The Sayings of Hazrat Ali A.S

The Sayings of Hazrat Ali r.a.

“A true believer is one whose face wears a smile 
even though his heart is distressed.” 

Hazrat Ali r.a.

  • Fear God and you will have no cause to fear anyone.
  • Lead such a life that when you die, people mourn you, and while you live , they long for your company.
  • The strongest amongst you is the one who subdues his self.
  • He who praises you murders you.
  • The tongue of a wise man lies behind his heart.
  • Speech is like medicine, a small dose of which cures, and an excess of which kills.
  • He who teaches you a letter, binds you with a fetter of gratitude.
  • Prayer is like a hot spring of water which flows at your door, and provides you the wherewithal for cleanliness.
  • The days of life pass as the passing of clouds on the sky; do good as long as you are alive.
  • There can be no body without a head, and so there can be no faith without patience.
  • He said about Gratitude to God: By God! If for the love of God you melt your hearts away, and for the love of His rewards and fear of His punishment your eyes shed blood instead of tears and you live in this condition till this world lasts, even then your indefatigable and untiring efforts can be of no match for the numerous blessings which God has so kindly bestowed upon you.
  • The Word of God is the medicine of the heart.
  • We thank God for what He has taken, for what He has given; for what kindness He has done, and what tests He has taken. He is aware of all that is hidden. He knows every secret. Whatever is concealed in one’s heart is known to Him. He is Omnipotent and Omniscient. None is to be worshipped except Him. He has no partner. He has no parallel. He is Unique. He is Might, Majesty and Mercy. He is our Creator. We come from Him and we are to ultimately return to Him. His bounties are unlimited.
  • Resignation to the will of God is the best policy. Knowledge is the best inheritance. Good conduct is the best ornament. The best wealth is the suppression of desires. The middle course is the best course.
  • When you succeed do not feel proud. When you fail do not lose patience.
  • A true believer is one whose face wears a smile even though his heart is distressed.
  • One cannot trust two things, namely, wealth and health. You never know when they might forsake you.
  • Faith lies in preferring truth to falsehood even when the truth might lead to harm and falsehood might lead to any advantage.
  • He who seeks the world, death runs after him; he who seeks the hereafter, the world runs after him.
  • Forgiveness is the zakaat of success. If you wish to succeed in life, learn to forgive others.