Hazrat Abu Hamza Mohammad Bin Ibrahim Baghdadi r.a

He followed the solitude way of life but he was respected greatly by sheikhs for his greatness. For this reason pious persons also respected him very much. He was perfect in exegesis of the holy Qu’ran and Hadith (tradition of the holy prophet).

His teachings and advises were also perfect and he was always busy  in his teachings of Islamic knowledge and advises in Resafa mosque in Baghdad.

He was a disciple of Harith Mahasabi. He was trained in the company of Sirri Saqti and Abul Khair Nasij. Imam Hambal used to ask his opinions in case of any problems in the Islamic matters. He was died in the year 289 H. Once   he   visited   Harith   Mubarak   who   was   famous darwesh and he was wearing fine dress at that time and there was a cage near him in which there was a bird in it. When the bird told some thing then Abu Hamza cried in loud voice and told “Labbaik Ya Sayyadi” “(Welcome Oh

: Master.)” When Harith heard this, he became very angry and he took a knife to kill him but the disciples requested him to avoid such act. But Harith was in great anger and told him “Oh! Abu Hamza be a Muslim” and the disciples told him that we think him a great pious person but you are treating him as a kafir (an unbeliever) and insulting

him.  Harith  told  them  “I  myself also  think  him  a  great

pious person and his piety is known to me too and I also know  that  he  is  in  inner  most  in  love  for  the  unity of Allah.”

But why he did such an act which is similar to the act of sweet makers and why he did cry on the call of a bird as lovers of Allah will get peace and comfort from the holy book’s  verses  because  Allah  never  annihilate  into  any person’s  body  and  also  it  is  not  legal  for  Allah  to annihilate  and  mix  into  any  person’s  body.  When  Abu Hamza  heard  the  above  comments,  he  told  him  “His action and saying is according to a group which is not on the right path so I repent for this mistake in this matter.” He told I witnessed Allah by force then Allah told me ” Oh : Abu Baker do not follow doubts and do not become the brother of mankind.”

But when this saying reached to the people and for this useless saying he was given many  punishments  and  he also underwent many hardships and problems for this reason.

He told “The friendship of indigent persons is very difficult so except the people of trust no body can bear them.” If there will be help from Allah for any one then for such person it is easy to follow the right path. One who adopt the path of Allah by source and logic then such person will follow the right path for some time and he will also be away from the right path for some time.

He told one who get the followings three things by grace of Allah then he will be safe from problems  and difficulties.

  1. To live empty with stomach.
  2. 2. To adopt Contentment.
  3. To follow indigence always .

He told “Upon fulfillment of duties your soul will be safe and secure.”

The true sufi is one who is firm in the following things.

  1. He will face insult after respect.
  2. 2. He will face poverty after richness.
  3. He will become unknown after fame.

If there will be no such things in any sufi  then  such person is not true sufi. He told the starvation is gift from Allah which should be acceptable to me.

When I come to know that there will no such starvation than me in the world so I accepted it happily and adopted the right path. He used to talk in sweet tone upon serious thinking so one day he heard a divine call in which he heard ” Oh Abu Hamza you used to talk upon thinking in sweet tone but it is better for you to stop talking and do not show your sweet style of talking in nice tone to others. ”

Upon this incident he stopped talking and  died  in  the same week but some persons told he died due to falling from the pulpit in the mosque while he was delivering Friday sermon.

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