Hadrat Bahlool Shah r.a

He was born in the family of the learned persons in, Nizamabad in the year 1301 A.H.  and he was connected with the shrine of Hadrat Asadullah Hussaini which is located on the backside of the fort in Nizamabad. His name is well known as Hadrat Bahlool Shah Tabqati Al-Quaderi. His father Hadrat Madni Shah and who was also the famous holy person of his time.

    His early education was completed  under guidance of his father. After that he was getting an education  from  different teachers in Persian, Arabic, poetry and moral science and Sufisim. At the age of 20 years he was became picture of  taqwa (fear of Allah), cleanliness and a life of mysticism.

    His life was very simple person and such that if he would mingle among the people then he could not be recognized among them. He used to wear very simple  and ordinary type of dress. As per the tradition of the last prophet of Allah, he used to wear turban on his head and use staff in his hand and having beard on his face and used to keep garment   comprising of one  sheet on his shoulder. He was working as a teacher in the government school.  But  later he left his job in the teaching and training as well as education of the general and special persons  and for the  advices  and preaching. He was joined in the service of the leader (Imam) of one mosque.  Also, his source of the income was from agriculture. He was pledged to Hadrat Amiruddin (R.A.)  and after that he was awarded saintly dress and caliphate after hard endeavours and mystical exercises.

   He was holy person and  who wrote many books  for the teaching and training of the persons of Ahle Sunnat Jamat (orthodox Muslim) and the names of the some books are mentioned as follows.

  1. Tuhfa Bahlool
  2. Diwan Bahlool
  3. Nerang Bahlool
  4. Maqasid Bahlool
  5. Murakabat Bahlool
  6. Wazaif Bahlool
  7. Tariq Hussaini
  8. Diwan Mujahid


     He said about touhid (unity of Allah) that “ He is there in the manifest and innermost. He is first and He is the last.” Saying Allah, Allah is the food of the special persons. The personality of Allah is firm and permanent and all the world is mortal. About the last prophet of Allah, he said that “ Even though all prophets of  Allah were pre-eminent and superior, but the last prophet is  matchless among all of the them.”

    He left the mortal world on 13th Shaban in the year 1374 A.H. at Nizamabad and his grave is situated on the mountain of the shrine of Hadrat Syed Shah Aman Allah Hussaini.


        His grave is in, Nizamabad, which is famous even today for the fulfilment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his grave there.