Hazrat Khawaja_Osman_Harvani_History_of_Chishti_order (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)

Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A)
Chilla in Ajmer
  • Name: Hazrat Khwaja Usman-e-Harooni (R.A.)
  • Titles: Abu Noor / Abu Mansur
  • Silsila: Chisti
  • Predecessor: Hazrat Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A)
  • Successor: Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (R.A)
  • Date of Birth: According to some, he was born in 526 AH (1131 AD) and according to others, he was born in 510 AH (1116 AD)
  • Date of Wisaal: 5th of Shawaal in the year 617 AH (1220 AD)
  • Date of Urs:
  • Resting at: Makah, Saudi Arabia And Chilla in Ajmer
Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A.) was born in Haroon, which is in Iran. According to some, he was born in 526 AH (1131 AD) and according to others, he was born in 510 AH (1116 AD). He is also known by his Titles as Abu Noor and Abu Mansur.
Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A.) was a direct descendant of the Holy Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam).   Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) travelled very widely and during one of his travels he met with Hazrat Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A).  When he saw the glorious face of Hazrat Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A) he immediately placed his head at his feet and requested him to initiate him as his Mureed /disciple.  Hazrat Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A) gladly accepted him as his Mureed cutting some hair from his forehead and placing the four-sided cap upon Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A)’s head.  
Hazrat Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A)then instructed him to strictly stick to the practice and teachings of the Holy Prophet (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) and the masters of the Chistiya Order and that he should give up the love of this world and the people, to love, respect and live among the poor, to think of himself as low and show utmost respect to the rest, to avoid any form of pride, for only after following this will one be fit for wearing the four-sided cap and the garb of the Darvesh.
Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) accepted these conditions and followed them strictly. After three years Hazrat Haji Shareef Zandani (R.A) bestowed upon him the Khilafat and made him his successor.
 For approximately 10 years he undertook strenuous Mujahedas (spiritual strivings) and during this period he never slept during the nights nor ate to his stomach’s fill.  
Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) was a Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an and completed two complete recitations daily, one during the day and the other one during the night. It was due to his great spiritual strivings that he attained the pinnacle of spiritual glory. 
The effect of his glance was such that whoever he looked at with his spiritual glance became a Perfect Darvesh and whoever became his Mureed, the love of this world left his heart and he immediately attained divine proximity with his creator.
It is reported that when Hazrat used to perform Namaaz, a voice from the unseen used to call out 
“O Usman, We have accepted your Namaaz. So ask for whatever you wish.”
Hazrat Khwaja Usman used to reply, 
“Ya Allah, I ask only for You.”
The voice then used to say, 
“O Usman, this desire of yours will be fulfilled but also ask for something else.”
The Khwaja Usman used to ask, 
“O Allah forgive the sinners from the Ummat of Hazrat Muhammad (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam).”
The voice then used to say, 
“Your wish has been granted and 3000 people from the Ummat of Rasoolallah (Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam) has been forgiven.”
This used to be situation of every Namaaz and this used to be his Dua. 
There are several Miracles that are attributed to Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A).
Listed below are a few Miracles :-
  • Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (R.A) who was his beloved Mureed says that during one of their travels together they came to a bank of a very large river but there was no boat to be seen to take them across. Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) then told him to close his eyes and after a few seconds asked him to open his eyes. He was amazed to see both of them miraculously on the other side of the river.
  • Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (R.A) says that once a Mureed of Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) had passed away. After the burial all the people had left beside himself. He went beside the grave and engaged himself in some Zikr of Allah. At that time he saw Munkar and Nakeer had appeared in the grave to question the deceased. Thereafter he saw that his Murshid Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) also appeared in the grave of his Mureed and made Dua and requested Allah to forgive his Mureed because he belongs to him. Thereafter Allah had commanded the angel to leave the deceased alone because he belonged to his friend and he has forgiven him.
  • Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) loved to listen to Sama but the ruler and the Ulama of that time were totally against this practice. The ruler issued a decree that whoever attends the Mehfil-e- Sama of Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) would be beheaded. When Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) heard about this he said that the listening of Sama was a practice of the Khwajegaan –e-Chisht and under no circumstance would he give it up. The next day he arranged a meeting inviting all the Ulama regarding the controversy. On one side were seated all the Ulama and on the other side was Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A). When the discussion started all the Ulama found that all their knowledge had disappeared so much that they could not even remember the letters of the alphabet. Facing this type of embarrassment all the Ulama fell at the feet of the Grand Master, begging him to return their years of hard earned knowledge. Feeling pity on them he cast one glance at them returning not only their external knowledge but also inserting in their hearts the internal knowledge. All the Ulama begged Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) for forgiveness and after this incident neither did the ruler nor the Ulama ever harass The Great Khwaja again.  
  • Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (R.A) says that during one of his travels with his murshid they came to a place known as Ray which was a tavern for the fire-worshipers. On reaching the place, Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) stayed under a tree. He asked his mureed Khwaja Fakhrudeen “Bring fire and prepare food to be ready by the time of my breaking fast.”He went to the fire-worshippers to fetch fire but they refused to give him fire and said, “This is our God. We cannot give fire. Khwaja Fakhrudeen returned and narrated the whole story to his Murshid. Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni renewed his ablution and went there himself. There he saw a man named Yaksha, sitting on an iron throne, with a seven year old child in his lap, surrounded by many fire-worshippers, worshipping fire. He addressed the old man saying “what is the use of worshipping fire? This is one of the commonest creations of God, which is extinguished by a little water. Why not worship the creator whose creation it is?” The man replied “fire is our religion and for us it is a source of salvation.” Thereupon the great Khwaja said “you have been worshipping it for so long, drop your hand in it. If it is a source of salvation then it will not burn you.”  The old man argued “it is the nature for fire to burn, who can dare put his hand in it and hope to be safe?” He replied “this is under the command of Allah and it will not burn without Allah’s command.” Having said thus he took the boy in the old man’s lap reciting some verses from the Quran and walked into the blazing fire. Seeing all this, the fire- worshippers began to make hue and cry. Having stayed in the fire for four hours he emerged with the boy safe and sound. The old man was delighted to see his son come out of the fire safe and sound. He enquired from the boy as to what he had seen in the fire. The boy replied “due to the Sheikh I was sitting in a garden therein.” The fire- worshippers repented and became Muslims and the Mureed of Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A). He named Yaksha as Abdulla and his son was named Ibrahim. 
Death :-
Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni (R.A) breathed his last on 5th of Shawaal in the year 617 AH (1220 AD). His blessings are still invoked by thousands of people belonging to every strata of society and every school of thought.
While his was buried in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Unfortunately his Mazaar was destroyed by the present Saudi government.
There is also a symbol of his strength and source of his blessings at the Usmani Chilla at Ajmer.
Message and Teachings :-
  • According to Khwaja Usman Harooni, a great man is one who is endowed with virtues like contentment, sincerity, self-abnegation, self-sacrifice and above all, spirit of renunciation. He said that the ego in a man was an enemy, as it did not allow him to think rationally, act wisely and live happily. He emphasized that unless a man loves human beings, it is impossible for him to love God.
  • His advice was simple and his message was as simple and that was “Live”.
  • To exist is one thing but to LIVE another. To exist means to merely breathe, but to live means to keep the welfare of fellow beings uppermost in priority. To live a good life requires a serious effort on one’s own part. No exterior agency, legislation or act can make the man a moral being. Inner discovery is very important.
  • To help his disciples live a better life, Khwaja Usman Harooni gave discourses at times to guide them towards a better path. Of his many teachings, prominent are:
  • Once the Friend becomes your friend, the whole universe becomes yours. Then it is necessary that you should become unmindful of everything else except the Friend, should ever be with Him and should follow Him faithfully.
  • According to him, the faithful is one who keeps three things dear to his heart: mendicancy, illness and death.
  • It is best to not weep or wail in times of difficulty. In fact, according to the witness of Hazrat Abdullah Ansari, Holy Prophet Mohammed has laid down that the one who weeps and wails in times of trouble and tribulation invites the curse of God upon himself.
  • The one who feeds the hungry is dear to God. God fulfills a thousand wants and frees such a person from hell-fire.
  • He who gives food to a dervish becomes free from all sins.

