Hazrat Abu Ishaque Garzoni r.a

He was known as a Cardinal Pole of the world (highest cadre in spiritual pivot ) of pious persons. He was famous Sufi saint for the following things.1.Tariqat (the Mystic way of life ).2.Shariat (Islamic law). It is difficult and it is also not possible to cover about his greatness and his character details in the writing. He was perfect in the following things.1.The commandments of Allah. 2.The Sunnah (Practice of Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam)) of the last prophet of Allah. For the above reason his mausoleum is well known as best solution for the fulfilling of desires because those who will pray there for their wishes for the sake of his name then their desires will be accepted soon by the grace of Allah. His grand father was a fire worshiper but his parents were Muslims. It is well known fact that when he was born in the house and in that night one pillar of light was seen which was linked from earth to sky and in that pillar there were many branches were there and also there were many lights from such branches. In the childhood his parents wanted to send him to the school but his grandfather instructed his son to teach him some occupation instead of sending the school so that he should learn some occupation and earn money so that his parents may get rid of the poverty. But he was not interested in other occupations and he was insisted for the school education to learn the holy Quran so for this reason he was allowed in this matter and asked to go school to learn from one teacher. He was much interested in the school education so he will used to reach the school daily first from other students and no other pupil could not come before him. 
He used to complete his daily lessons first from other students. So he was become first rank and best student in the school. He soon became perfect in many knowledges, arts and other studies. He used to tell that one who will approaches Allah in his youth period then in such condition Allah will enlighten his innermost and due to His mercy there will be stream of wisdom which will flows from his tongue and one who will spend his childhood and youth period in the disobedience of Allah and if he will approaches Allah in the old age and even though he will be called the sincere person but he will not get the fulfilment of his wisdom. He told when he was used to busy in the school education in the childhood and from that period he got interest towards the way of Mysticism and at that time the following holy saints were very famous and well known 1.Abdullah Khafif.2.Haris Mahasibi.3 Omer bin Ali. 
So he prayed Allah and after the prayer of Istaqara ( prayer for dream serving as augury) and in the prostration he requested Allah to guide him to take education from one of the above great teachers. After this prayer he slept in the prostration and in his dream he saw a pious person who came over there with lot of books on the camel and he told all these books are belongs to Abdullah Khafif and he sent all these books and this camel for him. So for this reason he came to know that he would become the disciple of Abdullah Khafif. After that sheikh Ikar come to see him and he was given him many books of Abdullah Khafif. Upon these events he was understood well that he should start his worship as per the style of Abdulah Khafif. Once his parents told him that as he was adopted the Darweshi system but due to his poverty he is unable for the hospitality of others who will visit him as his guests. As the speciality of Mysticism is hospitality and may this defect will caused him to leave soon the Darweshi from him. Upon hearing the above remarks from his parents he could not say anything to them but he was silent in this matter. 
During the month of Ramazan by chance one group of travelers visited his place and stayed with him. At that time there was nothing in the house for providing to the travellers. But at that time one person was brought two bags of breads and many kinds of food items were also with that person and who presented all these items to him with great respect and honour. When this event was known to his parents then they were regretted for their wrong thinking about him and his Mysticism .Then they told him to continue his service for the creations of Allah and for this reason Allah will continue to help him for the success in this matter. After that day they did not interfered in his matters.
Once he was planned to construct a mosque and then he saw the prophet in his dream that he was laying the foundation stone of the mosque building by his holy hands. Upon his wake up of the dream he laid the foundation of the mosque building on the same place where the prophet laid the foundation in his dream. He constructed a big mosque in which there were three rows of the prayer carpets were available . 
One he saw the prophet in his dream that he was making extensions of the mosque building along with his holy companions. So he extended the mosque building as per its size and dimensions which he saw in the dream.
When he decided to visit holy Makkah for the Hajj pilgrimage then the learned persons of Basra invited him for the dinner in which there many kinds of dishes of food and breads were available there. But he did not touched the mutton so the learned persons thought that he did not eat the mutton . So he understood their thinking and told them that as you all are thinking that he do not eat the mutton but it is not right. But from that day onwards to keep their thinking right he never eat the mutton and till his life he never touched the mutton and acted upon what he told at the Basra dinner. And in other event he promised that he will never eat sugar and dates and so he kept his words till his death . Once during his illness the doctor advised him to eat some sugar but he did not followed his instructions. 
