Hazrat Muhammad al-Faqih al-Muqaddam (رحمتہ اللہ علیہ)


His Lineage

He is al-Faqih al-Muqaddam, al-Ustadh al-`Azam, Muhammad, bin `Ali, bin Muhammad Sahib Mirbat, bin `Ali Khali` Qasam, bin `Alawi, bin Muhammad Sahib al-Sawma`ah, bin `Alawi, bin `Ubaydullah, bin al-Imam al-Muhajir il-Allah Ahmad, bin `Isa, bin Muhammad al-Naqib, bin `Ali al-`Uraydi, bin Ja`far al-Sadiq, bin Muhammad al-Baqir, bin `Ali Zayn al-`Abidin, bin Husayn al-Sibt, bin `Ali bin Abi Talib and Fatimah al-Zahra’, the daughter of our Master Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophets ﷺ.

His Life

Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam was born in Tarim in 574 (1178) and grew up in an environment of knowledge and righteousness, memorising the Qur’an and mastering the sciences of the Sacred Law in his youth. He studied at the hands of Tarim’s greatest scholars and very quickly surpassed his peers until he reached the rank of mujtahid, and became known as “al-Faqih,” or “the Jurist.” One of the scholars once asked him about three hundred problematic issues in the various Islamic sciences in one sitting. He clarified every single issue and his answers were put together in a separate book.

At the same time he took the path of spiritual struggle until Allah gave him the greatest of openings. He would teach and fast during the day and spend his nights in worship in one of the caves in the Nu`ayr Valley outside Tarim. One night, his son Ahmad followed him. When the Imam remembered Allah, the whole valley responded by loudly proclaiming His transcendence, at which point Ahmad fell unconscious.

Although his predecessors embodied the way of ihsan mentioned by the Messenger of Allah ﷺ in the Hadith of Jibril, al-Faqih was the first of the `Alawi Sayyids to outwardly profess the way of Tasawwuf. This he did after the great Shaykh of the Maghrib, al-Ghawth Shu`ayb Abu Madyan, sent his envoy to Tarim with instructions to invest him with his khirqah or mantle, symbolising the transmission of spiritual authority. Shaykh Abu Madyan also instructed his envoy to go to Shaykh Sa`id bin`Isa al-`Amudi (died 671) in Qaydun in the Daw`an Valley to likewise invest him. Al-Faqih did not, however, fully embrace the way of Shaykh Abu Madyan. Rather he took a path which was a combination between the way of Abu Madyan, the way of Shaykh `Abd al-Qadir al-Jaylani and the way of his forefathers. He was assisted in this by Shaykh Sa`id al-`Amudi, who came to Tarim to offer him his allegiance.

The climate in which he lived was so unstable that al-Faqih would sit in the lesson of his teacher, Shaykh `Ali Ba Marwan, with his sword on his lap. Different tribes vied for power in the Hadramawt Valley and the `Alawi Sayyids, because of their popularity, were seen by tribal leaders as a threat. Al-Faqih had no desire for political power and hated to see bloodshed and dissension in the ranks of the believers. He thus symbolically broke his sword, announcing that his way and the way of the `Alawi sayyids and those that loved and followed them was one of non-violence.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ had warned of the internal divisions that would blight his nation in a hadith narrated by Imam Muslim, and informed us that the one who sits at these times is better than the one who stands. He then praised the one who takes his sword and breaks its blade with a rock. The fact that al-Faqih al-Muqaddam had embraced the way of Tasawwuf and pacifism did not signify, however, a withdrawal from society and non-involvement in the affairs of the Muslims. To the contrary, his sword became the sword of knowledge and Prophetic character which he wielded to rectify and benefit society.

He and the `Alawi Sayyids after him would use the respect in which they were held to resolve disputes. They brought harmony to society by their concern for the rights of their fellow Muslims. This was manifested in attending their funeral prayers, visiting the sick and establishing gatherings of knowledge and remembrance. They spent their wealth on the poor and needy, on their guests, on building mosques and places of learning and establishing endowments for them, on planting date palms and organising irrigation and on providing drinking water for travellers on the roads and for city dwellers. Al-Faqih himself would set aside 360 barrels of dates at the time of harvest, and then he would distribute one barrel a day to the poor with the help of his wife, Sayyidah Zaynab, the daughter of his uncle Ahmad.

Just as he was concerned with the general populace, he established a zawiyah and exerted his efforts giving spiritual instruction to his pupils until they themselves became qualified to instruct others in the spiritual path. Amongst his greatest students were his sons `Alawī, `Abdullah, `Abd al-Rahman, Ahmad and `Ali, all imams in their own right, as well as Shaykh `Abdullah Ba `Abbad, his brother, Shaykh `Abd al-Rahman and Shaykh `Ali bin Muhammad al-Khatib.

Shaykh `Abd al- Rahman al-Saqqaf said: “I have not heard speech more powerful than the speech of al-Faqih, other than the speech of the Prophets, upon them be peace. I do not give any of the awliya’ precedence over him, other than the Companions, or someone whose merit was mentioned by the Prophet ﷺ , such as Uways al-Qarani.”

Al-Faqih was the first to establish the annual group visit to the Prophet Hud (peace be upon him). On one occasion, he did not attend the visit, so the Prophet Hud came to him and said: “O Shaykh! If you do not visit me, I will visit you!”

Imam al-Haddad said in praise of him: “Shaykh of shaykhs, Master of the Giants”; “Shaykh of those on the path to Allah, one and all”; “a caller to Allah with true words and praiseworthy deeds”; “his state at the beginning of his path was like the state of his contemporaries at the end of their path.”