The biography of Hadrat Khaja Haruni Sahib


Name and patronymic name

His patronymic name  is known as Abul Nur and his name is Usman and for the connection  of the lineage,  there is no light which cannot  put by any history books as well as in the books of biographies. All historians and authors of biography are silent on this chapter and have sealed their lips in this matter. So, for this reason, it is not found the details for which garden  which will not decay he belongs and  prosperous child  and for which  he is a pearl of  the youth of manners   from the sea of  a shoreless. Surely after reading  some of the biographies  and it will come to know that he belongs to Sayyid (holy prophet’s descendant through  his daughter Hadrat Fatima) family.

The year of his  birth

      In the books of biographies there is no search  has been made and so no reference available in this matter  but certainly, it is mentioned by the author of book ‘Qazinatal Asfia’ and who was mentioned his year of   demise and but he did not quote any reference in this matter and the details are as follows.

“ Khaja Haruni left this mortal world on 5th Shawwal in the 617 Hegira calendar year at the age of  91 years old.”

    So  from  six hundred seventeen  if we make less 91 than we will get results which are as follows.

     The year 526 Hegira Islamic calendar  as his year of  birth and when Neshapur’s well known and famous philosopher Omer Khayyam was dead and after  some years of this event   then Khaja Haruni was born there.

Place of birth

    The village   Harun  which is situated  in  the Neshapur region in Iran  and his auspicious  birth  was taken place there. Regarding  village Harun there are different opinions were given by different historians and authors of biography in this matter. Some have given their opinion that Harun village is situated in the area of Bukhara. But most of them have agreed in this matter  and they have given their opinion that Harun village is situated in Neshapur area and it is agreed upon research and which is confirmed in this matter. The other difference about the pronunciation of Harun village is that with some other persons say in Harun  the alphabet Raa  letter of Urdu  is showing vowel point and other say alphabet Raa letter of Urdu and it is merger same as vowel point  but with us these sayings are not correct as per research work. Because the great caliph of Hadrat Nizamuddin Hadrat Naseeruddin Chiraq  Dehlavi said that “ In the word Harun there is no Alif (first letter of Urdu  alphabet).”

Education and training

      In the old and new books of the biographies,  the details of his super natural practices and miracles are available. But it is regret to note that the study of the pure and pious habits in the biography books of pious personalities did not  add any information and any wider scope  and details for the readers of these biographies. So for this reason upon seeing any biography details,knowledge it is not known  about Hadrat Khaja Haruni  the  information  about places and extent of knowledge from which teachers what knowledge he had obtained from them. This is definite matter and books of biographies are proof in this matter that he was memorizing the holy Quran  and he had complete perfection in the following knowledge.1.Ulum Aqliya (knowledge of wisdom) 2. Ulum Naqliya (knowledge of authority).

       The book ‘Sair Auliya’ which was written by  Amir Khurd Kirmani who was famous and well-known caliph of Hadrat Nizamuddin Auliya and  who have mentioned details in his book. 

    “ Hadrat Khaja Haruni was learned man of knowledge of  Shariat (Islamic law) and Tariqat (mystic way of life) and  Haqiat (truth) and leader of Audad (a category of saints comprising only four at any time in the world) and Abdal (an order of saints).

      Muslim theologian  as well as,  research scholar and Sufi  master and Muhadith (scholar of traditions) and whose name is Sheikh of Makkah Hasan bin Ali Lajami who wrote in his book ‘Qiba al-Zuliyani Tarjin Ahal al-Karamat Wabarya’ and its image of the above book’s page  is shown as above and its translation and interpretation is mentioned below.

     “ Khaja Haruni is a pious person of dignity (Shan) and he is having clear arguments. He got a higher place and status of Marifat (mystic knowledge). He is Imam (leader) of the people of Tariqat (mystic way of life ) and he is  a leader of the Sheikhs of truth (Haqiqat). He is  a great man of miracles and super natural acts and possessing a higher level of status. He is having pure truth and lighted  discernment  and also having divine flatulent as well as a sacred person  and possessing all these attributes with him.And Moulana Sheikh Usmani belongs to al-Fatah ar-Rariya (Harun) village and which is situated in the  country of Iran  and  he  is attributed   with name of   Chisti  from village name of Chist  and this Belad (place) also situated in the  country. of Iran. God  may give us benefit from him.

   And his pure and his pious personality is helpful to the disciples to reach the higher status of perfection,  and to get teaching and training of Marafat  (mystic way of knowledge ) of Allah and as well as to take towards of Wasil Haq (realization of the truth) and which was a cause of  the antecedent.

   In his dignity (manaqib) it is sufficient for you that among his disciples Hadrat Khwaja Moinuddin belongs to his disciples and who  was lived during the period of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani.

