Hazrat Abu Yaqub Bin Issac Nehrjawan r.a

He was a great pious person and he was very handsome person  among  the  sufi  saints.  He  got  knowledge  in  the company of Omer Bin Osman. He was trustee of holy Harem (grand mosque of Makkah) for  many  years  and died there.

Once he was in the condition of grief at the time of hymn

of Allah so there was a divine call in which he heard “You are a slave so for the slave there will be no comfort availabe for him”.

Some body complained that sufies advised him to keep fasting and for the journey but I could not get benefit from these things. So he told him “During the worship take care with more attention so that you can get the benefit from it.”

Some body complained that during the prayer he did not find the pleasure so he told to divert his attention towards his heart (take care with more attention) and by this act that person’s complaint was over.

He used to say that during circumambulation (of the holy Ka’aba as a religious rite) in Makkah a blind person was praying “Oh : Allah I seek refuge in you”. When I asked that person why he is praying like this, he told me that he saw a handsome person and thought in his heart that he is a handsome person and by thinking his eye with which he saw that person was finished with flow of the wind and he heard a divine call in which it was told “You got your punishment of your thought and if you thought more than this then you will get more punishment.”

He used to say that the example of this world is like a river and its end is like the other world after the death. The piety is like a boat in which the travelers cover the



journey of life.

The man who eats full of stomach, he will remain hungry always. The rich man will always remain poor because he looks at the creatures for the fulfillment of his desires.   One who will not seek the help from Allah then he will always face disgrace. If there will be gratefulness for the grace then it will not be finished. The person when he will reach to the level of belief of reality then for him the grace will become disgrace.

He told when the slave who does not posses pleasure in his devotion and then he will not establish servitude in between the destruction and existence so he is false in this matter.

There are three kinds of happiness.

  1. Happiness in the worship.
  2. 2. Happiness in the remembrance of Allah.
  3. Happiness in the nearness of Allah.

One who will get the above three things then such person will engage himself in the worship and will  leave  the world and for him the mankind will think him a bad person.

He  told  the  best  act  is  that  in  which  there  will  be connection with the knowledge.

The  best  mystic  person  is  one  who  searches  for  the graces and majesty

of Allah.

The mystic person should not leave the following three things.

  1. Knowledge
  2. 2. Action
  3. Loneliness

One who will leave the above these three things then he will not get the nearness of Allah.

The mystic man who will not observe other than Allah then he will not feel sorrow for any other things.

He told attention is must for the positive knowledge and every thing depend upon it.

Except truth every thing is false. The real knowledge is that which Allah had taught to the prophet Adam (peace

be upon him).

Allah  will  provide  subsistence  to  the  persons  of  trust without any source.

One  who  is  away  from the  grief and  happiness  of the creatures is also a man of trust.

But the real trust is that which prophet Ibrahim (peace be

upon him) had in the fire of Nemrod and he refused the help from the angel Gabriel who himself asked him what is his desire? And he replied him he desires Allah only.So imagine the position of reliant person who if he walks on the fire then there will be no effect of fire on him.

The way to the Islam is as follows.

  1. To keep away from the ignorant persons.
  2. 2. To seek the company of learned persons.
  3. To act upon the knowledg

To engage in the worship of Allah.

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