Hazrat Abu Hazim Makki r.a

He was leader of sincere, pious and God fearing persons. He followed mashaiq (learned persons) and lived simple life. He was among famous sufies of his time due to his worship and observation. He lived for a long period so he met many learned persons. Among them is one Abu Osman Makki who was his great admirer. His life and achievements are available in many books but for our guidance we are mentioning some short details of his life which are as follows.

He met many companions of the prophet like Anas Bin Malik and Abu Hurara. His sayings are very famous and solution for any problem to solve the same.

Hisham Abdul Malik once asked him “Which action will deliverance us?” He replied him. “For the money we get and for this money we should see that it is coming from  halal (right)  source and  it  should  be spent  for the  halal (right) purpose only.”

Hisham  asked  him  “How  we  can do  this?”  He  replied “One who will desire of the heaven and fears of the hell and wants the pleasure of Allah so he should take care of it otherwise he will not be successful in the other world after the death.” Hezam Makki’s sayings are as follows. Avoid   the   world   because   I   have   heard   that   the worshipper who likes the world and for this reason on the day of judgment the angels will announce that this person is one who liked the thing which Allah does not like. He further continued that there is nothing in the world which will not finish because in the world there is nothing made by Allah which will not met its end. In this World even some useless things attract the man so he neglects the big things of the heaven.” He told “All things depend upon two things. First thing that is made for us and other thing which is not made for us. So for the first thing whatever we will try to avoid it to get but it will reach us. For the other thing for which whatever we will try for it to get but it will not reach us.

He told ” If he will not pray then he will face many difficulties due to non acceptance of  prayers.”  He  told “Oh : person you are product of this time so you prefer sayings than actions and this is the time for the proud of knowledge and there is no importance of leaving action. So you are bad people in the best time.”

One  person  asked  him  “What  is  your  condition?”  He replied “My condition is to gain the favor of Allah and to keep away from the mankind. So one who gains favor of Allah will not see the mankind.”

One day he was passing near the butcher’s shop and he saw the fine meat in the shop so the butcher asked him to take the fine meat. He replied him that he had no money with him. The butcher told him “To take on the credit.” He told him “First I will to try to convince my mind for the credit then I will take it.” The butcher told him “Due to his thinking his body become thin and bones are visible on his body.” He told him “Inspite of this condition he is enough for the insects in the grave.”

One pious person who was on his journey for the hajj came to his house in Baghdad and at that  time he was sleeping. When he woke up and told that person “The prophet came into his dream and conveyed his message that he should not over look his duties towards her mother which is better than performing the hajj.” So he requested that pious man to return back to his place and take care of his duties for the pleasure of his mother. So that man cancelled his trip to Makkah and went back to his place.

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