Hazrat Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani

Name: Al-Sayed Muhiyuddin Abu Muhammad Ahttps://youtu.be/nrextfeRHEobdul Qadir al-Gilani al-Hasani wal-Hussaini
Titles: Ghaus-e-Azam, Mahboob-e-Subhani, Qutb-e-Rabbani, Peeran-e-Peer
Silsila: Qadri (Founder)
Predecessor: Hazrat Abu Saeed Mubaarak Makhzoomi ‎(رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)
Date of Birth: 470 Hijri, 1077 AD
Date of Wisaal: 561 Hijri, 1166 AD
Date of Urs: 17th , Rabi-us-Sani. (celebrated on 11th , Rabi-us-Sani)
Resting at: Baghdad, Iraq.

About Gaus Pak:

Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jelani ‎رضي الله عنه was a noted Hanbali preacher, Sufi sheikh and the eponymous founder of the Qadiri Sufi order (selsela). He was born in Ramadan AH 470 (about AD 1077) in the Persian province of Gilan (Iran) south of the Caspian sea. His contribution and renown in the sciences of Sufism and Sharia was so immense that he became known as the spiritual pole of his time, al-Gauth al Azam (the “Supreme Helper” or the “Mightiest Succor”). His writings were similar to those of al-Ghazali in that they dealt with both the fundamentals of Islam and the mystical experience of Sufism.

Parents and Early Life:

Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه was a Sufi master and Syed (descendant of the Prophet Muhammad) from both his father and mother. His father Abu Saleh Jangidost‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ, was an illustrious and God-fearing man. Once while engrossed in meditation by the bank of a river he saw an apple floating down the river. He picked it up and ate it. It struck to him that he ate the apple without paying for it so he set out in search of the owner, on the bank of the river and at last reached the owner of the apple orchard “Abdullah Somai‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ” whom he requested to tell him the price of the apple, Abdullah Somai ‎رضي الله عنه replied that it was an expensive thing. Syed Abu Saleh‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ replied that he had not much by way of worldly material but he, could serve him for compensation. Abdullah Somai‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ then asked him to work for a year in the orchard. In course of time the duration was extended several times.

In the end Abdullah Somai‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ admitted that he had served him in excess of the price and desired to reward him. Abu Saleh‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ hesitated in accepting it but when Abdullah Somai‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ persisted, he relented.He said he had a daughter, blind of eyes, handicapped of hands and feet and wanted to give her in marriage to him. In this way Abu Saleh‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ was married to Abdullah Somai’s‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ daughter, Syeda Fatimah ‎رحمة الله عليه. To his astonishment found her wondrously beautiful and wholesome. He complained to his father-in-law that he found her exactly the opposite to what he had described her. Abdullah Somai‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ insisted on the truthfulness of his statement. She was blind because she had not seen any Ghair Mehram (a man who could marry her). She was mute because she had not uttered a word repugnant to the Shariah (Islamic law). She was deaf because she had not heard anything inconsistent with the Shariah. She was handicapped of hand and feet because she had never moved in the direction of evil.

Abdul Qadir Jilani’s ‎رضي الله عنه father died soon after and the young orphan was reared up by his mother and his grandfather, Abdullah Somai‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ.

Adult life:

At the age of 18 he went to Baghdad on AH 488 (1095 AD), where he pursued the study of Hanbalite law under several teachers. His mother sewed 40 gold coins in his quilt so that he might spend them when needed. The dacoits struck the caravan on the way, and looted all the travelers of their belongings. They asked him what he had. He replied that he had 40 gold coins. The dacoits took his reply for a joke and took him to their chief, who asked him the same question and he again replied that he had 40 gold coins. He demanded him to show, upon whom he tore away, the quilt and produced the gold coins. He was surprised and asked him why he had given the hidden gold coins when he could have kept them hidden. Young Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه replied that he was travelling to Baghdad to receive education and his mother had instructed him to speak the truth. This left a deep effect on the chief of the dacoits and he gave up looting.

Abdul Qadir jilani ‎رضي الله عنه received lessons on Islamic Jurisprudence from Abu Said Ali al-Mukharrimi ‎‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ, Hadith from Abu-Bakra-bin-Muzaffar ‎رضي الله عنه, and commentary (tafseer) from the renowned commentator, Abu Muhammad Jafar‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ.

In Sufism, his spiritual instructor was Shaikh Abu’l-Khair Hammad‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ. From him, he received his basic training, and with his help he set out on the spiritual journey. Abu Shuja‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ’ was also a disciple of Shaikh Hammad‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ, once he said: “Shaikh Abdul Qadir was in the company of Shaikh Hammad, so he came and sat in front of him, observing the best of good manners, until he stood up and took his leave. I heard Shaikh Hammad say, as soon as Shaikh Abdul Qadir had left: ‘This non-Arab has a foot that will be raised, when the proper time comes, and placed upon the necks of the saints of that time. He will surely be commanded to say: This foot of mine is upon the neck of every saint of Allah. He will surely say it, and the necks of all the saints of his age will surely be bent at his disposal.”

Hazrat Junayd Baghdadi‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ (died AD 910), who died about 167 years before the birth of Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه, predicted about him on one occasion, when he was performing meditation & during that he said: “His foot will be over all Saints’ necks.” After finishing meditation, his disciples asked him about his words, he replied: “One Sufi would be born in the future, who would be greater than all saints.” Thus, Shaikh Hammad‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ proved the words of Hazrat Junayd‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ as right. The historians says that, later Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه also repeated the same words on many occasion by himself.

Spiritual Lineage (Shajra Mubarak):

Hazrat muhammad Mustafa صلى الله عليه و سلم
The Caliph Ali ibn Abi Talib ‎رضي الله عنه
Sheikh Hasan Basri‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Habib Ajami‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Dawood Taiee ‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Ma’ruf Karkhi‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Sari Saqati‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Junayd al-Baghdadi‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abu Bakr Shibli‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Tamimi‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abu al-Fadl Abu al-Wahid al-Tamimi‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abu al-Farah Tartusi‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abu al-Hasan Hakari‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abu Sa’id al-Mubarak Mukharrami‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ
Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه

Popular Sufi Sheikh:

After completion of education, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه abandoned the city of Baghdad, and spent twenty-five years as a wanderer in the desert regions of Iraq as a recluse. He was over fifty years old by the time he returned to Baghdad, in AH 521 (AD 1127), and began to preach in public. His hearers were profoundly affected by the style and content of his lectures, and his reputation grew and spread through all sections of society. Not only Muslims, but also Jews and Christians, not only caliphs and viziers but also farmers, merchants and traders allegedly altered their lives in response to Abdul Qadir jilani’s ‎رضي الله عنه perorations. He moved into the school belonging to his old teacher al-Mukharrimii‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ, there he engaged himself in teaching. Soon he became popular with his pupils. In the morning he taught hadith and tafseer, and in the afternoon held discourse on mysticism and the virtues of the Qur’an. The number of students increased so much that the seminary could no more contain them. He, therefore, decided to extend the premises of the seminary. The students and the people willingly came forward with their wholehearted contributions. The campus buildings were ready in AH 528 and thereafter it came to be known as Madarsai-e-Qadriya.