Manaqib al faqih Muqaddam
This is a biography Manaqib “Sayyidina Shaykh al-shuyukh Min Expert As-Shariah Wat Wa Thariqah Imam Al-Ahli haqiqah, Wa Wa Dahrihi Farid Al-Ghazali Ashrihi Fariqain Sayyid, Sayyid Thaiqah Wa As-Shufiyah Dairah Markaz Al-Region Ar -Rabbaniyah Qudwah Al-Ulama Al-Muhaqqiqin, Taj Al-Aimmah Al-Arifin “Teachers of all teachers Expert Shari’ah and ThoriqohImam for the Expert EssenceUnmatched clerics like Imam Al-Ghazali dizamannyaLeaders of two groups; Figh and MysticismThe leader of the Shufi,Walian source of all that comes from GodRole model for the entire Ulama ‘Expert Al-Haqeqat, Crown leadership of Al-‘Arifin,
He is:Sayyidina Al-Ustadz Al-a’zham Al-Qutb al-Ghauts Al-Karam Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam “Abu Alwi”:“Muhammad bin Ali Ba’alawi Ra.”Wanafa’ana bibarkatihi fi Dunyawiyyat Wal Ukhrawiyyat Amin.
I. PLACE OF BIRTH AND AL-FAQIH death of Sayyidina AL-Muqaddam RASayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, born in the year 574 AH / 1176 AD in Tarim, Yemen Hadhramaut South, he died in the year 653 H at the age of 79 years, on Friday night Zulhijjah 653 H, or nights a week at the end of the month Zulhijjah year 653 H / 1255M, and was interred in the “Zanbal”, he died calendar to count alphabetical Hijaiyah summarized in the phrase “Abu Tarim”.City of his birth; Tarim is a small town in southern Yemen, is a city filled with the blessing of Allah, prosperous pious people, scholars and saints of God. (Read: Hadhramaut and Tarim)
II. Nasab Sayyidina AL-AL-Muqaddam FAQIH R.A
Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, grew up in the neighborhood Sholihin, he was a descendant of the Apostle of Allah SAW, of Sayyidina Husain Al-Ra (Al-Husainy) regarding the validity of nasab he has been confirmed by many of the experts nasab, he is not nasab just a mere rope descent, but at the same time as the chain of Thariqah Bani Alawi, the resource persons who received the child from his father and grandfather to continue onward.Nasab Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra is as follows; 1.Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali bin Muhammad bin Ali Khali Shohib Marbath ‘Qasam bin Alwi bin Muhammad bin Alwi bin Ubaidullah bin Al-Imam Al-Muhajir Ahmad bin Isa bin Mohammed bin Ali Al-Uraidhi bin Al-Imam Jafar As-Shodiq bin Al-Imam Muhammad al-Baqir bin Al-Imam Ali Zaenal Abidin bin Al-Imam al-Husayn-Sibti bin Al-Imam Ali Karromallahu wajhah.
Figures that exist in the chain nasab Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, of the father and his grandfather and continued to Sayyidina Husain Al-Ra, everything is the Wali of Allah and Ulama ‘biggest dizamannya and they all are Zurriyah Messenger of Allah SAW.
III. WIFE AND CHILDREN Sayyidina AL-FAQIH RAWife of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra is a noble and Sholehah Syarifah his cousin from fathers side, namely; Umm fuqara ‘Al-Hababah Zainab bint Ahmad bin Muhammad Sohib Marbath R.anha, which is also the Caliph him, Zainab Al-Hababah is a “Waliyah” which has sanctity that many, narrated that one night a very heavy rain in “Dammun “, almost made the flood, the residents of the area feel very anxious because of the rain so swift that can make their homes into collapse, (usually home in the area and the Arabian Peninsula are generally made of clay due to the rainy season rarely make it their homes are particularly vulnerable to water), at the time of Al-Hababah Zainab asked residents not to leave their homes, he said;“Go home you home each because I have heard the voice of the Angel diawan said:” Qaydhun … .Qaydhun “,Then the resident was returning home each, taklama later turned out that flooded is Wadi Qaydhun, exactly what it says Zainab Al-Hababah, whereas the distance Qaydhun of Dammun taken within three days of travel, Zainab Al-Hababah passed away into God’s grace Saturday 12 Shawwal 669HOnly from R.anha Zainab Al-Hababah Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra get kids who turned out over time become protector of Peoples and Ulama ‘biggest, altogether 5 people and all men, namely:1. As-Shaykh ‘Alwi Al-Ghuyur2. As-Shaykh Abdullah3. As-Shaykh Abdurrahman4. As-Shaykh ‘Ali5. As-Shaykh Ahmad somebody making anhum Ajma’inThey all are Ulama ‘and the Wali Allah main successor and replacement of their father Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra.

