Hazrat Abu Ishaque Ibn Sheban r.a

He was a famous sheikh and was great worshiper as well as a mystic and pious personality of his time.

In his entire life he was busy in ecstasy and meditation. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mubrak told he was a  symbol  of Allah among the indigent and pious persons.

He told he was in the company of Abdullah Maghrabi for

the period of 40 years but in that period he did not ate any normal food of the general persons. He never lived under any roof except the roof of Ka’ba in Makkah. But during that period his nails and hairs did not grown nor his dress became dirty. For the period of 80 years he never ate any thing as per his desire and wish.

He told during the journey of Syria he desired to eat red lentil then at once a pot of red lentil came over there for him and he ate it too much.

After that when he reached the bazaar of Syria and saw some pots were kept there and when he saw them  one person told him that these pots are full of wine so  he thought it is his duty to break them as per his knowledge and wisdom so he broke all the pots of wine. Upon breaking the pots the wine was flown on the road.

The man who showed him the pots of wine thought him the local ruler so he did not said any thing to him. But when he come to know that he was not a local ruler so for this reason he caught him and took to Ibn Tarin.

Ibn Tarin who heard all the details of the case and he ordered punishment of the canning for 200 times and imprisonment. So he was imprisoned for the many years for the above reason and once Sheikh  Abdullah  passed from there and contacted him and on his recommendation he was freed from the jail.

After wards he went to see sheikh Abdullah and he asked him why he was imprisoned there. And he replied him he was punished for canning for 200 times due to eating of red lentil too much and was imprisoned there and also he explained him the difficulties which he had undergone for the above reason. When heard all the details of his case and he told him that the punishment for him in that case is less than his mistake?

When he went to the Hajj and visited Medina Munawara and visited mausoulum of the prophet and said Assalam Alaikum and received reply of “Walikum Salam son : Ibn Sheban.” From there he went for the  Hajj  and  he performed many Hajjs.

He told once he was in the bath room and saw a beautiful person who called him why he was wasting his time for the cleaning of the outward filth so he should go outside and take care for the cleaning of inner most and also to clear all interests from the heart except the love of Allah.   I asked him are you man, jinn or angel because I have not seen such a beautiful person before. He told he is not man, jinn, or angel but a dot of ba (second letter of alphabet of Arabic   language)   of   Bismillah.   I   asked   him   is   this kingdom belongs to him then he told me I should leave

the place and see his kingdom which is available outside. He told the knowledge of destruction and  life  depend upon the sincerity of the knowledge of unity of Allah and servitude and all other things which will leads to  the wrong path and near disbelief. He told the freedom of personality can be obtained with  the sincere worship  of Allah. So firmness in the worship will keep us away from all things except the love of Allah.

He told oral sincerity will not create purity in the worship so for this reason Allah will create troubles for him and his position will go down in the mankind.

He told one who will leave the company of the pious persons then he will become a man who will make false challenges and for this reason Allah will disgrace him in the mankind.

He told to keep away from the bad things and for this

matter one must know the Islamic rules and regulations. That person is mean one who is not having the fear of Allah and when he will do any favor to any body then he will disclose his favor to  others so  for this reason  such person belongs to category of mean and lower persons. Humility   is   the   symbol   of   pious   persons   and   the contentment is guarantee of the freedom.

If there is fear in the heart then there will be no love of the world will be remain there in the heart.

The trust is a secret matter between man and Allah which should not be disclosed to others at all.

He told one who worships Allah more in the mosque and for this reason on the day of judgment Allah will grant him position in the heaven.

One who meets his Muslim brothers for the sake of Allah and for this reason he will meet Allah in the heaven.   When  some  persons  requested  him  to  pray  then  he replied him that how he can pray as it is difficult for him to oppose the time.

One person asked him for his advice then he told him “To remember always Allah and if this not possible then he should always remember his death.”

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