Hazrat Abu Muhammad Roomi r.a

Hazrat Abu Muhammed Rowaim r.a

He was follower of famous mystic persons and he knew their secrets of the mysticism and for the same reason he was called the master in this respect. He was follower of Junaid  of Baghdad  and  Dawood Tai and  he  left  behind him many books of mystic knowledge and information.  He used to say that since twenty years he was in such a

condition in which whatever he used to desire  was available at once for him. He told once he was very thirsty in one afternoon and he asked for the water from a house. A boy brought him the water from that  house  and  he drank the same but that boy told him which category of the mystic

person he belongs as he is drinking water in the day time. So from that day he did not drank water in the day time. Somebody asked him how are you? and he replied how will be his condition when his religion is the wishes of world and who is fond of dinars. So asked about the condition of mystics and pious person as well as other worshippers.

As    per    Quranic    reference    Allah    made    marafat (knowledge of Allah) as obligation for the human beings. In the holy Quran it is mentioned that “We have created jinn and human beings for Our worship.” He told Allah concealed  all  things  in  some  other  things  except  his personality.  There  are  three  types  of  persons  who  can watch the presence of Allah.

  1. One who can witness Allah’s warnings then he will always be in the condition of fear.
  2. 2. One who can witness the promises of Allah then he will always be in the condition of invisibility.
  3. One who can witness the truth then he will always be in the condition of happiness.

He told it is the blessing from Allah for the grant of the convent and deed for the human beings.It is good if there is seizure of the convent but the deed is left. But it is difficult if there is the seizure of deed and the convent is left. If there is seizure of both convent and deed then there will be most dangerous situation and which will be very difficult situation to control it.

He told it will not be difficult for  the  other  groups to cross the paradise pathway except the mystic groups to whom there will be accountability with them as per their innermost conditions and for other the groups there will be accountability for them as per the Islamic law.

So the situation with mystic persons will be tough and it

will be very difficult for them to go through from there. Somebody asked him what are the rules of the journey? And  he  told  the  traveler  should  not  be  afraid  of  the dangers  of  the  way  and  he  should  proceed  further.  He should not stop at any place  for rest because where the traveler finds rest for his heart, that will be his destination of the journey.

The foundation of mysticism based on the relation with the indigent persons and the mystic person should be firm with the humility. The mystic person should not complain for the generosity and favor. The firmness on the good deeds is called the mysticism.

The mortality in the love of Allah is called the unity of God. The heart of pious person is  the  mirror  in  which there will be always available the reflection of the manifestation.

The sign of nearness of Allah is that in which one should

feel the wildness from all other things except Allah. It is better  for  the  mystic  person  to  be  kept  away  from  the mankind.

The name of indigence is that in which one should not obey the soul and he should not disclose the secrets  of Allah. The name of endurance is to leave complaints.

It is humility to feel low before Allah. The real lust is one in which one should disclose only the good deeds. It is not good to interfere in the insinuation. But in the situation of danger and revelation it is permissible. To  keep  away from the world is called mysticism.

The frightened person is one who is not afraid other than

Allah. He told to comply the  commandments  of  Allah with cheerfulness that is called the pleasure. In the sincere deeds one should not look for the rewards in the both worlds.

When Abdullah Khafif asked him to advise him then he told him “To sacrifice the life for the sake of Allah and if you can not do this then leave to act upon the sayings of the mystic persons.” In his last days he accepted the post of qazi (the judge) so in this way he wore the dress of the worldly person to help the mankind. Junaid of Baghdad told we all are free but  we are occupied and Ruwim is occupied but he is free.


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