Hazrat Abul Qasim Nasrabadi r.a

He was well known for the secret of love and knowledge of Allah and he was also famous for the love and eagerness of Allah. He was perfect in all knowledges. He left many of his books of Hadiths (traditions of holy prophet). All people think him pious personality and he is having great link of sufi masters. He met Rudbari, Mortish and many other pious persons of his time. During his time no person was equal to him in the following.

  1. Worship.
  2. 2. Pity.
  3. Endeavors.
  4. Observation.

The people of Khurasan accepted him their master after the death of Shibli. He was disciple of Shibli. He got knowledge in the company of many sufi masters. He has spent many years in Makkah as the custodian of Holy Harem (Grand mosque of Makkah). He has deep love and eagerness of Allah. One day he fixed his trouser on his waist and he was wandering near the fire temple so the persons have asked him what your condition in this matter is.? He had replied  that he is busy in the work and he could not search Allah in holy Harem of Makkah so I am searching for Him in the fire temple to enable to get Him there and in this cause he is helpless and do  not  know what to do? When the people of Neshapur heard this and they were unhappy with him and they removed him from Neshapur.

His love and ecstasy was very great so once he saw a fire near holy Ka’ba and started its circumambulation and the persons asked him the reason for it then he told them that he was searching Allah in holy Ka’ba since many years but he could not find Him there. So in his search I come there so that I can get Him. So in my search I lost my consciousness and when the people heard his reply then they removed him from  there.

One day he asked a Jew to lend him half dang to purchase beverage but he scolded him and in spite of this he went to him and asked him three or four times but that the Jew was so rude with him and not paid any amount to him. Last time when he was asked the Jew but he told him “You are strange person  despite of my refuse for many times, you did not stop of your request for money?” And he replied him “If the beggars would be afraid from these small things then how they will get their higher positions.” When the Jew heard his reply then he accepted the religion of Islam truthfully. Once he saw some persons talking in the holy Ka’ba (Holy Harem in Makkah) so he started collecting wood and when the persons asked him the reason of it then he told them that he is putting fire to holy Ka’ba so that the persons will get attention towards Allah automatically.

Once he was inside of the Holy Harem and due to fast moving of winds the curtains of the Ka’ba were moving so he liked the scene and stood from his place and caught hold of the curtains of the Ka’ba and he told “Oh : curtains tell  me  why it  is such a  nice decoration like  a

bride and tell me who is in it and who is hiding there. But the mankind is suffering hardly due  to heat  and thirst  like leaves of acacia tree.  Oh! Harem Allah  told  you one  time His  house,  but  also  He  told  100  times    (My slave).”

He had performed 70 hajj on the trust of Allah. Once during a hajj he saw a dog that was very hungry so he called a person who can take his reward of 40 hajj for the exchange of one bread? One person heard his request and gave him bread so he gave him away his reward of 40 hajj to that person. He gave the bread to the dog that  was hungry since many days. When  one pious  person heard this event and he reached to him and he was very angry with him due to the above reason and told him “Do you think you have done any great thing in this matter but as a matter of fact it is nothing because prophet Adam (peace be upon him) had lost 8 heavens for the sake of two grains of wheat.” When he heard this then he put his head down and gone to the corner and sat there silently. Once in summer season on the Mount of Mercy  he  got  severe fever there so his Non-Arabic friend had asked him did he need any thing to enable him to bring and then he told him to bring cold water. When the  friend  heard  his  request then he was worried in this matter to get the cold water in the summer season.

Any how he went away from there with the water bottle to bring water for him and on the way there  came  the clouds suddenly and there was rain fall  in  which  there were ice particles and all of them came near to him for the

collection so he thought it was his miracle and collected ice pieces in the water bottle for him and presented him. So he asked how he got cold water in hot summer season and he told the details of the event then he thought that it is due to his miracle only. So he scolded his soul and he has told for this matter his soul is deserved for the hot water instead of cold water.