  There is no doubt that Sheikh Usman Haruni  was the leader of the following persons.

The people of Irfan (intimate knowledge of God)



    In the status of sainthood his position is very great and incomparable and as he was a great  man of giving the verdicts and he belongs to mystic persons of Maver An-Nahar area and he is from Harun village  and this village situated  in  the Bukhara region. Now the general people of Makkah used to call  him   the  of al-Rar because its Sheikh Harun  it is vowel point and  with  the construction of two nouns in it. And the author of book’s saying in this matter is that it is Fatah Al-Rarar and Sheikh is possessed noun towards Harun.

    Upon reading the books  it is  confirmed clearly that Khaja Haruni upon the completion and obtaining of knowledge and education he was entered in the field of faqar (indigence) but the details in this respect all books of biography are silent in this matter. So for this reason, if all such details and information if it will not be found in this small magazine then there will be no surprise in this matter.

The company of Majzub (one lost in divine meditation)

     It is strange coincidence that upon reading the biography  and holy details of Hadrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti it is revealed that in the beginning of his life period due to a meeting of the  sacred personality of majzoub  Ibrahim Qandozi which caused him   for the search  of truth and leaving of this world. So in this same way as per authentic  tradition, it is confirmed that the Hadrat Sheikh Usman the master ( Maqdoum) of the world who got the company of a majzoub during his early period of life. So for the reason from Malfouzat (advises and instructions, especially  available for  Taleb (students) of  Hadrat Chiragh Dehlavi and who was  the successor of  Khaja Nizamuddin and his book which is  well known as Khair al-Majalis  and from this book the following quotation is  mentioned herewith.

“ Hadrat Khaja Usmani had lived in the  company of one Majzoub and whose name is Chark and this majzub once went to one city and he was stayed in the mosque and slept there under the arch of the mosque. At the time of prayer  the Mauzon ( one who shout to the call  to prayer ) was  pulled his foot and so, for this reason, he was wake up and he  heaved a deep sigh so, for this reason, there was fire discharge was started and the roof and walls of the mosque which  were made of wood  began burning and at that time Majzub left from the mosque. And at the other side fire left from the mosque and  spread towards the houses in the city and  city began burning. The Sheikh of Islam Hadrat Abdulla Ansari (R.A) was present in the city at that time. The people of the city have informed him about the fire accident in the city. So he was asked to them where that Darwish person went.? And the people told him the way of the Sheikh of Islam. And at one place he was reached there and found him and reached near him and told him “ To give him away from  this city” and that Sheikh told him he will never give  this city to him. So the Sheikh requested to grant  this city so that Sheikh told him that he was given him 1/3 of Alxenderia City so the Sheikh requested him again to add some more of it. Then Sheikh told him that he was given him 2/3 of the city. Upon this Sheikh of Islam was returning back from there.So for this reason 1/3 of the city was burnt down and as 2/3 of the portion of the  city  was given by Majzoub so it was safe and secure and no fire went to that portion of  the city of Alexandria.

    From this tradition apparently it is not known that Khaja Usmani  did not have company of the above Majzub at any time and with us it is fact that the company of the Sheikh Usman with the above Majzub was held during his beginning of the period on the path of Tariqat (mystic way of life ). From the above tradition, it is confirmed that the above Majzub was contemporary of Hadrat Abdullah Ansari (R.A.). As per books of biography,  it is confirmed that the year birth of Hadrat Abdullah Ansari is 396 Hegira year and death year is 481 Hegira. so the above event happened  and indeed  it was happened before the year 481 Hegira year. If it is accepted this then this event which was happened during the 480 Hegira then at that time Majzub Sahib’s age will be must of  20 or 30 years old and Khwaja Usman’s year of the birth is 526 Hegira so at that time at the age of 15 years Sheikh Usman entered in the company of the Majzub Sahib and at that time Majzub Sahib will be in the life period of elders and  about  the youth and old age period of life period of the Majzub is out of thinking and it is not possible in this matter. But as per argument of circumstantial evidence, it is possible that Khwaja Sahib got the company of the above Majzub person  and whose name was Chark  in his beginning period of  life.

   It is regret that from any book it is not known  in which year when he was become  his disciple and at that time what was his age.? And how many years he was in the service of the spiritual master. ? But the historian and authors of biographies are confirming in the same language that he was pledge with Sheikh of time Haji Sharif Zindani and after some time he has got caliphate and permission from the Sheikh of time.

     From Arabic book ‘ Saqti Shan’ and its page 19 (copy image is pasted as above) in which it is mentioned that he was in the company of Sheikh Kabir  Hadrat Khwaja Sharif Zindani and he was pledge to him and  he was obtained saintly dress from him and he was used to living in the presence of his spiritual master and in every issue  he used to benefit and  get deduction from him. And the meaning of Haji as per dictionary of  the Persian is that  abbreviation of the group of people of requirement and which  is applicable  to this group of people. As per reference from the book “Kitab al-Insab al-Samani”  it is mentioned about the pronunciation of Zindani with vowel point on  alphabet of  Urdu Zavu and silent of alphabet Noon and with vowel point on alphabet of Dal of mohimila (meaningless ) and in its last there is alphabet Noon and this link is available to that village of Bukhara and which is known as Zinda and this village is four miles away from Bukhara city.

Traveling and tourism

    He was spent most of his life period in traveling  and tourism in which he was seen many countries of the world and he was spent his  journey period  for aim and purpose to see the people of  liars  and to watch the   result of the liars who ignored hereafter. He was visited many countries and many kingdoms and he was stayed at-least some days at all places where he was visited during his period of traveling and tourism and at those places he busied himself in physical exercise and endeavors. During his journey many thousand people who were lost the right way and who were repented on his holy hand of the right way  and found guidance. Due to the above facts and reasons he was well known and famous in all over the world. All the people of the time were his become his devotees in this matter. So when  great saints of Indian sub-continent Hadrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti when he was completed learning of knowledge in Samarqand then he was reached to Baghdad and in the year 562 Hegira and he was present in the service of his Sheikh Khaja Haruni and he was got felicity of  pledge to him and was engage in the service of the Sheikh. He was there in the in the engagement of service with his spiritual master for a period of 20 years as per reference from the book ‘Sair AuliyA’ on page number 45 and its copy of the  image is as follows.


