Hazrat Abul Hasan Qarqarni r.a


Shrine of Hazrat Abul Hasan Kharaqani
Shrine of Hazrat Abul Hasan Kharaqani

He was perfect in the following things. 1.Tariqat  ( Mystic way of life).   2.Haqiqat (  Intimate knowledge of Allah).

He was great source and as well as treasure of Marifat ( knowledge of Allah ). His piousness and greatness was accepted by all learned persons. Bayazid Bustami used to visit every year the graves of martyrs and when he used to reach Qarqan then will used to look at the sky and will used to take deep breath and he would smell the fragrance there . Once the disciples asked him what did he smell there? He replied them that he would smell  the  fragrance  of one of the  great Sufi Master from the land of Qarqan and his patronymic name will be Abul Hasan and his name will be known as Ali . He will  get livelihood of his family members by adopting the occupation of agriculture and his rank and status will be three times greater than  him .

For a period of twenty years he (Abul Hasan)  will used to visit

the tomb of Bayazid Bustami in Bustam and would leave Qarqan after Eisa prayer ( night prayer) and will reach back his place  and used to pray there  as follows.

” Oh : Allah grant me  the same status which You have  given

to Bayazid Bustami ” and after this prayer he will return back to Qarqan and attend  the Fajar prayer ( morning prayer) there.



He used to take great care and respect in Bustam and returned back from there in the inverted footsteps so that there will be no disrespect of the tomb of Bayzid there. After the completion of above routine for a period of twelve years he heard a divine call from the tomb of Bayazid that his ( Abul Hasan ) time has come so he told him due to no education at all he did not got the knowledge of Sharia law (Islamic law) so for this reason he requested him for his help in this matter and he heard a call in which it was told that whatever he got in his life was due to his sake only. He replied him that you were passed from the world thirty nine years before him so he heard a divine call again that he is right and  it is real thing.

Whenever he will used to pass from  the land of Qarqan  then

he will used to watch the light from that land to the sky. For one of his desire he (Bayazid) prayed for a period of 30 years but it was not granted by Allah and he was ordered to submit his request for the sake of that light for its approval in the court of Allah. So upon acting as per the above commandment of Allah his desire was fulfilled.

After this event he reached back to Qarqan and completed memorization of holy Quran by heart in twenty four days only. But it was mentioned in other reference that he heard divine a call from tomb of Bayazid to read Surah Fatiha ( the opening chapter of the of holy Quran) and when he commenced it and upon reaching back to Qarqan he was memorized the whole Quran. Once he was digging in his garden and he found silver there so he levelled that place and started digging in another place and he found gold there and in third place he found pearls and in the fourth place he found jewellery but he did not take the     above     four     things     from     there      and      he told that Abdul Hasan will not like all these things. He told that if he would get the religion  and world then he will not look  at



all and not go away from Him (Allah ). When the time of the prayer will come then he will used to leave the bullocks in the ploughing condition in the field and do the prayers of Allah. Upon return from the prayer he will find the soil ready for the cultivation.

Once great Shaikh Abul Omer Abbas told   him that we both

will climb the tree and will jump from there. He replied him that by leaving  the heaven and hell  we will jump from there by holding the hands of Allah . Once Abul Abbas dip his hand in the water and caught the live fish from there and presented the same before him so he put his hand in the fire place and presented the fish from there before him and told him that to bring the fish from the fire place is more meaningful and important than to bring the fish from the water. Abul Abbas asked him to jump in the oven together and to see that who will come out alive from there. So he told him not like this but we both should drown into the annihilation so that we both should see who will come out from Allah’s personality. Upon hearing this sheikh was silent and not told anything further in this matter.

Sheikh Abul Omer used to said that due to his (Abul Hasan’s) fear he could not sleep for a period of twenty years. He told in all places he will find Abul Hasan ahead of him and in all places he was left behind of him for four steps and he tried ten times to reach the tomb of Bayazid before him but always he was not successful in this matter because Allah  given him such a strength and power that with the help of it he will used to cover the distance of three miles in one minute and so with the help of such a strength and power he will reach Bustom very fast.

Once he was shown his four fingers and then he  pointed out

one finger among it and explained it that its direction is towards Qibla  (direction  in  which    the  Muslims  turn  in  the    prayer



towards holy Makkah ). In that year the way to Makkah for Hajj pilgrimage was closed and for this reason some Hajj pilgrims were died on the way and some Hajj pilgrims were returned back from there.

So the persons  asked  sheikh Abbas who is responsible for the

death of so many Hajj pilgrims then he told them that when the elephants will touches their bodies with ground then there will be possibility of the  death of so many mosquitoes.

Once a group wanted to travel through a dangerous route so for

this reason the persons were requested him to give them some prayer so that with its help they can able to travel safely through the dangerous route.

So he told them if they face any difficulty and trouble then

they should remember him in that situation. But the persons not given importance to his instruction and they started their journey . On the way the robbers attacked them and among them one person who had lot of his goods and luggage with him for the value of large amount and in that situation he remembered his name truthfully there and due to this reason he was vanished with his goods and  luggage from there so the robbers were surprised to see that a man with his lot of goods and luggage  was not  available there.

The other travellers   who did not remembered his name  were

looted by the high way robbers. Upon the return of the robbers that man who was vanished from the spot was appeared again there with his goods and luggage. So other persons asked him where he was gone and why his lot of goods and luggage was not looted by the robbers then he told them that he remembered the sheikh’s name truthfully and for this reason Allah vanished him from there and he was safe and his goods and luggage was also not robbed by the robbers.



When that group of travellers reached back to Qarqan and they told the sheikh that they were  remembered  Allah truthfully but despite of this fact all of their goods and luggage was looted there by the robbers but one  person  who remembered you was safe and secure with his goods and luggage due to remembering your name so what is the reason in this matter .? He told them that “You all will remember Allah orally but Abul Hasan will remember Allah sincerely. So you should remember Abul Hasan because Abul Hasan will remember Allah for your sake and  to remember Allah orally is useless thing without any benefit of it.”

One disciple requested him to grant the permission to go to the mountain of Lebanon to see Qutub Alam there so he gave him permission.  When that person reached the mountain of Lebanon and saw one funeral was ready there and all persons were waiting for Qutub Alam so that disciple was asked them for whom they are waiting there and they replied him that Qutub Alam used to come there to lead for the five congregation prayers daily so they were waiting for his arrival there. So that person was very happy that he can meet soon Qutub Alam there. After some time the persons were started preparation of congregation prayer and soon the funeral prayer was started.

When that person saw the Imam (leader) of the prayer was his master only  and due to the fear that disciple became un- conscious and when he was become normal then he found that bier was buried  there and  no person was not there and also Qutub Alam was also no more there. So for his satisfaction and confirmation that disciple asked again with some persons what is the name of Imam who was here for the last prayer and they told  that his name is Qutub Alam  Abul Hasan Qarqani and he



will come again for the next prayer. So that disciple was waiting for him to see him there  in the next prayer.

After end of the next prayer when Qutub Alam completed the prayer and the disciple approached him and caught his robe and due to too much fear he could not tell anything in this matter . So he (Abul Hasan) told him and was given him the instructions that he should not disclose whatever he was seen here in Qarqan because he prayed Allah to keep him hide from the creatures and not to disclose his status and position to the mankind except  Bayazid Bustami who is alive after his death.

One disciple requested him to grant him permission   to go Iraq

for the learning of Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) there so he asked him is any good teacher of Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) is not available here.? So the disciple replied him that no famous teacher is not available there . So he told him that he will teach him Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) there .  As Allah despite of his no basic education granted him all the knowledges due to His grace and mercy. And the prophet taught him the knowledge of Hadith( traditions of the holy prophet) personally. But that person did not believed his saying.

When he  was slept in that night and  saw the prophet and who

told him that the courageous person’s saying is right. So from the next morning he was joined his teaching classes of Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) of the holy prophet with him. During his Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) teaching some time he used to tell him that this Hadith is not right and not belongs to the prophet. So that person was asked him how he does know in this matter.? So he told him when you study Hadith( traditions of the holy prophet) with him then he used to busy in observation of the prophet and when you study the right Hadith  (  traditions  of  the  holy  prophet)  then  there  will  be



indication of happiness on the forehead of the prophet and for the wrong Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) there will be signs of worries on the forehead of the prophet and for this reason he could able to know the right and wrong Hadith ( traditions of the holy prophet) easily.

Abdullah Ansari used to said that  once he was arrested by the

royal policemen and they took him towards Balkh city so he was thinking on way that what crime he was done and for this reason the iron  chains were put on his foot.  When he was reached Balkh city and he saw that the people were there on the roofs of their houses with holding of stones in their hands and  they were  ready to throw stones on him .

At  that time there  was Ilham ( revelation) on him in which it

was informed him that once he put his foot on the prayer mat of Abul Hasan while spreading it on the floor and this is the punishment of that mistake. So he was repented for his mistake and due to this reason the persons were unable to throw the stones on him and the chains were broken automatically and the ruler was ordered the royal policemen to release him immediately without further delay.

Once Sheikh Abu Saeed came to his house as guest along with

his disciples and at that time there was nothing in the house except few pieces of the breads were there but he was ordered his wife to cover the bread pieces with cloth and to give the bread pieces as per demand of the guests from the inside of the cloth. Due to this act all persons were ate the breads as per their desire and demand.

As per another reference at that time so many persons were eating the breads on the eating cloth and the servant was serving them while giving the breads from the cloth cover. Due to his miracle many breads were coming from inside of the cloth but as  a  matter  of    fact  there  were  few  pieces  of  breads  were



available in the cloth cover in the house. The servant removed the cloth cover to check the position of breads there but there was nothing there in the cloth cover . So he scolded the servant that his act is very bad because if he would not removed the cloth from the breads then till the day of judgement the breads will be available from that source for all.

After dinner Abu Saeed  requested him for  the Samah (ecstasy

caused by music ) and despite of his un-willingness he was given permission for the Sama (ecstasy caused by music ) as per his guest’s request as he never heard Samah before. When Qawals (chorister ) were singing the poetry lines with snap of fingers and Abu Saeed then told him that now it is the time to stand there and hear the Samah (ecstasy of caused music). He stood while twitched his sleeves and push the ground with his feet with full force and due to this reason the shrine walls were began moving so Abu Saeed requested him to stop this as there was possibility of falling the building as the earth and sky were also in the condition ecstasy with him.

Then he told him that  the Samah ( ecstasy caused by music )

is legal for one who could see the wideness from sky to empyrean and from the earth to nether regions and for him there will be no veil and its meaning is that the veil was cleared for him . Then he addressed the persons and told them that if some of the group of persons will ask why you do dance like this then reply them that we are following this in the tradition of great pious persons like Abul Hasan and others.

