Hazrat Syed Ali Mira Datar r.a

Hazrat Muhammad At-Taqi ( Razi Allahu Anhu ) is the 9th Imam. Hazrat Sayed Ali Mira Datar belongs to his family. He is from Husaini Family.
Coincidently he was born on the moon night as well as his martydom on moon night dated 29th Ramzan, He was born on Idd moon chand night and On Eid day there is his Ghusul (Bathing) Ceremony in the Mazar Sharif (Tomb). There is a great celebration on his Birthday. On the day he was martyred dated 29th Moharram, there is Urs mubarak at 4.00 am in the morning, Also there is Sandal Mubarak where Lacs of people gather around the Mazar shariff to be rewarded their rightfull needs. There is Luban (Fragrance ceremony) at 5.00 am and in the evening after maghrib Namaz.People ardently attainding morning and evening Loban ceremony are rewarded tremendously.

Grandfather of Mira Datar – Aap ke Dada

Sayyed Ali’s Grandfather Sayyed Ilmuddin came along with his Father Mohammed Daurain (R.A.) from Bukhara, Uzbekistan to a village of Lukhnow (India).Durinng those days so many Buzurg (Learned Preacher ) came from Bukhara to India for Islamic preachings. In those days many muslims were not on the right path, they were COMITTING DEFERENT TYPES OF SIN WHICH WERE INCREASING DAY BY DAY. THAT TIME KUTBE ALAM was sent from Bukhara to Gujarat by his uncle for Islamic preaching Kutbe Alam was his paternal Uncle. They are from the same family, they went from district to district, village to village showing the rightl way of ALLAH (subhana tala). After demise of Ilmuddin’s father he came to Ahmadabad of Gujrat where he met Kutbe Alam and that time the king of Ahmedabad was Ahmed Shah.
Kutbe Alam was very much pleased on meeting Ilmuddin and he introduced him to King Ahmed Shah who letter recruitted him in his Army at post of Commander in Chief (sipesalar). Ilmuddin was a very pious man. He lead all his companion on the rightfull path of ALLAH the only One. Shown by talimat of Sunnah of Mohammed (sallala hu ali wasslam). So many soldiers became disciples (Mureed). Iman ki roshni main log mala mal ho gaye.

His Father
Hazrat Sayed Ilmuddin’s son named Sayed Dost Muhammed was married to Aisha Bibi who is known as Jannati maa or Rasti maa, sister of Sabai Burhani. She was very pious & rightful. She belongs to a Sufi Faimily. Her nearest relatives meternal as well as paternal were all Walis And Auliyas. Dost Mohammed was very bold & brave
man master of sword. King Ahmad Shah liked him very much as he also was a succcessfull warrior. He lived at Kanpur where a son was born to him and he named him “Abu Mohammed”
Birth of Sayed Ali
After some time in the month of Ramzan, HAZRAT SAYYED ALI MIRA DATAR was born . His Face was glittering with the Sprtual lightning (noor) His place of birth was Sayyedwada of Ahmadabad KANPUR. He was born as a wali While he was 3 years old, King Ahmad shah ordered his father Dost Mohammed to curb the rebellion and
decoits around Patangaon. Unnava was known as Lilapure in those days. For going to patangao Lilapure was theway, and he had to cross Lilapur whenever he wanted to reach patangaon and so he made a house there. After successfully completing his job all the people lived there happily. During this time Mevason was also won by Aby Mohammed.
Expiry of Mother at tender age
Sayed Ali was 10 month and 16 days when his mother Jannati Maa expired on Friday 16 rajab 880 Hijri Sayyed Ali was under nourishment of Daulat Bibi urf Amma & Dadi Amma.
Mazar of Dadi Amma and Rasti Ammi is in Usmaanpura Ahmedabad.


Childhood Miracles :- BACHPAN KE KARAMAT
Miracle of Sayed Ali commenced from childhood (bachpan). He was weeping for milk, Dama amma embraced him
praying to ALLAH Subhana Taala that if I was having Milk I would have fed him. The moment she prayed it was accepted in the Darbar of ALLAH Subhana Tala and she got milk. She feeded him happily on seeing this everybody was astonished. They were sure that this is from ALLAH Subhana tala. After that his father Dost Mohammed married her.

