Hazrat Abul Abbas Nahvandi r.a

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He was a great pious and mystic person. He was famous for his kindness and also he was master of victories. He used to say that in the beginning of his worship period he wandered here and there for a period of 12 years then he find a place in his heart. Its meaning is that he find a path leading towards Allah. The general person demand for Allah’s company but I demand observation of my personality but this desire was not yet fulfilled. He told “We should adopt the company of Allah  more  and  live less in the company of the mankind.”

He told “The end of indigence is start of Sufism.”

He told “The name of Sufism is not to show one’s status and to respect the Muslims.”

Some body requested him for the prayer then he told him

“Allah give him good death.”

He used to sew caps and sell them. Unless one is not sold he will not sew the another one. He used to sell each cap for two dinars and he will not accept more or less than its price. Upon selling each cap he used to give away one dinar in charity to any person who will come to see him first and with another dinar he used to purchase one bread and go to some lonely place along with some derwesh person and use to eat it.

One Zakat (religious tax as a basic in function of Islam) payer asked him to whom he shall pay his zakat money then he told him “To give to any body who is most deserving and poor one.” And upon hearing this that man



left that place and saw a poor person and give him one gold coin to him. But next day he saw that blind beggar who was telling to another person that yesterday one person given him one gold coin and he spent that amount for drinking wine and with the singer.

When the disciple want to inform the details of the above event to his master but before hearing the details he told him to go and give one more dirham to that person which you will see first on the way. Upon going out side of the master’s house he find one sadat  person(descendents  of holy Prophet through his daughter Fatima) so he gave one dinar to him and followed him and saw that person went to jungle instead of city and thrown one partridge from his pocket. When the disciple asked the details then sadat person explained him since seven days his  family members are facing starvation and he is hesitating to ask for the help from persons in this matter and left his house for search of food and find the dead partridge. So I collected the dead partridge for the food of my family members but when I got your dirham then I thrown away that dead partridge in the jungle. When the disciple tried to tell the above story to his master but without hearing the story the master told him not to tell the story to me because illegal money will be spent in the wine house and legal money will help a sadat person (descendents of holy Prophet through his daughter Fatima) not to eat unclean dead partridge. One Roman fire worshiper when he heard his fame and came over to see him in Sufi dress with his staff  to check him whether he is real Sufi or not and went



to sheikh Abu Abbas’s shrine but when he saw him he become very angry and told him what is work of unknown person in the friends so that fire worshipper left that place and came to see him and lived with him for many months. He joined prayers after ablution with indigent persons to deceive him which he knew very well but he did not told any thing to him in this matter.

But when he was going back to his place then he told him “Oh : young man it is not right to go as it is and when heard this he truly accepted the religion of Islam and lived with him for many years and after his death he become his successor.