Once Abu Saeed and Abul Hasan wanted to exchange their flexible and inflexible affairs so they both embraced with each other and for this reason the condition of both of them was changed instantly.  Abu Saeed went  to his house and began weeping throughout the night while putting his head on his leg. Abul hasan was in full ecstasy throughout the night in which he



was crying the whole night. In the morning Abu Saeed went to his house and requested him to give back his saintly dress because he did not have power and so he could not bear the difficulties and troubles. So Abul Hasan said Bismillah (in the name of Allah ) and they embrace with each other and they retrieved their previous  conditions .

He told him that ” Abu Saeed do not come on the day of

judgement before him because your are incapable to bear the uproar on the day of judgement. When he will first reach there and stop the uproar of the judgment day  then  he  should proceed there.” The writer of this book says that if somebody will object in this matter that how Abul Hasan will stop the uproar of the judgment day and for this it will reply him that when Allah given power to an unbeliever who wanted to throw the mountain on prophet Moses (peace be upon ) which was four miles away from him. So in the same way Allah can give power to a Muslim to stop the uproar of day of the judgment.

At the time of leaving him Abu Saeed kissed his   door’s sill

due to respect and to show him that he is not equal to him and he is proud of kissing his Astan Busi ( paying one’s homage). Then Abu Saeed asked the persons to put the sill stone in the window and fix there for the respect but it was missed from there in night and reached the sill stone of his door in its place and this act was done for three days. So he asked the persons to leave it as it is and for the respect of Abu Saeed he was closed the above door of the shrine and another door of the shrine was opened in  this matter.

One day he told Abu Saeed that he appointed him as the pious person of the time because since long time he was praying Allah for the grant of the child for him who can become his successor so he is grateful to Allah for grant of such person like you. Abu Saeed never spoke before sheikh so the persons  asked



him the reason in this matter so he told them that it is good deed that not to talk before sheikh because there is no value of the river before the sea. He told them that he was stone before coming to Qaran and  but now he is  the polished pearl.

Once Abu saeed was speaking in a large gathering in which the

son of Abul Hasan was also present there . He told the persons who are free from self-adornment are like the children who will deliver from the womb of the mother as clean and clear and such person will pass from earth to world of souls. Then he pointed his son and told if anybody want to get the details then they should see his father.

Abul Qasim Tastasri told when he will used to visit Qarqan then there will be great fear of Abul Hasan on him so for this reason he was unable to talk there. Due to this reason he used to think that he will be degraded from the position of Wilaayat (Sainthood, is a status of closeness which Allah has blessed to some of His beloved servants through His Grace).

When Bu Ali Sena due to his fame of piousness and greatness

reached Qarqan and visited his house and was asked his wife where sheikh was gone? And his wife was replied him that he is telling sheikh to a Zindiq (un-believer ) and liar and she do not know where is sheikh but her husband was gone to the jungle to bring firewood from there. For this Bu Ali Sena thought that when his wife is so rude so what will be his position even though he was heard much about his greatness and piousness. So it seems that his position is not low and down. When he reached in the jungle to search for him and he found that he was coming from the jungle with fire wood loaded on the tiger’s back . When he saw the scene he was much surprised in this matter and with great respect he kissed his foot and told him that Allah granted him high position and great rank but your wife told many bad things  about  you  so  what  is  the  reason  in  this  matter.?  He



replied him that if he will not bear the weight of a goat then how the tiger will bear his weight ?.

Then he took Bu Ali Sena to his house and after discussion for some time and asked him to leave as he want to continue his work of wall building in the house as he was already mixed the soil for it. He said this and sat on the wall and at that time his brick axe was fallen from his hand to the floor so Bu Ali Sena went forward to collect and to give the brick axe to him but it was automatically reached back to his hand from the floor. When Bu Ali Sena saw this miracle and he become his disciple from that time.

Once there was sever pain in the stomach of the minister of Baghdad and  all the physicians were informed  him that his death is sure due to that severe pain. But some persons took the footwear of Abdul Hasan to his house and put it on the stomach of the minister and for this reason he was recovered well at once.

One person  requested him to give his dress to wear so that he

could become great like him so he told him is any women will become man upon wearing the dress of man.? And he continued his discussion in this matter that if it is not possible then how he will become great upon wearing his dress. So when that person heard his remarks then that person was very sorry and regretted for his mistake in this matter .

Some  person       requested  him  to  grant  permission  for             the

preaching to the congregations about need for the invitation towards Allah so he told him when you preach to the mankind then do not preach yourself. So that person was asked him is anybody will preach himself also ?. So he told sure and the condition for it is that when other person will preach you then you do not like it  and  in this way you will become the man who



preach himself but you will not become the preacher for the sake of Allah.

Once Mahmud of Gazni was promised his servant Ayaz that he will give his dress to him and allow him to sit in his place and also he (Mahmud ) will exchange his dress from Ayaz and he will sit in his place. So when Mahmud Gazni went to Qarqan to see Abul Hasan and when he reached there and sent a messenger to him that he came there to see him so kindly favour in this matter and see him in his tent there. And he told the messenger that If he will refuse then he should read the following Quranic verse and its meaning  is as follows.

“To obey Allah and his messenger as well as the ruler of your nation.” When the messenger conveyed his message then he refused in this matter so the messenger read the above verse from the holy Quran. But he told the messenger that he is busy in the obedience of Allah so he is feeling sorry for obedience of the prophet and so in this condition there will no question of obedience of the ruler does not arise with him. When Mahamud of Gazni heard his reply then he  told that he was thinking him as ordinary type of Sufi master but he is very great and Sufi master of this time. So he will proceed to visit him at his place. Mahmud wore the dress of Ayaz and Ayaz wore Mahmud’s dress and ten maids were dressed in men’s wears and Mahmud was in between them and they reached to see Abul Hasan at his residence. Abul Hasan replied the Salam but he did not stood to welcome the king and was turned towards Mahmud who was dressed in slave’s uniform but he not given importance to Ayaz who was in the dress of royal king. When Mahmud asked him why he did not welcome the king so he replied him that all is false there and nothing is true. So Mahmud told him that if this fraud then you are like shahbaz (falcon) and will not  be deceived in this matter.  So he caught Mahmud’s hand  and told



him to remove all the Na-mahrums (un-initimate) from there so that  they can continue  their discussion there .    Upon Mahmud’s instructions all maids left from there and then Mahmud  asked  to tell him any story of Bayazid Bustami.

So he told  the sayings of         Bayazid  Bustami  which  is  as

follows. “One who will visit him then he will be free from his un-luckiness and adversity.” So Mahamud was asked him whether the position and rank of Bayazid Bustami is greater than the holy prophet. Because Abu Lahab and Abu Jahal saw the prophet but their misfortune was not gone from them. So he told him to take care of respect in the matter and don’t exceed in his Wailt (Sainthood ,which is a status of closeness which Allah has blessed to some of His beloved servants through His Grace) because except the four caliphs and the companions nobody was seen the prophet and for this point he can refer the following verse from the holy Quran and its meaning is mentioned as follows. “Oh ; Prophet you will see to the persons who will look at you but they could not see you at all.” So when Mahmud heard this verse he was very happy in this matter and he was requested him for his further kind advises so he told him that  to be away from bad deeds and do not miss the congregational prayers and follow the kindness and generosity . When he asked for the prayers he told him that he is always praying for the Muslim men and women for the mercy and kindness of Allah. When he asked him for his personal prayer and he prayed for the good end of his life due to mercy and kindness of Allah. When Mahmud presented him a piece of string of gold coins so Abul Hasan was given him a tablet of barley and asked to eat it .So Mahmud took it and broken it into pieces and put into his mouth and chewed it for some time but it was not passed into his throat. So Abul Hasan told him that the loaf of tablet of barley   is   hanged in his throat and Mehmud



replied yes. So he told him in the same way the piece of string of gold coins will be hanged in his throat so please take it back because he was already divorced the world’s wealth and treasures. Upon Mehmud’s several requests he did not take anything from him. Again Mehamud requested him to grant anything as benediction for him so he gave him his old dress. While leaving him Mehmud told him that his shrine is very beautiful and so he replied him that Allah granted him a vast kingdom but despite of this there is greed in him so he is in demand of his hut. When Mahmud heard his remarks then he was sorry for his act of greed and desire. When Mahmud was leaving the shrine then he stood to say good bye to him so Mehmud asked him why he was stood upon his departure from him as he did not welcomed him and stood upon his arrival to his residence. He was replied him that at that time there was royal proud in him so he want to check his piousness and status but now he is returning back with humility and mystic thoughts and the sun of indigence is shining on his forehead. Upon hearing his last remarks Mahmud left his shire.

While attacking on Somnath temple in India when Mahmud saw a large number of Indian armies with huge ammunition and war weapons and due to this reasons he was sure that he will be defeated very badly so after ablution he  prayered  and requested Allah to help him in the great war  and for the grant of victory for the sake of dress of Abul Hasan  Qarqani and whatever war booty  will be available in the war will be given to poor persons as charity. Allah granted his prayer and  the enemies due to their differences in between themselves they fought with each other and in the last Mehmud of Gazni was victorious in this great historic of war in India which was opened a gate way to Islam in India.



In the night Mehmud saw in his dream in which Abul Hasan Qarqani told him ” Oh : Mehmud you  asked for the small thing for the sake of his dress and if he would asked Allah for the conversions of all non-believers in the world into Islam then Allah will grant his request and no non-believers will be left in the world without mercy of Allah.” One night he told to the persons that now this time in some jungle thieves were looted one caravan and injured some members of the caravan. But there is strange thing was happened in that night that somebody was slaughtered his son and put his head on the door of his house and he was not aware of this.


When his wife was heard these two things and she refused about his Waliyat (Sainthood ,which is a status of closeness which Allah has blessed to some of His beloved servants through His Grace) and she told not to discuss about him because he will know the event of far way but he is not aware of the event which was  happened in  the house on his door.


So he told when the caravan was looted then there were no veils before him and when his son was killed in the house at that time the veil was there before him. When mother saw the head of boy on the door and due to her shock she wept greatly and cut her hairs from her head and put on the head of the boy and as a human being Abul Hasan was also shocked due to this great event of murder of his dear son so he also cut his hairs of beard and put on the head of the boy and he told his wife ” We both sowed the seed and you cut your hairs of your head and put on the boy’s head and he also cut the hairs of his beard and put on the boy’s head so now our act is same and similar.”


Once there was severe starvation of seven days on him and his disciples and on the seventh day one person brought a bag of



flour and one goat on door of his house and he told these things are for the Mystic persons. So he told his disciples that he did not having capacity of Mystic person so if anybody from all of you having the qualities of Mystic person with them then they can take the things brought by the man on the door. But nobody claimed as  mystic  person and preferred  for the  starvation .


