Hazrat Abu Abdallah Mohammed Bin Hussein Trugand r.a

He was one of the famous Sheikh from Tose who got high respectable  position  and  also  he  was  a  great  lover  of Allah.

He met many sheikhs and was trained in the company of Abu Osman Tabri.

He used to say “The disciple should be always in grief and in the condition of difficulties as well as in problems and should be away from happiness.”

He told “One can gain status in the Sufism and mystic way by opposing his soul.”

He told “Every individual will be been given knowledge

by Allah  as per his capacity  and also he will be given difficulties in the way of knowledge of Allah so that such difficulties may help him in the way of knowledge of Allah.”

He told ” One who is away from the worship of Allah in his youth period then for this reason Allah will disgrace him in his old age.”

One who serve truly any saint for even one day then for the sake of service of that day he will be granted grace during his entire life.” From this we can imagine the position of such persons who will spend all their lives in the service of Sufi saints and mystics persons. He told ” One who leave the world so that people may pay him respect and give him position in the mankind and for this reason it is clear that such person is a great lover of the world and it is also clear that he belongs to the group of greedy persons of the world.”

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