Marne ke baad zinda hona

Marne ke baad zinda hone ka matlab ye hai ke qayamat ke din jab zameen, aasman, insaan aur farishte wagaira sab fanah ho jayenge to phir khuda-e-taala jab chahega Hazrat Israfeel Alai issalam ko zinda farmaega wo dobara soor phookenge to sab cheeze maujood ho jayengi farishte aur aadmi wagaira sab zinda ho jayenge. Murde apne apne qabro se uthenge. Hashr ke maidan me khuda-e-taala ke samne peshi hogi. Hisaab liya jayega aur har shaqs ko achche bure kaamo ka badla diya jayega. Yaani achcho ko jannat milegi aur buro ko jahannam me bhej diya jayega. Hisaab aur jannat dozakh haq hai, inka inkaar karne wala kafir hai.

Hindal wali Hazrat Sarkar Meer

Hindal wali Hazrat Sarkar Meer Syed Qutubuddin Madni (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ) ki hindustan mein aamad:

Kitab Bahre-zakhar (Jild Awwal Page 204) mein hai ki Hazrat shah gulam hasan qutbi r.a jo Hazrat Meer Syed Qutubuddin Madni r.a ke aulado’n mein se the’n aur jo nawase aur Jaanasheen Hazrat Makhdoom Husamuddin Husamul Haq manikpuri r.a the.( aise Darwesh ba kamal the’n ki jinke mureedo’n ki taedad Bengal mein zyada thi aur Qaum Jinn aap ke taabe thi) woh farmate hai’n ke ek martaba ek buzurg ka Kada (Kara) mein guzar hua.Unhone Dariya e Ganga mein ghusl kiya Raja Jaichand jo waha’n ka zalim Hukmara’n tha ye baat nagawar hui aur ussne un buzurg ki ek ungli saza ke taur pe shaheed karwa di woh buzurg waha’n se Madina shareef tashrif legaye’n aur Rauza e Nabwi ṣallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wa- ala aālehi wa-sallam ke samne jakar faryad aur shikayat kee Rauza e sarkar se jawab mila

“Hindustan mein Islam ki Isha’at mere farzand Qutubuddin par munhasir hai“

Chunanche Hazrat Syed Qutubuddin Madni r.a apne jad Sarware Qainaat ṣallā Allāhu alayhi wa- ala āalehi wa-sallam ke Hukm ke mutabiq Hindustan Tashreef laye’n.

Hindal Wali Hone Ki Basharat

Kitab Malfozaat e Ameer, Zahoor e Qutbi, Bahre-zakhar wa Tareekh Aaina-e-Awadh mein iss tarah darj hai ki Hazrat Sarkar Meer Syed Qutubuddin Madni r.a ki hindustan mein pahli aamad ke baad Madina munawwara mein qayam ke dauraan aa’n Hazrat Sarkar Meer Syed Qutubuddin Madni r.a ko Royae sadiqa (Khawab) mein sarkar do aalam ṣallā Allāhu alayhi wa-ala aālehi wa-sallam ki basharat hui

Aap ṣallā Allāhu alayhi wa-ala aālehi wa-sallam ne irshad farmaya ki: ” Aye farzand Qutubuddin Badshah Ghazni ke paas jao aur uski fauj ko lekar Hind par Qabiz ho aur wahi’n qayam karo aur waha’n deen-e-Muhammadi ṣallā Allāhu alayhi wa-ala āalehi wa-sallam ki Tableegh wa Isha’at mein kosha’n rahna Hindustan ki walayat Tumhe ata hoti hai ”

Chunanche Hazrat Sarkar Syed Qutubuddin Madni r.a Hindal wali hai’n .Jinhe Huzoor Wajhe Takhleeq e Qainaat Huzoor ṣallā Allāhu alayhi wa-ala āalehi wa-sallam ne Hindal wali banaya.



“We surround everything within the Numeric” (Al Quran, Surah-al-Jinn, and Ayah: 28)

“Numerology has a great significance with in the knowledge” (Al Hadith) (Ibn e Majah).

What is healing?

Healing is the process of the restoration of health to an unbalanced, diseased or damaged organism. Healing may be physical, metaphysical or psychological and paranormal not without the mutual reception of these two dimensions of human health.

What is the signification of Numerology in healing?

Quran says that each and everything of this universe is counted and surrounded by numeric.