One women has two sons and both of them have agreement with themselves that one will do worship in the night then his another brother will be in service of his mother . One night one brother told his another brother that if you do service of mother tonight instead of him then he will engage in the worship of Allah so he granted him his permission and he was engaged himself in the service of his mother. When his brother commenced his worship and in its beginning he was heard a divine call in which it was told that ” We have granted Our mercy on your brother and for his sake We have also granted mercy upon you .” When he heard this call he was surprised to hear the same and he prayed ” Oh : Allah he was praying You and my brother in the service of mother so what is reason that You forgiven my brother and not me and for his sake You granted mercy on him.” And he heard again a divine call in which he was told that ” We do not want your worship and we will prefer and like the sincerity of the person who is in service of his mother .” For a period of 40 years he did not take rest even for a minute and used to attend Fajar (morning) prayer with ablution of Eisha ( night) prayer. After 40 years he was asked his disciples to give him pillow so that he can take some rest .So the disciples were surprised to hear this and they asked him why this idea was came into his mind upon a period of forty years. He told them that today he observed Allah’s indifference and Estagna (ability to dispense with  carelessness) and for a



period of 30 years except the fear of Allah nothing was there in his  heart.


Once a Sufi person came there by flying in the air to see him and landed before him and while touching the ground he told he is Junaid of his time . When Abul Hasan heard this and stood and touched the ground and he told him that he is also god and Mustafa ( name of the last prophet of Islam ) of his time. The writer of book explained that this event happened due to his condition of engrossment so for such acts of pious persons which are against the Islamic Law in the condition of engrossment will not be remarked  adversely.


In what is considered the most compelling entry in this book, Attar relates the story of the execution of Hallaj, the mystic who had uttered the words, ‘I am the Truth’ in a state of ecstatic contemplation. As per the saying of the holy prophet which is as follows and here its translation is mentioned as follows.


  • I find the Nafs (souI) of the Rahman (Allah) from the right side.”


Once he heard a divine call in which it was told that ” Oh: Abul Hasan why did you not afraid of Nakarin ( the two angels questioning man in his grave about his faith )”. So he told as the brave man will not afraid of the camel’s bell so he is also not afraid of the dead persons . Again he heard a divine call in which it was told ” Why he did not afraid of day judgement and its troubles” and he replied that when You will bring me from the earth to day of judgement then he will remove his dress of Abul Hasan and will drown into the sea of Wahdanit (the belief in the unity of god) so that nothing will be there except Wahidanit(the belief in the unity of god) and in this way he will



not  be  there then  how the angels will bring the punishment  on him.


Once in the night during prayer time he heard a divine call in which it was told do you desire that we should disclose whatever We know about you to the mankind? And he replied that ” Oh : Allah do You want that I should disclose the observation of mine which I got due to Your kindness and mercy and this thing will be  disclosed  by me to the mankind.?


Once he told ” Oh : Allah do not send the angel of death to take out my soul as the soul was not given by the angel of death nor I am ready to deliver it to the angle of death and the soul is Your entrusted thing and so I want to return back to You.”


He told he heard a divine call in which it was told “What is faith (Eman)” and he replied that the faith is the thing which You given to him. He told he heard a divine call in which it was told “You are mine and I am Yours.” But he replied in this matter  that ” You are  Omnipotent  and I am a helpless person.”


He used to said that when he reached near the empyrean the angels in groups welcomed him and they told him that they are angels and one group told we are  creations of angels who live on the sky and other group told we are spiritual and then he told them he is Ilahiayan (divine ) and when the angels heard this they were very sorry in this matter and when learned persons heard his reply then they were very happy with him.


He used to said till today he was unable to know the prophet’s status and his knowledge of Allah (Marifat) and it meaning is that there is no end of these things. He told Allah granted him such feet that with which  he   will proceed from  the empyrean



to the nether regions and returned back from there to the empyrean again. But he could not know that where he was gone and its direction.


He heard a divine call in which it was told that whose steps will be like this then how far he can reach .? So he thought that how far is this journey and how short is such journey that he gone and travelled back at the same place. He told he heard 4000 things from Allah and if he would have heard 10,000 things from Allah then what things will be happen to him he do not know? He told due to mercy of Allah such power was given to him that with which if he will determine to change the black rag into Roman brocade then he could change it at once. And due to kindness of Allah such power is still with him.


He told even though he was not having basic education but due to kindness and mercy of Allah he learned all the knowledges . He was grateful for Allah for his help for his get lostness  in His Haqiqat (truth ). As his apparent body is not real as its personal existence was already finished . He told Allah granted him such a pain that if some of its portion will be out then there will be deluge which will be more dangerous than the Noah’s deluge . He told upon his death he will help his disciples at the time of their deaths . When the angel of death will be with them then he will stretch his hands from his tomb and put water of kindness of Allah on the lips and tooth of the dying persons so that they will not forget Allah at that serious and difficult time.


He told ” Oh : Allah give him such thing which you have not given from prophet Adam ( peace be upon him ) to anybody as he do not like the things which You were already given to others.  ” And again he told  to his disciples that Allah  granted



all favours only to your teacher which He was granted to all others Sheikhs of Mysticism .He told  after Eisha prayer (the night prayer ) he did not used to take rest unless he would not present his daily account of deeds to Allah. He told on the day of judgement If Allah will forgive all the mankind due to his sake then he will not look at there due to his sublimity which he possess with him in the court of Allah.


He told the persons what do you think about such a person who will not like the inhabitations and lonely places and keep remember this thing that Allah will grant him such a great status and position and for the sake of that person’s position there will be great light on the day of judgement that inhabitations and lonely places will be enlighten and then due to his position and status Allah will forgive all the creations .As a matter of fact that person has not prayed in the world nor he will recommend the  creatures on the day of judgement.


He told in the lonely places some time Allah will grant such a power to him with which if he will desire then he can caught and take away the sky and if he will want he can able to travel to the nether regions within seconds and see it there. He told that his every action is a miracle. If he will stretch his hand then he will find the air  which will be turned into the  particles of gold .As a matter of fact he will never stretch his hand in the air for the sake of miracle because one who will desire of the miracle and to show his miracle and so for him Allah will close the door of miracles. He told there will be no peace in your hearts if they are dead. He told the meaning of miracle is that if the  Darwesh  will ask some question with the stone then it should reply to him.



Again he told the persons that who  used to  keep fast and worship day and night to get their goals in the life but due to kindness and favour of Allah he will reach to the goal. He told when he was four months old in the womb of his mother and he could remember the details of all events from that time to till now and when he will pass from the world then also he will tell the details of events of the day of judgement to the persons.


He told he could explain the signs better than jin, human beings, animals and birds because Allah brought all these things before him and shown him the above things clearly and he told he know well about the areas of this end to other end of the world and if there will be any splinter in the finger of anybody then he would know also in that matter . If he will disclose the secretes between him and Allah then the persons will  not believe in this matter . If he will explain the details of favours of Allah on him then in that situation the hearts of the mankind will burn like cotton .


He told he would feel sorry to stand before Allah and talk with Him in the condition of consciousness and he will keep away from that caravan for which the prophet is not head of the caravan. He told Allah kept start and end of the creatures  and its start is that the deeds of creatures which will they do in the world and its end is the rewards that the creatures will get on the day of judgment. He told Allah granted him such a time for which the world and religion are desirous of it. He told he will worships for the sake of Allah without caring the hell  and heaven and always he is in the condition  of the fear of Allah.


He told that he never explain the special matters of Allah to the special persons because they are unable to understand the secrets in it and also   he will not explain   these things to his



personality because in that case there will be possibility of proud and show in this matter. He told Allah did not given the power to his tongue to explain the secrets of Allah. He told he was burnt down in the womb of his mother so at the time of his birth he was born duly burnt and melted and become old before the period of his youth. He told all the creatures are  like a boat and he is its sailor and he told  that he  will alive always in it.


He told  Allah given him such a thinking and due to His kindness with which he can observe the whole mankind. He told he spent all his days and nights in this work and for this reason his thinking turned into eyesight and then become light and then become happiness and after it turned into the fear and after this he was reached to such a place where his thinking was turned into the wisdom and then his attention diverted and affection turned towards the mankind then he find his affection was greater than others for the mankind and then he told if it is possible he would die instead of the mankind. On the day of judgement he would settle the accounts of the mankind and those who will be held for the punishments and such punishments should given to him instead of the others.


He told Allah will keep his friends in such a place from where the mankind will not reach to them. If he will explain the least favours of Allah then the persons will declare him as mad and insane one . Whatever he eat, drink , see,  hear  and whatever Allah created in the universe is not secret matter for him as Allah disclosed all these matters to him. There is agreement of Allah with him that he will be allowed to meet the pious persons and he will not be allowed to look at the un- fortunate. So he will meet the persons on the day of judgement with happiness to whom he already was met in the world. He told once he prayed with Allah to take him  away from the world



and then he heard a divine call in which he heard “Oh : Abul Hasan I will keep you in the world so that my beloved persons will see you and those who will not see you then they can establish relations with you even though without seeing you. I created you with My cleanliness so the un-clean persons will not be able to meet and see you.” He told for every worship there is reward for it but the reward of pious persons are not determined and not known and Allah will grant their rewards as per His will and pleasure . So from it is clear that the reward of worship from Allah is great and  no worship is not equivalent to it . For this reason the persons should become the beloved of Allah and should engage in the worship of Allah always.


He told he is talking with Allah since fifty years but his heart and tongue is not aware of this matter and for a period of seventy three years he spent his life in such a way that he never prostrate against the Islamic rules and regulations and never followed his soul even for a minute .


He told he spent his life in such a way that his one step was from the empyrean to nether regions and another step was from the nether regions to empyrean . He told Allah told him that if he will go in the court of Allah with sorrow and grief then Allah will grant His mercy on him. If he will present there with indigence and humility then He will make him wealthier and if he will present there without pride then He will make his soul under his control .


He told once Allah presented before him all treasures of the worlds then he told Allah that he will not prefer these things. So Allah told him “Oh :Abul Hasan there is no share of him in the both worlds and He ( Allah) will be there for him in the place of them . ”  He told upon leaving the world he did not see



any  body  and  after  talking  with  Allah  he  did  not  talk  with anybody.


He told the mankind is not aware of his status which Allah granted him. Once he asked one person do you want to meet Khizer ( name of a prophet immortalized by the fountain of life ) and that person told yes so he told him that he was wasted his life of sixty years so he should engage more time in the worship with great attention and do hard work to cover the loss in this matter. Because Allah created Khizer (name of a prophet immortalized by the fountain of life ) and you by leaving Allah you were willing to see the creature.  It is obligation  for the mankind to leave everything and to  approach towards Allah.


My condition is such that when I get His company then I will not desire for the company of the creatures. He told the creatures are unable for his praise because whatever they praise about  him is  actually he is opposite of it.


He told when he looked upon his personality then he come to know about his annihilation and when he looked upon the annihilation then Allah allowed the observation of  His personality. Due to this event he was in the condition of surprise and then he heard a divine call in which he heard for the declaration of personality. So he told “Oh Allah except Yourself nobody could not declare about Your personality. As per the saying of the Quran and its meaning is as follows.