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه was a Non-Arab (ajami), so he wasn’t fluent in Arabic and was having some difficulties because of it. Once The Prophet Muhammad ‎صلى الله عليه و سلم came to him in a dream, before the time of the midday prayer (Zuhr), and he said to him: “O my dear son, why do you not speak out?” He replied: “O dear father, I am a Non-Arab man. How can I speak fluently in the classical Arabic language of Baghdad?” Holy Prophet said: “Just open your mouth!” He opened his mouth, and The Holy Prophet put his saliva seven times in his mouth. A few moments later, Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib ‎رضي الله عنه also came & did the same to him six times. And from that time, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه spoke classical Arabic language with fluency, his memory increased and he felt some great positive spiritual changes in him.

Once some one asked Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani ‎رضي الله عنه about Mansur Al-Hallaj‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ, he replied: “His claim extended too far, so the scissors of the Sacred Law (Shari’a) were empowered to clip it.”
He busied himself for forty years in the service of the Islam from AH 521 to 561. During this period hundreds embraced Islam because of him and organized several teams to go abroad for the purpose. He arrived in Indian sub-continent in AD 1128, and stayed at Multan (Pakistan). He died in AH 561 (AD 1166) at the age of 91 years, and was buried in Baghdad.

The King of Jinns:

Bushair bin Mahfooz‎ رحمتہ اللہ علیہ states that once my daughter, Fatima, all of a sudden vanished from the roof of my house. I got worried and want to the blessed presence of Sayyed-e-na Ghouse-e-Pak ‎رضي الله عنه and requested for help. He told me to go to Karkh, and during the night sit in a deserted place forming a fort (Hisar) around myself. Over there think about them and say:” Bismillah” During the darkness of night groups of Jinns will pass by you, their faces will be very strange, do not get scared by looking at them, at the time of sahari the KING OF JINNS will come to you and will ask you about your requirement. Tell him, “Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani has sent me from Baghdad (my requirement is that) you search my daughter.”

Hence, I went to the ruins of ‘Karkh’ and followed the instructions of Huzoor Ghous-e-Azam ‎رضي الله عنه. During the silence of night, horrifying Jinns kept on passing outside my hisar. The faces of the Jinns were so horrifying that I could not look at them. At the time of sahari, the KING OF JINNS came on a horse back, there were Jinns surrounding him. He asked my demand from outside the hisar. I told him that Huzoor Ghous-e-Azam ‎رضي الله عنه has sent me to you. As soon as he heard this, he got down the horse and sat on the ground. The other Jinns too sat outside the hisar.

I narrated the incident of the disappearance of my daughter. He announced amongst all the Jinns, “Who has taken the girl?” Within moments the Jinns caught a Chinese Jinn and presented him as the culprit. The King of the Jinns asked him why did you pick the girl up from the city of the Highest Cadre in Spiritual Pivot (Qutub) of the time? He said, while shivering, Your Highness! After looking at her I fell in love with her. The King ordered the Chinese Jinn to be beheaded and returned my wonderful daughter to me. I thanked the King of the Jinns and said, as Allah will! You are an ardent lover of Sayyed-e-na Ghouse-e-Pak ‎رضي الله عنه. He then replied, “I SWEAR UPON ALLAH WHEN HUZOOR GHOUS-E-PAK ‎رضي الله عنه LOOKS TOWARDS US, ALL THE JINNS START TREMBLING. WHEN ALL NOMINATES AS QUTUB OF TIME THEN ALL THE JINNS AND HUMANS ARE ORDERED TO FOLLOW HIM.” (Bahjaa-tul-Asraar)

All the Jinns start trembling (with fear) on hearing your name. Your Have that majestic awe ‘O, Ghous-e-Azam Dastgir.

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Many of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani’s (Allah’s mercy be on him) contemporaries and older saints respected him and accepted his unique elevated position. They said, ‘Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani was honoured by Allah and enjoyed highest spiritual status and nearness to Allah.’ He was courteous, affectionate to the poor and to the lovers of knowledge and strict with wrongdoers. He never stood up for the caliphs and never accepted their invitations. The caliphs respected Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) and when they received letters from him to redress the wrong, they would do it immediately.

Through generations, historians, mystic poets and scholars have praised Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) and have expressed high opinion about him in their books.

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) established the Tarique-Qadiri i.e. Qadri order on the traditions set by Allah’s Messenger, which was followed by his Companions and by their followers (Taa-ba-in). The ideal as preached by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) is to be lost in the service of Allah, absolute dedication to Allah, love of the Prophet, to avoid evil and worldly pleasures, and to do service to humanity modeled upon the life of Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. This is Tasawwuf. The objective of the Qadriya order is to practice Taqwa (fear of Allah) and to establish society on sublime values.

All the illustrious sons of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) and many of his mureeds were elevated to khilafat by him. Some are :

1. Shah Abu Umar Qureshi Marzook
2. Shaikh Qareeb Alban Mosali
3. Shaikh Ahmed bin Mubarak
4. Shaikh Abu Saeed Shibli
5. Shaikh Shahabuddin Suharwardy
6. Shaikh Sayed Ahmed Rafai, etc.

Numerour followers of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) carried the torch of Qadiriya order to different countries of the world, e.g.
1. Shaikh Usman Morwadi Lal Baz Qalandar (Shewan Sharif, Sind, Pakistan)
2. Sayed Mubarak Haqani (Uch Sharif, Punjab)
3. Shaikh Aman Panipati
4. Shaikh Bahauddin Junedi (Sirhind, India)
5. Sayedna Abdullah Sahani (Thatta, Pakistan)
6. Shah Abul Muali Qadiri (Lahore, Pakistan)
Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) was fifty years old when decided to get married so as to follow the sunnah of Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. His first marriage took place in 520 AH 1126 AD. It was an honour to give one’s daughter in marriage to the most revered and respected saint like Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him). Altogether Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) had 4 wives.
1. Sayyida Bibi Madina d/o Syed Mir Mohammed.
2. Sayeda Bibi Sadiqa d/o Syed Mohammed. Shafi
3. Sayyida Bibi Mu’minah
4. Sayyida Bibi Mahboobah
His wives had great regard for him and there was mutual understanding amongst them. Inspite of being busy at the Jamia and prayer, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) used to devote time to his family. His house was adjacent to his Jamia wherein all his four wives resided in separate rooms. He had about 49 children. Out of them 27 were sons and 22 daughters. Many died in infancy and childhood.

Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) was a loving husband and an affectionate father. He gave personal attention to his children and also taught them. They were also sent to learned teachers and became famous.

Only about 4 daughter have come to light.
1. Sayyida Khadija
2. Sayyida Aisha
3. Sayyida Fatimah as-Samina
4. Sayyida Zohra. She was a scholar of Hadis and taught the girls in this subject.
Most of the sons of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) were eminent scholars and some were saints and some served rural people and common folk.

1. Sayed Shaikh Saifuddin Abdul Wahab was the eldest son of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him), born in 521 AH. He learned Fiqh and Hadis from his father and by the age of 21 he had become a teacher in his father’s Jamia. He was a very good orator and was respected by all. The Caliph of baghdad Nasiruddin Ahmed appointed him as a public relation officer (575 AH – 622 AH). This helped him to serve the poor and needy. He also issued Fatwas later on and became advisor to the royal household. He died on 25th Shawwal 593 AH and was buried at Jalba-Baghdad. His sons lived in Baghdad and were known for their piety and knowledge and continued to preach the mission of their grandfather, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him).

2. Sayed Shaikh Sharfuddin Asa. He was also educated as a scholar in the Jamia and later became a teacher. He was a mystical scholar and wrote many books especially Jawahirul Asrar and Lataiful Anwar. He was a poet and his poems shows his longing for Baghdad. He spent his later years in Egypt, preaching and imparting religious education. He died on 12th Ramzan 573 Ah (1178 AD) in Egypt and was buried there.

3. Sayed Shaikh Abu Bakar Abdul Aziz was born in 532 AH. He graduated in Fiqh, Hadis, Tafseer and other religious subjects from the Jamia of his father. He was famous for his excellence in calligraphy. He dedicated himself to impart Islamic religious training to the Kurds of Jibal in Iraq. He died on 18th Rabiul Awwal 602 AH at Akra and was buried there on a hillock. All his sons followed his mission e.g. preaching and spreading Islam. His daughter Shaikhulinnisa Sayeda Zohra was a scholar in Hadis and gave lectures. Abdul Aziz’s eldest son Mohammed Al Hatak carried out the Qadriya mission in Jibal. His son was Sayed Shirseeq who died young leaving behind 1 year old son Sayedna Shamsuddin Al Akhil who later on became a very pious and learned man. He traveled to the Holy cities of Makka and Madina and later on settled in Baghdad and died there in 739 AH. One of his sons was Sayedna Sharafuddin who served the Dargah Sharif and spread the preachings of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him). He had a son Sayedna Shaikh Zainuddin who served in Bagdad inspite of plague epidemic and Iranian seize.

4. Shaikh Sayed Sirajuddin Abdul Jabbar. He was a sufi and graduate form his father’s Jamia. He was found mostly in company of Darvesh and mystics. He died young on 9th Zil Hajj 575 AH 1186 AD in Baghdad. He is buried in the compound of Roza Aqdas of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him).

5. Sayed Hafiz Abdur Razzak Tajuddin. He was born in 530 AH and had graduated in all departments of religious knowledge. He specialized in Hadis. He was generous and was fond of seclusion. He died on 7th Shawwal 603 AH 120 AD. The progeny of Abdur Razzak flourised in Baghdad and were noted for their knowledge, piety and service ot humanity. After Halaku’s invasion, several persons from the family migrated to Huma and Cairo, and from then they spread all over the world the torch of Qadiri Order. There are many descendents and some of them were saints especially in India and Pakistan. Sayed Abdulla Jilani was the son of Sayed Mahmood, a descendent of Sayed Abdur Razzak, son of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him). After completing his education he came to Indo-Pak continent in the 11th century. He settled in the province of Sind at the Thatta on the Makli hills and preached Islam. At a young age he started preaching the people to enlightenment and do away with idolaroty. His piety and generosity made him famous and many came to seek his blessings. By his prayers and meditation, he was spiritually elevated by Allah. He was a great lover of Allah’s Messenger Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and his strict observance of the Sunnah earned him the title of “Sahabi”, spiritually though, not physically. He died in Thatta on 14th Sha’baan 1060 AD. He was survived by 2 sons. Once some Hindu pilgrims camped near his hut, Peer Yusufuddeen went to meet them, enquired about their welfare and preached Tauhid, oneness of Allah. At first they refused him and later agreed to accept his message on the condition that they could have the holy bath without going to Ganga. The saint agreed and prayed to Allah. He asked them to close their eyes, then once again ordered them to open their eyes. As soon as they opened their eyes they found themselves at their holy place. As soon as they had completed their bath they were asked to close their eyes and again open them. When they opened their eyes were at the same place where they were and their clothes were wet. They embraced Islam and asked the Shaikh to pray for their prosperity and many children for many generations. By the Grace of Allah his prayer was granted. These people today known as “Memons” and are simple and Allah fearing people. They follow the teachings of Islam as preached by the great grandson of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him). These Memons are philanthrophists and contribute to the welfare of the poor and destitutes and religious institutions. They have now spread to many countries.

6. Sayed Abu Ishaq Ibrahim. He had a perfect knowledge of tasawwuf and Fiqh. He preferred seclusion and later migrated to Wasit and died there in 592 AH 1192 AD.

7. Sayed Shaikh Abul Fazl Muhammed. He had specialized in Hadis and he died in 600 AH 1204 AD at Baghdad.

8. Sayed Shaikh Abdullah. He was also a scholar of Hadis and died at Baghdad in 589 AH 1193 AD.

9. Sayed Shaikh Yahya. He was born on 550 AH. He was brought up by his elder brothers and was educated at his father’s Jamia. Whilst young, he went to Egypt and returned in his later years. He died in 600 AH 1204 AD and was buried in the compound of the Rabat (inn) founded by Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him).

10. Sayed Shaikh Musa. He was born in 535 AH and received his education in Baghdad. Later he migrated to Damuscus and died in 618 AH 1221 AD.

