Hazrat Abu Torab al-Nakhshabi r.a

He was great pious personality from  Khorasan  and  not only this but he also performed forty hajjs and for long time he did not taken any rest. Once in the condition of prostration he slept in the holy Harem Makkah (grand mosque of Makkah) and saw many hurries in the dream who were interested in him but he told them “He is too much busy in the worship of Allah so how he will look at them.” But the hurries replied him “If other hurries will know this matter that he is not interested in them then they will make fun of them.”

Upon hearing this Redwan (the guard of  heaven)  told them “He will not see all of you now but on the day of judgement we can meet him there.” Ibn Jala told “He acquired knowledge from many pious  personalities  and met 300 pious persons but I think that there are only four of them who are great pious persons and among them Abu Torab is on the top of them.”

When he reached holy Makkah he was very happy there and when I asked him “What is the arrangement of eating there?”  He  replied  “Some  time  he  eats  at  Basra  or  at Baghdad and some time he used to eat in Makkah.”    When he will see any defects in his friends then he used to pray for their repentance and used to start more efforts. He used to say “Due to his unluckiness such defects were found in them.” He told his disciples “Do not do any work of hypocrisy.” Once a period of one month of starvation passed on his disciples so in the condition of impatience, one of his disciples forwarded his hand towards the skin of melon so he told him “You will not get mysticism. Because I have promised with  Allah that I will not put forward my hands toward haram (illlegal) things.”

In my entire life I desired in the jungle to eat bread and egg and once I forget the way and reached a place where the people of caravan were crying.  When  they  saw  me they caught me and told that I had stolen their goods and they started to attack me with their knives.

But one  old person was there who  recognized  me and told them “He will not steal the goods as he is a great pious person.” When they heard this then all  of  them asked me to forgive them. Then I told them “I have no objection for this trouble because my soul had undergone severe punishment of shame today.”

Then the old man took me to his house and presented egg and bread. When I was reluctant to eat  the  above  food then I heard a divine call in which it was told “As you got the punishment for your desire so now you can eat this. But the desire of your soul will be fulfilled after it will be punished.”

Once he was traveling in the jungle with his disciples and there was need of water for them for drinking and ablution. So all of them requested him in this  matter. Hence he marked a line on the ground and from that place immediately a canal started.

Abbas reported that he was with him in the desert and one of his disciple desired water for the drinking so he hit his foot on the ground  then a spring of water appeared there. Another disciple told him that he needs a cup to drink the water so he hit his hand on the ground then a white cup appeared there and that cup was with us till we reached Makkah.

He asked with Abbas “What is your opinion about revelation and miracles of your disciples.? He replied “Very few people believe in this matter.” He further told “One who will not believe this then he will become disbeliever.”

He used to tell that once in the jungle in the dark night upon seeing one dangerous and tall gipsy I asked him are you jinn or man? But that person told me “Are you a believer or non-believer ? When I told him that I am a Muslim then he told me “A Muslim will not afraid other than Allah?”. Then I thought that it was warning  from Allah.

Once I saw a man in the jungle who was traveling without any conveyance and nothing was with him so I thought that there is no such great person than him as he has complete faith in Allah. When I asked him about lack of things with him then he replied me “One who has faith in Allah will not require any thing with him.” He told “For a period of thirty years he did  not  borrowed  any  thing from others or not given any thing to any body.”

When the persons have asked to explain in this matter further then he told them “One person invited him but he did not accepted his invitation and for this punishment he did not ate any thing for fourteen days.”

He told “A true person is one who feels  pleasure  of action before action is done. Sincerity is an action  in which there is pleasure of worship.”

He told to love the following three things are not good. 1.The soul

2.The life 3.The wealth

We can get peace and pleasure only in the heaven. For

realization of Allah there are seventeen stages  among them the higher one is trust in Allah and lowest one is acceptance.

The meaning of trust in Allah is to be grateful for the religion of Allah and if any thing one could not get then he should be grateful for it. But one should always get lost in the remembrance of Allah.

He told “Allah created the learned men for the guidance of the mankind.”

The meaning of richness is that not to desire any thing. The meaning of faqr (indigence) is a needy person. Some body asked him if you have any desire for you? He replied “I do not have any desire with Allah so I am happy for his approval and so Allah can keep me in any condition what ever he likes.”

What ever darwesh (mystic person) gets is his food and which ever thing that cover his body is  his  dress.  The place where he resides is his house.

He had died in the desert of Basra and after many years a caravan passed from there and noticed that a man is standing with his staff and looking in the direction of Makkah and his lips were dried but no animal passed from him