Hazrat Ahmed Masruq r.a

He was great pious personality of his time and he was also great Shaikh of Khorasan.

He was Qutb (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) of his time and was trained by the Qutub Madar (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis). Some persons asked him who is the Qutub of this time then he was silent and so from his silence it is clear that he was the Qutub of his time. He was born in Tusi but he lived in Baghdad.

Once one old person asked him in good tune to express his views so he thought him a Jew and told him “I think you are from the Jew community.” Due to this miracle he accepted the religion of Islam.

And  he  told  him  “He  find  no  religion  better  than  the religion of Islam.”

He used to tell one who  will get happiness from other than Allah then he will not get the real happiness. One who will not love Allah then he will be in the condition of wilderness.

One who inclined Allah then all organs of his body will be kept away from committing the sins due to grace of Allah.

One who is pious person then he should leave the world. The real piety is that in which one should be away from the world.

He told to respect a Momin (Muslim) is like to respect of

Allah and in this way one can reach to the piety.

He told it is improbable from the konwledge of Marafat (knowledge of Allah) that one should look at the false. He told no body can overcome the friends of Allah.

Sincere person is one who loves Allah and he will overlook the world and so  he will get the friendship of Allah.

He told the fear should be more than the hope because we will reach the paradise  by  passing  through  the  hell. The mystic person will have more fear due to the nearness of Allah.

He told :

  1. The knowledge (of Allah) will develop with thinking.
  2. 2. With the help of ignorance one can overcome the carelessness.
  3. With the help of regret one can get repentan
  4. The love of Allah will develop with the help of agreeable condition.

For the pious person asking for the more pardon is very necessary. Without more repentance there will be no devotion. He told it is against the mysticism to become a slave other than Allah. He told all his life was wasted in the unnecessary things.

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