Bibi Shah Gharib Nawaz (RA)


Hazrat Qibla Niaz-be-Niaz inherited spiritual qualities from his parents particularly from his mother as he himself has observed in one of his couplets –

Sheere-madar tha ya sharab-e-kuhan
Jiska hae ye khumar ankhon mein

Her name was Bibi Lado. She was popularly known as Bibi Shah Gharibnawaz. Her father Maulana Saeeduddin Rizvi was a disciple and khalifa of Hazrat Sheikh Kaleemullah Jahanabadi. Hazrat Bibi Shah Gharib Nawaz was the disciple of Sheikh Muhiuddin. Dayasanami (RA) who belonged to the Qadriya Order. Hazrat Bibi Shah Gharib Nawaz was a very pious and righteous lady.

‘She was well known for her miracles and was endowed with all the merits of perfection. She groomed her son with spiritual training from the very beginning. For twelve years she gave a diet consisting of rice and dal which was cooked just by her glances. Once a person who had studied with Huzoor Qibla had come to Khanqah and Huzoor Qibla told his mother that he was impressed with his spiritual qualities. Bibi Sahiba asked him to invite the guest for a meal.

He was served with the same rice and dal which Bibi Sahiba used to give to Huzoor Qibla. The guest just took one spoon and become unconscious. When Huzoor Qibla mentioned this to his mother, she said you eat the rest and do not get impressed by such outwardly appearance.

When she was in Delhi there was once severe drought. People were in distress due to the scarcity of water. There were no rains. The clouds used to form but it never rained. People found that one apparently Fakir looking person used to stay in a hut which was on the banks of river Yamuna. Whenever the clouds used to form the religious man will stand with his stick and say “I will never allow to rain because if it rains my hut will be damaged”. The people were much pained and came and requested Bibi Shah Gharib Nawaz (RA) to pray for rains. At first she declined, then ordered her maid servant (Bibi Nooran) to go to the pious man and request him to allow it to rain The maid replied, “If he doesn’t listen to me then what should I do” Bibi Sahiba asked her to put her ‘dupatta’ on his feet and make renewed requests since God’s creation are in trouble. “You allow the rains to come”. The maid then went and requested the pious man in the manner desired. He refused saying that the rains will wipe off his hut and he will not allow the rains to come. Then the maid said if someone else allows the rain what shall happen? The Pious man replied “No one dares to allow the rains to come”. The maid then went and sat near the banks of Yamuna covered herself and prayed putting her dupatta atop. In minutes clouds gathered and it started raining. There were heavy rains, but the administrator of the city then came and requested the maid to stop the rains. The pious man, then came to the maid with a knife in his hand and told her to cut his nose. The maid apologized and told that you should be kind to the creations of God and went away.

Bibi Shah Gharib Nawaz (RA) was a strict purdah observing lady. She was the disciple (Mureed) of Hazrat Muhiuddin Dayasanami (RA). She used to take lessons from his pir through his daughter Hazrat Bibi Asmath Shah (RA). She never used to come in front of washerwoman and other woman who were not purdah observing. Her clothes were washed by her maid servant. In the last days she had left taking proper food and was basically on a very simple diet which included a few gms of cream. The doctors prescribed a cereal diet which was necessary for survival. So a small amount of wheat was given. She told her son that same cereal has been given to her which has polluted her stomach. Inspite of her refusal to take cereals it had been given to her. She told her son that she would no longer be staying in this world and asked him to prepare for the last rites. Hazoor Qibla apologized but she adhered to what she had said. She died on 6th Rabiul Awwal and lies buried in the mosque compound which is close to Khanqah Niazia Bareilly.