Brought Up:- Aap ki Tarbiyat
He was brought up under Daama Amma, Dadi maa and Dadajan. He took his basic education from Dadajan at Ahmadabad. He was very pious man. He spent most of his time in Ibaadat of ALLAH subhawa taala and Studie of Hadees and Sunnah. Whoever brought any difficulty to Sayed Ali he used to solve any problem immediately.
There was spiritual power in his tongue. What ever he prayed it was accepted very soon. On seeing this so many people accepted Islam. His speech and actions was all according to pleasure of ALLAH Subhanatala along with preaching of prophet Muhammed Sallalah Alai Wasdallam. Sayed Ali was a great lover and cherisher of Imam Husain ( r.a.) and he always wanted to be a Martyr (Shaheed).

Mehmood begda and Mohammed Lodhi
After the death of Ahmed Shah his son Mehmood Begda become the king at very tender small age,Mehmood Begda was a very powerful and brave king. He won many forts and palaces because of which he was known as Begda. At that time Mohammad Lodhi was the king of delhi.One person came to the court of Mohammed lodhi and
requested in the court of lodhi that in Madhya pradesh, Dhar District there is a Village called Mandavgad, it has a boundary of 70 kilometer Mandavgad was surrounded by 12 small villages. King of that area was a very Tyrant, Rude and Anti religion. He made a 24 foot huge idol (Dev). He had a big Jail in which he had kept many people. Every day
he used to kill a person from his kingdom and from his blood he used to put Tilak to the IDOL and to himself also. All the people of his kingdom were scared of the King.
The king had many Magicians, Tantriks, Hugoori and Many people who were very well versed with Black Magic, Evil Spirits, Bad Curses. Any king who attacked Mandavgad had to face defeat and nobody was willing to help the poor people.
That person complained to Mohammed Lodhi and asked his help to get rid of the Tyrant king and save thousands of people from his clutches. Mohammed Lodhi said that Mohammed Begda is a very Brave king of Ahmedabad and he can surely win Madavgad and free all the people from his cluthes so Mohammed Lodhi sent a message to Mahmood Begda to help the people of Madavgad and attack Mandavgad.
When the complain reached to king Mahmood Begda he was very angry and decided to Attack as soon as possible. He sent a message to Unnava for Dost Mohammed (Father of Sayed Ali) and asked him to come to Ahmedabad with 250 Horse riding soldiers.
Twelve thousand soldier got ready to attack Mandavgad.the battle continued for several years but Mehmood Begda could not win over the fort. He attacked several time but in vain. Mehmood begda was very upset..he cried in front of ALLAH Subhanwataala and asked for his help and mercy..There after sombody said that in his army there is a person named Syed Ilmuddin and his Grandson is Sayyed Ali and Only Sayed Ali can win this fort for the king.

Marraige ceremony of Sayed Ali
Their in Unnava marriage preparation for Sayyed Ali who was just Eighteen years of Age were going on. As call for war came to his family they did not inform him. But somehow he came to know that he was called upon by his grandfather. He responded on the call of his grandfather Ilmuddin. He asked permission from his Brother and Mother to join his Grandfather in the battlefield. Initially his Mother hesitated to permit him as she knew the result but he convinced her saying I am Sayed, Descendents of the Prophet Mohammed (Sallala ali wassalam) Aal -e- Rasool (sallalali wasslam.) So you please heartedly allow me to join the battle as it is wish of ALLAH Subhana tala, I will Inshallh win this battle, At last permission was given.

On Way to the Battlefield – ( Miswaak Tree )
Sayyed Ali started to proceed toward the Battlefield on wish of ALLAH Subhana Tala, As he reached at the Pond of Unawa he used Miswak and after that he burried that miswak near pond.

m4Remains of Miswak tree Preserved at Dargah Shariff

m5Remains of Miswak tree Preserved at Dargah Shariff

Some people standing near by saw this and asked Sayed Ali why he did so he said that if he is martyred in this battle of Mandavgad it is this place where his body should be buried..

