Hazrat Abu Ali Jarjani r.a

He belongs to the leader of sufies and learned persons. He left behind him his many books. He was disciple of Muhammed Ali Hakeem.

He told the following are the real (tuwhid) unity of Allah.

  1. Beem (fear)
  2. 2. Ra’ja (hope)
  3. Love.

With beem we can control the sins and with ra’ja we can do the good deeds and with love we can do lot of worship. One who has fear will not worry with the difficulties and troubles.

The people of ra’ja will demand for the more.The people of love will not reduce their remembrance of Allah.

The beem is like a fire and ra’ja is like the light and the love is like a bright light.

The  sign  of  the  dutiful  persons  is  that  they  will  think

worship very easy and at any time they will not think the Sunnah of the prophet difficult and hard.

They should live in the company of indigent persons and behave with the mankind with the best possible manners and to offer alms to the poor persons and help the Muslims community and be punctual to the daily routine of prayers and follow the worship schedules.

It is not right to disclose the sins to the mankind which they do not know about them.

He told the pious persons are  those who should finish themselves in their affairs and live themselves in the presence of the truth. The real mystic persons are those who surrender their hearts to Allah’s remembrance and reserve their bodies for the service of the mankind.

He told it is requirement of the mystic knowledge that one should have to keep good hope with Allah.The basis of the mystic knowledge is to keep distrust with the soul. He told one who will live on the door of the Lord and for them the door will be opened one day surely.

He told to become the people of firm-ness instead of the people of miracles because the soul also demand for the miracles but Allah needs the firmness.

He  told  the  approval  is  the  house  of  patience  for  the

slaves and its key is the service which will be accepted soon and the death is sitting on its door.

He told bukhal (miserliness) is made from three Arabic alphabets which are as follows.

From Ba, kha and lam. From ba, ba’la and its meaning is calamities.

From kha, khasra and its meaning is loss. From lam, lom and its meaning is salamti or safety

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