    That Hadrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti present in the service of Khwaja Usman Haruni and  who has blessed  with him and it means he has  become his disciple. He was spent with him in his service for a period 20 years as such that he did not take any rest and comfort to his soul for  a single minute  during engagement of his service with his Sheikh. During the  journey of the Sheikh he used to carry his bedding and when he was inspected my service of devotion then he was awarded me required grace and he was paid kindness towards me.

   So the Sheikh traveled many cities in Arabic and the Persian Gulf countries and many times he was visited Makkah and Madina for the purpose of Hajj pilgrimage and he was stayed there for longer time and till such that he was died and buried in the holy city of Makkah. So Sheikh of time Hadrat Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti was accompanied with Khaja Haruni in his many  places of traveling and tourism and he was getting  the favor of  dedication.

Journey to India

     For the traveling and tourism purpose, Khaja Haruni was visited one time India during  reign of  Sultan al-Tamash  in Delhi. So for this reason  in the history book of Farista as per reference of Haji Mohammed Qandhari’s history the following tradition is available in it. A copy of the image  of the Urdu book is pasted in this book  as follows to increase the interest of research scholars and  readers of this book.


      ” In  the history book of Haji  Mohammed Qandhari  it is mentioned that Khaja Moinuddin Hasan Sanjari’s spiritual master it means Sheikh Khaja Haruni visited Delhi city during reign of Sultan  Shamsuddin Altamsh and  Sultan Altamsh who was disciple of Khwaja Haruni and he did not leave anything for paying him respect and admiration during his visit to Delhi. And during that period Khaja Moinuddin Chisti was there in Ajmer city. In this event, it was not known that whether there was a meeting of Khaja Moinuddin Chisti held with his spiritual master in Delhi or not.?”

     Regarding  authentication of the above tradition, there is doubt with me for its correctness because the authorized and approved books of  malfuzat (advises and instructions) are silent and quiet in this matter. And their silence and quietness are equal of not approving  and rejecting of this event. Because this  is great history event of Sufi master of Christ and who is also magnum  (master) of the world and Sufi master Khwaja Usman Haruni who left his country and suffered much difficulties of  the long journey and after reaching Delhi and any authors of the books of Malfuzat or any approved book  did not certified this event  and even specific mention and clarification is not found  in  the books and  also there is not found any  indication in the books. So what is meaning of this tradition which is available continuously.? Regarding the above tradition which is known as ahad (traditions transmitted by only one narrator in  each link of  the chain) and it is not fulfilling the requirement  and condition of ahad a little in this matter.

    And also other than this during the  period of Sultan Altamish the stay of Hadrat Bakhtiar Kaki in Delhi which is approved and confirmed by historians and authors of books of biographies. So suppose if we accept for some time tradition of book Dalil Arifin as correct  because it is a very old book as per time record and some or another person who ever has compiled this book. So the tradition of this book which is equal value of tradition of some other old book.So from it is proved that Hadrat Qutubuddin Kaki has reached to Ajmer along with his spiritual master Khaja Moinuddin Chisti.So for this reason reference from book Dalil Arifin is presented as follows.

     On page 450 in book  ‘Dalil Arifin’ in Urdu version  and it is mentioned as follows and its translation is as mentioned as follows.

    “After explaining the above benefits  Khwaja Sahib  began weeping and he said “ He was going on the journey to the place where he will be buried there. In a few days, I leave from this place. At that time Sheikh Ali Sanjari was present there. He said god bye to all persons who were present in the meeting place and he took Sheikh Bakhtiar Kaki to Ajmer city along with him  he has reached there.  At that time  Ajmer was habituated with Hindu population. so in this way, there was not available Muslim population there.  When Khaja Ajmeri’s holy foot has reached to Ajmer then the religion of Islam has a shine to such extent that there was no limit on it. He was given orders “ To write a testimonial of the caliphate and to be given to Sheikh Bakhtiar Kaki so that he should proceed to Delhi. Because we have given him  caliphate and that place (Delhi) belongs to him.”

    From the above reference it is  very clear that during the period of Sultan al-Tamash, Khaja Qutubuddin Kaki used to reside in Delhi city and also all books have confirmed this matter.


The miracles

   It is said that if any  miracles or Super natural acts are done by the prophets of Allah which are called miracles and if  the same such act is done by pious personalities then it will be called Karamat (Super natural act). So, for this reason, the reality of between miracles and Karamat both  are same and equal in this matter. But  the technical  term  has termed in this matter to distinguish in between both of them and in this way both have been divided into two  kinds separately. For the prophets  for the truth it is  compulsory for them to presenting their miracles in their support and for the pious personalities, it is must and necessary for them to conceal their Karamats (miracles).

     As per our thinking Allah has send  the prophets  for the purpose of  the guidance of the mankind in the world so for this reason they were sent in the world with super natural powers so that it should be known and understand to the mankind in the world and the mankind should know in this matter that there is support  and helping to the prophets  in  this matter and so that the mankind should believe that these pious personalities, without doubt, are sent by the Allah in the world as true messengers and prophets. So there was necessity was required with them  and  so, for this reason, they will show their power in the world.

   The holy persons of Muslim Nation  do  purification of the  mind by endeavours and mystical exercise so for this reason in them also there will be the creation of the angelic powers with them. And which is described as super natural powers.? So they also with this power they are empowered to bring those condition and for which the power of the human beings are  not possible in this matter. But for them, it is not necessary to take help from these powers because prophethood was already finished and in this matter purpose of positive is over  and argument of Allah was fulfilled  and the completion of the natural religion of Allah  has been finished .

     As Allah says in Quran “ This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favour upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion ”.

      Now at the present time ,there is no need of proofs and  arguments  which should be established again in this matter. As truth and false has already appeared there. And now the eyes can make distinguish  the difference in between the light and darkness. It is said in the holy Quran as follows.

“ So now  any person who ever wants the way towards  Allah can opt for it.”

   To providing the grace of Allah to the mankind since beginning of time many thousand prophets were sent to the world by Allah. And every perfect person has fulfilled his duty of post in the best possible manner on the grandeur way and due to this reason the mankind got guidance in this matter. But the un-lucky persons  were preferred iron collar of censure in their necks. At last the last prophet of Allah  was announced clearly in the loudest voice.

  And its translation and interpretation are as follows.

“ For you your religion and for us our religion.”