 IV. TEACHERS Sayyidina AL-AL-Muqaddam FAQIH R.A
Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra educated by the Scholars’ leading from the principles of science, such as Figh, lughah, Sufism, and various other sciences that he learned directly from the experts respectively.Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra memperdalami Fiqh science to:
1.As-Shaykh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Ba’ubaydAs-Shaykh Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Ba’ubayd honor and glorify Sayyidina Al-Faqih though he was his student. As-Shaykh Abdullah Ba’ubayd will not be seen by his teaching before Hadrat Al-Faqih has come to the Majlis him, when Hadrat Al-Faqih did not come beliaupun will not teach. His unusual behavior is a lot to ask of people, beliaupun then explained: “I am waiting for permission to teach from Allah”.His answer is hinted how noble degrees Hadrat Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra in his view because the “Permit” from Allah as he inevitably mean is “should the presence of” his own disciples, namely; Hadrat Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra.In addition, he Sayyidina Al-Faqih also memperdalami Fiqh told;2.Al-Qodhy Ahmad bin Muhammad Ba’isaand he memperdalami Ushul science as well as several other science principles to:3.Al-Imam As-SyechAli bin Ahmad bin Salim Bamarwan and4.Al-Imam Muhammad bin Abu al-HubHe memperdalami science of Tafsir and Hadith:5.Al-Imam Al-Haafiz al-Mujtahid As-Sayyid Ali bin Ahmad Bajudaid,memperdalami science and Sufism and Essentials of:6.Al-Imam Salim bin Basri and7.Al-Imam Muhammad bin Ali Al-Khatib,and his own uncle, namely:8.As-Shaykh Al-Habib Alwi bin Muhammad Shohib Mirbath, and9.As-Shaykh Sufyan Al-Yamani, and much more The Ulama ‘and Saints’ who had guided him.10.As-Shaykh Sa’id bin Isa Al-‘Amudy, according to a history in front of Sayyidina Al-Faqih beliaulah Ra put down the sword.
All the teachers he has the same hinted that Al-Imam Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra had reached a station of that is extraordinary, making small-maqam maqam other than the “maqam” Almighty God has given to him.At the time of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, the science that is rapidly growing in Tarim Hadhramaut is the science of jurisprudence, so most of the scholars’ there is the Faqih, while the science of Tasawwuf in Tarim dikala it, yet rapidly growing, later eventually Sayyidina Al-Faqih was itself the spearhead and revive and also become a priest for the first time, for the “Mutasawwifin” in Tarim Hadhramaut, it is confirmed again by Al-Imam Al-Habib Abdullah bin Alwi bin Hasan Al-Attas;“Was he the first to hold the title” Syech for Sufis “in Hadhramaut”
Al-definition Khirqah by Muhyiddin Ibn al-Shaykh al-‘Araby Ra in His book “Al-Futuhat” are:“Symbol of friendship, Ta’addub and Takhalluq”Furthermore, Ibn Al-‘Araby qaul is commented upon by Al-Imam Al-Habib Abdullah bin Alwi bin Hasan Al-Athas Ra:“While the (fabric) Khirqahnya itself (in majazi) sometimes does not necessarily from the Messenger of Allah SAW directly, Al-Libas itself is actually a symbol of Al-Libas that Haqiqi namely Al-Libas At-Taqwa, has become the habit of the Guardians Ash-Hab Al-Ahwal, when they find flaws in themselves then they will look for a teacher or Syech of Jama’ah them to enhance lahiriyah shortcomings and Bathyniyah on themselves, and if any such deficiencies have been perfect, then they are given “Al-Libas” as a symbol for further refinement, this is Al-Libas is known among us as Nash Al-manqul of the Ulama’-ulama ‘Expert Haqeqat ”
Khirqah the Guardians have high prestige value for each mayor is concerned, as well as Al-Khirqah Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra has a value of privileges that have exceeded the dimensions of the thinking of those who said by the Sufis as “Al- Ahli Khawwash “, Khirqah which he received was Khirqah” Imamate Qutb al-Kubra “which is a symbol of” the highest leadership ranks for the mayor of the future “. This Khirqah he received from As-Shaykh Al-Kabir Al-Qutb al-Syahir “Abu Madyan” Shoaib bin Abu Al-Husain Al-At-Tilamisany Maghriby, readers need to know this Khirqah given to Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra was not with coincidence and not because his request, but this Khirqah given to Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra accordance with Isyarah of Ri’ayah divine.Regarding the greatness and primacy of As-Shaykh Abu Madyan, we can imagine at first glance, based on the words of As-Shaykh Ali al-Sakran, he said:“As-Shaykh Abu Madyan was a” leader “of the trustee in his day who had dizhohirkan by Allah on him wonders as a sign of His greatness, and has uncovered her secrets and mysteries name has been famous throughout the State”.From Tarbiyah he has many great scholars born, his name is very famous with his knowledge altitude so many leading figures of Sufism requesting teaching and his fatwas; He is highly respected among the Ulama ‘and Masyaikh-Masyaikh from all schools of Thariqah.
Relating the history Khirqah Sayyidina Al-Faqih, told that there had come a Darwiys of Sham (Syria) named Fadl meet him (Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra), is said to Sayyidina Darweesh Al-Faqih:“It is not I come (to Tarim) except solely to meet you, but I find al-Shaykh Abdurrahman Al-Maq’ad’re living in your heart. If assembled all the people of the west and east to exclude him from your heart, then there would not be capable, when it has come to you, consider the affairs he was a Muhtasab while you are a guardian who has had a ratio “.Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam asked:“What do you mean by the ratio?”Darweesh replied: “Sidrah Al-Muntaha”.Not long after the events of the coming Darweesh, with Qudrah and will of god Allah, As-Shaykh Al-Kabir Al-Qutb Abu Madyan Shoaib bin Abu Hasan At-Tilmisaniy Al-Maghriby which at that time was in Tilmisan Al-Jazair sent his student named As-Shaykh Abdurrahman bin Mohammed Al-Maq’ad while utter:“Surely we have a friend in Hadhramaut (Tarim), you go to see him, and pakaikanlah Al-Khirqah him! I’ll see you menemu dying on the way, when it will happen, then titipkanlah (Al-Khirqah) to anyone you believe “, then go As-Shaykh Abdurrahman of Tilmasan, with the aim to Hadhramaut, when he arrived in Mecca he was approaching agony later he was handed over to his student Khirqah ie As-Shaykh Abdullah Al-As-Sholeh Maghriby while advised to Al-Khirqah submit them. And he hinted at to kasyafannya;“By the time you get into the Tarim town you will find the As-As-Sharif Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali that at the moment you meet later, when his was studying with As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan, after you meet with him, go on this journey to Qoydun and meet As-Shaykh Sa’id bin Isa Al-‘Amudy and also partly Khirqah give it to him “.
Soon As-Shaykh Abdurrahman Al -Maq’ad died, then go As-Shaykh Abdullah Al-Sholeh As Maghriby to Tarim, when he arrived, he was immediately met Sayyidina Al-Faqih Muqaddam who was studying with As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan just as has been said by al-Shaykh Abdurrahman Al-Maq’ad, he then sat with Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam, then Sayyidina Al-Faqih Muqaddam (who already know will khabarnya As-Shaykh Abdurrahman Al-Maq’ad from Darweesh which we told earlier), with kekasyafan sainthood, asked al-Shaykh Abdullah al-Sholeh with Isyarah language:“O brother, what do you bring gems that are so brilliant?”As-Shaykh Abdullah al-Sholeh then asked (with the intention of testing):“What the hell you mean by brilliant?”Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam answered;“At-tahkim Khirqah which has been entrusted to you”Then al-Shaykh Abdullah tells about his arrival, from beginning to end and then deposit “Khirqah” was welcomed and accepted by Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam, since it began the journey of Suluk him towards Allah, get busy Sayyidina Al-Faqih with Zhahiriyah Worship and Baatinites so eventually terzhohirlah whole cases that Khafiy, and began his thing as ahwal his people Khawas Al-Khawas, as a Sufi and Wali greatest of his time, he began to concern themselves with air-taqarrub him to God in air-solitude, in order to drown himself in the ocean Ma’rifah he and his Asrar endless, in ahwal ‘Asyiq Wal Ma’syuq with his Lord.