As Allah says in Quran e Hakeem “We have surrounded all things in Numbers” and Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him and on his children) says that “Numerology has a great signification within the knowledge” (Ibn e Maja)

If we go for a Numerological analysis of the name of Allah Almighty and Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him and on his children) we got the answer like this

Allah (alif, laam, laam, hay) = 66 = 6 + 6 = 12

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and on his children) = 92 = 9 + 2 = 11

Let us start the analysis with the name Allah Almighty

Surah AlFatah, number is 48 = 4 + 8 = 12 as Allah (alif, laam, laam, hay) = 66 = 6 + 6 = 12

(Numbers of Allah: Alif = 1 + Lam = 30 + Lam = 30 + Hay = 5 = 66)

(Verses in Quran: 6666 = 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 24 =2 + 4 = 6 and Chapters in Quran are 114 = 1 + 1 + 4 = 6 So Master is One God Whose Signatures are 66 = 6 + 6 = 12)

Now look on another angle, only two things are in this universe are sovereign no one can overcome these two things, one is Time and other is Space and both are bound into 12.

About Time Quran says Allah has decided that the count of months in the year shall be 12.

As Quran was came out from the pen n pod of Allah approximately 1425 years ago and we are having a known history of human world is of 21000 years approximately but the amazing fact is that not even a single calendar of 21000 years is out of the decided year of 12 months, Similarly the 1st sun dial we found in history Is about 12000 years old and comprised with the 12 divisions of time. Who were there to guide them accordingly? Surly there was none but Allah Almighty.

And about Space Allah Almighty says,

Who is the creator of these buroojs except Allah? And 18000 years old knowledge of Astrology is following 12 buroojs from the day one, No research or invention up till now could change the number of these 12 buroojs.

Now expand the concept to The Names of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and on his children).

Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him and on his children) = 92 = 9 + 2 = 11

Surah Muhammad, number is 47 = 4 + 7 = 11 as name of Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him and on his children) ( Meem , hay , meem , daal) is 92 = 9 + 2 = 11

Hadith e Qudasi is “O dear Muhammad! (Peace be upon him and on his children), if I were not going to create you, surely does not create anything of this universe” [Mutafiq Alaih]

According to the Declaration of Allah Almighty Prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him and on his children) should be visible in all dimensions of the comprehensive universe.

So it is the same, whenever we get the alpha numeric powers of any noun (proper noun or common noun), pronoun, verb, and adverb or anything in the whole universe and multiply and divide on the exact parameter of creation as Guru Nanak dev ji narrated in Guru Garanth Sahib we Always gets the answer 92.

In every language of this world, single word counting is only 1 to 9 and 9 is the most powerful number in numerology. If we count the alpha numeric power of Quran(Qaaf,Ray, Alif, Noon) is 9 similarly the alpha numeric power of human being ‘Insaan’ (Alif, Noon, Seen, Alif, Noon) is also 9. Which clearly says that everything related to human being can be solved or healed by Quran e Hakeem. This is the book which decrease or increase the benefits or losses of the mankind as Allah Almighty says in surah Bani Israel

Also tells perticularly about the healing of metaphysical deseases in surah Younus

And about guidance towards right path says that this book guides for humanity in their life track to get rid out evils, sins and even in their physical and metaphysical diseases.

Each day, we are exposed to numbers. We have phone numbers, birth dates, even our financial information is driven by numbers like bank accounts numbers etc. Numerology is the study of the numbers in our lives and how they affect us. A student of numerology uses the letters in a word, such as a full name, or a birth date and reduces that to a single number, that number tells them certain things about the person’s character, what strength and weaknesses they possess; it can even be used to predict their future. Numerology is often closely associated astrology, as astrologists assigned the numbers 0 through 9 to each celestial body in their solar system and each number has its own set of values.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “1” one?

Number one is related to Oneness of Allah, God, Ishwar, Waah e Guru, Om and each name of the Creator, narrated in every Holly Scriptures of the world. Every personal or characteristic name of the Supreme Creator and Lord is directly or indirectly related to the number one. That’s why it has an immense power and countless natural and super natural powers.

The basic gender of this digit is “Male“ and in numerology this is known as “ male Digit” that’s why the People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is one (1) they are mostly Fun Loving, Romantic, contented and energetic. They mostly live lavish life and each and every moment of life. These people remain Happy within thy self. These people are mostly very talented and great technicians and technology producers. Most of the people working in the field of car manufacturing, architect, civil engineering and banking are having their fate and personality number is one.

Though they mostly remain Positive but if they become negative then they become Egoistic, self-centered, which can disturb their, they are always having chance to get depressant and schizophrenic which can lead toward disasters.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “2” two?

