Hazrat Abu Hamza Khurasani r.a

He was a famous pious person in the following things. Mutawakkil (resigned to the will of Allah) Haqiqat (The Truth) Tariqat (The mystic way)

He was great Shaikh of his place and his qualities, worship, endeavors are so many and it is difficult to cover all of them.

He left his place for a journey in the trust of Allah and determined not to ask any thing from any body. When he was leaving his place his sister kept some Dinars in the pocket of his rag dress which he thrown out the same.

On his way he was fallen in a well but he was not hurt due to his trust in Allah. By avoiding the requirements of soul he was engaged himself in the worship in the well to control the soul. Some person covered the well’s surface with thorns so that travelers may not fell into the well.     By   seeing   these   conditions   the   soul   made   many complaints  but  he  sat  there  with  calm  and  peacefully. After some period a tiger cleared the thorns and let down his legs into the well so that he can come to the surface of the well by holding them. But he told him he will not take the  favor  of  the  cat.  But  at  the  same  time  there  was revelation in which it was told to him “We have sent the tiger  for  you  so  by  holding  the  tiger’s  legs  you  should come out of the well”. And for this reason he left the well. He heard a divine call in which he heard “Due to  your trust we have helped you by your killer.”

Once Junaid of Baghdad saw the Satan in the naked condition and who was climbing on the men’s heads so he told him “Do you not regret for this act?. Ans he replied him that these people are not regrettable but for the regret there is one person who is sitting in the mosque of shuniza. And when  Junaid of Baghdad reached  that mosque and he was sitting there and he told he is false (the Satan) because near Allah the status of pious person is great so there will be no reach of the Satan to the pious personalities.

He used to wear the pilgrims robe through out of the year and  used  to  say  when  living  with  the  mankind  will  be harder then there will be love of Allah. The real darwesh is one who will not like his relatives and who love Allah. One  who  will  like  the  death  he  will  not  like  any  one except Allah.

The meaning of trust is to finish for the thinking of the morning from the evening and also thinking for the morning from the evening.

He told we should busy always for the preparation for the final journey from this world.

He died in Nishapur and his grave is available near the tomb of Abu Hafz.

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