Hadrat Haifz Syed Abdullah Shah Qaderi R.A

Hadrat Haifz Syed Abdullah Shah Quaderi was  younger son of qutub () of deccan hadrat Haifz Syed Shah shujauddin  hussain Quaderi. He was born in 12th century hijra Islamic calendar  in the land of burhanpur city.  He was sarchams of jama qualitiesand endeavours and favours of his ancehsters.

His early education and training was completed under the direct supervision of his father at his house as their house belongs to great knowledge and wisdom and by the early age he was completed his education and he was perfect in many knowledges as follows.

Knowledge and excellance


And piety

As per the following his fathers method he was visited makkah and madina for hajj and visited holy places by foot many times. He was spent most part of his life in teaching and preaching work and preaching and propagation of islam to the mankind and he was most of his lefe time in this endavurs.

   Once he was proceeded  in one mission work and during his journey in one place in maharasra at the time of two  o clock early morning there was happened one encourter and at the same place he was martyred there.

   And in that night he father was moving in the court yard of central mosque of shujia charminar in restlnessness and worry and he was saying Abdullah was become left from this world. When this news was reached to king of nasirdoulah of Hyderabad then he was reached to see him by riding on his horse.

At the fourth day the news of marytyedom was reached to hyerabad and spread in the city and which was confirmed the restlessness of hadrat shujauddin sahib.

  There was severe demand of learned persosn in Hyderabad to bring back the deadbody from maharastra to Hyderabad city.but the maryter was buried in the place in marharast after two days of martyrdom. When there was too much demand of the learned persons in the city then hadrat shujauddin sahebi was given his permission to bing back his dead body from the burying place in maharatara and during this arrangement one month was passed over and when the grave was opened and it was surprise to see that corpses and shsroud are fresh clear and in the pure condtion and due to frangrace from grave all area was sceneted there.

   The deadbody was brought to Hyderabad city and his fther hadrat shujuauddin was prayed funeral prayer in makkah masjid.

  He was well known as perfect pious person of his time and his endeavours and miracles were well known many centuries ago for India for the propagation of Islam and he was great successful there and he got great position in India especially in the South of India. The details of his biography record is available in many history of Hyderabad. The names of his two sons are as follows.

     1.hadrat hafiz syed saidm quaderi

  1. hadrat hafiz syed mohammed qamim quader

At present custodian of his shirne is hadrat syed Ibrahim pasha quader who is younger son of hadrat shujauddin thani.

  His final resting place and mosque is located on the road of barhana shah in the eidi bazaar

To write about this great author is not only it is difficult and but it is very hard task as he was not only a great pious personality of his time in Hyderabad  but he was also a great author of  so many books so in brief he was Qu’tub (highest cadre in spiritual pivot at axis) of his time in Hyderabad region and who did many great endeavors for the preaching and propagation of Islam in Hyderabad and around it  and there was no such personality during  his time

Journey to other World:

the death anniversary usually will commence in the village Urs on 24th muharram every year. The Urs (death anniversary ) ceremony is being performed by the trustees of the shrine every year in the best possible manner for the comfort and best service of the visitors of the shrine. From the two places of old Gadi ( small fort) and new Gadi (Small fort) the ceremony of sandal is held at the same time. On every Saturday and Thursday the visitors in large numbers will visit the shrine and pray Allah for the fulfillment of their desires and wishes for the sake of the

His grave is in Maru and which is famous even today for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his grave there.

The above are some of the brief extracts from the book “ Hayat Mahsooq Rabbani R.A.” written by Auliya Quadri who was brother of the former trustees of the shrine.