Hazrat Abdalla Ahmed Maghrabi r.a

He was perfect in the following things.

  1. In the outward condition
  2. 2. In the Innermost condition.

As he was teacher of the sheikhs so he was respected by the people. His two disciples are as follows who were learned men and perfect pious persons.

  1. Ibrahim Khawas
  2. 2. Ibrahim Shebani

He was in habit of always wearing the pilgrim’s robe and used to eat grass etc. And he will not eat any thing which will be touched by the human beings. He  was  always taken care for the hairs and nails as well as for the cleanliness.He used to wear the clean dress.

He sold away his parental house for the amount of fifty Dinars and proceed for the journey of hajj. On the way one Beduin asked him what he posses with him? He replied him he has having fifty dinars with him and on his demand he handed over the amount to the Beduin. Due to his truthfulness he was returned back the amount to him and took him to Makkah on the back of his camel and he was in his company for a longer period and he became later a famous shaikh. In the desert he saw a slave in the disturbed condition so asked him “Oh free man what do you want?  And he replied you are strange pious person who are looking other than Allah.”  He  trained  his  four sons in such a way that they can earn livelihood with the help of hard work and not to beg their hands before any body.

He used to tell the real man is one who leaves his wishes and  engaged  himself  in  the  worship  of  Allah.The  bad indigent person is one who flatters with the rich persons. The  great  person  is  one  who  behaves  well  with  the mankind.  He  told  the  pious  persons  are  messengers  of peace in the world from Allah. And due to their presence there will be grace of Allah and there will control on the calamities.

He told the small portion of worship of the lonely persons is  better than the life long worship  of the such person who attach themselves with the creatures.

He told it is rule of the world that one who love the world

then the world also love him. One who leave the world then the world also leave him.

The most wise persons are pious persons and those finish themselves in the fire of love and will become eternal. He was died on the mountain of Sinai and his grave is available there.

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