  • Shahad Allah inhawu La-Ilaha Allah Alhu “.(There is no god but He that is the witness of Allah)


When Allah widened the way then he walked on the path and in its light for the period of many years and he reached from the infidelity to the proofs of Allah .  He told Allah  granted him



such a power and capacity with which he can reach in his one step to such places where even the angles could not reach there.


He told he was disgusted due to  his pride so  he was drowned into the water but he could not drown into it. Then he jumped in the fire but there was no effect of fire on him. To finish himself he started starvation for a period of four months and ten days but he could not died. When he followed humility then Allah accepted it and for this reason granted him higher status but he could not describe about his position in   the words.


He told he was stopped on way and examined the deeds of all creatures of the earth and sky and he found all deeds are not useful for him as he was informed about the ownership of the deeds.


At that time  he  heard a divine call in which he was told ” Oh

: Abul Hasan as the deeds of all creatures are useless in your observation so in the same way the value of all your deeds are useless, nothing  and no value at all  before Us”.

He used     to pray in his hymn ” Oh :Allah I do not have

confidence in asceticism ,worship, knowledge and Sufism as I do not think myself as a learned person and ascetic and Sufi person. Oh : Allah You are alone and in Your kingdom I am low in your all creatures .”

He told those who could not   stand silent and concrete   as

earth, sky and mountain before Allah so such persons are not called courageous persons. But actually they are called dead as they finished themselves and remember His (Allah) personality . He told pious person is one who should never declare him as pious person because   the virtue is attribute  of Allah.


He told if one who wants to become the man of miracle then he should  eat one time and should do starvation for the period of



three days. And again he should eat for one time and should do starvation for a period of four months. Again for eating for one time and he should do starvation for a period of one year. When there will be power of starvation for a period of one year then one thing will appear by invisible power in such person like snake in his mouth and which will be transferred into his mouth and after that there will be no desire for the food provisions will be required for him.


After hard work of endeavours and starvation when my intestine was dried then a snake will be appeared there . So he prayed Allah that he do not need any source and whatever Allah will want to give him and which should be given to him without any source . So grant him whatever he want directly. After this prayer there was sweetness in his stomach which was like fragrance and which was better than musk and more sweeter than honey . Then he heard a divine call in which it was told that ” We will provide him food provisions in his  empty stomach and water will available in his thirsty liver.”


If there was no order as above then he will eat his food and will drink water from such a source which the mankind will not know it. He told when he posess trust other than Allah then he could  not have sincerity in his deeds .


When he left the mankind and looked upon Him (Allah ) then without his endeavours he found sincerity.Upon His indifference and observation he found that the knowledge of all creatures is nothing and it is equal to one grain before Allah . Upon observation of His mercy he found that He is great Merciful that all sins of the mankind are nothing before His Mercy and Magnificence .  He told he was busy for many years in  the surprise   in the   affairs of Allah   and due to this reason his



wisdom was taken away   by Allah but despite of this fact the mankind thought him a wise person.


He told if there were no hell and heaven were made by Allah so that it can be find out that how many lovers of Allah are there and also find out the total number of persons who will worship Allah to be free from the hell. He told he used to pray Allah to free the mankind from the worries and troubles and to give their worries and troubles to him permanently and to give him the power to bear such a great burden by him.


He told his cap is on the empyrean and his foot are on the nether regions and his one hand is in the east and other is in the west. Its meaning is that Allah informed him all the affairs of earth , sky, east and west and He ( Allah ) removed all veils for him. He told to reach towards Allah there are many ways as there are many creatures so there are many ways to reach towards Him (Allah) .Every creature will follow its own way as per their capacity and power. He told he followed all ways and he found all ways are busy with its creatures. He told he prayed Allah to show him such a way on which he will not find others except Allah and himself . So Allah was shown him that way. But nobody could not able to follow that way as they do not have   the power to cover it.


Its meaning is that those who will want to have the love of Allah then they should endure the troubles and difficulties and follow always sincerity. Because in such condition the sincere persons could found the nearness of Allah than others. He told the courageous is one to whom the world think him an un- courageous . One who is courageous for the world then actually he is not courageous person. He told once he heard a divine call  in  which  he    heard  that  ”  Oh:  Abul  Hasan  follow  My



commandments because I am ( Allah ) alone who will alive always and who will never face death and I will grant you the eternal life . To keep away from My (Allah’s) prohibited things as My kingdom is very strong that it will never met its end and I will grant you a country for which there will be no downfall for it “. He told when spoken about Wahdiniyat (the belief in the unity of god) then he saw the circumambulation of the earth and sky around him for which the creatures are not aware of it. He heard a divine call in which it was told that ” The creatures are in demand of the heaven from Him (Allah) but as matter of fact they did not thanked Him (Allah) for the grant of the faith.” Its meaning is that without thanks of grace the creatures should not demand for the heaven from Allah because without which there will  be no grant of heaven for anybody.


He told every day the learned persons will demand for the more knowledge and the Mystic persons will demand for more mysticism but he will demand every day from Allah such thing which will bring happiness for the Muslim brothers. He told only such persons should meet with him who should know that on the day of judgement he will first recommend the Muslims for the salvation from hell and after that he will proceeded towards the heaven. One who is not having faith in this matter then that person should not come towards him and convey Salam to him.


He told Allah granted him such a thing with which he was died. And after this Allah will give him such a life in which there will be no question of death will be possible. He told if he would say something before the learned persons of Neishapur then they will discontinue their preaching and leave their pulpits. He told he has truce with the creatures and the Creator and there will be no war against them.



He told if he would feel no danger of the creatures then he would express the fact that he was reached the status and level of Bayazid and also he would tell the thing which Bayazid was told to Allah. He told further that he was also reached there where the thinking of Bayazid  reached .


He told Allah granted him many positions more  than Bayazid

. Because as per saying of Bayazid that he is not traveller and nor local resident. But he (Abul Hasan Qarqani ) told that he is resident of Wahidaniat (the belief in the unity of god) of Allah and he will travel in his oneness. He told from the day when Allah kept him away from his vanity then from that time heaven is desiring for him and the hell is keeping away from him.


He told the status and position which was granted by Allah to him and if from there the hell and heaven will pass then they both will finish there with their inhabitants. He told the creatures would express the things which are inter related with the creator and the creations. But he is expressing the things which he would talk with Allah. He told his parents belongs to the race of prophet Adam (peace be upon him ) so they are called man or Admi (its meaning is from the prophet Adam (peace by upon him) and his status  and position is such that where Adam ( peace be upon him) and the man are not found there . He told Bayazid found him alive in all  conditions. Once he read the following verse from the Quran and its meaning is as follows.


(                                  () Lo! the punishment of thy Lord

is stern. (Sura Al-Burj Verse No. 11) .In this respect he told the punishment of Allah’s is stern for the creatures but his hold of  the garment of Allah is also stronger than stern of  Allah .He



told in his heart there are such worries of love are there in which no body from the world can not reach there and found its depth and will not understand the situation prevailing and existing there.


He told on the day of judgment Allah will call him to come near to Him and will ask him what he will demand there and then he will request Him (Allah ) to bring the persons who were with him in the world and also he will demand for the persons who visited his tomb upon his death and the persons who heard his name or not. Then at that time Allah will pass commandment in this matter as he (Abul Hasan ) was obeyed His orders in the world so now He (Allah ) will accept his request there. Then due to the commandment of Allah all those persons will be brought there .


So at that moment the prophet will say to him if he want then he will provide a place before him but he will reply to him that as in the world he followed him so here also he will follow him and  will be obedient of him there.


Then due to command of Allah the angels will spread a floor of light on which he (Abul Hasan Qarqani) will stood there. The prophet will bring such great pious persons and whose records breaker could not born in the world and in that situation Allah will order him (Abul Hasan Qarqani) to stand against them and then Allah will tell the holy prophet ” Oh: My beloved those persons are your guests but he is (Abul Hasan Qarqani ) My guest of honour.” He told those who heard his sayings or will hear it later then such person’s least position will be that they will be forgiven by Allah on the day of judgment without any accountability .



He told ” Oh : Allah your prophet preached him but he preached all the creations except the holy prophet.” He told on the day of judgment the relations between the creations will be discontinued but his  relation of Allah will not be discontinued .


On the day of judgement all prophets will be there on the pulpits of light and the pious person will be there on the chairs of light so that the creations will have a look for all of them there.


But Abul Hasan will sit on the floor of oneness and will look at Allah from there . He told the nearness of Allah will not be found by covering the places and the slaves should return back whatever he got from Allah. Its meaning is that to finish oneself because upon this situation the personality of Allah will be known to them . He told he used to pray Allah not to grant such him position in which there will no existence of his humility except His  ( Allah ) presence.


He told the creatures will be away from a such person one who will engage in torments. He told ” Oh : Allah he always used to caused You (Allah) distressed but You are near to him so for it he could not able to express his  gratitude  in  this matter”. ” Oh : Allah he sacrificed all of his things on Your way and also he spent the things belongs to You (Allah). Oh : Allah I pray You to finish my existence so that You only remain”. He told that he passed forty steps and his first step was from the sky to nether regions and regarding other remaining steps he do not know in this matter. He told “Oh : Allah my creation is for You (Allah) so I pray for not holding garment of others. Oh : Allah many persons will prefer prayer and sincerity, Hajj (pilgrimage of Makah and Madina) and Jehad (religious war) , knowledge and shrine work but make me like that  person one who will not like others but like  You (Allah)



only. Oh : Allah allow me to meet such person one who will call Your (Allah) names with its requirement as its deserved so that he will get benefited in the company of such person.”


He told on the day of judgement there will be one group of martyrs who laid their lives for the sake of Allah. But he will be raise there as martyr and his position and status will be more than the above group of martyrs. Because he was killed by the sword of passion of Allah.


He told he is such a man of pain that his pain will be alive till the end of his life. He told there are many persons who are punctual for the prayers and fasting but the courageous man is one who will spent his life of sixty years in such a way that in his book of deeds nothing should be written and upon obtaining such a great status and position one should remain regretful of Allah and do his efforts with humility.


He told in the Israeli community there were two persons and one was used to be in the prostration for a period of one year and other was used to be in prostration for a period of two years. But one minute’s thinking and observation in the Ummat (nation) of prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) is better than prostration of one and two years.


He told if you will find that your heart is moving towards the tides of the world then there will be fire from it and when you enter into it then you will become ashes and there will arise one tree from that ashes and on that tree there will be fruit of existence and when you eat it then you will be annihilate in the Wahidaniat (the belief in the unity of god). He told Allah created such persons and whose hearts are enlightened with light of Touhid (unity of god) and if all the creations of sky and earth will pass from that light way then   it will burn down all such



things. Its meaning is that Allah created such persons who are busy in the worship of Allah and they are not at all interested in any other things.