People asked him that how will they come to know that he has been martyred..Sayed Ali said the day when he will be martyred this small miswaak will become a big Miswaak Tree. After that Sayed Ali Made wazu and pray to ALLAH Subhana Tala, after that he thought in his heart if I received Shahadat (to die in the way of ALLAH subhana Tala) I should be burried here only. As he reached there he visited his grandfather, it was night time, there was a strong strom(aandhi) furious wind blowed every thing, all the tents of army were carried away Except one in which Sayyed Ali was reading Quran with his grand father Ilmuddin seeing this miracle Mehmud Begda was conviced that Sayed
Ali has reached Mandavgad and he is a sure Wali.(Friend of ALLAH)
Along with only one hundred twenty five soldiers he started his attack, there was a river on the way which miraculosly gave him way and the reached Mandavgad near Kokada Koh. He observed the fort of Mandavgad. It was eighteen feet high, Sayed Ali prayed to ALLAH and his horse jumped that height to reach inside the fort, The foot prints of horse are still available today. Once inside he made a tunnel from inside the Fort to help his army of One Hundred and twenty Five Soldiers to enter fort. On seeing face of Sayyed Ali many soldiers of the king were terrified and they ran away to King complaining
that they are unable to fight Sayed Ali. King was very furious on hearing this and he orderd to call all Magicians and Tantriks of his kingdom to join the war attackhing all at same a time. They tried there best but could not face of Sayyed Ali.
There was a furious and intense war, everywhere was blood …..blood and injured….and corpses. Nothing could stop Sayed Ali.

Mehandi Fort Won
In the hands of Sayed Ali Mira Datar was the strength of Sayed Ali. In the battlefield also Sayed Ali prayed his namaz on time, On seeing this many enemy soldiers accepted Islam.
Soon Sayed Ali Mira Datar reached the Palace of King. Name of palace was Jahaz Mahel from where he use to play all Magic tricks. King used all his trick . On seeing face of Sayed Ali Meera Datar, Kings face became white, he was so scared and frightened and started. Tremblingly with fear. He used all of his power, but he could not stand before the power of Aal -e- Rasool. His soldiers surrendered their weapons. He had tremendous fight with Sayyed Ali Mira Datar and he was badly wounded and he ran away and win on Mehendi Fourt was declared.

Faced Each Other – Hazrat Sayed Ali was Beheaded
As King ran away Sayyed Ali Mira Datar followed him and hide himself in Lohani caves. Syed Mira Dattar asked the soldiers about the Kings whereabouts and thy told Sayed Ali that king is hiding in Lohani caves.When Sayed Ali reached Lohani caves again here was again Dreadfull fight. and the King accepted defeat.Sayed Ali said to the King that if he seeks pardon with ALLAH Subhawataal and promises not to torture any
person of his kingdom he will be forgiven.The King said yes I seek forgiveness in the court of ALLAH Subhawataala’s court please forgive me..As soon as Sayed Ali put his sword down..the king picked up his sword and beheaded Sayed Ali. Hazrat Sayed Ali’s head was cut from his body but only his Body had so much power that he picked up his sword again and Chopped the body of the King in three pieces and also cut his Choti
(part of long hairs tied behind the head ). The king with the help of his evil power had put his life in his Choti so Sayed Ali cut his choti first and asked his soldiers to bury the Choti of the King near his legs.
The place where Sayed ali was martyred was filled with Flowers. Sayed Ali followed the Sunnah of Hazrat Qasim (r.a) when he was killed in Karbala Hazrat Qasim was a Groom for just one day the same way Sayed Ali was also a groom just for one day

Burial of Hazrat Sayed Ali
After he was martyered Sayed Ali came in dream of his grandfather Sayed Ilmuddin and gave him the good news that Mandavgad has been won and also showed him the place where his body was lying in Lohani Caves. In the dream Hazrat Sayed Ali instructed his grandfather to take his body from the caves and bury him Unnava, also he instructed his grandfather to bury the Choti of the King near his Legs.

Place where the Choti of king is Buried


Soon Hazrat Saayed Ilmuddin and King Mehmood Begda reached Luhani caves and saw RED HORSE of Sayed Ali on the gate..the Horse took the king and his grandfather to the body of Hazrat Sayed Ali..All people were astonished to see Flowers covering the body of Sayed Ali as no one till now knew where the body of Sayed Ali is lying..
Soon the body was taken out and taken to Aalamgir Masjid where his body was kept in a casket and thecasket was kept on a She camel and thy left for Unnava…at one place the She camel stopped and dint move an inch..people tried their best but could not move the camel..
On investigation it was revealed that it was the same place where hazrat Sayed Ali had buried the Miswak and thy saw that instead of a small miswaak there was a big Miswaak tree now..and there Sayed Ali was buried and Dargah stands today at the same place.

