Hazrat Abu Ali Daqaq r.a

He was perfect personality in mystic knowledge and truth as well in love and sincerity of Allah. He was also perfect in exegesis of Qu’ran and prophet’s traditions. His sayings and teachings were very tough and hard and due to the same  reason  it  was  difficult  for  the  general  public  to understand them. It is not possible to cover all details of his mystic exercises and miracles in the books.

He got knowledge of innermost in the company of many sufi masters. Due to his depth of feeling the people of his time given him the title dirge chanter of the nation. He has spent his early life in Maru and one saint of his time has disclosed that once he has seen the Satan in very sad conditions and he was pouring the soil on his head and so he has asked him what is the problem and difficulty with him and why he is in such a bad condition. Satan told him “The robe of honor which he was demanding form Allah since seven hundred thousand years,  that  robe  of  honor was given by Abu Ali to the shop keeper of flour in Maru. Sheikh Ali Framodi told “On the  Day  of  Judgement when Allah will ask him what good deeds he has done in the world then he will have one answer with him that he was lover of Abu Ali Daqaq and was his great admirer in the world.”

He used to tell “The trees which will grow itself and for them no body will provide water and look after them and on them the leaves will grow. But usually there are no fruits on those trees and if there will be fruits then such fruits will be tasteless and useless and in the same way without the service of the master there will be no benefits to the disciples. This is my saying but I also heard the same from Abdul Qasim Nasarabadi and also he  had heard this saying from Abu Baker Shibli. The pious persons in all periods heard the above saying  from  the saints who were passed away before them.”

He told “When he used to visit Abul Qasim Nasarabadi then he used to take bath and he remembers well that he never visited him without taking bath.”

He has stayed for long time in Maru and he was busy

there in the preaching of Islamic teachings and after that he has visited many other places and in all places he was busy in the work of preaching of Islamic knowledge.   Once he had no dress to wear with him so he reached the shrine  of  Abdullah  Omer  in  nakedness  and  one  person recognized him there and respected him greatly then other persons  also  recognized  him  and  they  reached  to  him slowly and took him under their circle and they requested for the preaching but he refused their request, but those persons  again  requested  him  for  the  preaching  and  he refused again their request in this matter and upon several requests  he  went  to  the  pulpit  and  told  Allah-o-  Akbar (Allah is great) in the right direction and Wallahu khair wa Abqa in the left direction and after this he told Rizwan Min  Allah  Akbar  and  due  to  such  sayings  there  was intoxication  and  condition  of  un-consciousness  on  the persons who were present in that gathering and there were also loud cries and weeping from all directions and many persons were dead. In that condition he get down from the pulpit and left to some unknown place.

When the persons became normal then they buried the dead persons in the grave yard and they searched for him but they could not find him. From there he went to Maru and stayed there for some time and then he reached to Neshapur and settled there permanently.

Once one darwesh was present in his service and saw he was wearing Tabri turban which was very beautiful so he liked it. He asked him “The meaning of trust”, and he has replied “To leave the desire of men’s turban is  called trust.” He told this and gave him his turban as gift.

He told once he become ill in Maru and  during  this period he decided to go to Neshapur in that condition but he heard a divine call in which it was told “Do not leave the place because one group of jins is coming to see you to listen your preaching of Islamic teachings as they liked your teaching style and unless you did not preach and satisfy them then you should not leave this place.”

It is said that in gatherings some thing will be there and which will attract the attention of the persons un- necessarily and for it he told the modesty of Allah demands that such thing which is available may not finish. One day he was preaching on the pulpit in which he was explaining about human errors and defects and he told the following are human errors. All these qualities  are  not good for the human beings so we should keep away from these defects.

  1. Cruelty
  2. 2. Ignorance
  3. Show

In that gathering one darwesh was there and upon hearing the above human defects then he told him that in spite of all these human defects Allah likes his friendship and this is best quality of human beings. When he heard this he told him you are right and your saying is as per the

Qu’ranic verse from the Sura No.5 Al-Maidah

Once he told three times Allah, Allah, Allah during his preaching time so one person from that gathering asked him what is Allah? So he replied that “He do not know.” Then that person told him “When he do not know Allah then why he is repeating Allah’s name many times?” So he replied that person “If he do not call His name then to whom shall he call?”

