Hazrat Abu Muhammed Mortish r.a

He was a native of shinizia and he was died in
Baghdad. He was famous mystic person and abstinent and got the knowledge of mysticism from Abdu Oman and Juaniad of Baghdad. 

He used to say that “ For a period of 13 years as per his thinking as an abstinent he had performed hajs but upon his re-thinking he find all his hajs were based upon the psychological desires because once my mother told me to bring the water pot and that order was unpleasant for me . So I think all my hajs were not free from the psychological desires.” 

One saint used to tell that during his stay at
Baghdad he decided to go for the journey of pilgrimage but at that time nothing was with him. So he decided to beg some money from Abu Muhammed Mortish as he was coming to Baghdad . 

So he decided that he will ask from him 15 dirhams for the purchase of shoes and water pot and then he will go for the journey of pilgrmage . When this idea came into his mind then he heard a call from outside and he find Abu Muhammed Mortish was there and he gave him 15 dirhams and told me not to give him trouble. 

Once he was passing from locality in
Baghdad and at that time he was thirsty so he went to one house and asked for the drinking water and then he find one lovely girl was there who brought water for him. When he saw that girl and fall in her love. He explained his condition of soul to the girl’s father and that man had agreed to marry his daughter with him. He was given a fine dress and his rag dress was taken out. 

Upon his marriage when he reached the bride’s room and started prayers there and suddenly he cried to give back his rag dress and taken out the fine dress. Upon giving the divorce to the girl he came out of the house. 

When the persons asked him what was matter with him ? Then he explained them that he had heard a divine call in which it was told “ As you looked other than us so we had taken back your dress of pious persons. If you do this mistake again then we will also take back your dress of the innermost”. 

Some body told him some persons walk on the water and some persons fly in the air. Then he told the persons who act against his soul are better than those persons. 

Once he became a patient of one disease in which the physician asked him not to have bath regularly which is harmful to his health. As he was in habit of taking regular bath so he told them that he will not discontinue his habit even if he will die in that disease. 

Once he was mutakaf ( retirement for continued prayer ) in one mosque but he left that place within three days and told that “ Here I find the recitation of Quran and the worship style which is not as per my standard.” 

One who thinks that his deeds will be keep him away from the hell so such person is under the control of the soul. 

One who looks upon the kindness and grace of Allah then he will be eligible for the heavenly rewards. 

One who looks for the means and resources then he will over look Allah. 

He told one who left the soul and world then he can get the friendship of Allah. 

The basis of unity of Allah depend on the following things. 

1.To accept the belief in the unity of Allah.

2.To know the providence.

3.To keep away from the prohibited things. 

He told the company of the indigent persons is good company and when an indigent leave such company so think there is some defect is available there. 

When some persons asked him for his last wish then he told them to seek the company of the other pious persons who are better than him and leave him for Allah’s grace. 

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