Hazrat Abu Waraq r.a

He was famous pious person and who was expert in the following.

  1. Solititude.
  2. 2. Individualization.
  3. Good manners

For the above reason the sufies called him with the title of respectful pious person.

He got knowledge from Muhammed Ali Hakeem.  He lived in Balakh and on the subject of mysticism he left his many books. He told for the status of devotion, patientcy is the key of grace. After devotion there is possibility for the grace of Allah. He used to go the jungle daily to see Khider (name of a prophet immortalized by the fountain of life) and while going and coming back he used a recite the holy Quran.

Once when he was going to the jungle and one person also accompanied with him and both of them reached the

jungle while talking on the way. On the return back from there that person told him that “He is Kidher for which you were eager to meet with me. But today due to your company of one person you forget the recitation  of  the holy Quarn. As In the company of mine you have overlooked Allah then in other’s company you also you neglect Allah. So the best condition is loneliness.” He said this and left that place.

When his son was reading the holy Quran and when he reached on the following verse and the meaning of it is as follows. “One day the children will become old person.” Then the boy due to the fear of Allah died suddenly.

So he told while weeping that “How sad this thing is that the boy died due to the fear of one verse upon its reading but there was no effect upon me as I am reading the holy Quran since many years.” Due to the fear of Allah he will not stay in the mosque for the longer time after his regular prayers.

Some body asked him for his advise and so he told him that “The shortage of wealth is useful in the both worlds and its increase is harmful in the both worlds.”

During the journey of hajj one women asked him who are you? And he replied “I am a traveller”. She told him you are complaining Allah.

So I liked her advise.

He told Allah asked him “What do you want from me”. I replied “The position of humility. Because I do not have strength to bear such difficulties of the prophets.”

He told the soul is the root of all bad deeds. The meeting of  creatures  with  each  other  is  the  reason  of  the  big problems. So for this reason loneliness is better.

He told the following things.

Do not say bad things from the tongue.

Do not hear bad things from the ears and do not see bad things from the eyes.

Not to go to the bad places by the foot. Do not touch bad things by the hands. Busy always in the worship of Allah.

After prophethood there is status of the wisdom.

The sign of wisdom is to keep silence always except in the case of necessity.

He told Allah requires from the mankind the following eight things.

Two from the heart

  1. To give Importance for the commandments of Allah.
  2. 2. To be kind to the creatures. Two things from the tongu
  3. To accept unity of Allah.
  4. 2. To talk with kindness with the mankin Two things from the organs of the body.
  5. Servitude
  6. 2. To help the mankin Two things from the mankind
  7. To be patient on the personality.
  8. 2. To behave kindness with the mankin

He told one  who love the soul and so on such person proud, greed, indignity will be imposed by Allah.

He told the Satan says as follows.

I can convert a Muslim to disbeliever within seconds and for this I will make him greedy of haram (illegal) things and prevalence of desires in him and then he will commit sins and after that I will put into him misgiving of the disbelief.

He told one who will know Allah, the soul,  and  the Satan, the creatures and the world then he will get salvation. Those who will not recognize the above things then they will die.

One who will love the mankind so he will not get the

love of Allah.

He told that “The Man was created by many things but two items of water and soil are more in him. If water is more in a man then treat him softly and if there is more soil in him then treat him hardly which means to taught him Islamic knowledge hardly.”

In the water many colors and tastes are there and for this reason it is difficult for us to know its taste. The life of mankind is depend upon the water but not body knows that the water is essential for the life and for it Allah says in the holy Quran as follows.

“We have given life to all things by the water” He told “The best indigent person is one from whom  the  kings could not ask the revenue and on the  day  of  judgment Allah will not ask for his accountability.” He told the following.

The back biting and bad talking are same like the illegal


Allah’s remembrance and asking forgiveness from Allah

are like the legal food. He told the name of truth is to take care of the thing which is in between the man and Allah. He  told  patience  is  the  name  of  the  thing  which  is  in between the man and the soul. He told the belief is the light   which   makes   the   believers   as   the   persons   of devotedness.

He told in the Arabic word zahid (pious) there are three alphabets za, ha, dal. From za to zenat which means to leave the show. From ha to hawas which means to leave the greed. From dal to duniya which means to leave the world.

There are three kinds of yaqin (belief).

Yaqin khaber which means to believe the information. Yaqin dalalat which means the belief of evidence. Yaqin mushahada which means the belief of observation.

He  told  the  patient  man  is  one  who  thinks  that  every

thing is from Allah.

We should keep away from the legal food and as well as also keep away from the bad conduct.

Upon his death some person saw him in his dream and he was weeping so he asked him why it so? He told in the grave yard there are other ten persons also buried but among them there is no Muslim at all.

One another person asked him in the dream what Allah done with him? He told Allah blessed him and gave my record of the deeds and upon its reading I come to know that there is one sin of mine and which was covered all my good deeds and when I was regretted for it then Allah granted his mercy and kindness to me.