He told the secret which are in the hearts of pious person are there if they will reveal one of it then the creations of sky and earth will face problems in this matter. He told Allah created such persons also and if they sleep in the blanket but they can watch the movements of the moon and stars. The angels used to take the details of records of good and bad deeds of creatures to the sky and for this they can watch from their blankets. Because Allah cleared all the veils for them due to His kindness and mercy.


He told the friend upon reaching His (Allah) friend will be get lost in the world of engrossment. He told the example of soul is like a cock and its one wing is in the east and the other one is in the west and its steps are in nether regions. He told that man is not good for the friendship in whose heart there is desire for  the salvation in it.


He told it is the secret of pious persons that they should not disclose themselves in the both worlds and also Allah will not disclose them to anybody. He told Allah told prophet Moses ( peace be upon him ) that you should not see Him so then who will dare in this matter to look upon at Him (Allah) and by saying Lan Tarani (God’s reply to prophet Moses (peace be upon him) in these words and its meaning is that :Thou shall not see Me (Quran 7:143) and so the tongues of such persons were stopped by Him (Allah) as they want to have look at Him (Allah).


He told Allah kept such burden on the hearts of  pious persons that if some of  small particles of it will be disclosed  to



the creations then they will finished by seeing it . As the Allah himself will look after them so they will be able to bear such a heavy burden. If Allah will not look after them then their parts will be shattered from their bodies and they will become helpless to bear such a heavy burden.


He told when Allah’s pious person will call Him (Allah) then the birds and animals will become silent in this matter and some time when the birds and animals were used to be busy in the remembrance of Allah so there will be fear in the universe and due to this reason the universe will began shaking . There will be three times on the pious person with which the angels will face fear in the following matters.


  1. On the angel of death upon taking souls of the mankind.


  1. 2. At the time entries of deeds of mankind by angels Kiraman and Katibeen.( The two angles recording men’s good and bad deeds).
  2. 3. At the time of  questioning in  the grave by the angels

Nakireen . (Two the angels questioning man in his  grave about his faith ).


He told due to kindness and mercy of Allah voice of prophecy will be given by Him (Allah) to his slaves so when they say something which will be happened at once. He told he did not stopped his endeavours until his belief of his subsistence with Allah was not completed with him. He told he was kept away from the creations then he was come to know that the creations are helpless and not able to do nothing.


He told to spend the life in such a way that the angels Kiraman and Katibeen (the two angles recording men’s good and deeds) should become helpless and the deeds of mankind



should not be disclosed to others than Allah . If you will not spend your life like this then spend your life busy in the nights in the worship of Allah so that the angel Kiraman and Katibeen (the two angles recording men’s good and deeds) should be free from the duty in the nights and throughout the night nobody should know your affairs other than Allah. He told it is least style of life that when the angles Kiraman and Katibeen (the two angles recording men’s good and deeds) will present in the court of Allah and report there that such and such person done good deeds by leaving bad deeds.


He told  the happiness and  grief of pious persons are from Allah. He told to have relations with Allah other than mankind because the relations are kept with Friend ( Allah ) only as there is no big friend other than Allah. He told Allah given the power to some persons with which they will visit Makkah and returned back from there in one night only and some persons cover this distance in one minute only. He told when Allah will separate men from the creations then that men will be free the thinking of creations and in that situation Allah will grant him His nearness then that person will be away from the creations and it is necessary thing. He told Allah will grant great position to some persons so that they can have observation of all places from that position and some persons will be get great positions and with which they can look the details of Tablet. He told he spent his life in the service of many learned persons but he could not become disciple of anybody because my Murshid (spiritual guide) is Allah.


Some wise person asked him to explain what is difference between wisdom and faith and Marifat (knowledge of Allah) so he  asked the person to let him inform first the colour of these



things to enable him to explain  the position  in this matter . So that person began weeping.


Some persons asked him about the person one who will turn towards Allah . He told after the prophet nobody could not get this position because this position will not be given other than the prophet of Allah.


He told the pious persons should leave the world in such a way that the world should not know in this matter. Due to their attachment with the creations they (the creations) will know about them.


He told the pious person should not talk with the mankind as per their status and position but they should talk as per the position of the mankind. He told some persons will say that they know something   but actually they do not  know about it.


When they suppose that they do not know nothing then Allah due to his mercy will reveal everything for them and Allah will grants them the heights of Marafat (knowledge of Allah).


He told nobody could know Allah by his wisdom and thinking and for his known knowledge he should wish that his knowledge would have been more than this.


He told the pious persons should approach Allah before death. He told the best patient of heart is one who will become patient in the remembrance of Allah and one who will become His (Allah) patient due to His (Allah) remembrance then he will become healthy. He told for the true worshippers Allah will grant the observation of all such things which are reserved for observation and He will (Allah) also provide them the things for hearing which are good for hearing. He told on the way of Allah



there is a bazaar and which is called the bazaar of brave persons of Mysticism in which there will available beautiful personalities and in such place Mystic persons will reach there and will stay at that place. The details of beautiful personalities are as follows.


  1. Karamat (Miracle). 2.Attat (Sincerity). 3.Riyazat (Mystic  exercise ). 4.Ebadat ( Worship). 5.Zuhad ( Mysticism).

He told the world, religion and luxuries of heaven are such things and one who will like these things then he will be away from Allah and for this reason he will never get the nearness of Allah. So the man should worship of Allah in lonely places by leaving the mankind and in prostrating he should cover the ocean of kindness. He should over look everything except Allah and should get lost in his Wahadaniat (the belief in the unity of god ) and finish his existence . He told there are two names of knowledge which are as follows.


  1. Zaheri (Manifest }.


  1. 2. Batini ( Innermost).


The Zaheri (manifest) knowledge relates to the learned person of Zaheri (Manifest) and the Batini (Innermost) knowledge relates to the learned persons of Batini (Innermost). But there is another knowledge which is superior than the knowledge of Innermost and this  knowledge   relates to the  hidden secrets of Allah  for



which the mankind and creations have no knowledge at all in this matter.


He told one who will demand for the world and for such person the world will become ruler of him.  Those who will leave the world and such person will become ruler of the world. He told Fakir (indigence) is one who is away from the world and religion because these things are least in the position of the Fakir (indigence) and there is no relation of these two things with the heart. He told when Allah will not demand  for the prayers before its schedule time so one should avoid to demand the subsistence from Allah  in advance.


He told the condition of the person will not be known to the person himself because if he knows the condition then it will not be called as the condition but it will be called as knowledge. He told when Allah wants to grant success to any person from any group and due to the sake  of that  person Allah will grant forgiveness for the whole group. He told that the claim of learned persons that they are successors of the prophet is not right because in real the successors are the pious persons as they got the knowledge of innermost and they have many qualities of the prophet with them which are mentioned as follows.


1.Indigence and generosity.


  1. Trust and honesty .


Also the following   things of the prophet are available   with them.


  1. They always used to busy themselves in the observation of Allah.



  1. They think good and bad deeds from Allah.
  2. They have patience on good and bad thing
  3. They do not have much relation with the mankind.
  4. They are always punctual in their lives.
  5. They do not have fear of         the such things  with which the mankind   have fear in their life.
  6. They do not have expectation from  the such things with which the mankind expect from those things .


So such types of the above things are found in the pious persons of Allah and for this reason they are called the real and right successors of the prophet of Allah. He described the prophet as a shore-less ocean and if one drop of it will come out of it then the whole universe would have been drown into  it.


He told despite of your plenty of efforts it is fact that you are not good for Allah and so one should not claim in this matter. Because after its logic your claim will be become false and void. He told we should ask what ever from Allah but do not become the slave of the soul , position and status . Because on the day of judgement there will be enmity among all creations and our enemy is Allah and if He will become enemy then it will be fact that the judgement will not be possible .


He told if you demand such things other than Allah then you should produce the proof of sublime courage with Allah because Allah will grant everything for the people of sublime courage. He told intoxicated persons are those and when they have the drink of love then they will become unconscious.


He told the persons who want to take something to hereafter (another world ) from this world which is suitable there . But



except     annihilation       nothing is  good and suitable there.  He told the leader  is one who  will cover all the ways.


He told we should do at least such remembrance of Allah in which there will be completion of all Shariah (Islamic) laws. And we should have such knowledge with which we can able to know for exhortation and injunction of commandments . Such belief is enough with which we should know that our subsistence is  as per  our fate and which  is reserved  for us and it will be available to us. And such Mysticism is enough with which we should be grateful to Allah for the resereved subsistence  for us and  so we should not demand more than this.


He told if Allah will grant the highest place in the another world to somebody there due to his status and position then he should not desire that his friends will also get such great and superior position like him there. He told if you want to know sky and earth and also want to know Allah from the personality of Allah then you will not be successful in this matter. But with the help of light of belief then you can found Him (Allah) and get him (Allah).


He told to pass from the river instead of the stream and drink khoone jigar (suffer great pains) instead of water and it means to face great pains so that the persons who will come after you can able to know that there was one person who was in deep love was passed from there. He told at the time of remembrance of good deeds there will be a white cloud which will fall from the sky and at the time of remembrance of Allah green colour cloud of love will fall from the sky. But the remembrance of good deeds is grace for the general persons but it is carelessness for the special persons. He told except the following three persons all others  are complaining   about  Muslims.



  1. Allah never  complained  Muslims.
  2. The prophet never complained  Muslims.
  3. One Muslim will not complain the other Musli


He told there are five kinds of  journeys  which are as follows.

  1. The journey of the foo
  1. The journey of the heart.
  2. The journey of the courage.
  3. The journey of  the loo
  4. The journey of  the finished sou


He told he looked at the empyrean to know the status and position of pious persons of Allah and he found that they are all pious person of indifferent types and such indifference is the cause of their highest position which they got there and such position will be given by Allah when the pious persons will observe the cleanliness of Allah.

He told   thousand   persons will follow the Shariat (Islamic )

law then out of them one person will get such a great position so the Shariat (Islamic) law will rotate  around him.

He told Allah created 99 worlds for the pious person and width of one world is from the east to west and from empyrean to nether regions. The description of about other 98 worlds is very difficult and tough task and there is no capability with anybody to describe about them. He told the example of pious person is like a day light. As day is in need of the sun but for the pious persons there is no need of the sun for them and for the dark night there is need of the moon but the pious persons are not in need of it. Because they possess more light than the moon and sun with themselves.



He told for them the distance of way will be reduced as Allah wanted to guide them. He told Allah will grants  light of  sight to the hearts of pious persons and in which there will be increase till that sight will not become the complete personality of Allah. He told Allah invites the persons towards Himself and then He (Allah ) will widen the ways for them due to his kindness and mercy to whom He (Allah) likes.   He told no sailor would not save his boat from drowning with the help of knowledge . Thousand came over there and already drown there but  the personality of Allah  remained existed.

He told on the day of judgement when the prophet will go

over to the heaven to inspect the creatures there and he will see one group  of persons and  will ask Allah  that who are these persons?. And how they were reached there. Because this group of persons who finished their lives for the sake of Allah and for this reason they will take over to the heaven in such a way that nobody could see them and found them.