11. Sayed Shaikh Abdr Rehman. He died in 587 AH 1191 AD.

12. Shaikh Sayed Abu Nasser Musa

In 941 AH the Turks became conquerors. Sultan Suleman offered Fatiha at the Dargah Sharif after saying his prayers in the house of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him). He offered a sanad to Shaikh Zainuddin and appointed him as the first Naqib-ul-Ashraf (The chief of the Nobles). The 14th descendent was Sayedna Ali Al Mujaddid. He reorganized the affairs of Al Huqaf Al Qadirah. His son Sayed Abdullah Al Jilani had a progressive and constructive approach. He had 2 sons. The present senior trustee, Al Sayed Yusuf al Jilani and his elder brother Shaikh-e-Tariqat, Shaikh Kamaluddin Abdul Qadir Jilani. He died in Baghdad in 1930 AD, 7th Muharram 1349 AH.
(In the 15th Adescendent)
One of Sayed Abdullah Jilani’s sons (15), Sayed Salman had a son (16) Sayed Mustufa Jilani who died young leaving behind a son (17) Sayed Ibrahim Saifuddin Jilani. He was known as Peer Ibrahim and served the mission of Islam and Qadriya order in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. He was in India for about 30 years and in 1938 went back to Baghdad. He served as Naqib-ul-Ashraf till 1962 when he expired. After him this title was abolished by the government of Iraq. He is survived by a son Pir Sayed Namuddin and is buried on the compound of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) Dargah.

Some of the saints of the descendents of Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani (Allah’s mercy be on him) and Qadiri order are in India and Pakistan.

1. Sayedna Abdulla Sahabi. Died in 1060 in Thatta.
2. Shah Abdul Murali Kadri. Birth 960 AH. Died 1024 AH in Lahore.
3. Sayed Ghous Jilani. Died 923 AH, Uch Sharif, Punjab.
4. Shah Fazeel Kadri Died 999 AH, Makli, Thatta.
5. Sayed Abdul Qadir bin Sayed Murid Ghous Jilani. Died 940 AH, Uch Sharif, Punjab.
6. Sayed Abdul Qadir Jilani, died 941 AH, Lahore.
7. Sayed Abdur Razzak Jilani, died 941 AH, Uch Sharif, Punjab.
8. Sayed Mohammad Ghous Bolapir, died 959 AH, Satghira, etc.


“Allah ke Naam se Shuru jo Nihayat Reham Wala hai aur
Durudo Salam ho uske Aakhri Nabi  Tajadare Madina Rasool’Allah (Salallahu Alahi Wasallam) par”

✦ Mukhtasar Seerat:

» Hasab Nasab: Aapka Naam Abdul Qadir, Aapki kunniyat “Abu Muhammad” aur Laqab “Muhayyudin” tha, walid sahab ka Naam Musa aur dada ka yahya tha,. walida ka naam fatema tha.

» Wiladat aur Wafat:  Aap 470 Hijri me Bagdad ke qarib Jeelan me paida hue ,. Aapke Bachpan hi me Walid Ka Inteqal ho gaya. 488 Hijri me 18 Saal ki umr me Ilm Hasil karne ki garaj se Bagdad hi me Deen-e-Islam ki Dawat dete rahe aur tablig karte rahe. Rabbi Ussani 561 Hijri me 91 Saal ki umr me aap fout hue.

” … Allah Ta’ala Shaykh Abdul Qadir (Rehmatullah Alahi) Ki Qabr ko noor se munwwar kare,..  aur apko jannatul firdos me aala maqam ata farmaye,. Ameen…”

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah Alahi) ne kayi kitabe likhi, unme Gunya tu Talibeen Urf Gunya aur Fatuhu al Gaib jyada mash’hoor hui. Is article ke jyadatar hissa aapki mash’hoor tasnif “Gunya” hi se makhuj hai.

Apki wafat ke baad aapke Aqeedatmand aapko mukhtalif Alaqab jaise “Mehboobe Subhani” , “Gouse Azam“, “Kutube Rabbani” , “Peerane Peer wa dastagir” Wagairah se pukarne lagey jabki aapki majlees me Sunnat-e-Rasool (Salallahu Alahi Wasallam) ki sakhti se pabandi ki jati thi. Sirf Allah aur uske Rasool (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) ki ita’t ka daras diya jata tha. Khankahi andaz ke rasum aur bidda’at ke liye waha koi jagah nahi thi.

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) aksar farmate
❝ Sunnate Rasool (Salallahu Alahi Wasallam) ki pairvi karo, Biddat se bachkar raho . Allah aur uske Rasool ki ita’at karo, Allah ko ek jano aur kisi ko uska Shareek na tehraho,. Aapas me Biradraane Muhabbat rakho aur Dushmani paida na hone do,. Apni Zindagi ko Gunaho se aaluda na karo. Apne Rab ki bandagi karo, Tauba karne me der na karo , Agar tum Allah ke alawa kisi aur se kuch mangte ho ya us se jara bhi darte ho tou  yeh samjh lo ki tumhara iman kamjor aur deen adhura hai.❞

– (Fatah al Gaib)

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) ne jo tablig logon me ki , jo Aqaaid Shagirdo ko talim farmaye, baad ke kum ilm aur Sada Dil musalman unn baato se la’ilm rahe aur aapki apni zindagi se kuch sabak nahi liya.

– Agar kiya to yeh ki aapke naam ki Nazre-Niyaz dena Shuru kar di,. Unki Gyarhvi karne ko fayeda hasil karne aur nuksan se bachne ka jariya bana liya , Mushkilat aur pareshani me Allah ko Chorrkar unhe pukarne lage,.. unhi ko Hajat pura karne wala aur Musibato ko talne wala maan liya ,.. hatta ki unke naam ki namaz “Namaz-e-Ghousia” aur unke naam ka Wajifa “Ya Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Shai’an lillahi” padhne lage ,. Jabki Madarij al Salikin me Salate Gousiya ke padhne ko kufr kaha gaya hai.

Iske Alawa Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (Rehmatullah Alahi) ke naam par Farzi Karamat gadh kar logon ko sunane wa batane lage ,.. garaj yeh ki wo saare kaam jo Ibadate Ilahi ke liye khaas hai , wo aap Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) ke liye kiye jane lage:
– jin kaamo ko Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) ne kiya ya karne ki talim di, unke Karib na gaye aur
– jin kaamo aur baato se aapne mana kiya , unhe karne lage.

Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A) ke malfuzaat wa irshadat nakal karne ki wajah kisi ki dil azari nahi balki yeh batana hai ki Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A.) ka paigaam wa talimat kya they ? aur unke naam lewa hazraat aaj kya kar rahe hai ?

✦ Malfuzaat Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani (R.A)

1) Allah Bujurg wa bartar ka khauf rakho, uske siwa kisi se na daro, na uske siwa kisi se ummid rakho, apni saari jarurate usi ko sounp do. Na uske siwa kisi par bharosa karo , jo mangna hai usi se mango. Uske siwa kisi ki madad par bharosa naa karo, Uski Touhid ko majbut pakdo.

2) Jab tu Allah ke Siwa kisi aur ke Aage Jhuka to tuney jarur Shirk kiya.

3) Allah hi ko pukarne se sab Ranj, Gham aur Pareshaniya door hoti hai.

4) Allah ke siwa (Fouk al Asbab taur par) koi Madadgar wa Mushkil Kusha nahi.