The Zorasterian ruler of Gazron constructed a canal for the public purpose there and for the sake of piety he did not used its water. 
He used to instruct always his disciples not to eat without the presence of the guests . Once his disciple asked his permission to leave him to see his relative at some other place and upon reaching there he ate with his relative without the presence of the guests and left that place and on the way there was his fighting with another Darwesh person and that indigent person framed the charges against him and such charges were proved correct and for this reason that Darwesh was taken his dress and made him naked without dress. So upon this event he told the persons that those who eat the food without the presence of guests will face such grave consequences so that person repented in this matter and never ate without the presence of guests.
As per his Asceticism and piousness he never touched the illegal food provisions and he always used the dress from the legal earnings and due to this reason his dress was always very low in the quality . He adopted the occupation of agriculture to maintain his members of the family. In his beginning period his poverty was too much so he used to eat too much grass in place of the food provisions and in this way he used to finish his hunger. Due to his too much eating of grass there was green colour which was visible on his body. He used to make his dress from the old pieces of cloth to cover his body. He was passed away from the world on 8th Zequada on the Sunday in the year 446 A.H. at the age of 72 or 73 years . 
Once in his gathering one learned person from Khurasan was present there and due to his effective speech there was great condition of intuition on the gathering. At that time that sheikh of Khurasan thought in his mind that his knowledge is more than him. But such popularity and fame which is not available to him despite of his mastery on many kinds of knowledges. At the same time due to his innermost quality he was come to know his thinking and he continued his speech and he told about the oil of lantern and the water which are talking together . The water told that Allah was given him power on all things because if he was not come into existence then the creations would have been died of thirst. So you could not get such position like him. But despite of this you are competing with him which is wrong and not correct . 
The oil replied him that he is having humble nature and but you are having nature of proud and show. Because first my seed was sowed in the earth and upon the development of plant the seeds of the plant were broken and put into the oil-expeller to take oil from there. While burning himself he brought the light into the world and he was ignored all the difficulties and troubles which were given to him in this matter. And by saying the above details he finished his speech . So that learned person of Khurasan was understood his meaning clearly and beg his pardon while touching his feet.
He used to say that once an idea come into his mind that he should not collect alms from the others and to spend these collection of amounts upon the charity of the indigent persons and due to this charity work there may be any mistake by him and for this mistake he will be responsible on the day of judgement before Allah. Due to this thinking he told all the indigent persons to leave him and go back to their places and continue their worship there. But in the same night he saw the Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam) in his dream and who told him that he should not to be worried in his dealings of the charity for the indigent persons.
Once during his preaching time two persons came over there with their intention to request him for his prayer for the success in the world for the pleasure and comfort . But just looking at them he told the persons that they should visit him for the sake of Allah only and the persons who will came over there with intention of the demand of this world should not visit him and for this matter they will not get any reward in this matter.
Once he was told in the preaching that he declared by swearing that he is acting upon all Amar and Nahi of Allah (commandments and prohibitions of Allah) completely. At that time Qazi (judge) Taher was present there in that gathering and who thought that not to marry is against the commandment of Allah. As he was not married so how he can say that his is acting upon all the commandments of Allah. So how his claim will be right ?. At that time he told by addressing him that Allah granted his permission in this matter. And he told when he used to worship in the jungle by saying Subhana Rabi Aala (Glory be to my great Sustainer) in prostration then all particles used to continue Tasbe (glorification of god ) with him.
Once one Jew visited him and told him he is Muslim and stayed with him as his guest in the house for some period of time. Due to his fear of disclosing his religion he hid himself behind the pillar of the house but daily he used to provide him food provisions regularly. After stay of some days with him he was asked his permission to leave his place so he told him “Oh : Jew did you not liked the place . “ So that man asked him how did he come to know that he is Jew person and despite of this fact why he was treated him as a kind guest of honour in his house. He told him that in the world Allah provides provisions to Muslim and non-believers without discrimination and difference at all.