One shopkeeper used to visit his shrine and used to eat food with indigent persons there and also he used to bring some food in the shrine for the indigent persons. So in this way he was serving indigent persons since many years. Once he told about him that “He is a man of innermost quality”  and  in that  night  he  saw in his dream a  grand palace in which many pious persons were present in the gathering but despite of his hard try he could not reach there and at that time that person came over there and told him  “On  such  ways  the  lions  are  kept  behind  of  the foxes.” He told this and helped him to reach on the roof of the palace.

On the next day when he was on the pulpit  and  that person came over there. So he told the persons “To provide him the way so that he can reach near to him because if he was not there in the previous night in that gathering then he was not successful there” and when he heard this then he told him that “Every night he used to be

present there but he did not disclose this secret matter to any body. But you were present there only one night and you have disclosed this matter to all and due to this reason he has insulted him.”

Some body came over to see him and told him that he reached there for his visit after facing many hardships of long journey so he replied him “To cover the journey is not credible because it is better for human beings that they should be one foot away from their souls so that they can get their goals. Some body complained  him that satanic apprehensions give him more troubles to him then he told him “To remove the tree of relations of the world so that no bird can sit over there on the trees.” Its meaning is that to leave the world so that he can be able to control the Satanic apprehensions from the human heart.”

Once his disciple who was a business man and he become ill so he went to see him at his place and asked him the reason of his illness? The person  replied  him when after ablution he started Tahajjud prayers (supererogatory prayers in early hours of morning) and he

felt  severe  pain  in  his  waist  and  also  there  was  severe

temperature in his body. When he heard the details he was very angry and told him “Why he has prayed Tahajjud prayer (supererogatory prayers in early hours of morning) as it was not useful for him.  It is sufficient for him to leave his worldly desires and wishes and this is better for him than the Tahajjud prayers. (supererogatory prayers in early hours of morning).If he follows this then he will not have  pain  in  his   waist  otherwise  he   will  face  such

problems with him and his act will be similar that if there is problem of pain with him in his head then he is applying medicine on his foot or if his hand is filthy then he is washing his shirt’s sleeves and for these acts there are no good results to remove headache or to remove filth from his hand.” Once he has visited his disciple who was eager to see him since long time. So he was very happy to see him at his residence and he has asked him “How long he will stay with him and when he will leave his house? And he has replied him that “He had just arrived there and he was happy to see him and his question of leaving from there is not good as still his pleasure of visiting him is not yet finished from his heart.”

“Once one darwesh was sitting near him and he sneezed and then he told “Allah Yarhamuk (May Allah have mercy on you) and when that person heard this and left the gathering so the persons asked him what is reason of leaving the gathering? And that man replied that “He was in desire of Allah’s grace in the company of the master as that desire is already fulfilled here so he wants to leave this gathering.”

Once he was wearing a good looking dress and at that time Abul Hasan Nuri came over there so he asked him smilingly “Oh: Abul Hasan for what price you have purchased your dress.” Then he cried in loud noise and told him that “He has purchased it for the  cost  of  the whole world and it is very dear to him so he  will  not accept all heavens in exchange of his old dress.” When he heard his reply he told while weeping that “Next time he


will not joke with any darwesh person.” He told one day a darwesh  came  over  to  his  shrine  and  requested  him  to provide a place in his shrine so that in that place he can die  there.  He  provided  a  place  for  him  and  when  he reached there he started saying Allah, Allah and he was hiding  in  some  other  place  and  watching  him  so  that darwesh told him “Oh : Abu Ali do not disturb him so he left that place and after some time that darwesh died by saying Allah, Allah. I went out side of the house to send some body to bring funeral items for the dead body of the darwesh but when I returned back to the house and could not find the dead body there. So I was in great surprise and due to this reason I prayed Allah. “Oh Allah due to your  grace  I  met  an  unknown  person  who  disappeared after  his  death  so  please  inform  me  the  secret  in  this matter? And after that he heard a divine call in which he was told that why you are searching for him to whom the angel of death could not find upon his search and angels, hurries also could not find him so why you are searching him? And he asked “Oh: Allah where he is available now? And he heard divine call in which he was told that he is there in the gathering of truth with the Powerful King.     He told once he saw an old person in a deserted mosque and he was crying and blood was passing from his eyes instead  of  tears  and  the  floor  of  the  mosque  was  filled with the blood. I reached near him and asked him be kind on his condition and to stop crying. So that person saw me and told me “Oh young man, my power was finished in his desire to look Him.”


