Hazrat Arif Reogri رحمتاالله علیه


Hadhrat Khwāja Ārif Riwgarī, may Allāh sanctify his secret, was the deputy ofHadhrat Khwāja Abd al-Khāliq Ghujdawānī quddisa sirruhū. He was born in a village called Riwgar, about fifteen miles from Bukhārā, Uzbekistān.

Khwāja Abd al-Khāliq had four deputies. When he left this mortal world, his first deputy Khwāja Ahmad Siddīq quddisa sirruhū succeeded him and took over the seat of spiritual directorship and trained the seekers in this noble path. When he was close to dying, he urged all his followers to seek the company of Khwāja Ārif Riwgarī.

Khwāja Ārif wrote a treatise on Tasawwuf, called “Ārif Nāma”, and one of its manuscripts is located in the library of Khāniqāh Mūsā Zaī Sharīf, district Derā Ismāīl Khān, Pakistan.

At the end of his times, Khwāja Ārif appointed Khwāja Mahmūd Anjīr-Faghnawīas his deputy and all his companions associated themselves with Khwāja Mahmūd after his demise.

Khwāja Ārif Riwgarī quddisa sirruhū passed away on 1st Shawwāl 616 AH (December 1219 CE). He was buried in his hometown Riwgar, today called Safirkon, forty five kilometers north of Bukhārā, where his noble tomb is a place of blessings and is visited by many.

Among his contemporaries were the following saints:

  1. Shaykh Najm ad-Dīn Kubrā (d.617 AH) quddisa sirruhū, who was the founder of the Kubravī order and lived close to him in Khwārezm.
  2. Shaykh Umar Shahāb ad-Dīn Suhrawardī (d. 632 AH) quddisa sirruhū, founder of the Suhrawardī order who lived in Baghdād.
  3. Shaykh Muīn ad-Dīn Ajmerī (d. 633 AH) quddisa sirruhū, founder of the Chishtī order, who moved to Ajmer (India) in 1192 CE.

Mosque at the tomb of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

Mosque at the tomb of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

The tomb complex of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

The tomb complex of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

The noble tomb of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

The noble tomb of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

The blessed tomb of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

The blessed tomb of Khwaja Arif Riwgari

Arif ar-Riwakri
May Allah Sanctify His Soul

“Is there any place our King is not?
But His sorcery has blindfolded the viewer.
He blindfolds your eyes such that you see a dustmote at midday,
but not the greatest Sun,
A ship at sea, but not the ocean’s waves.
The ship’s bobbing tells you about the sea,
just as the movement of people tells the blind man that it is daytime.
Have you not read the verse, God has set a seal… [2:7] ?
It is God who sets the seal, and it is He who removes it and lifts up the coverings [50:22].

Rumi, Divan.

He was a Knower whose Inner Truth appeared to him in all its brightness and light. He was a Sun of Knowledge who illuminated the dark sky of his Age. He was called the Light in the Garden of Reality and the Light in the Garden of the Prophet .

Arif (q) was born in the village of Riwakar six miles from Bukhara and one mile from Ghujdawan. He stood at the door of his Shaikh, Abdul Khaliq, and served him until the Shaikh gave him permission for irshad (giving guidance). He took the Secret of the Order from his Shaikh who witnessed his attainment to the state of perfection. He filled the countries around Bukhara with the scent of his blessings. He opened the minds and the hearts of the people of his time to the secrets of his knowledge.