     When there was  the completion of Islamic law and regulation  (Shariah) so, for this reason, there is no need to sending any more prophets in the world for the guidance of the mankind and in this matter to show the miracles to the people. As in the present time Karamat (supernatural act) is, in reality, is a  miracle so for this reason for the  pious persons it should be necessary for them to conceal it from the mankind in the world. In spite of this  many pious personalities of Allah from the Muslim Nation   usually were  use to perform many Karamats. But in this matter ,it should be remembered that there are such pious persons of Allah are there who could  not able to control  their condition. So from such pious persons due to over power of  the condition with them so there will be happening miracles without intention and think in this matter. So from this, it should not be said that the pious persons of Allah were not able to conceal their miracles in this matter. They are not eligible to fulfill the duty of not disclosing the miracles due to  no the  ability to bear it. Because in the un-controlled condition  or in the condition of ecstasy which will be free all freedom in this matter.

    Among them  there are some pious personalities are there who are large hearted and  ambitious  so for this reason who due to difficulty show their miracles some time.

    Hadrat Abdullah Ansari  said “ With the purpose, if any person with the power of his sainthood will fly in the air then his position and reality  is not  more   than a bee in this matter. If any body will walk on the water and this work can be done by Tinka (straw) such similar work. So, for this reason, this is not any work of the perfection. The man being his status of  a human being  than he should rule in the heart of the persons. And from ,it is clear that with the pious personalities of Allah who are perfect persons and with them there is nothing about to disclose any miracles and super natural things. Here it is mentioned that with the holy persons if any miracles  are done and its purpose and aim  are not  for the show and it is caused for the reason of pure passion  and true incitement will be there soon this condition this will happen in this matter or from this there will require  purpose of guidance to the mankind. The ability which is found in them so they show the miracle and  cover the of power in the shape of action in this matter. Also for some time  the purpose of showing miracles is to demonstrate only the truth of the religion of Islam and  also it is required the aim of  firmness of the followers.

    The holy personality of Hadrat Khwaja Usman was as per requirement of the verses of Quran. So in such case for the compiler of this biography to covering writing about  greatness and holy character  by the  arguments and  coverage of his miracles in this matter is a matter of disrespect. Because such a great holy personality who himself is excellence for the miracle. But as we are writing the biography of the great Sheikh of time so it is our right and duty to mention his miracles and supernatural acts as per requirements of  the biography and those finding are available there in the biographies. So that some person’s interest  may not hurt in this matter.

The crossing  of river Dajla (Tigris) as per page number 44 from book  ‘Sair Auliya.’

       As per tradition it is mentioned by Sheikh of Islam Hadrat Khaja Hasan Sanjari that once he was with Sheikh Khaja Haruni with him during his journey of travelling and tourism and we  have reached  the bank of the river Tigris and there was not find any boat there and Khaja Usman Haruni told me to close the eyes so I closed my eyes. And after this, I have seen Khaja Sahib and myself at the other bankside of the river.I have asked him what he was doing.? He .“ He was reciting five times Sura Fateha.”

The help of the disciple in the grave as per page number 45 in the book “Sair Auliya.”

     Hasan Sanjari that one of his neighbor who was a disciple. As  per tradition, it is mentioned by  the Sheikh of Islam Hadrat Khaja  Khaja Usman Haruni and he was dying. I was accompanied with his funeral to the graveyard . When all per As sons left  the graveyard after burying him but he was there for one hour  near the grave of that friend and I have seen that the angels of punishment came over there. And during this time Hadrat Khadija Usmani came over there and asked not  to give punishment to that person as that person belongs to his disciples. There was  the command of Allah to the angels to tell him that the disciple was of opposing  of him. It means he was disobedient. The Sheikh told  them that indeed he  did disobedience of him but was included himself among his disciples. There was  the command of Allah to angels to stop their hands  and not to give punishment for the disciple and as  We have forgiven that person for the sake of him.

The hikayat (story) of peer person  from book Sair Auliya on the  page number 45

    It is available  a  tradition that once one old person was present in the service of Khaja Usman Haruni due to his severe matter of a problem with him. The Sheikh of time has asked him  “What is cause of his trouble.?” That old person told him ” Since 40 years his one son is missing and I do not about his life and death news in this matter. I present in your service with a request for   your prayer in this matter and perhaps my son reach back to my house.” The Sheikh went into meditation and after  the of some time, he has told with the persons who were present in the meeting place that we pray for this matter that this old man’s son should come back to his house. After the prayer the Sheikh told  him to go your  son might have reached to your house there. When he was reached back to his house one person told him  congratulation your son came into your house and old man met the boy and both of them went into the presence of the Sheikh and was getting the chance of kissing the feet  of the sky and ability Sheikh Khaja Haruni. The Sheikh was asked the boy ” In which condition you were there.” The boy told him that “In the island of rivers a dev was held him by tieing in the iron chains there. Today I was there and one Darwesh like you put his hands on the iron chains and who took me and asked to stand towards his side and  I was freed from the iron chain. And after this ,he told me to put my foot on his foot  so I have acted as per this instruction. Then he told me to close my eyes and so I have closed my eyes and I have found myself on the door of my house.”

The condition of majesty from the book Fawad Salikin on the page number 14.

    The above event is taken from book Dalil Salikin and from this  it is understood with us that compilation of book Dalil Salikin is confirmed that it is correct.This is  an old  book  of Malfuzat (advises and discourses) of Khwaja Bakhtiar Kaki’s collection of advice and sayings  and which is compiled by Baba Farid Ganj Shaker. We want to clear in this matter that copies from Dalil salikin is just like same as in the Fazail Amal Wa Rajal book in which week sayings of the prophet of Allah are recorded. Also, it is  the that from book Fawad Salikin who ever have compiled it and indeed in all condition, for it had very much priority in time from all other  many books.

    This time for this tradition in which there is  a description  of karamat (miracle) for which we can not ignore by saying of this week and unauthentic. And also we do not have any    arguments and proof  against of it

Roshan Zamiri (pure of heart)  from the  book Siratal Aqtab   page 99

    Once in the middle of the night 70 infidel  persons gathered and talked among themselves that at this time to go and see Khaja Haruni and to ask and try him for anything. If he will give some things as per our demand then we will recognize him that there will be no such person equal with him in the world.      