5) Dil ke Irado, Niyato aur Chipe Bhedo ko sirf Allah hi janta hai.

6) Jo Kuch Allah ne Taqdeer me likh diya hai, koi us se bach nahi sakta. tamam makhlukh milkar agar kisi ko nafa pahuchana chahe jo Allah ne uski kismat me nahi likha to wo sab milkar usey fayeda nahi pahuncha sakte aur agar saari makhlukh milkar kisi ko nuksan pahuchana chahe jo Allah ne uski taqdeer me nahi likha to yeh unki taqat nahi ki wo sab milkar koi nuksan pahuncha de.

7) Rozi Allah hi Taqseem karta hai aur Andaze se deta hai. Wo (Roziya) kisi ke rokne se nahi rukti. Unki Buhtat ko koi rokne wala nahi aur kami ko koi bharne wala nahi.

8) Allah ke siwa koi Gaib nahi janta. lekin baaz Gumrah logo ko yeh bhi Aqeeda hai ki Imam har cheez ka ilm rakhte hai. Jo ho chuki aur jo hogi.

Jabki Aap (Salallahu Alaihi wasallam) ne Qayamat kab wakay hogi? Sawal ke jawab me farmaya tha “puchne wale ki tarah mujhe bhi iska ilm nahi” 

Isi tarah jab Suleman (Alaihi Salam) ne kaha “Hood Hood nazar nahi aata” fir kuch der baad hood hood ne hazir hokar kaha “mujhe ek aisi baat ka ilm hai jo ab tak aapko maloom nahi.” (Surah Naml, Aayat 20,22). Is se Sabit hota hai ke Ilm-e-Gaib siway Allah ke koi nahi janta. Isiliye bhi ki irshade bari Ta’ala hai “(Aye Paigamber  Salallahu Alahi Wasallam) Aasmano aur Zameen me Allah ke siway koi gaib nahi  janta” (Surah Naml, Aayat 68)

9) Us Shakhs par Allah ki Lanat hai jo apni jaisi Makhlukh par bharosa rakhe.

10) Haram hai aise Alqab aur Naam Rakhna jo Allah ke naamo ki barabari kare.

11) Allah ke siwa kisi se Sawal na karo yaani uske alawa kisi ke Aage Hath na failaao.

12) Allah apne Bando ke tamam kaamo ke liye kaafi hai.

13) Allah ke siwa kisi ke Aage apni Hazat pesh na karo.

14) Agar tum Iman wale ho tou Allah hi par bharosa rakho.

15) Allah ke siwa kisi se na daro aur na hi uske siwa kisi se koi ummid rakho.

16) Sirf Allah hi se lou (Ummid) lagao aur baaki se muh fer lo.

17) Karsaaz hone ke aitbaar se tumhare liye Allah hi kaafi hai.

18) Gous yaani fariyadaras sirf Allah hai.

19) siway Allah ke kisi ko apna Madadgar naa jano aur na kisi aur ke bas me apni Rozi wa Rizq samjho.

20) Mere Sacche Chahne walo ko yeh Layaq nahi ki wo apne Dilo ko (Musibat wa pareshani me) Allah ke Bando ki taraf Zukaye aur unse Hazate Chahe. Isiliye ki Sab kuch Allah ke hath me hai, wahi dene wala hai, lihaja usi se Dua karo.

21) Khabardar! Jisne Apne jaisi makhlukh se ummid rakhi, usne Allah ke Sath Shirk kiya. Makhlookh me se koi naa Nuksan pohcha sakta hai aur naa Nafa. Naa kisi ke ikhtiyar me dena hai aur na Rokna.

22) Agar tum Allah ke Siwa kisi se kuch mangtey ho ya us se jara bhi dartey ho tou yah samjh lo ki tumhara Iman kamzor aur Deen Namukammal hai.

23) Biddatiyo ki Kayi Nishaniya hai, Jinse wo pahchane jate hai, unme se ek nishani yeh hai ke wo ahle asar (Ahle Hadees) ko bura kehte hai.

24) Biddatiyo se jyada Behas – Mubahesa na karo, naa unke Munh lago aur unse Ghulna Milna to door unke paas bhi naa jao aur naa hi unko salam karo.

25) Har Ummati par Jaruri hai ki Kitab wa Sunnat (Quran aur Hadees) ko majbut pakad le aur un dono par hi amal kare, Usool me bhi aur furua me bhi. Yahi Quran aur Hadees do parr(wings) hai jinke jariye Allah ki raah me parwaz karke Izzat wa jalal wale Allah tak pohucha ja sakta hai.

26) Ummat me sabse bade fitna failane wale wo log hai jo Allah ke deen me Raay wa Qayas par amal karte hai.

27) Allah ke Rasool (Salallahu Alaihi wasallam) ke tareeke ko Sunnat kehte hai aur Sahaba Kiram (R.A.) ke Muttafik hone ko Jama’at kahte hai, Nijaat pane wala  giroh Ahle Sunnat Wal Jama’at hi hai yaani RasoolAllah (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) ke aur Sahaba (R.A.) ke tareeke par chalne wala.

28) Sirf Quran wa Hadees ko apna Imam (Peshwa) bana lo, in dono ko gour wa fikr se padha karo. In dono par hi amal karo. Ummatiyo ki raay wa qayas par (inhe chorrkar) mat chalo , isiliye ke siwaye Muhammad (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) ke humara koi Nabi nahi Jiski hum tabedari kare aur siway Quraan ke humare paas koi (ilhami) kitab nahi jis par hum amal kare. Logo! Agar Quran wa Hadees ke siwa tum kisi aur taraf gaye to tabah ho jaoge aur Nafs aur Shaitan tumhe halaq kar dega.

Ye Aap Shaykh Abdul Qadeer Jeelani (Rehmatullah Alahi) ke wo Aqwaal aur nasihate thi jinpar amal karke koi bhi shakhs apni Zindagi Sawar sakta hai aur Aakhirat me kamiyabi ki bhi Ummid rakh sakta hai.

Ab hum apna apna jayza le ki Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A.) se Kya humari sirf Naam ki Muhabbat hai ? hum jo unki shaan me gulu karte hai aur humara aisa karna sahi hai ?

Agar nahi to aayiye unki talimat par amal kare, unke batlaaye raste par chale taaki qayamat ke din hum nuksaan uthane walo me naa ho,. Aur naa hi jahannum humara thikana bane,.