Khirqah pedigree Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra there are two, the first one coming from nasab his own, starting from his father, and the second from the As-Shaykh Abu Madyan Shu’ayb Al-Maghriby.The first pedigree which comes from his own father, Al-Imam Al-Habib Ali Ba’alawi pedigree are as where nasab Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra we have described above.The pedigree of the latter is derived from the As-Shaykh Abu Madyan Shu’ayb Al-Maghriby with “Al-Wasithah” two-Sych Sych is 1.As Abdullah “As-Salih” bin Ali Al-Maghriby sent by 2.As- Shaykh Abdur Rahman bin Mohammed Al-Maq’ad sent by As-Shaykh Abu Madyan al-Maghriby Syua’aib. In detail pedigree Sayyidina Al-Faqih Khirqah Ra is as follows in sequence:
1. As-Shaykh Abu Madyan Shu’aib ibn Abu Al-Husain Al-Maghriby of:2. Al-Imam Abu Ya’za of:3. Al-Imam Nur Ad-Din Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Hirzihim (no reply narrated; Ibn Hirazim) from:4. Al-Imam Al-Hafizd Al-Faqih al-Qadhy Abu Bakr bin Abdullah Al-Ma’afiry of:5. Al-Imam Al-Hujjat Al-Islam Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad Al-Ghazaly of:6. As-Shaykh Al-Islam Wal Muslim Imam Abdul Malik Al-Haramain he took from his father’s own, namely:7. As-Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Yusuf Al-Juwainy of:8. As-Shaykh Al-Arif Billah Abu Talib al-Makky Ta’ala Muhammad bin Ali bin Athyyah of:9. Al-Imam Al-Kabir Dullaf ibn Abu Bakr As-Syibly Jahdar of:10. Al-Ahli Ustazd Imam At-Thoriqoh Wa Al-Ahli haqiqah Abu Al-Qasim Al-Junaid ibn Muhammad Al-Baghdadi he took from “Khalnya” ie;11. As-Shaykh al-Syahir Abu Al-Hasan Al-As-Sirry Mughallis As-Siqty (As-Saqaty) from:12. As-Shaykh Al-Arif Billah Abu Mahfuzd Ma’Ruf Ta’ala Fairuz bin Al-Karakhy of:13. Al-Imam Abu Sulaiman Daud bin Nushair At-Tha’iy of:14. As-Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al-Habib bin Mohammed Al-Kharasany Ajamy of:15. Al-Imam Al-Kabir As-Syahir Sa’aid Abu Al-Hasan ibn Abu Al-Hasan Al-Bashry of:16. Al-Imam Al-Ahli Masyariq Wal Magharib Sayyidina Ali Bin Abu Talib RaAl-Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib Habibana Wa Ra of Sayyidina Rasul Allah SAW.Of Al-Imam Al-Karakhy Ma’Ruf there are two directions pedigree (forked direction), the first such pedigree above and his second of the Ahl al-Bayt are as follows:
12. As-Shaykh Al-Arif Billah Abu Mahfuzd Ma’Ruf Ta’ala Fairuz bin Al-Karakhy13. Al-Imam Ali Ar-Ridha Ra, from his father;14. Al-Imam Musa al-Kazim Ra from his father;15. Al-Imam Jafar As-Shodiq Ra from his father;16. Al-Imam Muhammad Al-Bagir Ra from his father;17. Al-Imam Ali Zainal Abidin Ra from his father;18. Al-Imam al-Husayn-Sibthy Ra from his father;19. Al-Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib Ra, are the same as we described aboveVII. Virtues Sayyidina AL-FAQIH RASayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra has Thakhshish Maziyyah Wal Fadhail that various special privileges given to him Allah Jalla Wa’ala as Khawas Al-Khawas “Maqam territorial” given by God Almighty to him has become an amazing phenomenon in Analysis of the Guardians of his day. The people of Al-Arifin said:“It has stunned and amazed the leaders of the Sufis and the Guardians of his day would ahwal his As-Shaykh Al-Faqih, and they all can not interpret the perfect interpretation due to surpass their knowledge”Told that the As-Shaykh Al-Kabir Ibrahim bin Yahya Bafadhal driven by his curiosity, eager to meet al-Shaykh Ibn Abu Jamil Al-Ghayst to ask how (it) three people who at that time began to be known among the people of Hadhramaut, namely Sayyidina Al -Faqih, As-Shaykh Abdullah bin Ibrahim Baqusyair and another man who did not know his name, As-Shaykh Ibrahim deliberately went to see al-Shaykh Abu al-Ghayst only three people to ask about this, when he has reached the Majlis As-Syech Abu Al-Ghayst, he sat behind, As-Shaykh Ibrahim tells his own meeting with al-Shaykh Ibn Al-Wali Al-Jamil, his story;“When I have to I will sit behind, and without realizing it I murmured in the liver;“It is not I came from Hadramouthere are merely to ask about these three people “it is not yet finished I said in my heart, As-Shaykh Abu al-Ghayst already know the purpose of my coming,he stood up and said:“Who among those present called As-Shaykh Ibrahim?”,then I will come to himwith sharpness Firasah and Kekasyafan him, As-Shaykh Abu al-Ghayst tell what Shaykh Ibrahim Bafadhal want to ask;“O Shaykh Ibrahim in fact you came to ask about al-Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali not ?, As-Shaykh Abdullah Baqusyair and men who are not known his name?As-Shaykh Ibrahim replied:“True”As-Shaykh Abu al-Ghayst forward“I will explain to you about three of them, the first one (ie Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra), is not one of us (the Sufis and the mayor) can achieve his degree, although only half, while As-Shaykh Abdullah bin Ibrahim Baqusyair is a Sholeh, As for the other person is a person who I looked at did not have a good behavior “It was narrated that al-Shaykh Sayyidina child Alwi Al-Faqih Ra visit to As-Shaykh Ahmad ibn Al-Ja’ad Ra, As-Shaykh Ahmad told As-Syech Alwi:“Are you” Alwi “which is often mentioned is that person?”As charge-Syech Alwi:“Yes I was Alwi and may I be protected by Allah from the evil influence of what people”As-Shaykh Ahmad asked again to As-Syech Alwi:“What do you think about the father Sayyidina Maqam Al-Faqih Ra?”answered by As-Syech Alwi:“I knew my father Maqam grandeur but hard for me to describe it”On one occasion a primary caregiver of his day is the As-Shaykh Sufyan Al-Yamani been to Tarim for pilgrimage to the Prophet of Allah and the Hud As Sholihin who was there, as well as to meet with Sayyidna Al-Faqih, then Meet him with Sayyidina Al Faqih, Sayyidina Al-Faqih in the opportunity to ask a lot of the As-Shaykh Sufyan, on matters Ma’nawiyah in Suluk, As-Shaykh Sufyan answered every question beliau.Dalam these meetings have produced Takdib, Tahzib, and Taqrib and Ziyadah and faidah for him, then after the As-Shaykh Sufyan returned to Yemen, and left a deep impression to Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, and his heart is still filled by the many questions that have not had time, he noted, the problems Tawheed and Haqeqat, beliaupun forward he questions through correspondent (correspondence) to Shaykh Sufyan, who eventually made al-Shaykh Sufyan overwhelmed and finally he answered;“What we do not know the answer to your question, because it is beyond our capabilities”, from the answer Sufyan al-Shaykh has been clearly known that indeed Maqam and his ahwal Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra recognized by the mayor at that time already surpassed them. Letters Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra still stored until now, besides correspondence to Sufyan al-Shaykh, Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra also sent a letter to al-Shaykh al-Arifin Taj Wama’din As-Shodiqin Sa’ad bin Ali Az -Zhofary (Syihr died in the city in 607 H). Letter Sayyidina Al-Faqih told As-Shaykh Sa’d Az-Zhofary consists of two treatises collected her secret sciences Kasyaf Ar-Lord and it contains the secrets ma’nawy quaint and hidden, he .With this Sayyidina Al Faqih many ahwal ask him which is very unusual, sometimes for As-Shaykh Sa’ad things asked by Sayyidina Al-Faqih is very difficult to accept, even incredibility (Khawariq Al-Adah) is really happening to Sayyidina Al Faqih, and Khawariq Al-Adah is something that has been common among the saints, but that happens to Sayyidina Al-Faqih has exceeded the upper limit Ahwalnya the mayor at that time; one of them narrated by Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra to As- Shaykh Sa’ad bin Ali Az-Zhofary is that his ascension to heaven to Sidrah Al-Muntaha seven times in one night to twenty five times.
Due to various privileges he then no one if the lovers he composed a poem, which suggests he Maqam position:
“He is the prince of all his virtues guardian after he no doubt as Khatam al-Awliya”.
What is meant by the words: “Khatam al-Awliya ‘” or cover the trustees in syi’ir above that he Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra is the leader of the Wali-wali Allah Jalla Wa’ala as his grandfather the Messenger of Allah SAW as the prince for all the prophets and messengers, it is in-tashihkan by Sayyidina Al-Imam Al-Habib Abdurrahman As-Segaff of Qoul Sayyidina Al-Faqih:
“I was among the trustees, like a Prophet among the Prophets.”
Maqam “Qutb Al-Ghauts Al-Kubra” that carried Sayyidina Al-Faqih in the world “sainthood” is like “Emperor” in the Roman empire and the “D’Andrea” in the Persian empire.
One of the teachers of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, Al-Imam As-Shaykh Ali bin Ahmad Bamarwan commented;“Surely you (Sayyidina Al-Faqih) has reached a degree of Imamate (leadership of the trustees) great”And said Al-Imam Al-Qutb al-Ghauts Al-Habib Abdurrahman As-Segaff;“Al-Imam Al-Faqih has reached a degree of Qutb Muqaddam for a long time”.And have commented As-Shaykh Al-Arif Bahr Ulum Wal Ma’Arif Umar ibn Salim ibn Abu Qarah Ra .;“What I have to measure and weigh the whole Maqam Awliya ‘in my day except for Maqam Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra. I measure which could not because he goes beyond my knowledge Maqam “.
Furthermore, Al-Imam Al-Haddad imply Sayyidina Maqam Al-Faqih Ra in his Syi’ir;
“Initially he Maqam (Sayyidina Al-Faqih) is a highlight of the entire Maqam that can be achieved by the mayor in his day, then consider how high”
Of As-Shaykh Al-Kabir Al-Arif Bahr Al-Ulum Al-Maarif’Abbas Abi Al-Fadl ibn Abdullah ibn Abi Fadl Ra, he said;“Many of them have a lot of man getting out of Hadrat al-Faqih Ra Blessing and kindness that many, and most have earned Blessing Among them are; As-Syaikhan Al-Kabiyraan (Two Syech large), Al-Arifan billah-Syahiran Exalted As, As-Shaykh Abdullah bin Muhammad Abu Ibad and As-Shaykh Sa’id ibn Umar bin Lihaf, two Syech is educated by Hadrat Al-Faqih Ra.
It was narrated that never mentioned in front of Hadrat al-Faqih Ra by some pupils his name and story of some of the great Wali, such as As-Shaykh Al-Agil Munhiy, As-Shaykh Al-Karakhiy Ma’Ruf, As-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailany , and As-Shaykh ibn Qays al-hayah Harany, then said Sayyidna Al-Faqih Ra;“No One was among those who could menyamaiku”Between Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, As-Shaykh Abu Madyan Ra, and As-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailany RaAccording to Al-Imam Al-Habib Muhammad bin Husin Al-Ethiopia in his Book; “Al-‘Uqud Al-Lukluiyah” he said:“Indeed, the mayor handed leadership of al-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailaniy to As-Shaykh Abu Madyan Shu’ayb Al-Maghriby which ultimately is left to Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra”Most of the leaders of Sufism found As-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailany is the leader of the Guardians Masyhur while the Guardians Sulthan Mastur is Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam, while the ratio of the distance degree of famous and mastur implied in the Qoul Sufism.