      In short, every person in his mind determined one kind of food dish for eating himself so every body  had made desire of eating a different kind of meals in his mind and all of them went into service of  seeing  the Sheikh of time Khaja Haruni. The Sheikh was sitting in the meeting place and when he had seen them and he  told  “ Oh : sons of Adam (A.S.) Allah knows all matters of hidden in the man. On whom he will be kind then he will inform the hidden things to them. Then he asked all of them to sit there. He was asked the servant wash the hands of the persons and the servant followed his instruction. After that Khaja Sahib told with his holy tongue “Bis Milla Irrehamn Nirrahim (In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful) and number of time and  he has raised his hands towards the sky and every time one tray of food dish from invisible source came there into his hands and which he has placed before the person in the order and in a  serial way. And every time he was placed every body’s desire and kept before the person. Hadrat Khaja Haruni said “ Eat with the  grace of Allah ” and as per his instruction all of them have eaten too much and all of them thanked Allah for His favour and also they were surprised in this matter. After some time they said “ We know that today in the world there is no holy person like you and like a  person   of grace. But please if we accept belief in the Lord of the worlds, Allah and become Muslims and belive in the unity of Allah whether your Lord will grant graces to us like yourself or not?.” Then Sheikh told them that “ What he is and he is   a humble person and in what  among he is counted.? and if there will be favour of Allah will be available then you will be granted too many   graces than this. All of them become Muslims and they have pledged on his hand began to stay in his service and in the short period of time they have become pious persons of Allah.

 the silence of ulema (learned persons) on the issue of  Sama (ecstasy)  from book Sairal Aqtab  on the page number 96.

    It is mentioned in the above book that the caliph of the time was prohibited him to Sama meetings and it was said to him that if it would have been legal than Sheikh Junaid of Baghdad would not have  left it. The caliph was pledged in the chain of Saherwardia Sufi Order and some persons of ulema (learned persons)  and Faqi (Muslim jurist) were in favour of Sama  and some learned persons and Faqi (Muslim jurist) were not in  favour of Sama. The caliph was given order that those who will hear Sama will be killed accordingly and when he has heard this order then he said “ Sama is one of the  secrets of Allah and during Sama meeting , there will be no hindering and obstacle in between Allah and his slave. For it, nobody could  stop it. There will be no power with anybody who can stop us from listening of the sama. I pray to   Allah that till the day of judgment we hope that our disciples and devotees sons will continue to hear it and on the people of Sama there will be no success  of  any person on the people of Sama.  But for the caliph, it is not legal as he is a  pledge in the chain of Saharwardia Sufi Order. Our many sheikhs have been heard, Sama. In spite of this, if I leave Sama then I will become a person of fault and sinner. The Sheik’s command  was sent to the caliph in detail. Upon this, the caliph was given the  order to the messenger of the sheikh that the sheikh should come to the court and have a  discussion with learned persons there. If the learned persons will decide it legal then he will not insist in this matter.

     The messenger went back in the presence of the Sheikh of time and was given  a message of the caliph. At that time Sheikh did meditation and gone  to   the court of the caliph. The caliph gathered many reliable learned persons.The caliph was not able to face  grace of Khaja Haruni and  so he has   gone from the court and he  was sat  behind the curtain in the palace. The learned persons who have seen the majestic face of the Sheikh were began shivering in this matter and whatever they had knowledge of  them were forgotten and even they could not remember alphabets. In that condition, the caliph was given them too much support and favour to participate in the debate but they have become helpless in this matter. Their tongues were closed so they could not say anything in the court. At last, they said “ Oh : caliph whatever they had possessed and that knowledge was removed from their minds upon seeing the face of Khaja Haruni. Because of this, we do not have any power and ability to have  a    with him. At last learned and Muslim jurists as well as respectable persons wept and approached towards his foot and fallen on them and they requested that “ Oh : Sheikh,  the caliph is a disciple in the chain of Saherwardia Sufi Chain so for this reason he was prohibited, Sama. What is their power that we would say  the Sama illegal ?  For your sake and for sake of the people hearing Sama kindly help us as we are facing this difficulty. We have spent our entire life for obtaining knowledge which was gone already from our mind and memory within second.”


     When the caliph has seen the  greatness of the Sheikh then he was told that “ He will not prohibit Khaja Haruni to hear Sama (ecstasy).

      After this Khaja Haruni was returned back to his residence and he was demanded Qawalls (choristers) and he was engaged in  the hearing of the Sama continuously for a period of seven days. But after this event on this personality of angelic qualities nobody has  objected for the  hearing of Sama.

The Karamat (miracle) of Prophet Abraham (A.S.) from book Al-Anwar on the page number 131

    When Khaja Moinuddin Chisti was got permission to leave from Khaja Haruni and he has left from him. After some days Khaja Haruni left from his lofty station and by chance he was reached a place where  the fire worshippers used to reside there and where there was a fire temple and near of it there was a deep pit was there in which there  was capacity of 20 loads of carts fire wood to make fire was there in it.

    The Sheikh stayed there under a tree away from the village which was a bank of a river and he was told his servant whose name was Fakheruddin to go from there to the village and bring fire and flour and to prepare bread for the breaking of the fast.The servant went to the village and he was purchased flour from there and he went to the fire temple to take fire from there and at that time fire worshippers were sitting around the fire temple and they have prohibited the servant to take away fire from the fire temple. So the servant has informed  all details to the sheikh in this matter. So, for this reason, he was getting   ready to retaliate and there was effect of this on him and he was stood and went to fire temple area and was seen that one person and whose name Makshiya was sitting on his throne along with his 7 years old son and there were so many fire worshippers were there in the fire temple. The Sheikh has asked them what is the benefit of fire worshipping ?  and the fire which will be extinguished  with some quantity of water. And why they did not worship the Lord of the words who made the world so Allah can help them. Because fire is created by Him only.

      One fire worshipper told him that “ In our religion fire is having greatness with it so, for this reason, we pray for it.” The Sheikh told him that ” You have spent most part of your life in its worship so put your hand in it but the condition is that your hand should not be burnt in it.” That person told that naturally, its habit  is burning than who has a  power that one should stay near of it. Afterward, the Sheikh took the boy on  that person’s lap and thrown him into the fire. So, for this reason, the fire worshipers made loud and cry. Then Sheikh recited  Bismillah Ar-Rahman Nirrahim (in the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful)  and  recited the following verse from holy Quran and its translation and interpretation are follows.

“ Oh : fire is cool on Ibrahim with safety”

   The boy was there in the fire for 4 hours completely and there was no damage  at all     to the boy. After that he took the boy from the fire pit and fire worshippers asked the boy what you have seen there? The boy told that except flowers and garden noting was not seen by him there. From this event, it is clear that Sheikh had with Velayat (sainthood) of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.). In short, all fire worshipper have become Muslim. The Sheikh named Makhisa as Abdullah and his son’s name was given as Ibrahim and he was trained and was given teaching and preaching both of them as such that both of them reached  to higher level of saint hood for this reasons.

