Hazrat Abul Hasan Saiq r.a

He was an incarnate of truth and love and he was famous Sheikh of Egypt.

Abu Osman told “I was not seen such a  graceful than Yakub Nahrjori and  also  such a courageous  person like Abul Hasan Saiq.”

Mamshad told “Once I saw him in the prayer in Denur

and he was very busy in it and one vulture was providing shade on his head. “

When he was asked is any proof for the Invisible is there for the viewers and he replied “For Great Almighty Allah the rules and regulations of proof does not apply in this matter.”

The meaning of knowledge of Allah is to be grateful to Him and for His grace one is unable to pay Him gratitude and one should keep him away from every body except Allah and thinks all others are weak.

Once the persons asked him what is definition of disciple

? He told “In Qu’ran it is mentioned that the earth is narrowed for such persons in spite of its vastness and also their souls are narrowed for them as they demand another world while living in this world. Its meaning is that the disciple in this world should desire for the next world.”

He told “The lovers due to their fire of love will be in

more happy in their condition than those who are happy in the pleasure of heaven.”

He told “To love one’s personality is harmful.”

The condition of fear will be appear in the condition of pleasure and one who will adopts fear then such person will be keep him away from his soul.

He told the symbol of greed and problems is to follow desires and wishes.