Number two is related to Dualism, it also varies with the positive and negative slots at the same time. Everything of the universe is into couples as positivity and negativity day and night, evil and virtue etc. Similarly number two is having different aspects in positive manner it is related to spirituality, and connection between creator and the creations. In Islamic school of thoughts it is related to Prophet Muhammad (Sall Allah o Alaih e wa Aal e hee Wassalam)( 92 = 9 + 2 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2), Mola Imam ALI (Alaih e Salam)( 110 = 1 + 1 + 0 = 2), Imam Hasaan (Alaih e Salam) (128 = 1 + 2 + 8 = 11 = 1 + 1 = 2) and Imam Hussain (A.S)(also 2). In Christianity it is related to holy spirits.

Number two is basically “female” gender digit its Energy patron flows in extreme manners. It is a number of different heights like black and white, it’s also related to the Iranian two god theory “Aharaman” Energy patron of (god of Evil) (and “Ahura Mazda” (god of virtue and nobility) that’s why People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is two (2) are

Mostly possessive about their relations and belongings they are also spiritual and idealistic when this number is positively effects them but when this number gets negative interactions people related to this number, Mostly have “Mind Haste” and mostly live life as split personalities or have dual standards in life. Commonly those men whose fate and personality number is pure two are mostly having feminine looks and attitude or having chance to be a gay, cross dressers or Passive in sexual life.

This number is also related to happy and healthy family life, business and social partnerships, hospitality and lively hood.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “3” three?

Number three is related to acquiring knowledge, learning and teaching knowledge and crafts. It’s the number which is related to antonyms at the same time, when three is positive it’s the number of blessing and fortune but at the same time number three got negative it becomes the number of magical and evil forces.

On one aspect Alpha numeric powers of word “ALLAH” is 3.

66 = 6 +6 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

So it has a direct contact with all three parts of The Man

1) The Body

2) The Soul

3) The Spirits

It heals the body, glooms the soul and enriches the spirits.

On the other end it’s the number of hypocrisy and eveil deeds, mostly codes of black and evil magic are written and surrounded by three like three sixes “666” (satanic number) , one eyed triangle or three finger evil signs and signatures etc..

People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is three (3) they are very positive, brilliant, sharp minded , well planned , learned and legends. But if they become negative they can be wicked, narrow minded, selfish, foolish or some time emotional idiots. Energy patrons of number thee are complicated and people having their fate and personality number three(3) are very social , lively and party animals in extreme conditions but at the same time for some other people or opponents they are nonsocial, sadistic and aloof.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “4” four?

Number four is known as the 1st cubic or composite number which could be formed by dual conjunctions between numbers except one and four like 2 + 2 = 4 , 3 + 1 = 4 etc.

This number is related to all four elements of life

Earth / soil

Wind /Air



That’s why its energy patrons are more complicated and diversified its alpha numeric powers sooths the life as well as create different break through and hurdles at the same time.

It also related to four dimensions (East, West, South, North) That’s why People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is four (4) are mostly well aware from the surroundings and their horizon. They chase their dreams and finely achieve them.

They make ways between the hurdles and hard ships of life. It is also known as the number of practicality and movements. But when this number becomes negative it leads them toward depression or a muscular problem which ends up with a shattered personality.

This number forms a bridge between life and death that is why in some school of thoughts it is the number of death so there are no hospitals or Healing centers on the “13th” thirteenth or “4th” fourth floors of high rising buildings and sky scrapers.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number”5” five?

This number is related to holy personalities, holly spirits, prophets and in islamic school of thoughts this number is specially to Prophet Muhammad (Sal Allah o Alaih e wa Aal I hee Wasallam) and his family known as Panjtan Pak (Alaih e Salat o Sassalaam). In Christianity this number is related to Blessings and Wrathfulness of God. At the same time it gains the praise and Condemnation from creator and the Creations. In Judaism it is related to five holy names of the “Lord” which were written on the “Solomon’s Ring”, from which prophet Solomon Rules the other species.

This number is also related to five sensory systems (Sight (ophthalmoception), Hearing (audioception), Taste (gustaoception), Smell (olfacoception or olfacception), and Touch (tactioception)) that is why this number is considered as social activities and experiments.

It brings consistency and addictive nature, spiritual upbringing and prosperity within thy self and in the horizon.

People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is five (5) are mostly hard working, persistent but have frequent mood variations and on the same time they are also unpredictable. In numeric count from one to nine, five (5) is the center point four digits are on one side (1, 2, 3, 4) and four on the other side” (6, 7, 8, 9) that is why it is considered as unpredictable number when it is on positive side it hits the un believable heights and can create magical growth and prosperity but if it comes to the negative sides it drops to the last dot.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “6” six?

Number six is considered as the “Parent Number”. This is the number of Love and Romanticism. It is also related to a strong family system, deep and emotionally knitted relations. It is also a number of charm and sensuality.

