Hazrat Abul Abbas Alyasari r.a

He was great scholar of Islamic law and also pious personality of his time. He was famous due to his mysticism. He was trained by Abu Baker Wasti. In Maru he did great efforts to find the proofs and facts  about reality.

He got too much property and wealth from the share in the inheritance of his father but he spent all the property and wealth in the charity.  Prophet’s  holy  hair  was  with him and due to its grace he got repentance and became disciple.

Upon  his  repentance  he  reached  to  great  heights  in mysticism so for this reason the people called him Imam Hanafi and the Sufies called his group name as Sayargon. One day he went to the fruit merchant’s shop to purchase the  walnuts  and  paid  its  price.  The  shop  keeper  gave instructions  to  his  servant  to  give  him  nice  walnuts  by sorting and so for this reason he asked him did he sell the goods  in  the  same  way  to  every  buyer  then  the  shop keeper replied him no as he is great learned man so he is doing this and he do not want to sell him the bad quality of  fruits.  He  told  him  “He  do  not  want  to  sell  his knowledge for the price of walnuts so it is bad thing and he left the place without collecting the price.”

The persons called him a member of Jiberia Group because he told that the things written on the Tablet will not change. And nothing will change the fate. And due to this thinking he was undergone many difficulties and hardships and at last Allah freed him from all such difficulties and problems.

When the people of wisdom asked him from where did he will get his provisions and then he replied  “From Allah, Who will provide  provisions  to  all  mankind without any reason as per His will and pleasure and Who will also increase or decrease it.” He told “The darkness

of greed will become veil  for the observation.” He  told “The faithful (Muslim) should be patient on the following conditions.

  1. On the condition of disgrace
  2. 2. On the condition of g

Unless if one is not patient upon  the  above  two conditions then his faith will not be completed so in both these conditions one should be patient.”

He told “Allah will enforce the knowledge and wisdom through the tongues of truthful  persons.”  The  prophets will face dangers, the pious persons will have doubts, the people will have refusals and the lovers will have their intentions.

He told ” When there will be grace of Allah  on  any person then the people will also be kind to him. And when there will be disgrace of Allah then the persons will be away from them.” He told “To come out of knowledge is called the unity of Allah. The meaning of unity of Allah is that there should be nothing in the heart  except  Allah. Unity of Allah should be exceeded in such way that what ever enter in the heart it should turn into  the  unity  of Allah. The Unitarian is one who is  always  busy in  the unity of Allah and adopts the shape of Unitarian as this is told in holy Quran by Allah and its meaning is as follows.”

“We will become his sight and hearing.”

He told “In the condition of observation there will no pleasure for the careless person because the name of observation of Allah is called mortality.”

When the persons asked him what do you demand from Allah then he told “I accept what ever He will give me because I am a beggar and what ever I will get it is better for me.”

What is best form of  worship for the disciple and he told “To  be  patient  for  Islamic  rules  and  regulations,  to  be keep   away  from  prohibited   things  and   to   adopt   the company of pious persons is best form of the worship.”  He told there are two types of favors.

  1. Karamat (miracle)
  2. 2. Istadraj (esclation or to increase in extent)

The Karamat (miracles) is one which should be acceptable to us and the Istadraj is one in which the happiness is away from us.

He told “In the prayers if there will be another option in place  of  reciting  Qu’ranic  verse  then  there  will  be  the following lines of poetry and its meaning is as follows.”   It is my long pending desire in my life to see a person who is free one. At the time of his death when he  was asked for his last advice then he told them to put the holy hair of prophet in his mouth. So the disciples did the same as per his wish.

His grave is in Maru and which is famous even today for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his grave there.

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