His students recorded many of his sayings. The following are some of them:

  • “Trust in God until He becomes your Teacher. Make the Remembrance of Death your partner.”
  • “Too much hope in the future veils you from the good found in Allah’s Way.”
  • “Whoever says ten times in a day, ‘Oh Allah Guide the Nation of Muhammad. Oh Allah Bless the Nation of Muhammad. Oh Allah remove all afflictions from the Nation of Muhammad,’ will be written among the group of saints known as the Abdal.”
  • “Whoever asks for Paradise without any good deeds it will be written for him as the Sin of Sins. Whoever awaits intercession without a cause, has a form of pride.”
  • “It is surprising to see so many Righteous (saliheen), and yet so few Truthful believers (sadiqeen).”
  • “To achieve healing from any affliction keep your affliction secret from people because they can be of no benefit to you. They can neither help you nor can they keep it from reaching you.”
  • “There are three kinds of hearts: the heart like a mountain, which nothing can move; the heart like a palm-tree, its roots firm but its branches in motion; and the heart like a feather, which the wind blows from right to left.”
  • “Who hopes to protect his religion, must avoid the company of people.”
  • “O Allah, whenever you want to punish me, do it, but don’t keep me away from Your Presence.”

Arif ar-Riwakri (q) died in the same city he was born, Riwakar, and he was buried there. He passed his secret to Shaikh Khwaja Mahmoud al-Anjir al-Faghnawi (q).

Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Aarif Reogari rahmatullāhi alaihi :

Aap ki wilaadat 27 Rajab 551 Hijri (15 September 1156 A.D.) ko Bukhara ke qareeb Reogar (Uzbekistan) me hui.

Aap ne Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Khaaliq Ghujdawani rahmatullāhi alaihi se ta’aleem haasil ki.

Aap Peer ki sohbat me rehkar khidmat karte rahe aur ibaadat wa mujaahida karte rahe.

Peer ke wisaal ke baad Aap logo ko ta’aleem aur faiz ata karte rahe.

Aap ne Tasawwuf aur Wilaayat me bahot aala maqaam haasil kiya tha.

Aap farmaate ke ‘Aye ALLĀH! Tu jab chaahe mujhe saza de dena magar kabhi mujhe teri zaat se juda mat karna.’

Aap ki likhi hui Tasawwuf ki kitaab ‘Aarif Naama’ mash’hoor hai.

Aqwaal :
Aap farmaate hain :
(1) Ye dekhkar ta’ajjub hota hai ke Saaliheen (Righteous) kaṡeer hain magar Saadiqeen (Truthful believers) bahot kam hain.

(2) Agar koi nek aamaal ke baġair Jannat ki ummeed rakhta ho ye gunaah ke upar gunaah hai.
Agar koi kisi sabab ke baghair Shafa’at ki ummeed rakhta ho to ye ek qism ka Takabbur hai.

(3) Mustaqbil par had se zyada ummeed rakhna ALLĀH ki raah me achhi baat par parda daal deta hai.

(4) Jo apne deen ki hifaazat karna chaahta ho use logo ko milne se parhez karna chaahiye.

(5) 3 qism ke Qalb hote hain :
[1] Jo pahaad jaise mazboot hote hain unhe koi hila nahi sakta.
[2] Jo darakht jaise hote hain un ki jaden mazboot hoti hai magar toofaan me un ki shaakhen hilti hain.
[3] Jo par (feather) jaise hote hain wo hawa chalne par ud jaate hain.

Aap Hazrat Khwaja Abdul Khaaliq Ghujdawani rahmatullāhi alaihi ke mureed aur khalifa hain.
Aur ‘Khwajagaaniya’ silsila ke Shaikh hain.

Aap ke khalifa :
Hazrat Khwaja Mahmood Anjir-Faghnawi rahmatullāhi alaihi.

Aap ka wisaal 1 Shawwaal 616 Hijri (10/11 December 1219 A.D.) ko hua.

Aap ka mazaar Reogar / Shofirkon (Uzbekistan) me hai.

ALLĀH ta’ala us ke Habeeb sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke sadqe me
Aur Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Aarif Reogari rahmatullāhi alaihi ur tamaam Auliya Allāh ke waseele se
Sab ko mukammal ishq e Rasool ata farmae aur Sab ke Eimaan ki hifaazat farmae aur Sab ko nek amal karne ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur Sab ko dunya wa aakhirat me kaamyaabi ata farmae aur Sab ki nek jaa’iz muraado ko puri farmae.