Once during the journey in the jungle he was feeling tiredness but at that time he looked at the moon by chance on  which  it  was  written  (  I    <    <    …  )  and  its

meaning is that (Allah is enough for you). And  upon seeing this I got energy and which was very helpful to me. Once in the loneliness he had received  revelation  in which he was told “He used to talk un-necessary things so for this reason We will send punishment and  great difficulty on you.” For this he told “If you are against of my remembrance so I will not leave for it.” So he received revelation again in which he was told “We like it.” He told “Once he has visited the grave of prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and he had heard the sound (O, my Lord show (thyself) to me) from all items

of soil of his grave.”

He told “Once during a hajj (pilgrimage) he saw a person who was lying on the ground and he was in great difficulty and in trouble so he wanted to recite the verse Fatiha from the holy Qur’an on him so that he can recover from that trouble but suddenly he heard a divine call in which it was told not to help him in this matter and leave

him in the same condition as he  is  an  enemy  of  ‘Ahle Bait’ (The prophet’s family).” Once a person  who  was lover of dance and singing reached his gathering of preaching and he was impressed greatly by his teaching and returned back to his house in the condition of uneasiness and told her mother that his last time is near so to hand over my dead body upon my death to grave digger and my dress to Ghallsal (undertaker whose  work restricted to washing the dead corpse) and pinch the plectrum of three string guitar in his eyes and tell at that time “You lived and died in the same condition.”

Once the persons complained him that Ali Qawal (chorister) used to drink wine in the night and he would be present in his gathering in the day time. When he heard this he was silent and not replied in this matter. Once that person was found drunken on the road so one disciple told him please see this is Ali Qawal who is indeed drunk due to wine drinking. So he asked the disciple who complained in this matter to take that man on his shoulder to his house and that disciple un-willingly took him to his house.

But upon reaching his house he repented and became his disciple and got great status and became a saint. He told the man is in between two relations.

  1. The relation of Adam which is comprised of lust and evils and it is called the relation of human beings and which will be disconnected on the Day of Judgement.
  2. 2. But another relation which is connected  with  Allah and with this help one can get revelation and sainthood


and which is linked with servitude and this connection will never disconnected. Because Allah relates this connection towards Himself so no grief and fear will be there on such persons. And their condition will become as follows as per Qur’anic verse.

(No fear shall be on you today nor shall ye grieve)

He told “Burden of Allah will be tolerated by such persons who are eligible to bear such burden. As per the saying  of  the  holy  “prophet  (peace  be  upon  him) He told “One who will attach himself with Allah then he will be free from tribulation, problems and  Satanic  apprehensions.  One who has capacity and strength of the remembrance  of Allah then he will not worry.”

He told “The disciple should be shown the way of Allah by the invisible knowledge instead of his training by the visible knowledge.” He told “When there is some thing which is revealed to the man from Allah and in such case one should over look the hell and  heaven and when he will be returned back from that condition then he should like the things for which Allah  has  granted  respect  for such things.”

He told “Agreeable condition is pious act and to follow such pious act is best thing. One who gets Allah’s agreeable condition then he will not oppose Him.” He told “When Allah wanted to explain qualities of Adam then He



told Asa Adam torab and when He wanted to explain His attributes then He told Allah Adam asfa.” He told it is fact that Allah has chosen Adam. He told as the  people  of Kahaf (people of cave) accepted the faith in Allah without any source so they become great and grand in this matter. He told “Allah is very high-mindedness and so there  is requirement in this matter that unless there is help from Him then no body will not get the right path.”

He told “The creations are the proof of the Creator.” By following the Sunah of the holy prophet (practice of the holy prophet) we can get knowledge and by fulfilling the duties we can get the nearness. With Nafil prayers (supererogatory prayers) we can get love. One who will not teach manners to his soul then he will not be called the person of manners. One who will not know the manners of heart then he will not know the manners. If our manners did not know the soul then we will not get the nearness of Allah. He told “Some persons used to sit in the company of women and they say they are innocent. He told when there is soul then one should following good deeds and keep away from bad deeds. So no body is free from the soul. So at such places we should avoid such acts of shamefulness for the safety of our honor.” He told good deeds are as follows:

To act upon Qur’an.

