from the well and filled the canal and he collected only one bottle of water from there . 

He used to help beggars by taking money on the loans from others. Once a jew demanded his loan amount suddenly and at that time he did not have any amount with him. But at that time he sharpened his pen and its one part was laying there on the ground and he gave the same to the jew and asked him to go. When the jew saw the same and it converted into the gold. For this reason the jew thought in the religion of Islam such great saints are there so it will be not wrong religion and he became Muslim immediately due to his above thought. Some body asked with Abu Ali Farmedi during his preaching time that learned persons are heirs of the holy prophet so mention the names of such great personalities. He then pointed towards Aslam Tosi and told him they are like him. 

When he was ill in Naishapur and his neighbor saw him in his dream and he told him in the dream “ To day I will be free from the worldly grief and sorrow ’’. When he was wake up and he went to his house to know interpretation of his dream till then he already left this world. Upon his death the persons covered his dead body with his blanket which he used to cover his body during life time. At the same time two women who were walking on the way and they told “ Oh ; sorrow today Muhammed Aslam left this world and this world could not deceive him and he took with him excellence and qualities.” 


(Rahmatullah alayh)

* People had given Hadhrat Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi (rahmatullah alayh) the title of Lisaanur Rasool (The Tongue of Rasulullah – sallallahu alayhi wasallam). No one during his era followed the Sunnah as meticulously as Hadhrat Tusi.

   He was detained in jail for two years for proclaiming that the Qur’aan was the Uncreated Word of Allah Ta’ala. This is the belief of the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah. He was subjected to great trials and persecution in jail, but he remained firm in this proclamation.

   Every Friday in jail he would take ghusl, place his musalla on his shoulder and head for the gateway. The guard would stop him and order him back. Then he would say: “O Allah! I have done what was incumbent on me.”

* When Abdullah Bin Taahir, the newly appointed governor arrived in the city of Nishapur, all the nobility and scholars came to welcome him. The entire city was involved in welcoming him for three days. Thereafter he asked if any of the prominent inhabitants of the city had not presented themselves to welcome him. He was informed that two persons – Ahmad Bin Harb and Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi – had not come. The governor was curious to know the reason for their absence. He was told that both were Ulama Rabbaani who do not come forward to meet kings and rulers. Abdullah Bin Taahir said: “If they do not come, I shall go to meet them.”

When the governor arrived at the residence of Hadhrat Ahmad Bin Harb (rahmatullah alayh), he found him deep in contemplation. The governor stood waiting with respect. After some time, Hadhrat Ahmad Bin Harb lifted his head. Looking at the governor, he (Ahmad) commented: “I have heard that you are very handsome. Now that I have seen you, I can say that you are more handsome than what I have heard. Listen! Do not despoil your handsomeness by contravening the Laws of Allah Ta’ala..”

Then, Abdullah Bin Taahir went to the home of Hadhrat Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi (rahmatullah alayh). However, the governor was not granted permission to enter. The governor remained standing with humility at the entrance of the house and said to himself: “He will have to come out for Salaat. I shall then meet him.” He waited for a considerable time, then he mounted his horse and sat there waiting. It was Friday. At the time of Jumuah Salaat, Hadhrat Tusi emerged from his home. On seeing Hadhrat Tusi, the governor immediately alighted from his horse. He went down and kissed the feet of Hadhrat Tusi, and he (the governor) overwhelmed with emotion supplicated: “O Allah! He (i.e.Hadhrat Tusi) detests me, for I am an evil person, but I love him because of his piety. O Allah! With Your kindness transform me into a pious person by the virtue of this pious person.”

* Hadhrat Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi was always in debt. He would obtain loans and distribute the money to the Fuqara. Once a Jewish creditor came and demanded payment. Hadhrat Tusi had nothing to offer. At the time he was sharpening a pencil. He told the Jew to take the shavings of the pencils which were scattered on the ground. When the Jew picked up the shavings he found them to be pure gold. He exclaimed: “The Deen of such servants is undoubtedly the true religion.” There and then the Jew embraced Islam.

* Hadhrat Abu Ali Faarmadi (rahmatullah alayh) was delivering a wa’z (lecture) in the Musjid of Nishapur. Present was also Imaamul Harmain (the Imaam of the Musjids of Makkah and Madinah). Imaamul Haramain asked Hadhrat Abu Ali: “Who today is the group in the scope of the Hadith: ‘The Ulama are the Heirs of the Ambiya.’?’ Hadhrat Abu Ali responded: “Neither you nor I. The man who is sleeping at the entrance is the one (i.e. the Heir of the Ambiya).” He pointed towards Muhammad Bin Aslam who was sleeping at the entrance.

* When Hadhrat Muhammad Bin Aslam Tusi was in his last illness, a neighbour saw in a dream that Hadhrat Tusi was saying: ‘Alhamdulillah! I have been set free from this grief (i.e. the world).” Early in the morning the neighbour went to inform Hadhrat Tusi of the dream. On reaching his home, he discovered that Hadhrat Muhamamd Bin Aslam Tusi (rahmatullah alayh) had died during the night.