Yaha yeh baat bhi humare dhyan me rahe ki Shaykh  Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) ke Irshadat bataur  daleel aur mohabbat ke nahi hai , daleel wa hujjat Islam me Quraan aur Sahi hadees hi hai,. Aap Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jeelani (R.A) ke irshadat chunki Quraan wa hadees par madni hai,

Kitab wa Sunnat ke muawafik wa mutabik hai isiliye Aap (R.A) ke ilm wa fazl aur bujurgo ko nazar me rakhkar Aam Musalmano ke liye nakal kiye hai. Khaskar un logo ke liye jo unse behad Akidat Wa Muhabbat rakhte hai taaki wo Allah ke is wali ka kehna maan kar “Sirate Mustakim” (Sidhi Raah) ko jaan samjh le aur sirf aur sirf Quran wa Aahadise Sahiha par amal paira ho jaye.

Allah Ta’ala se dua hai ke,
Woh hum sabhi ko apne Deen ki sidhi raah dikhaye aur us par chalne ki taufik ata farmaye,
Islam ki Muhabbat  humare dilo me bhar de aur humare Gunaaho ko muaf farmaye.

Ameen ya Rabbul Aalameen ,..








Ya Allah Tere pyare Mahbub ” Hazarat Muhmmad  sallal laho alaihi wasallam” k vasile se  Hazrat Gause Aazam Dastagir  sarkar k kadam Mubarak hum Gunahgar momino k sar par kayam rahe  aisa Nasib Bana de  …

1.Aap Ke Walid e Maajid Hazrat Abu Saleh Musa Jangi Dost Rehmatullahi Ta’ala Alaihi Ko Huzoor Nabi Karim Sallallahu Ta’ala Alaihi Wasallam Ki Ziyarat Huyi Aur Aap Ne Farmaya Aye Mere Bete Abu Saleh Tujhe Allah Ta’ala Ne Wo Farzand Diya Hai Jo Mera Beta Aur Mehboob Aur Khuda Ka Bhi Mehboob Hai Aur Us Ka Martaba Auliya Mein Aisa Hoga Jaisa Mera Martaba Ambiya Mein Hai.

2.Tamam Ambiya Wa Rasul Ne Aap Ke Walid-e-Majid Ko Khwab Mein Basharat Di Ki Siwaye Sahaba Aur Aimma e Kiram Ke Tamam Auliya Awwalin Wa Aakhirin Aap Ke Farzand Ke Farma Bardaar Honge Aur Us Ki Ita’at Un Ke Darjaat Ki Bulandi Ka Baais Hogi.
3.Viladat Ki Shab Baghdad Mein Sab Ladke Paida Huwe Jin Ki Tadaad Gyara Sau (1100) Thi Aur Wo Sab Auliya e Kamileen Huwe Hain.
4.Aap Ne Tamaam Ramzan Saher Se Lekar Iftar Tak Walida Majida Ka Doodh Nahi Piya.
5.Huzoor Nabi Karim Sallallaho Ta’ala Alaihi Wasallam Ne Me’araj Ki Raat Jo Aap Ki Gardan e Mubarak Par Qadam Rakha Tha Us Ka Nishan Aap Ki Gardan Mubarak Par Maujood Tha.
6.Aap Ki Wiladat Ke Waqt Aap Ki Walida Majida Ki Umar Saath(60) Saal Ki Thi.Is Umar Mein Aap Ki Paidaish Bhi Ek Karamat Hai.
Paidaish Ke Waqt Aap Ki Shakl e Mubarak Itni Ba Roab Thi Ke Koi Shakhs Aap Ko Gaur Se Dekh Na Sakta Tha Aur Aap Ko Allah Ta’ala Ne MAZHAR E JAMAAL E MUSTAFAAI Bana Kar Rawana Farmaya
Ek Aurat Apne Ladke Ko Lekar Aap Ki Khidmat e Aqdas Mein Haazir Hui Aur Arz Kiya Ki Huzoor Ye Ladka Aap Se Bahut Aqeedat Wa Muhabbat Rakhta Hai.Main Allah Aur Rasool Aur Aap Ke Liye Apne Huqooq Ko Maaf Karti Hoon Aap Ise Qubool Farmakar Raahe Haq Ki Taleem Dein.Aap Ne Qubool Farmaya Aur Us Ko Mujahide Aur Riyazat Par Laga Diya Taaki Tareeq e Sulook tai karke kamal ko pahunche.Ek Roz Wo Aurat Apne Bete Se Milne Aayi To Kya Dekhti Hai ke bhook Aur Bedari Ke Sabab Ladke Ka Rang Zard Ho Raha Hai.Aur Sookhi Roti Kha Raha Hai.Phir Wo Janab GAUS E AZAM Ki Khidmat Mein Hazir Hui To Aap Ke Saamne Ek Bartan Tha Jis Mein Murgi Ki Haddiya Padi Thin Jo Aap Ne Abhi Tanawul Farmayi Thi.Us Ne Kaha Aye Mere Sardar Aap To Khud Murgi Kha Rahe Hain Aur Mere Bete Ko Sukhi Roti Khila Rahe Hain.Pas Aap Ne Apna Dast e Mubarak Un Haddiyon Par Rakha To Wo Murgi Zinda Aur Sahi Salim Uth Khadi Huyi.Tab Huzoor GAUS E AZAM Ne Farmaya Jab Tera Beta Mujahida Aur Riyazat Ke As Sarje Tak Pahunche Ga To Jo Chahe Khaye Phir Koi Zarar Na Hoga Aur Na Roohani Mein Koi Rukawat Hogi.



Riwayat Hai Ke Ek Ladka Dariya Mein Garq Hogaya,Us Ki Walida Huzoor GAUS E AZAM Ki Khidmate Aqdas Mein Haazir Hui Aur Arz Karne Lagi Ke Huzoor Mujhe Yaqeen e Kamil Hai Ke Aap Chahein To Mere Ladke Ko Zinda Kar Sakte Hain,Barahe Karam Meri Darkhwast Qubool Farmaiye.Aap Ne Farmaya Ghar Laut Ja Apne Ladke Ko Paa Legi.Wo Ghar Gayi Magar Ladka Na Paya,Doosri Martaba Aakar Ilteja Ki.Aap Ne Isi Tarah Farmaya Ghar Laut Ja Apne Ladke Ko Paa Legi,Wo Ghar Gayi Magar Ladka Na Mila.Teesri Baar Wo Hazir Huwi Aur Rokar Faryad Karne Lagi Huzoor Ne Farmaya,Ghar Ja Ab Zaroor Apne Ladke Ko Paa Legi.Wo Ghar Gayi To Ladka Maujood Tha.Huzoor GAUS E AZAM Alaihir Rahmah Ne Maqam e Mehboobiyat Mein Kaha Ke Aye Parvardigar,Tune Mujhe Is Aurat Ke Saamne Do Baar Sharminda Kyun Kiya? Jawab Mila Pehli Baar Jab Tum Ne Kaha To Maliaka Ne Is Ladke Ke Ajza e mutafarriqa Ikatthe Kiya Aur Doosri Martaba Maine Us Ko Zinda Kiya Aur Teesri Martaba Us Ko Ghar Pahuncha Diya.Arz Kiya Ke “Aye Parvardigar,Qayamat Ke Roz Ek Aan Mein Be Shumar Ajsaam Ko Dobara Kar Ke Ikattha Kar Dega Jab Ke Ek Ladke Ko Teen Roz Laga Diye,Is Main Kya Hikmat Thi,Jawab Mila Ke Hum Tumhari Dil Shikani Ka Badla Dete Hain Jo Maangna Hai Maang Lo.Huzoor GAUS E AZAM Ne Arz Kiya Aye Parvardigar,Tu Jo Chahe Ata Kar,Allah Ta’ala Ne Farmaya Maine Tumhara Naam Ko Apne Naam Ke Saath kiya ,Jis Ne Tumhara Naam Liya Taseer Aur Barkat Wa Sawab Mein Goya Mera Naam Liya.