This way martyrdom of Sayed Mira Ali Datar won the fort of Mandawgad. When he was Martyred it was Friday, 29th Moharram
Name : Mira Datar
Hazrat Sayed Ali became famous by the name of Mira Datar, Meera means BRAVE and DATAR means Person who gives. Mira Datar became famous in every nook and corner of the world and people from all over the world irrespective of caste, color and religion till today come to his mazaar and get treated of all Black magic and evil spirits

Childhood Miracles :- BACHPAN KE KARAMAT
Miracle of Hazrat Sayed Ali Mira Datar commenced from childhood (bachpan). He was weeping for milk, Dama amma embraced him praying to ALLAH Subhana Taala that if I was having Milk I would have fed him.
The moment she prayed it was accepted in the Darbar of ALLAH Subhana Tala and she got milk. She feeded him happily on seeing this everybody was astonished. They were sure that this is from ALLAH Subhana tala. After that his father Dost Mohammed married her

Dead Boy was brought to live Four years after his death :-
In 1935 there was a coolie by the name of Devilal and he had great loce for Sayed Ali Mira Datar dargah and was a regular visitor of the Mazaar Shariff. By the Duaas of Mira Datar Devilal got a son whom he named Roshanalal, when the son was four years old, he got ill and was operated in Ahmedabad Civil hospital but doctors could not save him and he died of his illness…
He was buried near Unnava Pond, Devilal and his Wife both used to come to mazar shariff and weep a lot they used to cry at the darbar and say to Sayed Ali that they had a lot of expectations from his mazaar but theylost their child..Then both the parents were very dejected and thy went to Ahmedabad.
There also he used to sit alone and cry full day thinking of Sayed Ali one day he was sitting in a closed room and was crying alone for his lost son..Suddenly he saw a very beautiful small boy standing in front of him and he said go your son Roshan is waiting for you at Delhi Station.
Devilal was shocked as the room was locked from inside How could someone come inside the closed room and as soon as the boy gave Devilal the message he vanished and full room was filled with sweet frangrance.
He realised that small boy was actually Sayed Ali Mira Datar who had come to give him Good News of Return of his son..
There at Delhi station when a train entered the yard when the train was being cleaned the sweeper noticed a small boy just Four years of age wrapped in a white cloth he took the boy to the station master and a lot of people gathered there to see the boy, Soon Devilal also reached delhi and came to the same platform
which was told by the small boy and he saw the crowd..he went near and saw that it was actually his son whom he himself had buried three years ago…
He was so happy, Devilal narrated the whole story to station master who with many other people came to Unnava to find the truth and the dug the place where Roshan was buried but there was nothing in the grave.   Sach hi kaha hai kisine…

Operation of Eyes
In 1975 one man by the name of Abu Bakr Bhavra from delwada lost his eyesight due to black magic. Once he was sleeping and in his dream he saw a person who told him that if you need your eyesight goto Unnava..
Next day when he got up he went straight to Unnava. There he sat near the Aasthana of Sayed Ali Mira Datar and started crying daily he used to sit and cry..one night he saw in his dream that his eye are being operated on..soon he heard Fazr Azaan he got up and touched his eyes… His eyes were wrapped in white cloth as if just now they have been operated upon. When he removed the cloth he was shocked to see,… He had got his eyesight back.. He was very happy and thanked Sayed Ali Mira Datar for helping him get his eyesight back
10 Feet snake came out from the body of a person
Once In 1978 there was a person living in Raajsthan he had a strange problem he used to feel as if a Snake is biting in his stomach the Pain was unbearable..People adviced him to goto Unnava…there he used to sit and cry at the Darbar of Sayed Ali Mira Datar..
On 7th Moharram a 10 foot Long snake came out from his stomach…This Snake was put into his stomach by black magic..
There are many such waqias in which Lizards, Lemons and other things have come out of people as early On 24 Feb 2004 also a Lizard came out from the stomach of a person who was dying of pain…his interview was also published in Divya Bhaskan newspaper of Unnava.