He also told me another event of a slave with whom his master was angry and he had removed him from service but upon the recommendation of some persons his master forgave his mistakes but in spite of that the slave  was always busy in weeping. So the persons asked him why he was always busy in weeping as his master already forgave him. But he did not reply in this matter and he was silent. The master told that because he want his willingness and without his help he is helpless and nothing. Once a person came over to his shrine and asked him if the feeling of sin is there then for this reason one will  lose purity of the body or not? And by weeping he asked his disciples to reply him in this matter. So Zain Islam want to reply that thinking of  sin will not effect  outside  cleanliness  but  it will finish the inner purity. But due to respect of  his master he could not reply in this matter.

He told once there was severe pain in his eyes so he in un-easy and in trouble condition and he was slept in that problem and he heard a divine call in which it was told “Is Allah not enough for His slaves.” And when he woke up and there was no pain at all in his eyes.

He told once he forgot the way in the jungle so he wandered here and there for a period of fifteen days and afterwards he got the way and he met an army man who gave him a drink and its strange effect which he could not forget in his heart even after a period of thirty years. Among his disciples who were strong and heavy and for them he gave instructions to have bath with the cold water in the winter season on daily basis in the morning time but


the weak disciples were exempted from it. He used to tell that “Every person should do work as per his power and capacity.” He told “One who want to become the grocer then he will require many vessels but one who want to sit in a corner of his house then he will require some things only. If one who wants to get knowledge for pride, show and worldly benefits then there is need of more knowledge. If we want to get it for the next world then one should know the rules and regulations of the servitude and one should act upon his lesser knowledge which will make him successful in this matter.”

Some body invited him in Maru and he was going there and on the way he met an old women who was saying. “Oh : Allah I am passing through starvation  inspite  of many children with me and I do not  know what is the reason for it.” Upon hearing this he went  away silently from there and reached to the house of the host in Maru and asked him to bring some food in the dish and the host brought more quantity of food in the dish as the host thought he need it at his house but  actually  he  has  no house to live. When the host brought the dish full of many food items then he put the dish on his head and went away to the house of the old woman and gave her the food dish. This humility and lowliness is given by Allah to some of his slaves by His grace and  the general persons not get this great quality in them.

One day he told “If on the Day of Judgement Allah will sent him to hell then the non-believers will be happy to find him there and their friends will make fun of him and


they will ask him what is the difference in between us? Then he will reply them that the men of courage will not care for the heaven or hell and this is Allah’s rules and regulations.” When it will be the time of dawn and so its light will separate us and there is no grace which was not spoiled by the time. The author of this book says that his following saying is very strange and the details are as follows.

If I know that on the Day of Judgement  there will be another step before my step then I would have not done my acts. The author of the book says he may have told this saying when he was busy in the servitude and in case of his divine care.

Once he was in great gathering of the Eid festival and at that place due to his passion he told “Oh: Allah I swear in the name of Thy grace that if I would have known that on the Day of Judgement if You will look upon another body before me then my soul will leave from my body.” The author clarified in this matter that he wants to say about the Day of Judgement for which there is no time limit and if there is no time limit then to look before and after is not possible. But this saying’s explanation is also a matter of mystery and secret. That there is no morning and evening time for Allah.

He told “For personal benefits do not have enmity with the creatures  because personal enmity will lead  towards the claim of the vanity. In this way you can claim that you are not lower than others and also you do not belong to some  body  and  in  such  matter  you  have  to  prove  that


Allah is not your Lord and then who is your Lord? He told “You have to spend your life as a dead person who was passed away from this world before three days ago.”