Once the minister’s friend Mir Abu Fazal who was drunkard person was visited his house so at that time he told him to give up his habit of drinking of wine . He told him that he would gave up this habit but due to his presence at the minister’s palace where the wine is served freely so it is compulsory there to have wine in the group of the minister. Then he told him at the palace when the persons force him to drink wine so at that time he should remember him. So for this reason he was repented in this matter and left his house and reached his residence and saw all glasses of wine were broken into pieces and the wine was flowing on the earth. He was surprised to see his great miracle and upon asking by the minister he was told him the details about the above miracle to him. So for this reason the minister did not ask him to have wine in his court with the other courtiers. 
Once one person visited his house along with his son and was repented so for this reason he told him that those who will visit him for the repentance and if they will be away from the repentance then in such case such persons will face the grave consequences upon leaving the repentance . But despite of his clear warning the two persons broken their promise and for this reason both were died in the fire accident.
Once one bird came and sat on his hand so he was told that he is not afraid of him. Once one deer came near to him and stand near to him so he put his hand on him back with kindness and he told that he came over there to visit him and asked his servant to take deer back to the jungle and in this way the deer reached back his place .
Once he told that he was surprised upon such persons who will colour their neat and legal dress with illegal blue colour and at that time he was wearing blue colour coverlet which was sent to him from Kirman. He told one who will not check in the matter of his food provisions is like an animal. He told to leave the world and continue the remembrance of Allah. He told the light of Allah is a source for the discernment because the light and life after death are both related with the invisible and the observation of invisible is possible with help invisible only.
He told for the pious person the lowest punishment for him to take away the sweetness of remembrance of Allah. He told the persons of world see the belief of manifest and will declare some person as bad but Allah will look the person’s innermost defects and will declare him such person as bad .He told by leaving all things in the world we should approach towards Allah because in both the worlds without Allah’s obedience there is no success and comfort . 
He told in Garzon city now there are few Muslims persons are there and there are many fire worshippers are there but one time will come then there will be many Muslims in this place and few fire worshippers will be there. 
After his saying twenty four thousand fire worshippers accepted the religion of Islam due to his propagation and endeavours. He told it is matter of courage that one person who will take something then he should give the same to others and half dead is such person who will not take something and but he will give something. Such person is bad one who will not take something and will not give something. He told he saw a dream in which there was a ladder which was hanging from the sky to his mosque and there were many persons who were reaching from his mosque to the sky through that ladder. And He (Allah) granted greatness to his mosque and those who will visit it then they will get their goals of both worlds. 
He told one who will have patience on the problems of this world then he will become successful in the another world. He told if you want to become similar as persons who were passed from the world then to become at least their friend if you could not become similar to them. He told Allah granted favour to the mankind and due to His favour the pleasure of hymns was granted by Allah to them. In the similar manner Allah granted love of something to all mankind. But for him Allah granted His love. He told every Muslim should wake up in the night and to pray four Rakats (one set of standing , genuflexion and prostration in prayers ) upon ablution and if it is not possible then he should pray two Rakats ( one set of standing , genuflexion and prostration in prayers ) and also if it is not possible then he would recite Islamic creed (there is no god except Allah ).
Once some persons caught the tiger and were passing with the tiger from his shrine so he asked the tiger what mistake he did so these persons caught him and taking away. He told the persons that they should not have confidence upon their conduct because every where there is trap of Satan is ready for them. So for this reason many persons who follow the Mystic way of life are fallen in the trap of the Satan. At the time of this preaching his style was so much effective and impressive on the gathering and for this reason its effect was so great on the persons for some time . 
He told “Oh : Allah if you think me eligible for the salvation then along with me also grant salvation of all my friends so that we all should live in happiness there. And if I am not deserved for Your favour then send me to the hell in a such way that nobody could not see me there and for this reason my enemies may not be pleased in this matter. “ 
He told one who is not having control on his feelings of sex then he should marry soon so that he could control this problem smoothly . And for him if there is no difference of wall and women then he would have marry some women. But his condition is similar to that person who is drowning into the river water and for him there is no escape from there. He told that person is most unlucky at the time of death and if one who will not have the love of Allah and also for this reason he did not get the pleasure of hymns of Allah . He told that person is most luckiest person one who will get the love of Allah and also he will get the pleasure of hymns in his life and in such condition he will left the world. He told the property and goods of such person who will revolt against the king will be ceased by the royal policemen. So in the same way the religion of such persons who are against the pious persons will be destroyed by Allah. He told why the man should not be afraid because on one side there is soul and Satan is there on another side and there is Sultan (King) in between them so the man is there who is helpless and incapable . 