He told there are 1000 goals  to reach towards Allah  and its

first goal is miracle and from this place the persons of less courage will not able to pass for their onward journey from there and for this reason they will kept away from the goals which are  ahead of them.

He told  the guidance and   deviation  are  both  different ways.

The way of guidance leads towards Allah and the way of deviation goes from the persons towards Allah . So if any person one who will claim that he reached towards  Allah is not right one and he is liar in this matter. If one person who will say that he was allowed to reached there then he is right one in some extent.

He told one who will found Allah then he will be no more

existed but he will not be finished. He told Allah created such pious persons  and their hearts are so wide that  the width of  the



east and west is less and not more than them. He told the hearts of those person are dead because in which there is love for other than Allah is available even though they have did lot of worships of Allah. He told it is difficult for the safeguard of the following three things.

  1. To keep secrets of Allah from the creatures.
  2. To keep on control of the tongue from saying bad things to the creatures.
  3. To keep on control of cleanliness of the deed


He told the great veil in between man and Allah is soul. Many pious persons who were passed away from the world and they have complained of the soul. Even in this matter the last prophet of Allah  complained  about the  soul .

He told there was   great loss to the religion of Islam  from the

greedy learned persons and Mystic persons who have not acted upon their knowledge and even though there was no such loss from the Satan.  He told the important the things  are as follows.


  1. The remembrance of Allah.
  2. Generosit
  3. Taqwa (piety}.
  4. The company of pious persons .


He told if you want to go away 1000 miles from the people of world then it is also a great worship for you and so in this matter there are many benefits are there for you. He told the reward to visit a Momen (Muslim) person is equal to the reward of 100 Hajjs (pilgrimage to Makkah and visit of Madina) and more than the reward of charity the of 1000 dinars. So there will be mercy on such persons who will visit the Momin (Muslim) persons.



He told there are five Qiblas. ( The direction in which Muslims turn in the  prayers)

1.Kaaba is Qibla of all Muslims.

2.Baital Muqdas in Palestine (Qibla of all prophets except the last prophet of Allah.)

3.Bait al Mamur ( Which is Qibla of angels in the sky.) 4.Empyrean  (Which is  Qibla for prayers.)

5.The personality of Allah which is Qibla of courageous persons.

As per the Quranic verse in which Allah told that where ever you turn there is Allah’s Countenance .The Quranic Verse No. 115 from Surat Al-Baqra is as follows for  the reference.



Unto Allah belong the East and the West, and whithersoever ye turn, there is Allah’s Countenance. Lo! Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing. (115).


He told unless the traveller on the way will not drink the poison at ten places then in that situation he will able to found sugar in 11th place . Its meaning is that the seeker of Allah will face many hardships and difficulties in the beginning of the journey towards Allah. And upon passing through many difficulties the pious persons of Allah will get the nearness of Allah.

He told unless there is no grant of complete help from Allah for the endeavours till then one should try to avoid the endeavours in this matter. Because without the help of Allah if somebody will try for his endeavours to get Allah for his entire life  but he will not be successful in this respect.

He told the beneficial knowledge is that on which one should

act upon it.  And the best deed is that which is made obligatory



for us. He told the wise persons will observe Allah with the light of their hearts and the friends with light of their faiths and the courageous persons with the light of inspection. The persons asked him where he has seen Allah and he replied that he found Him at the place where he could not find himself. He told many persons claimed without thinking and this is the proof for them that they could not get the knowledge of Allah and for this reason their claim was  become the veil for themselves.

He told those who possess anxiety  of   truth and false are not

belongs to the people of truth. He told it is good to act upon things but it is must to know in this matter that who is acting upon it or somebody is there in the background because such act is good which is done by yourself only . And its example is that if some trader will do business with the goods of his owner and when the (owner ) will take back his capital then he will become penniless.

He told to think Allah is   present   everywhere so   that your

existence will be over because till the existence of your life you will be away from the personality of Allah. He told the worship of Allah  to be done by bodily,  orally or by heart but the sincerity is must  and required in this matter .

He told the knowledge of Allah will not be achieved by the

manifest of dress and worship. And those who will claim in this matter are passing through the process of trial . He told one who fulfil one desire of his soul and for this he will face 1000 difficulties on the way of Allah. He told while distribution of subsistence to the creations Allah granted grief and worries to the courageous persons and they accepted it from Allah. He told the pious persons usually will be away from the creations and they are happy on the way of Allah and they never disclose their affairs to the creations.



When the persons of world come to know about the status and position of the pious persons then they will make publicity about them and for this reason the condition  of the pious persons will become just like the food without salt in it. He told upon the grant of help from Allah then everybody should leave his deeds and get lost in the remembrance of Allah truthfully . He told to be content on the fate is better than 1000 accepted worships.

He told If there will be  one drop from ocean of mercy of Allah

and if it will fall on any person in the world then that person will not desire anything and even he will not talk or hear from anybody. He told to follow the enmity is worst thing in the world. He told even though the prayer and fasting are good deeds but to take out pride and vanity from the heart is better than these  deeds.

He told the worship of forty years is good for the following things.

  1. Ten years for the truth and  honesty of  tongue.
  2. Ten years for the reduction of body’s flesh.
  3. Ten years for the heart’s diversion towards Allah.
  4. Ten years for the correction of all affairs.


He told one who will do worship as shown above will become greater than others.

He told to behave politely with the creations and to follow the Sunnah ( practice of holy prophet ) of the prophet with full care and attention and lead your life with Allah with cleanliness as Allah is holy so He (Allah) will like those who are pure and clean. He told this way belongs to intoxicated and mad persons. He told to get the following  three things before your death.

1.To weep so much in the   love of Allah              so that there

should be  passing of the blood from eyes instead of tears.



  1. 2. Always have fear of Allah so that there should be passing of the blood instead of urine.
  2. 3. One must obey the commandments of Allah and must also get lost in the worship of Allah during the night time so that there should be melting of flesh of his body.

He told to remember Allah in such a way that it will not be

required to remember Him ( Allah ) again . Its meaning is that one should not forget Allah at any time. He told that by saying one time Allah his tongue will be burn so he could not able say Allah again. When you hear while he says Allah again then think that  it is  praise of Allah which is on his tongue.

He told if there is remembrance of Allah is there in your heart then nothing will be caused damaged to you and if there is no remembrance of Allah then valuable dress will be no more useful at all. He told the name of observance of Allah is called existence. He told to whom you think the courageous one in the creations but he is not the real courageous one before Allah and one who is not courageous one in the creations is the courageous one  before Allah.

He told Allah informed the creations about his mercy and if Allah will declare his personality then there will be no person to say “La Ilha Illah Mohammed Rasoolilah (There is no god except Allah and Mohammed (peace be upon him ) is His messenger. Its meaning is that upon finding the personality of Allah the persons will be drown into the ocean of surprise so that they could not even remember the Islamic creed. He told search the company of such pious persons who were burn down themselves by the fire of love of Allah and they were drown into the ocean of grief.

He told Darwesh is one  and in him  there will be no action  of

peace is available nor there should be kindness and grief in him. He told the persons who are busy day and night in the worship of



Allah and then they will claim for the endeavours of Allah but actually the real persons are those who  will do endeavours and busy for every minute in the search of Allah.

He told to follow such silence in which except Allah Allah nothing should come out of the tongue and in the heart except the thought of Allah nothing should be there. And leave all affairs of the world and put  all your body parts towards the attention of Allah so that all your affairs will have color of the sincerity in it. He told not to do the worship other than Allah. He told the following things  for  the Darwesh persons.

  1. Their hearts are finished.
  2. Their bodies are destroyed.
  3. Their souls are burn down in the fir


He told one minute of the worship of Allah is better than the lifelong worship of the creations. He told the example of deeds is like a tiger so when the person put his foot on the tiger then he will become like fox . It meaning  is that  when there is control on deeds then it will become easy and smooth as well as practical . He told the pious persons told that the deed which is done for sake of the deed is not useful and good. He told the gate way to the paradise is near but the way to finish ourselves for the sake of Allah is very far away.

He told one should die 3000 times daily and should take re-

birth then there will be possibility of eternal life and after this there will be  no more death at all.

He told if someone who will finish his life on the way Allah

then he will find the such personality for him which will be never end. He told due to the kindness of Allah there is way for the persons on which one can found knowledge and martyrdom and on this way Allah  will reveal His personality to



the persons and this is such great position and status which could not described in the words.

He told Allah will keep reservation of His kindness to His friends and also He will keep reserve the peace and pleasure for the sinners.

He told the friendship of Allah is most necessary thing because

when one traveller who will reaches at his destination and where he will find that his friend is there and upon looking at him he will forgets all his troubles and hardships of his journey and his heart will be comforted in this matter. So on the day of judgement when you will reach there as a traveller and you will find your friend Allah will be there and in that situation your bound of happiness and pleasure will be  un-limited.

He told those who do not behave politely with  the creations

and for this reason there will no place of friendship of creations will be there in their hearts. Those who will not spend their lives in the affairs of Allah then they will not pass easily through the pathway of the  paradise.

Once he was  asked one Khurasani at the time of departure for

the Hajj pilgrimage that where he would like to go? And he replied him that he is going to Makkah for the pilgrimage of Hajj . He asked him why he is going there?. and that person replied him that he is going there in the search of Allah. So he told him is Allah is not there in Khurasan? . As per the saying of the holy prophet to go China for the sake of knowledge but he did not told to go from one place to another place in the search of Allah.

He told if one person is happy in his breath with Allah and such breath is better than the prayers and fasting for many years. He told for every creation of Momoin (Muslim) there is veil and nobody knows when Momin (Muslim) will come under grip of that veil. He told if one person who will  spend his one night and



day in  such condition that then  will be no  harm from his personality to his other Muslim brother and then it is like that he has spend his one day and one night in the company of the holy prophet. If anybody causes harm to the Muslim brother on any day and due to this reason then Allah will not accept  his worship for that day . He told if any person who will be ashamed of the prophets, pious persons and also with Allah then on the day of judgement Allah will be ashamed of him. He told the following three persons will get  the nearness of Allah.

  1. People of solitude and knowledge.
  2. People of Shrine care takers.
  3. People of knowledge and skill.


He told nobody will become Darwesh if they eat bread of barley and wear the rag dress .If such thing would happen then all animals of wool who will eats barley will become Sufies. But the real Sufi is one in his whose heart there is truth and in his actions there is required sincerity. He told he is not interested in the persons to make his disciples as he never claimed that his is a Murshed (Sufi master ). Because he used to say always that Allah is enough for him.

He told if you once caused  sorrow  to Allah then regret Him in your entire life. Because if Allah will forgive you by His kindness then the blemish of his heart will not be removed from there as you caused sorrow to Allah in this matter. He told the right  companies  are as follows.