He told “One who could not become the sweeper of his

lover’s house then he will not become his lover.” He told “One who is fond of other than Allah then he will lose the friendship of Allah and to  leave  remembrance  of  Allah and follow remembrance of others so this is a matter of useless thing.” He told “Disciple’s   opposition  of  his master will disconnect his relation with the master. If the disciple is against of his master’s sayings and deeds then the company of his master is useless for him. The repentance of disobedient disciple will not be accepted by Allah due to disobedient to his master.”

He told “Bad manner is a tree and its fruits are useless.” He told “Due to disobedient work in the royal court the higher status person will become the court watch man and also if he misbehaves there then he will be sent to  the desert for the work of camel driver. The person who will disrespect

Allah will face his bad result soon.”

He told “Without source of teacher and master no body could reach the way which leads towards Allah. In the beginning one who will not follow perfect teacher and master then he will not get the knowledge of mysticism.” He told “The service and piousness is there up to the entrance of the court but there is fear in the court and in the nearness there will be sadness but after this there will be annihilation and for this reason the condition of friends


of Allah will become peaceful and happy with the help of mystic exercises and endeavors and their out  side condition will turn to be the same as before.”

He  told  “The  disciple  who  is  away  from  worries  and

(Hamm) visible worship from the beginning and for this reason he will lose his courage at the end.” The meaning of hamm here is to engage in the visible worship and the meaning of courage is that one should  attach  his innermost with the help of meditation.

The  demand  (for  Allah’s)  happiness  is  more  than  the

intuition and discovery because in intuition there is danger of life and in demand there is hope of meeting. He told meeting will not be possible by efforts and worship as it is a natural thing. As Allah told in Qu’ran which is as follows and its meaning is as follows. “We keep them as Our friends and they also keep Us as their friends.” In this matter Allah has not mentioned the worship and sincerity but mentioned only love.

He told that “His difficulty of today is more than the problems of the hell. Because on the Day of Judgement the reward of people of hell will be ceased there but my precious time of today is being finished in the observation of Allah so my problems are more than the problems of the peoples of the hell.”

He  told  “One  who  will  avoid  illegal  things  and  such person  will  be  rewarded  for  heaven  and  one  who  will leave the demand of more will get the nearness of Allah.” He told “The courageous person will not get the status and position with the help of courage and one who get the


status and position then his courage will demand that upon getting status he should leave the same.

He  told  “The  thing  which  is  given  by  Allah  without demand to his slaves and which will enlighten the soul.” He told “One who has spent all his life in disobedience of Allah  and  if  Allah  gives  him  palace  on  the  Day  of Judgement  then  he  will  feel  sorry  and  when  he  will remember  his  disobedience  then  his  pleasure  of  heaven will become hell for him.

And one who did one good deed with truthfulness in his whole life so Allah will send him to hell and when he will remember his deed there then the fire of hell will become cold for him. So that person will feel the pleasure of heaven in the hell.”

He told “If any person will demand the visible things so such person will be accounted for it but if any person who

will demand the invisible things then he will not be accounted for it.”

He told “If Allah brings punishment on any person and this  is  also  His  sign  of  power  and  nature  because  the

mankind  is  deserves  it.  If  he  forgives  a  man  then  this

shows His grace because against His grace the sins of the world are like small items.”

He told “Such person is un-lucky one who sell his next world for the benefits of this world.” One who will hear this Qu’ranic verse then for him it is easy to die on the way of Allah.

He told “If you have sold heaven to Allah then it is not good for you to re-sell it to others because this purchase and sell is not legal nor it will give benefit if you deal with other persons.”

He told “There are three kinds of status.

  1. Question.

2 Prayers.

  1. Praise.

Question is for those who will demand for the world. Prayer is for those who demand for the next world. Praise is for only Allah.

There are three kinds of benevolence.