Shaikh Abul Abbas Bayan Karte Hain Ke Ek Martaba Baghdad Ki Qahet Saali Ke Dauran Maine Huzoor GAUS E AZAM Se Tangdasti Aur Faaqe Ki Shikayat Ki To Aap Ne Mujhe Taqreeban Das Sair Gandum Inayat Farmaiye Aur Farmaya Ke Ise Le Jao Aur Ek Taraf Se Nikalkar Istemal Kar Liya Karo Lekin Ise Wazan Na Karna.Chunanche Is Gandum Ko Hum Tamam Ghar Wale Paanch Saal Tak Khaate Rahe.Ek Roz Meri Ahliya Ne Gandum Ko Wazan Kiya To Maloom Huwa Ki Jitna Pehle Roz Tha Ab Bhi Utna Hi Hai.Us Ke Baad Ye Gandum Saat Roz Mein Khatm Hogaya.


Riwayat Hai Ke Ek Roz Musladhar Barish Ho Rahi Thi Aur Huzoor GAUS E AZAM Waaz Farma Rahe The Baaz Log Barish Ke Sabab Jaane Lage.To Aap Ne Aasman Ki Taraf Dekh Kar Kaha Aye KhudaWanda Main Logon Ko Jama Karta Hoon Aur Tu Logon Ko Bikherta Hai.Phir Barish Khuda Ke Hukm Se Majlis Ke Uper Se Band Ho Gayi Aur Madarse Ke Bahar Badastoor Hoti Rahi Aur Majlis Par Ek Qatra Bhi Na Girta Tha.

Huwa Mauqoof Fauran Hi Barasna Ahle Majlis Par
Jo Paya Abr-e-Baran Ne Ishara GAUS E AZAM Ka


Ek Saal Dariya E Dajla Mein Is Qadr Paani Bhar Aaya Ke Baghdad Garq Hone Laga.Log Aap Ki Khidmat Mein Fariyad Lekar Aaye Tab Aapne Asaa Mubarak Liya Aur Dariya Ke Kinare Tashreef Laye Aur Paani Ke Mamool Ke Mutabiq Had Par Us Ko Gaad Diya Aur Farmaya Yahin Tak Rah.Chunanche Paani Usi Waqt Utar Gaya
Aur Tugyani Tham Gayi.CHOR KO QUTUB BANAYA

Riwayat Hai Ke Huzoor Gaus e Azam Jab Madina Munwwara Ki Haazri Se Wapas Baghdad Sharif Tashreef La Rahe The To Ek Chor Raaste Mein Khada Kisi Musafir Ka Intezaar Kar Raha Tha,Ke Use Loote.Aap Us Ke Qareeb Pahunche To Farmaya Tu Kaun Hai Us Ne Kaha Mein Badwi Hun.Aap Ne Farmaya Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon.Aap Ka Naam Sunte Hi Wo Badwi Be Ikhtiyar Aap ke Qadmon Par Gir Pada Aur Us Ki Zabaan Par Sayyidi Ya Abdul Qadir Shai al Lillah Jari Hogaya.Aapko Us Ki Halat Par Rahem Aaya Aur Aap Ne Ek Nigah Mein Is Ko Wasil Billah Kardiya Aur Qutbiyat Ka Martaba Inayat Farmaya.


Riwayat Hai Ke Shaikh Ahmed Rehmatullah Alaihi Zinda Sher Par Sawar Hokar Auliya-e-Kiram Ke Paas Jaye Karte The Aur Mehman Bana Karte The.MezBanon Ko Aap Ke Sher Ke Liye Ek Adad Gaye (Cow) Giza Ke Taur Par Dena Padhta Tha. Ek Roz Wo Baghdad Aaye Aur Janab e GAUS E AZAM Ko Paigham Bheja Ke Mere Sher Ke Liye Ek Adad Gaye (Cow) Rawana Kardein. Aap Ne Khadim Ko Hukm Diya Ke Ek Adad Gaye Un Ko Pahuncha Do.Khadim Gaye(Cow) Lekar Rawana Huwa.Aap Ke Dar Par Ek Lagar Sa Kutta Pada Rehta Tha Wo Gaye (Cow) Ke Peechhe Ho Liya.Jab Gaye Ko Sher Ke Qareeb Kar Diya Gaya To Shaikh Ahmed Ne Sher ko Ishara kiya Ke Ye Teri Giza Hai Jab Sher Gaye (Cow) Par Jhapatne Laga To Us Lagar Kutte Ne Badi Phurti Se Sher Par Hamla Kiya Aur Us Ka Pet Chak Kardiya Jis Se Sher Hilak Hogaya.Shaikh Ahmed Fauran Hazrat GAUS E AZAM Ki Khidmat Mein Haazir Huwe Aur Apni Harkat Par Nadim Huye,Aur Aap Ki Dast Bosi Ki.Isi Mauqe Ke Mutabiq Ek Buzurg Ne Farmaya

Sage Argahe Jilan Sho Chu Khwahi Qareeb E Rabbani
Ke Bar Sheran Sharaf Darad Sage Dargahe Jeelani

Yaani Shahe Jilani Rehmatullahi Alaihi Ke Dargah Ka Kutta Ho Ja,Agar Tu Qurb E Ilahi Chahta Hai Kyunki Shahe Jeelani Ke Dargah Ka Kutta Sheron Par Sharaf Aur Bartari Rakhta Hai.
Sarkar Aalahazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Fazile Barelvi Yunh Farmate Hai

Waah Kya Martaba Hai Gaus Hai Baala Tera
Oonche Oonchon Ke Saron Se Qadam Aala Tera

Sar Bhala Kya Koi Jaane Ke Hai Kaisa Tera
Auliya Malte Hai Aankhein Wo Hai Talwa Tera

