Hazrat Abu Nasser Siraj r.a

He was great man of knowledge  and pious person  who was perfect in the knowledge of manifest and inner most. He was a gem of the indigent person’s ring. It is very difficult to cover all details of his life and his greatness of character.

His one book Alma is very famous. He met Sirri Saqti and Sohail Tastori. He was from Tose and once he visited Baghdad during the holy month of Ramadan and at that time people of Baghdad welcomed him warmly and asked him to stay in the room of Shoneza mosque there.

He recited holy Quran during the  holy  month  of Ramadan in special Taravi (special night prayers in Ramadan) prayers. One servant of the mosque used to put one piece of bread in front of his room in the evening time but he used to keep those pieces of bread in the corner of the room.

After end of the holy month Ramadan he left that mosque after performing Eid prayer to some un-known place. When the people visited his room they found 30 pieces of bread were there in his room. One winter night


he was explaining his  disciples about the knowledge of Allah and fire was there in front of him. During his speech there was  great passion  in him so he did  prostration of thanks to Allah on the fire but upon end of the prostration there was no damage done to his head.

He told his disciple ” The people of humility will be successful in the court of Allah and the fire will not do any damage to them.”

He used to say ” In the chest of lovers of the Allah there will be fire which can burn every thing except the love of Allah.”

There are three kinds of pious persons.

  1. The Persons of eloquence.
  2. 2. The persons of innermost.

They take care of  cleanliness  and  secrets.They  control the soul and body parts of the man and also control mystic exercise of the soul.

3.Khasan-e-kuda (special people).

They take care of time and also see that one should not follow his soul.

The  decency  in  between  the  presence  and  nearness  is

called manners.

When he was alive he told if any funeral is brought near his grave then all sins of the deceased will be ignored by the grace of Allah.

Due to the above reason even today it is the tradition in Tose that the people will bring  their  funerals  for  some time there and after wards they will bury the funerals somewhere later.

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