Hazrat Abdallah Manazil r.a

He was famous shaikh and pious person and he was spiritual guide of the sect called Malamati. He was disciple of Hamdun Qasar and he spent all his life as a single person.

Once he told Abu Ali Shaqfi to be ready for the death. So Abu Ali told him you should try first in this matter so he slept while keeping his head on his hands and told him now I am dying and he told this and died.

Due to this incident Abu Ali Shaqfi was regretted and he

do not have such strength as he was head of a  large family. He used to tell him “Abu Ali you always think for yourself and you did not think about others.”

One who leave duties and will also leave the prophet’s Sunnah (to follow the saying and deeds of the holy prophet) and one who leave the Sunnah then he will be away from the right path. He told the time is good when one should be safe from misgiving of the soul and the mankind should be free from your mistrust. He told the man demands such things which will cause for his misfortune.

He told one who thinks modesty but will not observe it with Allah and such person is worse in the mankind. He told to love one then he will also love you. The meaning of modesty is to think the presence of Allah and he should observe the silence.

Those who are pious persons then they must keep their

souls under their control. The divine things are not disclosed to any body in the world and those who claim

such things are the false persons. Those who are pious persons in the mankind they should treat their souls with the disgraceness. Those who adopt indigence by the compulsion are not eligible for the status of  real indigence. The real indigent person is  one  who  should take care of the other world and as well as he should busy himself in the remembrance of Allah.

He told to think about the past is useless and waste of the time. He told servitude is not optional but it is the condition of compulsion. One who like servitude will not seek for the peace and pleasure. He told the real servant is one who will not keep the servant for his own service. If he keep it then he will become a man who claim for the providence than a man of servitude.

He  told  Allah  reminded  the   man  for   the   kinds  of worships and its last kind is to ask forgiveness of Allah.  As Allah has mentioned the following persons in the holy Quran which are as follows.

  1. The patient persons.
  2. 2. The true persons.
  3. The content persons.
  4. The payers of alimony.
  5. The persons who beg pardon in the early morning.

He told one who finish the taste of the soul then he will get the success.

He  told  the  man  who  get  his  livelihood  as  per  the commandments of Allah and he is better than such person who is in loneliness and who avoid to earn his livelihood. One  movement  of  leaving  hypocrisy  is  better  than  the worship of the whole life.

The Arif (mystic) is one who will not surprised when he look at any thing.

Somebody  prayed  for  him  for  the  grant  of  his  wishes

from Allah. Then he told the status of wish is after the knowledge of Allah and which he still not yet find by him. He died in Nishapur and his grave is available in Mushed in Iran.

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