  1. Saqa (benevolent).
  2. 2. Jud (bountiful).
  3. Esar (selflessness).

One who accepts Allah for his soul then he will be called the man of benevolent. One who accepts  Allah  for  his heart then he will be called the man of bountiful. One who accepts Allah for his life then he will be called the man of selflessness. One who avoid right sayings then he is like a dumb Satan.

He  told  “To  avoid  the  company  of  the  kings  because

their nature is like children but their powers are like tigers.”


He  told{

-t.  U.      Ub            U     U. -A

o..>..1 I286 and the  meaning of this  Qu’ranic  verse  is that (Our Lord lay not upon us a burden greater than we

have strength to bear) and the writer of the book explained

its meaning here to demand safety from Allah to keep one away from separation and severance.

He told humility of rich persons is honesty for the pious persons. The pious person’s humility is deflection for the rich persons. He told for students the angels will spread their wings for them so from this we can imagine what the reward Allah will give for them for their cause. And to acquire knowledge  is obligation and in this way to demand for Allah is also obligation.

He told the disciple should avoid to follow his soul and sleeping. When the prophet returned back from accession he could not sleep till his last age because his heart was changed.

He told when prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) informed his son prophet Ismail (peace be upon him) that in the dream he was asked by Allah to slaughter him then he told his father that it was better if he would have not slept and then he would have not seen that dream. He told “The look of Allah is possible in the world through mystery and symbols but in the another world we can look Allah by our eyes.”

Once he was preaching about escalation and one person asked the meaning of it so he told “Have you not heard that in Madina some person has killed a man by strangle so it is called escalation.”


In his last days he used to stay on top of his house which is near his grave and now that building is known as “Bait al Maftooh” and he used to say at the time of sunset while looking the sun “Oh : you travel in all kingdoms and what is your condition today? How you will travel around the countries and angel of death and so tell me how you seen such a person like me who is a lover of Allah and eager to see Allah? In this way he used to talk like the above at the time of sunset. During his last days his sayings and preachings were become very tough and hard and for this reason the persons were unable to understand his sayings and advises. For this reason there were only 17 or 18 persons who used to attend his meetings. Ansari told when his sayings and preachings became very difficult and hard to understand then in his meetings no persons were available to hear him so there was great decline of persons in his meetings.

In the condition of mastery in his hymns he used to say “Oh Allah, treat me helpless like an ant or dry grass and forgive me due to your kind grace.  Oh  Allah,  save  me from disrespect in the mankind because I used to sat on the pulpit and said many un-necessary things. If you want to disrespect me then send me to the hell in the sufi dress so that I will suffer there in your grief.” Oh Allah, I have converted my deed of actions into black due to many of my sins and also converted my white hairs into black so do not look my sins and keep respect of my white hairs.” Oh Allah, one who knows you then he will not be away from your demand while he knows well that he will not


get You. Oh: Allah if You grant me heaven by your grace then it will  not be possible for me to remove from my hearts the mistakes which I have done by me in Your worship. Upon his death Abul Qasim Qashiri saw him in his dream and asked him what Allah had done to him and he had replied that ” Allah was kind enough to me and overlooked my mistakes and sins. But due to one of my sin which I have committed in the childhood for which I have regretted there greatly and there was perspiration all over my body and my face was also down due to this reason. He told his sin was that he saw a young boy with lust when he was young in his childhood.”

Once a pious person saw him in his dream in which he was in condition of unrest and weeping so he asked do you want to come again to this world then he replied “Yes and not for his welfare but he want to come back to the world to lead the mankind towards Allah and also to give them the information and details of next world.”

Some other pious person asked him in his dream what is his condition there in the next world? And he told first Allah accounted his all good and bad deeds and then forgave me due to his kindness and grace.”

