Hadrat Syed Shah Peer Shah Mohiuddin Thani Quadri r.a

In the area of Deccan there were available seven descendants of al-Sayyid Muhiyudin Abu Muhammad Abdal Qadir al-Jilani R.A. and he is one among the seven. Due to the presence of the seven famous personalities from the chain of Quaderia and for this reason they are called the seven stars and their details are as follows.

  1. Hadrat Syed Shah Abdul Latif Labali Quaderi al-Hamvi Kurnool
  2. Hadrat Syed Shah Ishaq Sanaullah Quaderi Kurnool.
  3. Hadrat Syed Shah Meeran Hussain Quaderi Baghdadi Lunger house
  4. Hadrat Syed Shah Rafiuddin Quaderi Shaikpet
  5. Hadrat Syed Shah Jamal al-Bahar Mashooq Rabbani Warangal
  6. Hadrat Syed Shah Ismail Quaderi Nellore, Gulberga.
  7. Hadrat Syed Shah Abul Hasan Quaderi Bejapur

Hadrat Syed Shah Peer Shah Mohiuddin Thani Quadri is the third son of Hadrat Syed Shah Abdul Latif Labali Quaderi. He was born in 1023 Hijra year in the Qamar Nagar in Kurnool and he was brought up there. He completed the education in the short period of time and he was becoming superior among the other learned persons of his time. After that he was completing the learning of the knowledge of innermost from his father and he was attached to the chain of his father and engaged himself in the devotion. He was a disciple of his father. As his father left from this world when he was still at the young age, so for this reason he obtained permission, saintly dress and caliphate in the chain of Quaderia from his father’s famous and well known caliph Hadrat Sufi Sheikh Kurnooli.

When he was entered into the adult age, then due to the signs of innermost he was migrated to Hyderabad in the 1047 Hijra year and he was settled down inside of the city at the gate of the old bridge in Ambri mosque. During that period he was married with elder daughter of Hadrat Syed Abdul Quader Malkapuri and her name was Bibi Sahiba. And his father in law was the caliph of Hadrat Meran Hussain Quaderi. He was living in the house of his father in law for a period of 24 years. After that he was entered into the city from the gate of the old bridge along with his servants and darwesh persons and he was settled down in one old mosque there. The persons who were present in his service told him that there is an evil spirit in that place and for this reason nobody did not live there and even after passing of some part of the night people do not walk in this way. Upon hearing this he said where there live an evil spirit and this place will become the residence of the darwesh persons. He was entered from the city wall and went into that tomb and he was there in it for one night and one day. After that he was mutakif (retirement to mosque for continued prayer) in that old mosque for some days and also near that place he was buried after his death.

When he came to Hyderabad then due to his condition and his habits of miracles, many persons for the purpose of devotion were used to be presented in his service. But he was accepted few persons as his disciples.

In short, when there was news spread about his arrival in the city. At that time in the city Syed Meern Hussein al-Mahvi was there and who was an exemplar of the Shaikhs in the city of Hyderabad. And as per another tradition his son Hadrat Syed Abudllah Quaderi was a pattern of the Sheikhs in the city of Hyderabad. It should be clear that he was meeting both of the venerable personalities of the city.

Hadrat Syed Abdul Quader bin Hadrat Syed Meeran Hussain al-Mahvi thought his arrival in the city as prized one and so he was engaged his daughter Bibi Sahiba with him and in the manifest this engagement caused of his permanent stay in Hyderabad and his descendants are also still living in the city of Hyderabad and now his shrine building is in the condition of flourishing state. He was well known and famous Sufi master of his time due to the following reasons.

  1. Miracles
  2. Perfect Sufi master
  3. Meditation
  4. Revelation

He used to spend his whole time in the endeavours and

most part of the life he used to spend in the jungle and lonely places. He spent the period of 40 years in the jungle and in the lonely places after the marriage. But some time he used to visit Malakapur to see his father in law there. Since the beginning of the consciousness, he has been too much interested in the following knowledges.

  1. The knowledges of the manifest and innermost
  2. Works of the innermost
  3. Mystical exercises
  4. Endeavours

      He was usually found in the overcome condition, but some time there will be relief in this matter. His condition of the engrossment was such that he used to spend one week time in one place and at that time there will be no news of him about the world. When he will approach towards physical universe and he will be there for some time and then he will go back in the condition of engrossment.

      He left this world on 4th Rajab in the year 1101 Hijra year. His mausoleum is situated in the shrine building of Hadrat Musa Quaderi which is situated on the road from street Hussaini Alam to the old bridge in Hyderabad.

The Urs (death anniversary).

     The Urs (death anniversary) which takes place from the first, to till 7th of the Rajab month of the Muslim calendar in Hyderabad every year. The procession of Sandal ceremony will start from the mausoleum of his grandson Hadrat Syed Shah Darwesh Mohiuddin Thani Quaderi on Karwan street under the supervision of the custodian Moulana Syed Shah Mohammed Fazalullah Qauderi and it will reach to the shrine building of Hadrat Musa Quaderi and ceremonies of the death anniversary are performed by the custodian of the shrine of Hadrat Syed Shah Peer Shah Mohiddin Thani Quaderi.

On the fifth of every month there will held the meeting of Fateha (opening chapter of the Quran this recited as prayers for dead) of Hadrat Syed Shah Peer Shah Mohiddin Thani Quaderi and there will be also held the meeting of Qasida Burda (the poem expressing the grandeur and excellence of the Allah’s last prophet) in the shrine building of Sofia al-Musia and every week after the Friday prayer in the circle of Zikar (remembrance) of Allah and Hadrat Moulana Fazaullah Quaderi al-Musavi will address the audience and the names of three sons of Hadrat Moulana Fazaullah Quaderi al-Musavi are as follows.

  1. Pirzada Syed Shah Wasif Alam Quaderi
  2. Pirzada Syed Shah Mukhtar Alam Quaderi
  3. Pirzada Syed Shah Tanvir Alam Quaderi