   In the book, Kitab Tariq Salaf the above tradition is mentioned as the progeny of the Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) and it is explained further that for this Karamat (miracle). That there are two sayings in this matter. For some people it is Karamat of Khaja Usman Haruni   and some other persons thinks that this Karamat  belongs to  Sheikh Moinuddin Hasan Sanjari.

    The author of book Al-Moin, Moulana Syed Zainuddin was mentioned the place of this miracle where it was happened  in the country of India and in Gujrat region but it is regret in this matter that he was not quoted any reference to any book in this matter. Moulana Jamal was mentioned  in his book Sair Al-Arifian that the place was become famous for visitors but he could not mention the name of its place and address in this matter.

The books of biographies

   The holy companions of the last  prophetof Allah in this way have given importance to preserve the sayings of the prophet and in this matter, they have taken specially care and attention and utmost care of  memorizing the sayings in their minds. After the demise of the last prophet of Allah after some period of time the Muslims have tried full endeavours and with too much for  compilation of the sayings of the prophet was started as such that teachers of sayings of prophet and  about prophet sayings such as commentary was started that cyclopedia of narrators new style  of skill came into existence. There were rules of criticism of sayings were came into existence. So for this reason for each and every saying correct details and information were written. So for this reason intellectual of the sayings of the prophet of Allah today able to know that every  and every detail of Hadith (saying of the prophet ) to which it belongs and also its kind.

   In the same way, sincere devotees and believers of the special type were written sayings of their suif masters and so they compiled books of their spiritual masters with special attention and care  they  have done this service. So that coming generations may be benefitted in this matter and  so that with continuance of favour and light of guidance which always enlightens the hearts of the people. So for this, reason book Faried Fawad, Khair Majalis etc were compiled. So, for this reason, sayings of the Sufi masters of Chist are still found in some books of Malfuzat (advises and discourses) .

    Regarding Khaja Haruni it is generally known that his book of Malfuzat (advise and discourses) compiled and collected by Khaja Moinuddin Chisti in the name of Anis Arwa and in this matter brother Moulana Moin Moueni  who has not accept this matter.  So he has discussed this matter in details in the book Tariq Salaf with its proof and research details which should not be ignored in this matter. He was proved that Anis Arwa, Dalil Arifian, Fawaid Salikin, Rahatal Quloob, and in the above 4 books Malfuzat’s (advise and discourses) connection are not found correct and  right and in this matter and there is no doubt. The above person was not impressed that in some books of biographies the traditions are quoted from the above books   and their references are available. And in some  books of realities their references are   there  and in which there are included some tradition are available in the books without mentioning of their references of the above books and some Malfuzat are found in these books.

     So it is not necessary for us to have our critical look on all books of Malfuzat and which is not belongs to the subject of  our discussion in this matter. Also, author of the book of Tariq Salah whatever he was written on this topic with him this discussion is incomplete. So after some days he will write more details in this matter. And he will not leave any matter. So for this reason for this situation to write more details for this discussion is not necessary for this matter.

    Yes, Anis Arwa for this matter it is mentioned that it is Malfuzat of Khwaja Usman Haruni so we think necessary that as we are writing Malfuzat of Khwaja Haruni and it  is our duty and obligation in this matter to give an opinion about book Anins Arwa.                          


  Reference from book Anis Arwa on the page number 5

    Then we Khwaja Haruni and Khwaja Moinuddin came to Badakshan and where we met one pious person and who was the successor of Junaid of Baghdad and who  was 100 old.

       Khwaja Junaid of Baghdad belongs to the learned person of the mystic way of Hadrat Sheikh Abdul Quader Jilani and in his genealogical record, his name is available in the 5th rank. In all books of biographies, all authors were mentioned  his year of death with some difference. But the correct fact is that 302 Hegira year and after this year no one of his authors did not exceed further in this matter. So in such conditions the alloy person who was beneficent in the company of Junaid of Baghdad whether his age may be 100 years old  why he can live in the yer 400 Hegira year after passing of such long period of time. So which is a baseless tradition? The great Khwaja Haruni was born in the year 530 Hegira. So as per this calculation , any disciple of Junaid of Baghdad live in the world and with this also at that time his age should be only 100 years old. This tradition  is saying by calling   that by itself that it is not concerned with truth.

  Reference from the book Anis Arwa  on the page number 4

   Khwaja Haruni said Khwaja Junaid Baghdadi’s book Umda in which we have seen the tradition of Yousuf Chisti. In the second meeting about hymns of Prophet Adam (A.S.),there was discussion and he said he was heard by the tongue of Yousuf Chisti.

    From a study of the first reference, it is found that  Khaja Yousuf Chisti is that holy person about his tradition Junaid Baghdadi  which he discussed in his book Umda Saluk in this matter. And from second tradition it is known that Yousuf Chisti is such holy person and his company available  with  Khwaja Junaid Baghdadi and from his tongue of truth Malfuzat were reached to the holy hearing. It means that Khwaja Yousuf who was lived during the time of Junaid of Baghdad  up to the time of Khwaja Haruni and it means he was lived at the age of 250 years otherwise a collection of this saying will not show any reason  for it.  if some will say that Khwaja Yousuf is another person from  him Junaid Baghdadi wrote his tradition. And this Khaja Yousuf is different with which Khwaja Haruni had held meeting with him. In that case, the issue is that lineage of Christ started with Khwaja Ishaq Shami and from that time all holy persons have  adopted  the title of Chisti with their names. Those who are devotees of Khawja Ishaq belongs to his chain of favour.

    Khwaja Iraq Shami’s year of birth is 343/329 Hegira which is written in the books biographies and history. Even though it is confirmed before  the death of Junaid of Baghdad  and after some years he was born. So Junaid Baghdadi tradition with any Khwaja Yousuf Chisti referring it is whether correct in this matter.? No, it will be never. Because during the time of Junaid Baghdadi use of the title of Chisti was not yet started at that time. Other than if we study book Sair Auliya’s tradition that Khwaja Yousuf Chisti who belonged to Khwaja Madud Chisti and  he is his sister’s son. Then it will be very cleared the truth in this matter. In short with us Anis Arwa is not Malfuzat of Khwaja Haruni. 

    But in Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya’s collection book Rahatal Mohibin  in which Amir   Qusro who was recorded a tradition of Khwaja Nizamuddin by his holy tongue. Because about this book and its compilation we do not any doubt. So its brief details are recorded herewith.