  1. Blind.
  2. De
  3. Dumb.


Its  meaning is       that to sit in the company of such persons who could not see anything except Allah. And who did not



hear  anything  except the talk of  Haq ( Truth)  and who did not say anything except the right thing.

He told it is very sad that if one bird leaves his nest in search of the grain for him but he get lost the way of his nest and wander here and there. He told the real poor person is one who do not have friends in the world. But he could not say himself as poor because he do not belongs to the world and its inhabitants and also the world is not in favour of him. He told one who will say Allah Allah will not be happy with world and its wealth. He told Allah grants position to the following three  men.

  1. The person  who gets His (Allah} sight and busy in saying

Allah, Allah.

  1. In the  condition  of  ecstasy  one  who  will  call  Allah  and wander here and there.
  2. The person will become the tongue of Allah and say Allah,



He  told  the  persons  who  will  approach              Allah  with  the following four things.

  1. Bodily.
  2. Heartil
  3. With his tongue.
  4. As per his wealth.


But if one person who is obedient of Allah with his body and busy in the remembrance of Allah with his tongue then there will no use at all because to surrender his heart and spend his wealth on the way of Allah is very important thing. When you spend  the  four things on the way of Allah   which



are mentioned above then one should demand  the following things form Allah .

  1. Love.
  2. Fear.
  3. To spend life with Allah.
  4. To choose suitable and agreeable condition on the way of

Allah .


He told Allah allotted some works to the persons so that they should busy themselves in such works and this will caused them for their separation from Him (Allah). But it is courage that to hold Allah by leaving all such things in such a way that He (Allah) should not be away from you.

He told many persons who will walk on the earth are dead

ones and many persons who are buried in the earth are alive. He told the learned persons told that the prophet had nine wives and for some of them he stored the food  provisions  for the period of one year and he had many children. But he told that up to the age of 63 years the prophet was disgusted from both of the worlds and he thought that all were dead and whatever the food provisions  he   stored as per the commandments of Allah.

He told whose heart will be burnt down and become ashes due to the desire of love of Allah and for this reason the ashes will be taken away by love and it will be spread in the sky and earth. If you want to become a person who can able to see, hear and taste then be present there in the court of Allah but for the presence of that place there is requirement of solitude and courage  is must there.

He told by leaving the worship and sins and to be drown into the sea of mercy and river of humility in a such way that your life should get lost there and raise  in  the personality of  (Allah).



He told  in the river of invisibility the faith of the person is nothing but like a grass and the wind will take it away to the shore. He told the learned persons use the knowledge and worshipers use worship and Mystic persons use for the Mysticism a source for the knowledge of Allah but all these things will become useless and nothing there because  source for the nearness is cleanliness as Allah is clean and independent and  prefer  for the cleanliness .

He told one who will not attach himself with Allah then he is

unable to control his soul , heart and his mind. He told if the mortal person want to observe the perpetual personality (Allah) and for this he should follow such a way with which the mortal person will recognize Allah and in the same way he will observe Allah on the day of judgment by His light (Allah). And he will observe the light of Allah with the help of light of perpetuity . He told the pious persons will be able to see Muhrams (Intimate friends) of Allah as nobody could not able to see your wives  by your   Non-Muharram (un-intimate friends

) . He told the status and position of disciples will be increased

as per the service and care of his Murshid ( Sufi Master ) . He told the people will do fishing in the waters but the pious people will do fishing on the earth. But the people will take rest on the earth but  the pious people  will sleep on the waters.

He told by leaving our one thousand desires in this world then we can fulfil our one desire upon our death in the another world. Upon drinking 1000 bitter sip of poison then one can get one sip of juice . He told many thousand leaders died and buried in their graves but no one become leader of the religion to guide the mankind .

He told  the following things are hidden in the death and upon

the  manifestation of Allah nothing will be there except Allah.

  1. Mortality



  1. 2. Perpetuity


3.Observation. 4.Cleanliness.

He told by attachment with the creations there will be worries and problems and by leaving  human nature  then the life will be with Allah . He told one who is punctual of prayers and fasting then he will be nearer to the mankind. He told there are 1000 stages between Marafat (knowledge of Allah) and Haqiqat (truth) and from Haqiqat (truth) to Ain (exactness) of Haqiqat (truth) there are 1000 stages and to passing from there the life of Noah (peace be upon him) and cleanliness of heart of the last prophet is must and necessary. He told there are three kinds of hearts  which are as follows.

  1. The empty heart which is place of  indigence people.
  2. The heart  which demands for the   grace   and which is place of richness.
  3. The heart of perpetuity   in which  Allah is available.


He told there are many worshipers are there in the world but there are few persons among them who could take with them their worship to the another world and also there are other few persons are there and those persons who will do worship and hand over the same to the Allah. But the actual courage is that upon leaving this world they should take their worship to another world with them . He told in the ocean of love there is no reach of the creations and these are such dealings in which there is no entry of man’s knowledge and endeavours. He told the unluckiest persons are those who want to search Allah by their logic and reasoning. As a matter of fact one should search Him (Allah) by his kindness and without logic and reasoning because for the Marifat  (knowledge of Allah) of Allah all logics



are useless and nothing . He told when the lovers will find Allah and  then they will get lost in this matter.

He told the writings on the Tablet is meant only for the creations and it does not relates to the pious persons . He told to bear grief and worries in the world because due to its sake the life after death will be successful there . He told to make  habit of weeping in the world so that one should be smile in the life after death and there he will be addressed by Allah  as follows.

“As you were used to weep in the other world so for this sake

you are rewarded  perpetual  happiness and joy here. “

He told all the prophets and the pious persons were worried in the world to know about Allah. But they could not able to know Allah as per its requirements. He told the greatness of love of Allah is such that if we put the water of all oceans of universe in the lover’s mouth but his thirst will never be over there and the  desire for more and more  will be with him .

He told one should not be  proud of his miracles by leaving the

connections of Allah. He told it is a matter of courage that if one who will get one miracle due to grace of Allah and his Momen (Muslim ) brother who got 1000 miracles by grace of Allah and in such condition the first one should offer his one miracle to his Muslim brother. Once some person asked him did you not afraid of your death? And he told him that the dead persons are not afraid of the death. Because Allah’s all warnings to the mankind are no value against his grief . He told Allah’s all promises and glad tidings of luxurious and comfortable life for the mankind in the another world  are no value against his hope.

If you will be questioned that what did you demand for the benefits of Abul Hasan then what you will be demand there? And for this the persons replied him that they will demand as per their desires and wishes. But he told them that if he will be asked  what      he  will  want  for  the  sake  of  his  love  for  the



mankind then he will reply that he will demand the love  for all of them (mankind).


It is famous about him is that he asked one wise person whether Allah is his friend ? or you are friend of Allah and he replied him that he is friend of Allah. He told if it is so why he did not live in the company of Allah because to live in the company of friend is necessary and must and it is requirement of the friendship.


Once he asked his disciple which thing is best and superior.? And that disciple replied him that he did not know in this matter. He told as you are ignorant so you should be more afraid in this matter and you should know that such thing is best and superior in which there should be no defect in it. It is famous about him that the persons asked him that Junaid came into the world in the condition of consciousness and he left  the world with consciousness and Shibli came into the world in the condition of un-consciousness and he left the world in the condition of un- consciousness. He told if these persons will be asked in this matter then they will not able to explain how they came into the world and how they return back from the world because both of them did not know how they came into the world and how they returned back from the world. And at the same time he heard a divine call in which it was told that “Oh : Abul Hasan you have told the thing correctly because one who will know Allah then he could not look at  other things except Allah .”


When the persons asked him further clarification of  this matter then he told them that to spend the life without intentions is called the slavery of Allah. Again the  persons asked him what they should follow in this matter so that upon the foundation of such things there should be alertness will be



available there with them. He told to think that your life is not more than a single breath. Then persons asked him what is the sign of indigence ?. Then he told them that there should be such colour on the heart that it would not accept another colour on it. He told he will not give place for the other things in his heart other than Allah and if there will be entry of another thought in it then he will remove it from there. He told he is at such place (status) from where he will know the details of creation of small particles. He told that he spent his fifty years of life in such a way that he was with Allah with politeness and for this reason there was no place of mankind with him . And he was in the position of standing in the worship from Eisa prayer ( the night prayer) till Fajar prayer ( the morning prayer ) and was busy in the worship from morning till evening and in this condition he will never stretched his foot. Due to the above hard worships he was allowed to see the heaven and hell apparently in the sleeping in the world and both of the worlds were made one for him and for this reason he was always in the company of Allah. He told the first way is humility and after this there is closet and after this there will be sight and after this there is wakefulness.


He told he used to pray 50 Rakaats (one set of standing , genuflexion and prostration in prayers) from Zuhar prayer ( the afternoon prayer ) to Asar prayer ( the evening prayer ) and after wakefulness he used to pray as Qaza prayers (to say  one’s prayers late ) for these prayers . He told he did not used to have arrangements of food  provision for himself for the period  of forty years except the food arrangements for his friends and visitors. Due to the kind visits of his  guests he used to  have his eating with them. He told to fulfil the duties of hosts in best possible manner and if you will provide all  good things of both



worlds to the guests then also your duties of the guest will not be over. He told to endure the hardships and troubles to travel from East to West to see the pious person of Allah which (hardhsips) are less than the look of pious persons. He told his soul is in demand of one draught of cold water since 40 years but he is not allowing him. He told since 70 years he is in the company of Allah and spent the time in such a way that during this period he never followed his soul there. He told he has a desire to eat brinjal since forty years but he could not eat it. But one night due to advise of his mother he ate the brinjal and in the same night somebody killed his son and put the dead body on the door way. So he told his mother that he was prohibited her in this matter and he told her that ” His dealings are with Allah. So please see the result of your hard pressing in this matter.”

When the persons  asked him  what  the difference  is there in

his mosque and in other mosques. ?. He told the position of all mosques is as per Islamic Shariah (law) is same but the story of his mosque is very long because he saw the light from other mosques will reach into the sky but the dome of my mosque due to light of mercy of Allah will proceed ahead of the sky limits. When my mosque was completed then he entered into it and sat there and saw that the angles fixed one green flag on the mosque and its one end is connected with the empyrean of Allah and even today that flag is there and it will remain there till the day of judgement. He told he heard one divine call in which it was told that ” Oh : Abul Hasan those who will enter into your mosque on them the fire of hell will be prohibited and those who pray two Rakats (one set of standing , genuflexion and prostration in prayers) in your life or after your death in your mosque then they will be eligible in the accounting themselves among the worshipers. “

He used to tell that every place is mosque for Muslims and every day is Friday and every month is Ramadhan so one should approach Allah at any place. He told he would like to leave the world with debt of four hundred dinars as he would never rejected the demand of the beggars for money in the charity. When he will asked on the day of judgment that what he brought with him from the another world and then he would reply that  Allah  made  his friend a dog  there  and he was used to take care of him always so that he would not bite with his teeth to him and other persons. “Oh : Allah you have given him the nature full of filth and un-cleanliness so for its cleanliness he  spent all of his life there.”