“Indeed, already some of the many famous people have become saints just because of the blessings of the guardian mastur”.
Had asked Al-Imam Al-Haddad Ra (ShohibAr-Ratib) by the Ulama ‘of Al-Imam Al-Qutb al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali and Al-Imam Al-Qutb Ar-Rabbany As-Shaykh Abdul Qadir -Jailany which of them is more important? .Beliau commented:“Indeed, they are both great figure of the Sufis and the great guardian but we (Bani Alawi) bernisbah and get blessed and Al-Madad from our prince Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali bigger”.
Once upon a time As-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abu Alwi Al-Makanniy bermujadalah with his father, the maqam al-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailany and the station of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam, which of them is higher, As-Shaykh Muhammad insisted said that the station of Sayyidina Al-Faqih was higher than the As-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailany, while his father says otherwise, they dispute is eventually asked to Sayyidina Al-Qutb al-Ghauts Al-Habib Abdurrahman As-Segaff, he said: :“It is not we glorify a mayor was above Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, and each maqam Wali was changed after death unless the station of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra”
Muhyiddin Ibn al-Shaykh al-Araby in his book Al-Futuhat said:“Our Syech; Abu Madyan in the Maghrib (western corner) and As-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jailany in Masyriq (East corner), in giving discourses for pupils of the Thariqoh and guiding beings to the path of Allah “.
From Tarbiyah As-Shaykh Abu Madyan itself has produced the trustees in the number of a thousand people. According to As-Shaykh Abdullah bin As’ad Al-Yafi’iy Ra partly ulama’-scholars’ Sufism of Yemen Science Thariqah they bernisbah to As-Shaykh Al-Kabir Al-Arifbillah Abu Madyan Shu’ayb Al-Maghribi, when Abu Madyan Al-Maghribi was Imam and Sufi saints across the West, while al-Imam Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jailany saints and Sufis in the East corner.

