Hazrat Abd Allah Ibn al-Jala r.a

He belongs to great category of mystic persons. He met great personalities like Abu Torab and Zannon Masri. He got mystic knowledge from Abul Hasan Noori. 

Once he told to Omer of Damascus that when he asked his parents to surrender himself to Allah and they accepted his request and he left the house. After a long time when he reached back to his house and knocked the door and told his name but he got reply from the parents from the inside of the house that they had a one son and they surrendered the same to Allah so he was not taken back by them. They did not open the door for his entry into the house so he left the house. 

Once he was watching a young and smart Jew person who was very attractive and at the same time Junaid of Baghdad reached there . Abdullah asked him whether such good personalities will be the fuel of the hell? He replied him that his look at the Jew will be regarded as lustful one so he should avoid it . If he wants to take a warning then there are many other things available in the world so if he want he can watch them. Some body asked the meaning of indigence then he left that place and come back there after some time and told he had some silver with him so he gave the same in charity to enable him to continue his discussion on the topic. He continued the discussion and told if one who possesses nothing with him is deserved for indigence. 

Once he went to the tomb of holy prophet in
Medina when he was very hungry and in great difficulty due to no food and in the most un-controllable condition he told “ He is his guest”and slept there. He saw the prophet in his dream and the prophet gave him a tablet which he ate its half portion and wake up and find the other half portion of the tablet in his hand. He told the mystic person is one who thinks praise and evil both equal and the same. One who performs the prayers in the early times is called worshiper. One who looks every action from the look of Allah is called Unitarian . One who will not pay attention other than Allah is called mystic person. The position obtained with the help of the sole is not permanent but the position granted by Allah will be perpetual and permanent. 

He left the world smilingly so the doctors thought he is alive but upon checking his pulse it was sure that he was already dead. 
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