     It was practice of Khwaja Haruni that with commencement of the month of Ramazan he will leave all his affairs and  also leave company of the people and used to live in loneliness and he said “ The month of Ramazan is month of grace and prize and its example is like that defeated army’s booti which will  find every where so for the successful army in the same way  during the month of Ramazan’s grace and blessing  will  find all four sides and like such condition in  which will find booti scattered so one  can loot as per his wish and desire. So the people should do endeavour and worship which is possible by them so that they should get  a countable reward.”

    Apart from this  his  Malfuzat (advises and instructions)  are available in the following books.

1.Kitab Dalail Arifin

2.Rahatal Quloob

      Unless we do not know about  the correctness of tradition in the above two books we could not dare to quote such tradition in this book.  But as a matter of fact in the book Fazil Amal in which weak traditions about sayings of the prophet of Allah are recorded in it. But our devotion can not give us permission  so we keep silence in this matter.

Marriage and sons

    In any reliable or un reliable Malfuzat and  in any authentic biography  or unauthentic biography there is no mention the information on this topic. Allah knows whether he was spent his life with or without marriage and whether his lineage was started or not nobody knows in this matter.

Demise and mausoleum

     On sixth Shawwal in the year, 617 Hegira Sheikh of the world Khaja Haruni left this mortal world.


     Regarding his mausoleum author of book Al-Kibaya al-Zavia who has mentioned following information and details in this matter.

   His grave is situated in Suq Lail area in Makkah. One king of India has constructed his mausoleum  over his grave there. There is available caravan serai near his mausoleum and which well is known and famous as Rubat al-Hind  and  which is the  residence of fakirs of Chistiya order . But now which was demolished but signs are still available there. Now in that area well do persons of Makkah  used to live there. So Sayyadi Bashi is residing  there.  I know well that on the holy place of grave marble frame was constructed all four sides. There in the shrine, he was always busy in teaching and also for good deeds, works of benefits were done by him and all such things are due to the grace of Khaja Haruni and blessing  and favour of Allah.

    My honorable master Mavlavi Abdul Bari Farnagi Malhli when he was visited holy Makkah and at that  he was seen the mausoleum of Khwaja Haruni  and was constructed there marble frame around four sides of the grave.Now Allah knows well what happened to it  during the reign of King Ibn Saud of Arabia. Anyway, it is well-known fact that his grave which was a favour for the fulfillment of desires and wishes of the persons who visit his grave in Makkah.

Death anniversary (Urs)

      In the shrine building of Ajmer his annual Urs ceremony(death anniversary) is being celebrated in every year with grandeur scale as such of Urs of Khwaja Hasan Sanjari. The Sama Khana (listening house) in the night of 6th Shawwal on the 6th date meeting of the Sama (ecstasy) and Qul (reciting a verse of Qul Wal-Lahu Ahad ) meeting will be held. At the above meeting which was held in which there will be no large gathering of the people was found there because there was no announcement of this Urs celebration was given to the general public for participation there in.  But last year by publication division of Fakher Khudam was given the announcement of death anniversary (Urs).

The caliphs and disciples

The above details are as follows.

Khaja Moinuddin Chisti

Khaja Najamuddin Suqra

Faqeruddin Garduza

Sheikh Sadi Langochi

Sheikh Mohammed Turkey


1.Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Sanjari

    He was born in the year 530 Hegira in the village Sanjar in the region of Isphan the shining star  on the sky of Siadat (descendant of the holy prophet through his daughter Hazrat Fatima) rose and he was brought up in Khorasan city. In the 15th year, his parents left this mortal world. In Samarqand and in Bukhara, he has acquired knowledge. In the year 563 Hegira, he has completed learning of  knowledge. After that, he was reached to Baghdad and joined in the service of Khwaja Haruni and pledge on his hand. For a period of 20 years, he was with his spiritual master in his service and he  was  with him on  his journey and  at his stay  period in different places in travel and tourism. In the year, 582 Hegira he was obtained saintly dress, caliphate and permission from his spiritual master and he proceeded to India and there were rules of kings of Chohan dynasty. At different places, while meeting with holy  personalities and he was reached to the  capital city of  King Rai Pathura in Ajmer  during that period Sultan Shabuddin Ghouri was conquered Indian capital city of Delhi. Due to the  prayer of Khwaja Sahib Sultan Shabuddin was successful in the war with Rajput kings. During the rule of Sultan Al-Tamsh, Khwaja Sahib visited two times Delhi city.

     On 6th Rajab in the year  1236 ,this sun of guidance was set after a period of 43 years after giving his light and it was set from its 102 years of rising. But his favour is still being continued till the day of judgment his light will be available .

  1. Sheikh Najamuddin Suqhra

    The books of biographies and history are now in our study but in those books, no information details about him are not available to us so in such condition we would not open our lips. However, a reference from book Sair Auliya’s which is given as follows and from it is known that during of period of Sultan al-Tamash of Delhi he was on the post of Sheikh of Islam of  Delhi.

    Sair Auliya page number 54

    This tradition is linked with the visit of Khaja Moinuddin that when Khwaja Sahib came to visit  Delhi from Ajmer  and at that time Sheikh Najamuddin Sughra was Sheikh of Islam of Delhi .

     There was friendship in between Sheikh Najamuddin Suqhara and so, for this reason, Khaja Moinuddin Chisti came over to visit Delhi to see him there.

  1. Saadi Langochi and Sheikh Mohammed Turki

 For writing the details of the above two holy personalities we are in helpless condition because in the books which are with us in those books we have searched  for  them and all of them are totally silent in this matter.

  1. Fakheruddin Khwaja Gardezi

    At the time when Khaja Moinuddin Chisti has started the  journey towards India then as per his spiritual master’s permission and he was entered in the service of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti. So, for this reason, he came to Delhi along with Khawja Sahib. He was the paternal brother of Sheikh Moinuddin Chisti and he was brother in the mystic way and his caliph.

    In the presence of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, he had complete access and influence there.

    As per book Gulzar Abrar, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti used to say always that “ With Fakheruddin he had  proud upon him.”  

     Fatah Darin, Fazail Khwaja, Tadhkira al-Moin etc have mentioned  26th Rajab as  his date of demise. In book ‘Tariq Salaf’ the year of his demise mentioned as 642 Hegira year. His grave is situated in the mausoleum’s one room and in another room his wife’s grave is there.

      The lineage of the custodians of shrine buildings of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer  is belonged to his  sons.