He told the people  used to say ” Oh : Allah help us at the last

time of our lives  and in the graves. “But he used to say that ” Oh

: Allah help us in our every moment and in every hour and listen our calls of help.” He told once he told in his dream that ” Oh : Allah he spent sixty years of his life for the sake of Your love and until today he was attached himself with this hope from Your side.” He heard a divine call in which he was told that ” He was lover of Him (Allah) since 60 years but He (Allah) made him His friend since the beginning time of the world.”

He told one night Allah   told   him in his dream  that did he

want Him (Allah) to become his friend?.So he replied that Him (Allah) no in this respect. Again there was a divine call in which it was told that did  he have any desire to  become his friend? So he replied no in this matter. Again it was told that the persons who were passed away from the world and they have their desires that Allah would become their friend but why he did not like such desire in this matter.? Then he told ” Oh : Allah the authorities which you are going to bestow upon him and for this there will be   any expedience   surely   from your side in this



matter because Oh : Allah you never take any decision as per the will and likeness of others.”

He told when he requested Allah to show his (Abul Hasan) original shape and then he saw himself in the rag dress and upon watching it carefully he asked Him (Allah) is this my original shape and got reply that yes this is his original shape. He asked Allah that where of his following things  gone.

  1. Faith.
  2. Love.
  3. Attention and care.


Allah told him that all these things are belongs to Him and this is his   original reality.

At the time of his leaving this world he told that if it was possible by splitting of his heart and to show the same to the mankind so that they should know that the idol worship with Allah is not good and not  right thing. He  advised the persons to bury him beneath 30 yards of the earth as the land level of his place (Qarqan ) is more higher than the land level of Bustam . And if his tomb will become higher than the tomb of Bayazid Bustami and for this reason it will become a matter of impoliteness and improper thing. So the persons of Qarqani followed his last wish in this matter.

Upon his death  there was thundering and lightning  next day

and the persons saw a white stone which was found on his grave and they also found the foot prints of the tiger and for this reason it is well known that the tiger was brought the stone there. Some persons reported that tiger was found roaming around his grave.

His grave is in Qarqan and which is famous even today for  the  fulfillment  of  desires  and  wishes  of  the  persons



who visit his grave there and there are number of events are well known which are the proof of the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the visitors due to kind grace of Allah for the sake of Sheikh  Abul Hasan Qarqani.

Some persons saw him in their dreams and asked him how Allah treated with him .? He told he was given his records of deeds into his hands so he told Allah that why he did involve him in the records of deeds as He (Allah) knows well about him before his deeds that what kind of deeds will be done by him. So  hand over my the  records of deeds to Keramin and Katibeen ( the two angels who are writing men’s good and bad deeds in the world ) in this matter so that he should always able to speak with Him (Allah).

Mohammed bin Hussain told that once he become seriously ill

and was afraid of the another world upon his death and at that time he (Abul Hasan Qarqani) came to his house to visit him and when he heard his worries then he told him that he should not worry in this matter as he will be recovered soon from his illness

. Then he replied him that he is not worried due to the illness but he is afraid of the death. Then he (Abul Hasan) told him that he should not be afraid of the death because he will die twenty years before him and he will be present at the time of his last hours to help him in this matter. So he should not worry with his death.  After some days he was recovered  from that serious illness.

After twenty years of Abul Hasan Qarqani’s death Mohammed Hussain become serious ill before his death and in that serious condition of illness his son reported that Mohammed Hussain stood from the bed as to welcome somebody and he replied the Salam of somebody so his son asked him who is there before him so he replied him that Sheikh Abul Hasan Qarqani  promised him to come  to visit him



at the time of his death so he is present here with many pious persons and he told him that he should not worry about his death and while saying this he was died.

His date of death is available in some old versions of book Tadkirtal Awiliya (Muslim Saints and Mystics by Sheikh Farid Eldin Attar ) and which is same as mentioned in the following poetry line in the Persian language.

Bul Hasan Zaib Jai Aden Jinan 424 A.H. ( Abul Hasan left this world for the garden of Aden in the year 424  A.H).

tazkire e aulia0033-2tazkire e aulia0034tazkire e aulia0035tazkire e aulia0036tazkire e aulia0037tazkire e aulia0038tazkire e aulia0039tazkire e aulia0040tazkire e aulia0041tazkire e aulia0042tazkire e aulia0043tazkire e aulia0044tazkire e aulia0045tazkire e aulia0046tazkire e aulia0047tazkire e aulia0048tazkire e aulia0049tazkire e aulia0050tazkire e aulia0051tazkire e aulia0052tazkire e aulia0053


Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Ali al-Kharaqani rahmatullāhi alaihi :

Laqab :

Aap ki wilaadat 352 Hijri (963 A.D.) me hui.

Aap ke waalid ka naam Ahmad bin Salmaan hai.

Hazrat Baayazeed Bastami rahmatullāhi alaihi ka dastoor tha ke Saal me ek martaba Mazaarate Shohada ki ziyarat ke liye tashreef le jaate.
Jab Hazrat Kharaqan pahunchte to fiza me munh upar uthakar is tarah saans khinchte jaise koi khushboo sungh rahe ho. Ek Martaba mureedeen ne puchha ke ‘Aap kis cheez ki khushboo sunghte hain? Hume to kuchh mehsoos nahi hota.’ Hazrat ne farmaaya ‘Mujhe sarzameen e Kharaqan se ek Marde haq ki khushboo aati hai jis ki kunniyat Abul Hasan aur naam Ali hoga. Aur woh Kaasht-kaari (kheti) ke zariye Rizqe halaal se apne ahlo ayaal ki parwarish karega aur us ko mujh se zyada martaba haasil hoga.’

Aap ne Hazrat Shaikh Abul Hasan Hakkaari rahmatullāhi alaihi se ta’aleem aur faiz haasil kiya.

Aap ke mash’hoor shaagird :
Hazrat Khwaja Abu Saeed bin Abul Khair, Hazrat Abu Ali Husain ibn Seena, Sultaan Mahmood Ghaznawi.

Aap Shaafi mazhab ke muqallid the.

Aap ne apne darwaaze par likh diya tha ke “Jo koi bhi is makaan par aaye use us ke eimaan ke baare me mat puchho magar use khaana khilaao, Kyun ki jise bhi ALLĀH ta’ala ne zindagi di hai wo Abul Hasan ke dastarkhwaan par khaana khaane ka mustahiq hai.”

Ek martaba Aap ke ghar me kuchh mehmaan aaye. Aap ki biwi ne aap se kaha “Ghar me chand roti ke siwa kuchh bhi nahi hai.” Aap ke farmaaya “Un rotiyo par ek kapda daal do aur zaroorat ke mutaabiq nikaalte rehna.” Aap ke farmaan par amal kiya gaya aur sab logo ne pait bhar ke khaana khaa liya. Aap ke khaadim ne jab kapda hata diya to dekha ke ek bhi roti nahi thi. Aap ko pata chala to Aap ne farmaaya “Agar tum yeh galti na karte to rotiya kabhi khatm na hoti.”

Jab Somnath ka Raaja ka zulm badhne laga tab Hazrat Khwaja Sayyed Abul Hasan, Ali Iraqi urfe Haaji Mangroli Shaah ne rahmatullāhi alaihi ne Sultaan Mahmood Ghaznawi ko khat likhkar khabar di.
Zil Qa’ada 416 Hijri (December 1025 A.D.) me Sultaan Mahmood Ghaznawi apne lashkar ke saath Somnath pahunche, Lekin fateh na mili. Sultaan ne kai baar Somnath par chadhaai (hamla) kiya, Lekin fateh na mili.
Aakhir me 418 hijri (1027 A.D.) me unho ne apne peer Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan al-Kharaqani rahmatullāhi alaihi ka kurta mubarak mangwaya aur ALLĀH ta’ala se us ke waseele se musalmano ki fateh ki dua ki to ALLĀH ta’ala ne Somnath par unhe fateh ata farmai.

Baad me jab Sultaan Mahmood Ghaznawi Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Kharaqani rahmatullāhi alaihi se mile to Aap ne puchha ke “Mere kurte ka kya kiya?”
Sultaan ne bataaya ke “Maine us ke waseele se dua mangi to ALLĀH ta’ala ne musalmano ko Somnath par fateh ata farmai.”
To Hazrat ne farmaaya ke “Tum ne bahot kam maanga, Agar tum un Kaafiro ke liye eimaan ki dua maangte to in shaa Allāh Somnath ke ilaaqe ke tamaami Ghair muslimo ko daulate eimaan naseeb ho jaati.”

Aqwaal :
(1) Huzoor Nabi e kareem sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke waariṡ wo hi hai jo us ke naqshe qadam par chalta hai aur apne naama e aamaal me kabhi siyaah nishaan nahi banaata.

(2) Soofi wo hai jise din me sooraj ki zaroorat nahi hoti aur raat me chaand ki zaroorat nahi hoti. Asli tasawwuf to kho jaana hai ya’ni khud ke wajood ki zaroorat na ho kyun ki ALLĀH ki zaat ke siwa kisi ke wajood zaroori nahi.

Aap ke saahabzaade me Hasan aur Ahmad mash’hoor hain.

Aap Hazrat Shaikh Abul Abbaas Ahmad bin Mohammad al-Qassaab Amoli rahmatullāhi alaihi ke mureed hain.
Hazrat Abul Muzaffar Turki al-Tusi rahmatullāhi alaihi ne Aap ko khilaafat ata farmai hai.

Hazrat Khwaja Baayazeed Bastami rahmatullāhi alaihi [Wisaal 11 Sha’abaan 260 Hijri (874 A.D.)] se Aap ko Uwaisi tareeqe se khilaafat mili hai.

Aap ke khulfa :
(1) Hazrat Khwaja Abdullāh Ansaari rahmatullāhi alaihi (Herat),
(2) Hazrat Khwaja Hasan al-Khudaqli rahmatullāhi alaihi,
(3) Hazrat Khwaja Abul Qaasim Gurgani Faarmadi rahmatullāhi alaihi (Uwaisi).

Aap ka wisaal 10 Moharram 425 Hijri (6 December 1033 A.D.) ko hua.

Aap ka mazaar Kharaqan (Simnan, Iran) me hai.

ALLĀH ta’ala us ke Habeeb sallallāhu alaihi wa sallam ke sadqe me
Aur Hazrat Khwaja Abul Hasan Ali al-Kharaqani rahmatullāhi alaihi aur tamaam Auliya Allāh ke waseele se
Sab ko mukammal ishq e Rasool ata farmae aur Sab ke Eimaan ki hifaazat farmae aur Sab ko nek amal karne ki taufiq ata farmae.
Aur Sab ko dunya wa aakhirat me kaamyaabi ata farmae aur Sab ki nek jaa’iz muraado ko puri farmae.