Ummul-Mumineen Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) Bint Abi Sufyan (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)

Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) was the daughter of the famous companion Abi Sufyan (RA) bin Sakhr. Her real name is “Ramla”. She was first married to Obaidullah bin Jahash. He was the muslim who embraced Islam in the beginning period and they had migrated to “Abyssinia” in the second batch. Obaidullah bin Jahash while in “Abyssinia” converted to Christianity.
Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) was a lady of dignity,courage and having a very good character. She stood firmly as a Muslim lady. She had a daughter whose name was “Habeebah” therefore she was now known as Umm-e-Habeebah (RA). She suffered a lot in Mecca at the hands of her father who was an “Arch-enemy” of Islam and used to oppose the Prophet (pbuh) in every respect. Obaidullah bin Jahash turned to be a dranker and had started to persuade her to convert to Christianity as he did.
Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) had a dream that the face of Obaidullah was deformed and horrible. She narrated her dream so tha Obaidullah may fear God and accept again the Islamic faith but in vain, and soon he died there. She lived alone while bringing up the daughter and spending much of her time in prayers and worship. Sometimes,She used to visit the other muslim families living in “Abyssinia”. One day she had a dream while she was in “Abyssinia” that someone was addressed her “Ummul-Mumineen” (The mother of beleivers). She was overjoyed with this dream.
By this time the Prophet (pbuh) was in Madina-al-Munauwara after immigration from Mecca. The Prophet (pbuh) heard about the sufferings of “Umm-e-Habeebah (RA)” in a foreign area. He (pbuh) sent Umro bin Ummaya (RA) to “Abyssinia” to extend Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) the message of marriage. The king of “Abyssinia” who is very well known as “Najashi” sent his maid serant Abraha to Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) to known her consent. She happily consented and Khalid bin Sayeed was her representative. Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) gave the silver jewellery which was with her to Abraha. Najashi soleminised the marriage and he himself gave the “Qutba”. He gave 400 Dinars as dowry and also arranged a “Walima” dinner. Thus Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) became “Ummul-Mumineen” and her dream came true.
Latter Najashi sent Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) to Madina-al-Munauwar. It is reported that the maid servant Abraha was much impressed by Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) and accepted Islam and requested her to carry her regards and Salam to the Holy Prophet (pbuh). When she meets him at Madina-al-Munauwara, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was very pleased to have “Salam” from Abraha and extended blesssings to her.
Abi Sufyan was always opposing the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and he led the “Mushrikeens of Mecca” in “Badr,Uhad & the battle of Trench (Ghazwa-e-Ahazab)”. He never succeeded in his efforts. It is reported that he wrote the following words to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in a letter during this war as:
“This is from Abi Sufyan to Muhammad (pbuh) bin Abdullah.
I swear my Lords “Laat,Manat,Uzza,Isaf,Naila & Habul” that I came to Madina with a very big and strong army, so that I can finish you and your mission. I would not go back till I saw you end. You are evading the face us and therefore you have dug this trench. This is a quite a new and strange thing to the Arabs. Certainly the Arabs fight with the swords and arrows. He said “You are afraid and scared of our swords very clearly, this is evading the war. Remember that you would treat and behave with you as we did in the battle of “Uhad”.
The reply to this letter from the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was as:
“In the name of Allah (S.T.), the most beneficient and the most merciful.
This is from Muhammad (pbuh), the Prophet of Allah (S.T.) to the name of Abi Sufyan.
Got your letter and came to know all the events and affairs. You are very proud and arrogant. You wrote that you had brought a very big and strong army and that you would go back only when you finish me; I am a very strong believer that my Allah (S.T.) will destroy your force and make us(the Muslims) Victors.
O Foolish! remember that very soon I will destroy your lords so called Lords “Laat,Uzza etc.,” and there would be none to take their names”.
Abi Sufyan faced a very shameful defeat in this battle and he was very much worried and upset when he came to know about Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) that she married with Holy Prophet (pbuh). He had to come down and accept the fact that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was on the right path. Once he came to Madina-al-Munauwara and met Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) and wanted to sit on the Prophet’s (pbuh) carpet or the bed. Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) did not allow him to occupy the bed and immediately folded it up. She told her father Abi Sufyan that he being Najis (uncleaned) could not touch the Prophet’s bed (carpet). She preached him and lamented that such a big man who is the chief of the Tribe “Qurayesh” could not release the fact that Allah (S.T.) is one and Muhammad (pbuh) is the Prophet of Allah (S.T.). Abi Sufyan and Amir Maviya embraced Islam at the time when Mecca was conquered and Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) was very much pleased by this news.
Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) was a lady of dignity, courage and she was very learned and She loved the Prophet very much. She had narrated about 65 “Ahadith”. She followed the “Hadith” of the Prophet very strictly and wished that others too follow the same.
When Abi Sufyan (RA) was died, she sent for some scent and rubbed it on her both hands and cheeks and said “I do not need scent if I had not heard this thing from the Prophet (pbuh) of Allah (S.T.), I heard him (pbuh) saying “It is not lawful for a woman, who believes in Allah (S.T.) and hereafter, to mourn any dead person for them three days except her husband in that case her waiting period is four months and 10 days.
She was very much sorry when she heard about the martyrdom of Uthman bin Affan (RA) and she cursed that Allah (S.T.) may cut off his hands who attacked and give Martyr to Uthman bin Affan (RA). Allah (S.T.) accepted her curse and the killer met with fate. She was very kind hearted by nature. Before her death, she called A’isha Siddiqua (RA) and said “Sometimes some miunderstanding and difference of opinion might have taken place as it so happens among the wives. Therefore, forgive me A’isha Siddqua (RA) said that she forgave her and prayed for her forgiveness. Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) then said “You have pleased me, May Allah (S.T.) please you”.

Umm-e-Habeebah (RA) died in the year 44 Hijra during the period of Caliph Maviyah (RA). She lived with the Holy Prophet (pbuh) for 6 years. She was burried in the “Janatul-Baqi”(Graveyard).