Hazrat Abdul Khair Qatah r.a

He was a perfect saint known for his submission to the willingness of Allah and for his miracles as well as for his mystic exercises. He got such a great status that even wild animals used to come over him and sit around him. It is very difficult to cover the details of his many miracles.    He was from Morocco and he was trained by Abdallah Ibn Jala. When he was there on the mountain of Lebanon, the local king as per his tradition visited the mountain and distributed one dinar in charity to every darwesh but he did  not  accepted dinar  and  gave  this amount to  another Darwesh and left the mountain and reached the city.

By chance he touched the holy Quran without ablution by mistake and due to this mistake he  was worried and was in great sorrow. In that trouble and worried condition he  went  to  the  bazaar  of  the  city  where  some  persons caught by people for the charge of theft of goods in the city. When some Sufis (mystic persons) saw him in his worried and trouble condition they asked the persons to caught him also for the crime of theft of goods in the city. At that time he told them to arrest him alone and free all other accused persons as he is the head of the gang and he asked  them  to  give  him  all  the  punishment  of  other persons who were arrested for the charge of theft. And for this reason all other accused persons have been released from the prison and they cut off one of his hand. When they  learned  that  he  was  Shaikh  Abul  Khair  then  all persons begged for their pardon for their great mistake. Upon reaching  his house all his  family members  when they saw his cut hand so they wept and cried for this big problem and incident. But he told them it was not good to weep and cry for this problem because if hand was not cut off then the heart was cut off due to mistake of his hand which  he  touched  the  holy  Quran  without  ablution  and given back his dinar to another darwesh.

Once an inflammation was developed on his hand and as there was no cure  available with the  doctors other  than cutting off of his hand and his Sufi friends told the doctors to clear the wound by cutting off of his hand during his prayer time in which he will not realize any thing except the requirements of worship of Allah.

He told “If intention is not right then the heart will not function properly. If one person do service with sincerity then his body will perform properly.”

He told” There are two places in the heart and  their names are as follows and their functions are also shown below.

  1. Eman ((faith)
  2. 2. Nifaq (enmity)
  3. From the place of Eman (faith) one can do service and good acts for the Muslims.
    1. Welfare for the Muslim
    2. Always be ready to help the Muslim community.
    3. 2. From the place of Nif(enimity)

The person will always engage in the deeds of enmity and differences and other low and mean acts.

He told “To make a challenge is great matter of proud for which even the high mountains will not tolerate it.”

He told “Such person will not attain high status unless he

will not have love of Allah in his heart. And one should know the rules of servitude for the perfect duties of Allah.”

By  living  in  the  company  of  pious  person  one  can  be away from the company of bad persons.