To leave wishes and bad habits. To follows the master.

To think mankind helpless.

Not to excuse the daily round of prayer formula and daily

round of recital and to follow them on regular basis. Once some persons asked him are you having qualities of master with you? And he replied” No and  so  there  is regret for its missing and sorrow for not getting good qualities.” Some persons asked him what your  miracles are.? And he replied “The  people  of Nasrabad removed me from there by saying me a mad person and I have reached Neshapur and also met the same treatment from there so from there I reached to Baghdad. I was there (in Baghdad) in the company of Shibli for few years and due to my presence 2,000 to 3,000 persons died there but my name was not mentioned in this matter. Some  persons asked him what your respect is.? And he replied “He was asked to get down from the pulpit because I was not eligible for it.” When some person asked  him  what  is pity? He replied “To avoid all except Allah is called pity.” Some person asked him we could not find the effect of love of Allah in you? And he told “You are right. But I am burning in the fire of love of Allah.” He told “The lover of Allah will remain in the same condition and so if they go forward then they will be ruined and if they go backward then they will be in the condition of regret.”

He told “Comfort is a vessel which is full of reprimand.” He told “For every thing there is power  for  it  and  the soul’s power is ecstacy.” He told  “What  ever  the  mind gets then its good effect will be there on human body and what ever the soul  will  get then its good effect  will be there in mind.”

He told “Body is like a prison for the human beings and

if one who will not come out of it then he will not get peace and disgrace of soul will provide freedom from the body for the human beings.” He told “In  the  beginning there will be judgement for the remembrance of Allah will be there but at the end this judgment will be finished.” He told “Mysticism is one of the lights of Allah and this is the proof of truth.” He told “Hope leads men towards life and fear keeps us away from sins and disobedience and this is mediation for the way of Allah.” He told “Pious persons were saved from killing but slaves of Allah were killed.” The prophet told “There are some grave yards in the worlds for which the angels will lift them with their four corners and transfer the persons who are buried in them to the heaven without any accountability and among such grave yard is Jannat-ul-Baqi (the sacred grave yard in Medina).”

So Abu Osman kept ready his grave in that grave yard and one day Abul Qasim passed away from  there  and asked the persons “Whose grave is this?” The persons told him “It was dug for Abu Osman.” He told “I saw in my dream that the dead bodies of this grave yard are flying in the air so I asked the reason for it and it was told to me that any person who is buried there and if he is not eligible as per the status of the grave yard then in such case such dead bodies are transferred to some other  grave  yards from Jannat-ul-Baqi (the sacred grave yard in Madina).” When he met Abu Osman then he told him  “I  will  be buried in the grave which you have digged for youself and you will die in Neshapur.”



After some days the peoples removed Abu Osman from Madina so from there he went to Baghdad and from there he went to Neshapur and died there and his grave is in Haira. Writer of the book says there is difference about this dream. Some other says this dream was not seen by Abul Qasim but some other person saw this dream.   Master  Ishaq  Zahid  Khurasani  used  to  remember  the death  always  so  he  prohibited  him  in  this  matter  and advised him for remember the love instead of death. But at the time of his death he told to a Neshapuri person who was present there near his bed side to convey his message to master Ishaq that as per his saying the death is very difficult  and  tough  thing.  He  was  buried  in  the  grave which was kept ready for Abu Osman in Jannat-ul-Baqi (the sacred grave yard in Madina). Some body saw him in the dream and asked him what Allah has done with him then he told “Allah is not angry with him as other used to be angry with him.” But heard a divine call in which he heard Abul Qasim there is separation after meeting so I requested, Oh : Allah I was kept in the grave so now take me towards You.

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