Kya Dabe Jis Pe Himayat Ka Ho Panja Tera
Sher Ko Khatre Mein Lata Nahi Kutta Tera

Tu Husaini Hasani Kyun Na Muhiyyuddeen Ho
Aye Khizr Majma E Bahrain Hai Chashma Tera

Qasmein De De Ke Khilata Hai Pilata Hai Tujhe
Pyara Allah Tera Chaahne Wala Tera

Mustafa Ke Tane Be Saye Ka Saaya Dekha
Jis Ne Dekha Meri Jaan Jalwa e Zeba Tera

Ibne Zehra Ko Mubarak Ho Uroos e Qudrat
Qadri Paayen Tasadduq Mere Doolha Tera

Kyun Na Qasim Ho Ke Tu Ibne Abil Qasim Hai
Kyun Na Qadir Ho Ke Mukhtar Hai Baba Tera

Nabavi Menh Alavi Fasl batooli Gulshan
Hasani Phool Husaini Hai Mahekna Tera

Nabavi Zil Alavi Burj Batooli Manzil
Hasani Chand Husaini Hai Ujala Tera

Saare Aqhtaabe Jahan karte Hai Kaabe Ka Tawaaf
Kaaba Karta Hai Tawaafe Dare Wala Tera

Jo Wali Qabl The ya Baad Hue Ya Honge
Sab Adab Rakhte Hai Dil Me Mere Aaqa Tera

Tujh Se Dar,Dar Se Sag,Aur Sag Se Hai MujhKo Nisbat
Meri Gardan Mein Bhi Hai Door Ka Dora Tera

Is Nishani Ke Jo Sag Hain Nahi Maare Jaate
Hashr Tak Mere Gale Mein Rahe Patta Tera

Bad Sahi Chor Sahi Mujrim O Nakaara Sahi
Aye Wo Kaisa Hi Sahi Hai To Kareema Tera

Mujh Ko Ruswa Bhi Agar Koi Kahega To Yunhi
Ke Wahi Na Woh RAZA Banda E Ruswa Tera

Hain RAZA Yun Na Bilak Tu Nahi Jayyid To Na Ho
Sayyide Jayyide Har Dahar Hai Maula Tera

Fakhr e Aaqa Mein RAZA Aur Bhi Ek Nazam e Rafee
Chal Likha Layein Sana Khwanon Mein Chehra Tera


Riwayat Hai Ke Ramzan Ke Mahine Mein Ittefaqan Sattar Aadmiyon Ne Aap Ko Ek Hi Roz Alag Alag Apne Apne Ghar Iftaar Karne Ki Dawat Di.Aap Ne Har Ek Ki Dawat Ko Qubool Kiya.Jab Iftari Ka Waqt Aaya To Aap Ne Har Ek Ke Ghar Jakar Iftari Ki Aur Usi Waqt Apne Ghar Bhi Iftari Ki.Ye Khabar Baghdad Mein Phail Gayi.Aap Ke Ek Khadim Ke Dil Me Khayal Aaya Ke Hazrat To Us Waqt Apne Ghar Se Hi Nahi Nikle To Itne Logon Ke Gharon Mein Jakar Ek Hi Waqt Mein Iftari Karna Kaise Mumkin Ho Sakta Hai?.Aap Ne Us Dil Ki Baat Par Muttala Hokar Farmaya Ke Yeh Sach Hai Ke Main Ek Hi Waqt Mein Un Sattar Aadmiyon Ke Yahan Alag Alag Un Ke Gharon Mein Jakar Iftari Ki Aur Usi Waqt Maine Apne Ghar Mein Bhi Iftar Ki.

Gaye Ek Waqt Mein Sattar Muridon Ke Yahan Aaqa
Samajh Mein Aa Nahi Sakta Muamma Gaus e Azam Ka


Shaikh Mohammad Arif Abu Mohammad Ali Se Riwayat Hai Wo Bayan Karte Hain Ke Main Apne Shaikh Muhiyuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani Ki Ziyarat Ke Liye Baghdad Aaya Aur Aap Ki Khidmat Mein Ek Arsa Thehra Raha.Phir Jab Maine Misr Ki Taraf Lautne Ke Aur Makhlooq Se Mujarrad (Door) Rehne Ka Irada Kiya To Aap Se Ijazat Maangi.Tab Aap Ne Mujhe Vasiyat Ki Ke Kisi Se Kuchh Na Mango Aur Apni Dono Ungliyon Ko Mere Munh Par Rakha Aur Mujhe Hukm Diya Ke In Dono Ko Chuso.Maine Aisi Hi Kiya.Aap Ne Farmaya Ke Ab Tum Durust Hidayat Yafta Ho Kar Jao.Main Baghdad Se Misr Aaya Aur Mera Ye Haal Tha Ke Na Khata Tha Na Peeta Tha Aur Main Bada Taqatwar Tha.
  • Zalim Apne Zulm Se Mazloom Ki Duniya Kharab Karta Hai Aur Apni Aakhirat.
  • Wo Insan kitna Bad Naseeb hai jis ke Dil Mein Jandaron par rahem karne ki aadat nahi.
  • Jis Amal (Ibadat,Riyazat,Neki)Mein Tujhe Halawat Na Mile,Yun Samajh ke tu ne use Kiya hi Nahi.
  • Behtareen Amal Logon ko Dena Hai,Logon Se Lena Nahin Hai.
  • Bad Gumani Tamam Faaidon ke Raaste Band Kar Deti Hai.
  • Tamam Acchaiyon Ka Majmooa Ilm Seekhna,Amal Karna,Aur Doosron Ko Sikhana Hai.
  • Tere Sab Se Bade Dushman Tere Bure Hamnasheen Hai.
  • Tu Nafs Ki Tamanna Poori Karne Me Mashgool hai.Aur Nafs Tujhe Barbaad Karne me.
  • Khuda Ke Dushmano Ko Khush Rakhna Aqal Wa Danish Se Dur Hai.
  • Apni Musibat ko Chhupao ALLAH TA’ALA ki Qurbat Naseeb Hogi.
  • Fitna Hai Wo Rozi Jis Par Shukr na ho,Aur Wo Tangi Jis Par Sabr Na Ho.
  • Momin Apne Ahle o Ayal Ko ALLAH Per Chodta Hai Aur Munafiq Zar o Maal Par.
  • Aqal Mand Pehle Qalb Se Mashwara Karta Hai Phir Zaban Se Bolta Hai.
  • Jo ALLAH TA’ALA Se Aashna Huwa.Us Ne Khalq e Khuda Ke Saath Tawazo Ka Bartaw Kiya.
  1.  Seerat E Ghaus E Azam
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