Imam Hasan AlahisSalam:Ethical Side&Modesty

Ethical Side

Covering this aspect of the character of the grandson of the Prophet [s] by no means signifies a difference among the guiding Imams [a] in this respect, or in any other ingredient of the ideal Islamic character. They are equal in this. We will confine ourselves to presenting some narratives of the Imam’s behaviour with the people. We hope that his morals are the ones which we adopt and follow.

His Modesty

It is reported that he once chanced upon some poor men who put a few crumbs of bread on ground in front of them which they had earlier picked up from the road. They were eating them. They invited him to eat with them. He accepted the invitation and said:

“Certainly Allah does not like the proud.”

Having finished eating with them he invited them to his house. He showered them with money, fed and clothed them.

1. Imam Hasan [a] reportedly passed by some boys who were eating. They invited him to share their food with them. He accepted their invitation, then called them to his house and generously rewarded them.

2. It is reported that he was sitting in some place. When the Imam [a] rose to go, a poor man came in. The Imam [a] greeted him, and spoke kindly to him. “You have come at the time when I was taking leave,” he said to the man. “Do you permit me to go?”

“Yes, O son of the Messenger of Allah,” replied the man.


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