Hazrat Abul Fazal Hasan Sarqasi r.a

He was famous pious person for his miracles and wisdom. He was master of Abu Saeed and was born  in  Sarqas. When there was condition of costiveness upon him then used to do circumbulation around the grave of Abul Fazal and after that there will be condition of exposition upon him.

When his disciples decides to go on the hajj pilgrimage then Abu Saeed used to advise them for  the circumbulation of grave of Abul Fazal and tell them “If one who visits the grave of Abul Fazal then he can find his needs and desires.”

Abu Saeed told “Once he was on the one side of the river and Abul Fazal was standing on the other side of river and when he looked upon him and so there was increase of his status from that day.” Imam Qarami used to tell that once he was on the mulberry tree and collecting its fruits and then he passed from there and he was telling  without seeing him “Oh : Allah I am demanding one penny since one year from you for cutting of my hairs but you are not giving me this amount so please justify Your favor with Your friends.” Imam Qarami told “When he looked on the tree and he saw tree and its branches, leaves all were changed into gold metal and so on this situation he told “It is not right to tell some thing to You for the comfort of heart.”

In Sarqs there was a man who was not normal person so he was not regular at the prayers and used to wander here and there. When the persons forced him to say the prayers then he told them where there is water for ablution so they took him to the well and gave him the rope and bucket of the well and asked him to take out water from the well for ablution for the prayer.

But that person stood there for a period of thirteen days in the same condition and by chance he passed from there and told them as he is not in normal condition so he is free

from the Islamic rules and regulations and for this reason to take him back to his house. One day Luqman  Sarqi visited his house and at that time some papers were in his hand and he asked him what you are searching and he replied him the thing which you are searching in the Turk and he then asked him why it is looking against for him. He told it looks against you so you are asking what you are searching.? So be free from your  intoxication  and upon awaking you will find away from difference in this matter with me and you can understand what we both are searching.

Some body told him he saw him dead in his dream so he asked him to recite any verse from the holy Quran. So he recited the following verse and its meaning is as follows.

“One who spent his life in the love of Allah will never die.”

Once he ordered Abu Saeed to stay one night at his house and asked him to recite any verse from the holy Quran. So

he recited the verse and for this verse he explained him 700 meanings which were all different from each other and during this discussions and explanations the whole night passed away.

And he told “The night was passed away so quickly but our discussions not yet finished in this matter and there is no fault of the night as our discussions were too much lengthy.”

He told” Love of Allah is good deed and to follow such good deed is also best thing.”

He had told “One who will get love of Allah then he will not go against Him.”

He told” When Allah wants to explain qualities of Adam then He told Asa Adam torab and when He wants to explain His attributes then He told Allah Adam asfa.”

He told as the people of Kahaf (people of cave) accepted the faith in Allah without any source so they become great and grand in this matter.

He told “Allah is very high mindedness and so there is requirement in this matter that  unless  there  is  no  help from Him then no body will not get the right path.”

He told “The creations are the proof of the Creator.” His sayings are as follows.

One who will not teach manners to his soul then he will not be called the person of manners.

One who will not know the manner of heart then he will

not know the manners.

If our manners did not know the soul then we will not get the nearness of Allah.

He told “Some persons used to sit in the company  of women and they say there are innocent.  He  told  when there is soul then one should following good deeds and keep away from bad deeds. So no body is not free from the soul. So at such places we should avoid such acts of shamefulness for the safety of our honor.”

Once there was famine and the persons requested him for pray so he told them that there will rains so there was too much rain and dry trees were turn into green due to his kind prayer.

When the persons asked him what did you prayed and he replied them that he drank cold water in the last night so Allah cooled down the hearts of all persons.”

The writer of this books says that from this event we can

know that he was Qu’tub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot) of his time as these qualities are find in such persons.  Once the persons requested him to pray for the welfare of the cruel king so he told them it regrettable thing that why they brought the king in between us”.

He told “Do not remember the past and also do not wait

for the future but it is good for you to take care of the present time.”

The facts of servitude depend upon the following two things.

  1. To think needy before Allah as this is the foundation servitude.
  2. 2. To follow Sunnah of prophet (the tradition of the prophet) because in it there is no comfort of the soul.

At the tine of his death the persons told him they want to bury in the tomb of one sheikh but he told them to burn

him  on  some  hillock  where  some  dissolute  persons  are

buried and so they deserve more grace of Allah

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