He is considered one of those who combined in himself the expertise of the Shari’ah and the Tariqah. He was a preacher and an exegete (mufassir) of the Quran. To such an extent did he use to weep while reciting supplications (munajat) that he was given the title ‘the lamenting shaykh’ (shaykh-e nawhahgar). He passed away in 405/1014 or 412/1021.
He is said to speak fluently about the way of rising to God. He knew the shaykhs of shaykh in his day and joined them. He is a disciple of Hazrat Abul Qasim naseerabadi (Bagdad shareef) r.a
Because he is deep in the field of relation to God, he is said to say,“ Whoever focuses other than God, he says, “ Weakness in His Spirituality. ” He added,“Whoever talks about something else from God, because he does not know God adequately and is close to him, then he does not have friendship, how one talks about a friend, while he is unfriendly and does not recognize him.”
Abu Ali al-Daqqaq said: 
“The trees that grow by themselves, without planting, grow leaves but have no fruit, if it grows its fruit is not like the fruit of the planted tree.”
As for the remembrance of Allah, Abu Ali al-Daqqaq said, 
“The practice of remembering Allah is the declaration of maqam. Those who have succeeded in remembering or zikrullah, have been given recognition and those who have been rejected in commemoration of Allah are sacked from his maqam.” 
The Most High God has said, 
“Those who remember Allah when standing and sitting and lying on their side …” (Surah 3 Al-Imran: Verse 191).
After Abu Abd al-Rahman asked Abu Ali al-Daqqaq, ‘Which is more perfect, the practice of dhikr (dhikr) or taffakur (Fikr)? “Abu Ali al-Daqqaq asked,” What do you say? “
Abu Abd al-Rahman said, “It seems that zikr is more perfect than Taffakur Fikr because zikir is known as a true nature, while taffakur is  not.
Everything that is true is more perfect than something specific to creation. “Abu Ali al-Daqqaq is pleased with this: 
Abu Ali al-Daqqaq reminds of the dervish: 
I will not remember you, but the guiding of the   Heart, soul and secrets into your remembrance.
It’s as if you were the audience who whispered to me 
“Be careful, Oh remember! Woe to you! Be careful!
Shaykh Abu ‘Ali ad-Daqqaq said, “A student asked his Shaykh,’ Is the servant aware of what God is pleased with him? ‘ 
The Shaykh replied, ‘No. How can he know that while his goodness is something hidden? ‘ The student protested, ‘No, he can find out!’ 
The shaykh asked, ‘How can the servant know? 
The disciple replied: “If I find my heart is pleased with Allah SWT, then I know that He is pleased with me. ‘ 
So the Shaykh then said, ‘It is very nice to say that, young man.’
Sheikh Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq also said, “Allah swt praised his Prophet with his special attributes, with no praise to any other creature, so Allah Almighty says, ‘And indeed you are truly noble character ‘.
Sheikh Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq said, “A servant will reach heaven   by obeying Allah and will attain Allah swt with his adherents obeying him.” He also said, “I see someone who wants to move his hand to scratch his nose in prayer, but his hand is stuck.” It is obvious that what he meant was his own.
Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq rahimahullah said,“The essence of patience is not to protest something that has been set in fate.As for the manifestation of misfortune during the time not to lament (because of dissatisfaction with fate, pent) it does not negate patience. “(See Syarh Muslim [3/7])
Sheikh Abu Ali ad-Daqqaq Ra. Said, “When the resident Balkh expelled Muhammad ibnul Fadhl from his area, he invoked them,” Yes, God, prevent the honesty of them “. So after that nobody came from the area of ​​Balkh.
Sheikh Abu Ali Al-Daqqaq said: “One of the disciples repented, then received the test. He wondered in the heart: “If I repent, how will my situation be?”
Sheikh Abu Ali Al-Daqqaq said: Repentance is divided into three stages: the first stage is tawbah (repentance), the second stage is inabah (turned to God), and the final stage is recount 
He was the teacher of the famous Abu’l-Qāsem Qošayrī, who married Fāṭema, his daughter, some time before 414/1023, which is the birth date of their first son.Following this marriage Qošayrī directed the madrasa of Abū ʿAlī, which from the mid-5th/11th century was called Madrasat al-Qošayrī .The mystical tradition presents Daqqāq as one of the disciples of the master of Nīšāpūr, Abu’l-Qāsem Ebrāhīm b. Moḥammad Naṣrābāḏī (d. 367/977-78). 

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