VIII. STORIES Karamah Sayyidina AL-AL-Muqaddam FAQIH RA.
Said al-Shaykh Abdullah Al-Idrus in his Book; “Al-Mawahib Al-Quddusiyah” As-Shaykh Ibrahim al-Syibamy Baharwaz said:“In Syibam still kept books that tell the sanctity Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra, amounting to approximately one hundred history regarding his sanctity”
Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam have Ahklak noble, he carries himself with Ketawadhu’annya fish that he bought from the market to his house, he melazimkan Al-KhumulSanctity Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra is very much some of which are as follows:
1. Berzikirnya trees and rocks in Wadi An-Nua’arSayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam have done Riyadhah and Mujahadah very remarkable, and he has had a solitude in the valley An-Nu’air for a year praying day and night, on one occasion his child; As-Shaykh Ahmad followed him to the Wadi An-Nu’air then when he arrived in the valley he saw Al-Faqih Muqaddam being dhikr Jahr, seen by As-Shaykh Ahmad whole that is in the valley including all rocks and tree- trees remembrance follow Muqaddam Al-Faqih and trance with his son al-Shaykh Ahmad was still young when his then when he realized his father; Sayyidina Al-Faqih Muqaddam warned not to repeat the air-solitude followed him in the valley.

The entrance to the place seclusion Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra in Wadi ‘An-Nu’air
Seclusion place Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
2. The sound from the sky
Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra in Bidayahnya listen to the call of the sky;
“O Faqih Muhammad bin Ali, tingalkanlah-affairs that are none of your business Zhohiriyah, menhadaplah you up to the presence us, we too will deliver and help you, in fact we have a desire in you and for you from our ni’mat are always increasing, lazimkanlah yourself always in the air-tafrid Tawheed, and air-tajrid in Tafrid, we will show you His signs and we will give you virtue, then do not you make us blind desire in your will, and make to our initial goals and return, and do not you switch your destination in addition to us! We have servants who will be our Special-intent to convey their intent from you to us ”
3. The state of family Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra after the death of his
It was narrated that al-Shaykh Al-Kabir Al-Arif billah Exalted Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Abdurrahman bin Abu Ibad Ra came to Tarim after the death of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra to look at children Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra along with his wife “Umm fuqara ‘”Zainab Al-Hababah R.anha, when As-Shaykh Abdullah has met with Zainab Al-Hababah he said;“How are you sepeningal Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra?”Zainab Al-Hababah R.anha replied:“The situation we sepeningal Sayyidina Al-Faqih is no different than before he (Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra) died, while the state Alwi shared the same father as the time period of his life, Science and Secrets of the sky for us as we look at the Earth came to us during the day and night, while Alwi came to him a day or two days later ”
Home Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra
4. Water that rises with orders Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra in his teens that when he was studying at one of Majlis Ta’lim in Tarim Mosque, he fell asleep when it has entered the prayer time, but if there are students who left the prayer in congregation will be punished by his teacher, (so teaching Tarim strictly at that time which aims to educate students to follow the sunnah-Sunnah Rasul Allah SAW) until the students are getting ready for prayer in congregation Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra still asleep, when he woke up, he signaled with his hand kesumur Masjid suddenly the water was rising with the permission of Allah and Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra wudoo ‘and do not miss the prayer in congregation.