He told to keep away from the persons of flatterer because due to such persons there will be possibility of occurrence of problems and difficulties. He told for the person one who will open their bags of money on the path of Allah and for such person Allah will widen the door of the heaven and on His (Allah ) way those who will follow the miserliness then for such persons the door of heaven will be closed by Allah. He told Allah sends punishment for the general persons and displeasure for his special persons and till the displeasure will be there then the love of Allah will also be available with them. He told we should not go empty hands before the following four persons.
1. The Family members.
2. The Patients.
3. The Sufi persons.
4. The Kings.
He used to tell the persons who want to adopt the Mystic way of life of indigence and Sufism are very difficult and tough works because in this work first one should have to face starvation and thirst as well as disgrace in this matter. The persons used to call them beggars to the Sufi and Darwesh persons. So one who is ready for all such above things then he should adopt the mystic way of life otherwise ignore his decision in this respect and in the best possible manner he should busy in the remembrance of Allah and this type of worship is enough for him. He told one should be careful while doing bad deeds to anybody because if you do such thing to any person then Allah will appoint one person for such person and who will continue to take revenge in this matter as per the saying in holy Quran and its meaning is as follows.
“If you do good deed for other person then it is good deed you do indeed for yourself and if you do bad deed to any person then it is actually the bad deed you did to yourself only. ” He told there is wine in the treasure of Allah from which He (Allah) will provide it to the pious persons daily in the morning time to them so that they (pious) will be free from the desire of food and other provisions. He told the lover of Allah will never become the lover of the world. 
Once he was going somewhere and on the way many old persons and children gathered there to visit him. When the persons asked him how the children come to know his status and position and he replied them that they know him well because when they will sleep during the nights then he will stand and pray Allah for their welfare and benefits . 
He used to tell that the end of endeavours is that when we should hand over our efforts and endeavours to One (Allah) who is free from all efforts and endeavours. Its meaning is that we should hand over all our affairs to Allah. Once the persons asked him if the king or minister want to give him something from their legal source then he would accept such offer or not ? . He replied them that he will not accept the offer because these persons have ignored their expedience and those who will leave their expedience and for this mistake they are eligible for disgrace in the world so for this reason he would not consider to accept anything from them.
He told to get the knowledge of Shariah (Islamic law) is must for every minute because for the persons of Mysticism and Haqiqat (truth ) there is no exemption of the knowledge . When you will acquired the knowledge then to keep away from the show and do not keep secret of your knowledge from the creations and by acting upon your knowledge you should continue your search for the willingness of Haq (truth ). Because the example of that learned person who will not act upon the knowledge is same as the soulless body of the person. 
He told do not earn the world with the help of your knowledge because as per the saying of the Noble Prophet (Salla Allahu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam) “ It will bring disgrace by giving preference to the world than the deeds of the another world and such person’s name will be added in the list of persons who will deserve for the hell.” And he told it will be also remembered that those who will demand the another world from the affairs of this world and for this reason they will not get anything in the another world.” He told to seek legal the provisions upon getting knowledge and there is no better thing than this thing because those who will not demand the legal provisions then their prayers and deeds are not accepted by Allah. He told if you act upon all the above things then reserve all your life for the service of creations. 
At the time of his death he told his disciples that he is going to leave this world soon so he want to advise them to the following things so they should hear and act upon them.
1. To obey his successor.
2. To read Quran in the morning time.
3. To look after the travelers.
4. To live with love and cooperation with all.
During his life time he entered the names of all his disciples and admirers in one register and in his last advise he told them to keep that register in the grave with him and so upon his death the register was also kept in his grave. 
Some persons saw him in their dream and asked him how Allah treated him .? He told Allah did small favour for me upon my death and He ( Allah) accepted the salvation of all his disciples whose names were written in his register. He used to pray Allah to accept the wishes and desires of persons who will used to visit him for the fulfilment of their wishes and desires.

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