Hazrat Fatehshahwali R.A.


Hazrat Fatehshahwali R.A. durgah dates back to 400 yrs. He was named Fatehshah by Tipu Sultan, when he won the malabar region. Hazrat Syed Fatehshahwali R.A. Hazrat is the Qutub of Hubli.

Among the Muslim saints of Hubballi, Sayyed Fateh Shah Wali is well-known. It is said that Tipu Sultan during his campaign against the Savanur Nawab, visited Hubballi in 1780. When he came to know that many miracles were associated with a dargah situated in Old Hubli,he visited the shrine to pay his respects. To commemorate his victory and to show his reverence, he called the dargah, Sayyed Fateh Shah Wali. A giant gate at the tomb welcomes all the visitors. A few decades back, it had a vast natural tank.