5. Maid Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra missing
It was narrated that Sayyidina Al-Faqih has a helper named “Khuraishoh” This Khuraishoh long gone and no longer know reportedly dead or alive, then ask her family to Sayyidina Al-Faqih, Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra then paused and then he lifted his head to sky, then Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra replied;“Abu Khuraishoh not dead”Abu Khuraishoh family then asked again;“How do you say Abu Khuraishoh not dead when news of his death was spread?”, Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra replied;“I have looked into every palace that is in heaven, and Abu Khuraishoh not there”Abu Khuraishoh family asked again;“Try to see in Hell might Abu Khuraishoh there?”Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra angry and said;“It is not going to hell the servant”.Not long ago, Abu Khuraishoh home, and did not lack anything.
6. Aid to the Barakah Al-Madad and of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
Narrated by A-Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali bin Al-Faqih Ahmad bin Abu Alwi R.anhum of his uncle A-Shaykh Muhammad bin Ahmad Al-Faqih Ra he told me;“I bermusafir of Zhofar heading Syihr with supplies that we transport by camels, by the time we’ve got a lot of broken Ghizoh course, our supplies fell a mess on the mountain, our party was feeling anxious about the Ghizoh population, because they often when there is Khafilah entourage that his supply was snatched up a mess they no longer left for pemiliknya.Para Ghizoh population when looking at the state of our party in such a way, they flocked up their horses, want to us to seize property us.When aim was also I beristighatsah to my grandfather; Sayyidina Al-Faqih has not had time to finish Ra Tawasulku, our party suddenly rose in the air and landed in one field rather far from the population as if there who took us and threw us, we also survived and was relieved, the residents also goes well Ghizoh to us, they even helped us packing up, we give them wages, one of them told us, when our party raised in the air, he said: “When I saw you were praying and bertawassul earlier, I saw someone robed and turbaned white fly and lift and move your group of mountain spaciousness “, I then told him; “Really I were suffering when I beristighatsah to my grandfather Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra and with the permission of Allah sufferings will disappear at that moment” .sekali when I was up from Habasyah and I carry a lot of luggage, when I arrived in the city of Eden I feel confused because Amir Eden at that time like depriving supplies stranger passing in Eden, then I will bertawassul and beristighatsah to my grandfather Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, after that I was fresh off the boat when I had shore leave, suddenly there a man who said to me: “Take your things and go from there direction” pointing toward unity, then I will walk diarah that he showed me, until finally I reached a big road in Eden and during that I will not find someone else stop journey and take my luggage until I arrived at the destination selamatlah it all with grace and blessings of the Almighty Alllah my grandfather Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra ”
It was narrated from al-Shaykh al-Arif Billah Alwi bin Ahmad bin Al-Faqih, the son of Abu Alwi R.anhum he said;“I bermusafir with a convoy of Hadhramaut one group is As-Sayyid Muhammad bin Ali Al-Khatib Ra to Yemen then chugged by ship from the harbor in the town Syihr, then chugged, but when we got to the middle of the ocean, suddenly there is a storm that hit us who make our ship smashed into pieces, I will hold on to a piece of wood, in such circumstances, I beritighatsah with with my grandfather, As-Shaykh Al-Faqih Muhammad bin Ali Ra, then not complete the sentence suddenly there no rope ends protrude from the air towards me, then I will hold on to the rope and the rope it took shore leave safely, when I got ashore I will meet with As-Sayyid Muhammad ibn Ali al-Khatib were already ahead through and survived kedarat, I will say him: “How are you?”, he answered: “Praise be to Allah who has replaced all our calamities with security”
It was narrated from As-Sayyid As-Sholeh Muhammad bin Ali bin Omar bin Abu Alwi Ra he recalled: “At one time I was in Eden, and I want to travel to the Hadhramaut and no one convenience for me to travel to the Hadhramaut and not No one kapalpun in the port of Eden which aims to Syihr, such a situation makes the mind becomes frantic, and I’m afraid will make anxious family in Hadhramaut, on the night I beristighatsah with my grandfather Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra until finally I will fall asleep dreaming I will meet with my cousin is a great Wali al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali (same name but not Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra), who wants to come menolongiku then I said to her, “Why did you come I’m not asking for your help I asked for help to my grandfather Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra “in my dream I saw a group of Ba’alawi who were gathered there, and then come down to us Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, he said:” I came to repeatedly help with people who ask for my help in Eden who it is? “and then I will answer,” I am the one, O my grandfather “then I will then woke up, after I Fajr prayer I then headed to the Port, waiting for help that was promised by Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, before long I waited I found a new ship comes, all leading to Syihr that with his Qudrah sealed kepelabuhan Adn then I will then be able to sail with the grace of Allah and of my grandfather Sayyidina Barakah Al-Faqih Ra. ”
7. Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra and palm groves burned
Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra has a habit, that when in the morning he always says to his friends;“Who among you who dream last night?” And when there among my friends Sayyidina Al-Faqih who dream they will tell Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra.Pada one when there is someone who actually intend to Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra is said to him pretending he dreamed he said;“Indeed I have been dreaming last night, as if the World has apocalypse and as if there were called;” Where Junaid? Fulan bin fulan where he mentions several Wali “, then this sipenyeru shouted again:” Where is al-Shaykh al-Faqih al-Muqaddam? “No one answered; “As-Shaykh Al-Faqih was preoccupied with its date” because that’s what makes the World into Doomsday As-Shaykh Al-Faqih has forgotten to deal with judge actions of Allah and His creatures “then when Sayyidina Al-Faqih listen to the narrative of the man suddenly Sayyidina Al-Fqih scream;“Burn Dates!”then scorched palm groves Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, and said apologetically that person; “Indeed I have lied so that you share with us Kurmamu” Sayyidina Al-Faqih said, “There is no interest for me against anything that turns me to my Lord even though you lie”.
Dates place Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, altogether 300 pieces used to hold dates which will be distributed to the poor
8. Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra and Allah Prophet Hud As
It was narrated that Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra said;“It’s once in a year I did not make a pilgrimage to the Prophet of Allah Hud As, then when I was sitting in one place a high roof suddenly came to the Prophet of Allah Hud As, who bowed his head when about to go, when he was close to me he he said ; “O Shaykh Al-Faqih if you do not make pilgrimages to us, then we who will make a pilgrimage to you” I said to him: “O Prophet of Allah Hud As of Where are you now?” he replied; “I went to my son from Hadun”.
As the tomb of the Prophet of Allah Hud
9. Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Allah and the Prophet Khidr As
Said al-Shaykh Abdurrahman Al-Khatib Ra in his book; “Al-Jauhar As-Syafaf”, and some of the leaders of the Sufis also reported to have said that al-Shaykh Abdurrahman ibn Muhammad As-Segaff Ra;“On the one when Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddan Muhammad bin Ali Ra was gathered with his companions then came to them Abu Al-Abbas Prophet of Allah Al-Khidhir As in the form of a Badwi, and above his head brought Zabid then when he approached the Majlis Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra took Zabid from the head, and Zabid is eaten by Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra then Khidhir As a prophet of God went, the companions of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra saw this incident, was surprised by the behavior of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra and they also asked him; “O Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra Badwi person who is?” Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra told them; “Badwi was actually Abu Al-Abbas Khidhir As a prophet of God.”
10. The presence of Sayyidina Al-Faqih in prayer corpse
Narrated As-Shaykh Sa’id ibn Umar Lihaf of his son, Muhammad that he said; “It is not we pray over the body of a Muslim unless he (As-syech Al-FaqihRa), attended and participated Pray with us even though he has died”, and has said al-Shaykh Abdullah bin Muhammad Abu Ibad Ra; “It is our prayer on the bodies, except As-Shaykh Al-Faqih Ra attended and participated pray with us”, commented As-Shaykh Abdurrahman Al-Khatib Ra, “Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra came to their bodies, because Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra love Muslims and his arrival due to give his territorial Syafa’ah to them, if they are overwritten by distress, Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra will repeatedly help with them because Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra morals with names of Allah and the apostle of Allah SAW Majesty Morals , and has said Allah to His Prophet; “It is not I send thee, O Muhammad except to become Mercy to the worlds”, as that is the state of the Prophets and Saints’ is not Allah sent the Prophets and the lifting of the mayor, except to make them as mercy for all His creatures, narrated that set out in some of the Book of Allah as revealed to the Prophet who said earlier that Allah; “I am a loving God, and I do not love people who do not have the nature of love”
11. Ascension Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
Pupils Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, the As-Shaykh Sa’id bin Lihaf always watched Sayyidina Umar Al-Faqih Ra Mi’raj sky every night, and this was on the orders of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, when he saw something , then it is diberitahaukan to Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, the one when Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra fresh off his Mi’raj al-Shaykh Sa’id saw something shiny spherical attached to their clothes Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra then taken by As -Syech Sa’id, then diberitahukannya to Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, Sayyidina Al-Faqih smiled and said;
“O Lahif we get that you hold it out of the sky while you took it out of my clothes with no effort”
Of As-Shaykh Al-Fadl bin Abdullah Arif billah Ra he said:“Indeed camel Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra know the sky as the Earth”.

