Hazrat Ali Sohail Asfahani r.a

tazkire e aulia0004-1tazkire e aulia0004-2It was famous about him that he knows the knowledge of invisible things. He lived in the time of Junaid of Baghdad and he was trained in the company of Abu Torab.

Omer Bin Osman came to see him when was in debt of 30,000 Dirhams and he paid off his debit amount. He used to say interest in the of worship is a sign of divine help.

The sign of grace is to leave the opposition and the sign

of wakefulness is to adopt the  grace.  The  sign  of ignorance is to claim for the some thing. In the beginning if ones’ devotion will be not corrected then he will be not safe till his end.

He  told  one  who  think  he  is  very  near  to  Allah  but actually he is very far away from Allah.

He told one’s presence with Allah is better than his belief because the presence is live in the soul and then there will be no chance of carelessness.

The condition of belief is that it will be firm some time and it will be un-firm for some time. But the persons of status who will live in the court and the persons of belief who will live on its (court) door.

He told the wise men will spend their lives as per the commandments of Allah but the mystic persons will spend their lives in the nearness of Allah. He told one  who knows Allah then he will ignore all other things.

He told there is richness in the knowledge, proudness in the indigency, and the safety in the mysticism. For the silence there will be lesser

accountability and in the happiness there is disappointment.

He told from the time of prophet Adam (peace be upon)

to till the day of judgment there will be discussion about the heart but they could not find its reality and nature.

He told he will not die by his illness during which people will visit him but when Allah will call him then he will leave this world. Shaikh Abul Hasan told once on the way he told labbaik (being at your service) so I asked him to recite the Kalima (Muslim creed) but he told him “You asked me to recite kalima but I swear in the name of grace of Allah  that in  between us nothing  is there except  his dignity” and by saying this he left this world.