People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is six (6) are mostly extreme Romantic, confident, monetarily rich and great planners. These people mostly believe in love mirages but they take mirages casually so their divorce rate is alarmingly high. They show haste in making physical and emotional relationships that’s their own family life remains upset mostly. These people seriously need proper “zodiacal match making” which is also called “gunn milaan saarni (kundli milana)” in Indian jotish, so they could enjoy happy and healthy married life.

Most renowned Reformists, Successful business men, Doctors and surgeons, poets, writers, dancers, media advisors, media producers and directors of past and present are born under the fate and personality number six (6).

It is also a considered fact that if this number six (6) becomes negative it can be very dangerous for the people born under this number and even for the society and social life. These People can also be criminals, Drug addictive, rapists, serial killers and gangsters.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “7” seven?

This is a number of creativity as universe is in seven, seven 7, 7 divisions like God created this universe in 7 days, he created seven heavens and seven hells, our earth is having seven continents and seven seas, there are seven meta physical worlds in spirituality, and most of all there are seven spirits in each and every human living on this earth which are called ltaaif in Islamic school of thought and shakties in Hindu school of thought.

That is why this is the number of Spirituality, Creativity, Aesthetic sense, Planning and Success.

People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is seven (7) are mostly born artist, good actors, very good singers, good anchor persons, good sports persons and extremely précised and focused towards their profession and professional life. Mostly great and renowned saint, scholars, social activists, states men and Artists of the history and present times are having their fate and personality number is seven (7).

These people mostly have super natural or intuitional powers, they can also be great psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotists .they can make excel in telepathy, Ricky and other natural and spiritual healing knowledge and systems, in almost all kinds of spiritual practices like paranormal phenomena, psychometric practices, Apports, transformations and transfigurations etc.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “8” eight?

Number eight is considered as the number of hard work and continuous struggle, that is why it brings material success in the life of individuals. This number brings materialistic approach and mind set but makes the personality decisive précised and focused in business and official affairs.

Number eight (8) is basically belongs to planet Saturn which is related to Satan so it brings negativity and negative thinking like arrogance, prejudice, jealousy, greed, hatred etc. this number is also a carrier superiority and inferiority complexes.

People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is eight (8) mostly they face various accidents hardships and hurdles in their lives but they face it bravely. Mostly these people are not satisfied with life. These people have a constant and serious threat of cardiac problems, Nervous system irregularities and unrest of mind.

Though this number unanimously considered “the number of Accidents and calamities” But when this number got positivity it can pick you up to the unbelievable and miracles heights, it gives u strength, money, focused vision and it also provides the way out of hurdles and calamities.

Top renowned self-made business tycoons of the world are having their fate and personality number is eight.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number “9” nine?

Number nine is unanimously considered as the most powerful number in counting. It is related to nine months of pregnancy that is why it is considered as a number of “lives” and “humanity”.

In Islamic school of thoughts this number is related to “Syeda e kainaat, pak bibi Fatima Zahra (salam Allah alaiha) daughter of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him and on his children), In Christianity this number is related to God and In Hinduism this number is related to Goddess Durga (the Mother Goddess).

It brings countless powers and effects on the life of an individual. It certainly leads toward a complete commanding life, most of the renowned monarchs, dictators, states men, think tanks and socio economic planners are having their fate and personality number is nine.

As this number is also considered a sacred and spiritual number so most of the renowned saints of past and present time are having their fate and personality number is nine, like Syed Ali Hajvairi (Data Gunj Bakhsh), Sakhi Sultan Bhoo and so many others from the past, and like Shaykh Hisham Kabbani from America and Sheikh Nazım Al Haqqani Al Qubrusi from Cyprus and so many other renowned saint and spiritual scholars from the present era.

This number can hardly be negative that is why it leads towards a safe and healthy life. People whose Name number, Fate Number, Lucky Number or life Number is nine (9) are extremely talented, well-mannered, well behaved, humble, down to earth, spiritually and mentally very rich and gloomed.

Though this number remains positive most of time but if once this number got negative then it is almost impossible to re get heights. As this number contains super natural effect while it is positive similarly it contains extremely disastrous effects while it got negative.

What is the Alpha numeric power of number”0” zero?

Zero is not considered as a proper number. It is basically a supportive number or zero is the name of that state where other numeric and alphanumeric powers are absent. Zero does not have its own powers but it enhances or de enhances the powers of other numeric.

In every numeric system of the world numbers are only one (1) to nine (9) that’s why no human being on the earth is born under the zero. Zero can enhance or de enhances the powers of any number by its own positive or negative state. If it is positive it can 10 times enhance or de enhances the numeric power of the number but it cannot change the alpha numeric power of any number. Alpha numeric powers of all numbers are constant and remain same in any case.