Hazrat Abul Hasan Ali Bin Ibrahim Jafri r.a

He was great spiritual leader and also best source for the wisdom and knowledge. He was from the Egypt but he spent most of part of his life in Baghdad.

He told “The real Sufi is one who is away from the mankind and upon  reaching nearness  of Allah  then one should leave the nearness of the mankind.”

Ahmed  was  his  disciple  and  he  performed  sixty  hajjs along  with  him.  He  used  to  wear  pilgrim  robe  for  hajj from Khorsan. Once he told some thing in Makkah in the presence of Sheikhs of Makkah which caused angered for them and for this reason he was asked to leave Makkah. Then Sheikh Abul Hasan told his door keeper not to send any  young  man  from  Khorasan  in  his  presence.  After some  time  he  visited  Baghdad  and  went  to  see  Sheikh Ahmed  but  the  door  keeper  told  him  that  Sheikh  had prohibited him to visit him.

Upon hearing this Ahmed become unconscious and upon becoming normal he was there  for  the  long time.  Once Shaikh went out side of the house and saw him there and told him “For your mistake it is punishment for you to go to  Roman city of Tartos and  graze  the  pigs there  for  a



period of one year in the day time and do worship the during the whole night in the lonely places. So upon his instructions he had completed the task in one year and returned back in the service of his master.

Upon reaching his house his master immediately come out of his house and welcomed him warmly and he told “Oh : Ahmed you are my child  and  light of my eyes.” Upon hearing  this  remarks Ahmed was very  happy and went to Makkah for the performing of hajj there.

When  he  reached  Makkah  the  sheikhs  welcomed  him

warmly and they told him “You are our child and light of our eyes”. He told in his morning hymens he used to say “Oh: Allah I am pleased with you but so are you also agreeable with me or not and at that time he heard a divine call in which he heard “Oh: Liar if you were agreeable with us then you will demand willingness from Us.” He told he used to complete his daily recital from his youth period and when ever it was ignored by him then he used to get punishment from Allah.

He told “I asked with many Sufis what is definition of mysticism? And all of them told him to leave the things which are dear to us. ” He told “When I looked my heart I find its status greater than others and when I looked the people of respect then I find my status greater than others.”

He told our condition of unity of Allah depend upon the following five following things.

  1. Habits.
  2. 2. Firmness.



  1. Separation.
  2. Contention for dignity.
  3. Forgetfulness.

It means to ignore the knowledge which you did  not know.

Not to search for the things which you did not know. To avoid all things and follow the path of Allah.

He told without Allah’s help nobody will  get His love and affection.

Without leaving all things except Allah nobody will get

the nearness of Allah.

One  who  is  claimant  of  things  of  reality.  And  such person’s proofs and logic will become false and wrong.  He  told  “One  minute’s  thinking  in  the  condition  of observation  will  be  better  than  the  value  of  thousand hajjs.”

He told “Once the persons asked him who are censured persons? And he cried and told “If there was possibility of new prophets then there will be one prophet form  the group of censured persons”.

He told “For ecstasy it is required permanent thirst and

desire because if there will no more thirst then one can not drink more and more and its continuation will never end.” When the Sufi will be near to Allah then there will be no effect of events upon him.

Sufi is one who will not be there after nothingness. After existence he will not see nothingness and keep his heart clear from the remarks of opposite persons and it is called Sufism.



He told “All problems and differences are in the life of world only.

When Sufi is finished himself in his love then he will not think except Allah and even he will not able to talk.”