12. rage Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
Has narrated that al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn As-Syamhuniy Ustman Az-Zhofary come to the children of Sayyidina Al-Faqih after Sayyidina Ra Ra Al-Faqih died, so he was welcomed by Al-Habib Alwi Al-Ghuyur and Al-Habib Abdurrahman picked As -Syech Muhammad from out of town, they have met berziarahlah tatakala them together to the grave of the mayor and some people Sholihin, then Al-Habib Abdurrahman advised his brother; As-Shaykh Al-Ghuyur Alwi;“O Alwi I will return home to prepare dinner prior to As-Shaykh Muhammad, while you wait here accompanied al-Shaykh Muhammad”Then Al-Habib Abdurrahman return to his house, and Al-Habib Alwi accompany al-Shaykh Muhammad, after Al-Habib Abdurrahman return came As-Shaykh Ibrahim bin Yahya Abu Fadhal Ra, he told Al-Habib Alwi Al-Ghuyur Ra;“O Alwi I want you to be willing to cede to me to entertain As-Shaykh Muhammad”Al-Habib Alwi Al-Ghuyur allow al-Shaykh Ibrahim to bring al-Shaykh Muhammad, then returned Al-Habib Alwi Al-Ghuyur, when Al-Habib Abdurrahman met with Al-Habib Alwi alone not with As-Shaykh Muhammad Al- ask Habib Abdurrahman Al-Habib Alwi told about al-Shaykh Muhammad, Al-Habib Alwi then told that al-Shaykh Muhammad brought by As-Shaykh Ibrahim, in anger Al-Habib Abdurrahman, beliaupun straight to al-Shaykh Muhammad after he met with As- Shaykh Muhammad beliaupun spill all his exasperation to As-Shaykh Muhammad becauseAs the invitation-Shaykh Ibrahim ago, when he had prepared a meal for As-Shaykh Muhammad his home, As-Shaykh Muhammad Al-Habib facing pique Abdurrahman with a smile and full ketawadhu’an, then after Al-Habib Abdurrahman see nobleness Morals As- Shaykh Muhammad beliaupun regret he himself is too debauched, beliaupun go to the mosque and seclude themselves and he did not intend to be out of the mosque before the As-Shaykh Muhammad forgave his treatment against al-Shaykh Muhammad, shortly afterwards As-Syech Muhammad Al-Habib Abdurrahman went to face the fear, and said to him;“O Abdurrahman urungkanlah intentions to apologize to me, because I was afraid of the father (Sayyidina Al-Faqih) because he had already visited me in anger at me like a lion and he said to me;” O Muhammad if you want to humiliate my son with akhlakmu? “It was narrated that al-Shaykh Barakwah go keTarim intends to invite residents to the school of Tarim Thariqah dianutnya, when he got in Tarim she dreamed by Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, because Imam Thariqah Tarim population, is Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra.
13. Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra and his teacher al-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan Ra
In a famous story that the incident between Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam and his teacher Fiqh As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan told, that Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra after receiving Khirqah of As-Shaykh Abdullah Al-As-Sholeh Maghriby Ra, shunned by As -Syech Ali Bamarwan with the intention that Sayyidina Al-Faqih to his back because of the World Fiqh As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan want Sayyidina Al-Faqih became Imam for the Faqih, as he said to Sayyidina Al-Faqih;“I want you be our Imam (Expert Fiqh) as Ibn Fuwraq, whereas you now take the path of Sufism and away from us”As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan stay away from Sayyidina Al-Faqih to the end when al-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan who have severe pain Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra was in ‘ajz that is one area in the interior of Hadramout, Hadramout distance of at least half a day trip, immediately see As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan but Sayyidina Al-Faqih late Ra and As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan had died and been buried, Sayyidina Al-Faqih then beri’tikaf in the mosque, shortly after Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra beri’tikaf, with permission Allah As-Shaykh Ali who has been buried alive Bamarwan back and see Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra at Fajr time, they berduapun involved conversation, Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra asked As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan;“How can I hand you guys Expert grave?”As-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan answered;“We all (experts barzakh) expect you to be priest as World expert asking you to be the Imam”When they were talking, suddenly came Hamid (muezzin in the mosque) who want to perform Fajr Azan he also witnessed the extraordinary event that is the meeting of al-Shaykh Ali Bamarwan deceased with Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, Hamid asked prayer to both of them, Hamid who was not strong enough to not tell the general public asking for permission to Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra that he was allowed to tell the incident to the public, he continued to ask for permission until Sayyidina Al-Faqih asked Hamid to not tell it to the whole communities while Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra is still alive, and also comply with the request Sayyidina Hamid Al-Faqih Ra so that in time, namely after Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra died, Hamid is no longer power saving incredible experience that he experienced tells The incident he shouted in a loud voice the society who were attending the funeral of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra.
14. Genesis before the end of his life Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra and his forecasts
At the end of life Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, he experienced the great Al-Waridat that opened for him the secrets of the Al-Laduniyah and Al-Wahbiyah, lie for him Asrar Ar-Rabb, so he drowned in a sea of ​​Ar Shibghah Rabbany, and Allah opens to him the secrets Malakut and Jabarut, enveloped by An-Nur Al-Lataif, he lost in things in such a manner for approximately 100 days, did not eat a bite of food and drinking water setegukpun goods, in His circumstances were such that there was someone who said to him read one verse;
“Every animate surely die”Answered by Sayyidina Al-Faqih;
“I do not have the life (nafs)”Then mentioned another one verse of the Qur’an to him;
“Each of everything that Fana ‘”Answered by him;
“I do not have all Fana’an”Then again mentioned to him;
“Everything would be damned unless his substance”Answered by him;
“I’m from the light of His substance”
In circumstances such that he is, he always refused food fed to him, so that at some point, when the food has entered keperut him, there came a voice that is heard by the crowd;“If you all have been bored to them (Sayyidina Al-Faqih) We will accept it, if you leave it out of the food she will remain We turn”Within the history say when the last seconds of his life when he was about to be fed, his eyes open, and he said;“Have you tired of me?”then beliaupun died.Before Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra’s death, he had predicted several events that will occur, some of which are:1. The burning of Baghdad and the killing of Caliph dikala it at the same time.2. Will the floods in Hadramout, this flood really happened and claimed the lives of 400 people flooding is known as the “Jahisy”3. There was also flooding, which hit Baghdad, this flood occurred in Jumadil End of th 654 H, resulting in overflowing rivers inundated Dajlah so that the water overflowed the city of Baghdad and the surrounding areas, pulling down the house Vizier of Baghdad and houses, as many as approximately 330 home and also many casualties.4. Burning of the Prophet’s Mosque beginning of the month of Ramadan th 654 H.5. The invasion of the Tartars to Baghdad, a huge tragedy in the Islamic world, namely the invasion of the Mongols under the leadership of Genghis Khan who made the killing of Caliph as well as large-scale slaughter is accompanied by the burning of books Sciences priceless these things happen in Shofar 654 th H.All the above events occur in th 654 H, one year after the death of Sayyidina Al-Faqih, meaning all these events have been foreseen by him approximately one year prior to the events mentioned above occurs.

15. Blessing, Al-Madad, and Al-Asrar derived Allah beside the tomb of SayyidinaAl-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
Qoul many of the major Wali said that the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam much lowered Rahmat Allah and beside his tomb there is a lot of goodness, how many people are troubled released from their misery and how many people are sick have recovered from illness Blessing because of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra.Mengenai blessing and efficacy were obtained from the air-side istighatha and bertawassul tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra told there was a man whose eyes were swollen so it makes no can sleep in a long time, he then went kemakam Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra, then he relates:“When I’ve got the side of the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih put my head beside his tomb and then I doze off and when I woke up swollen and my eyes have disappeared instantly”
The tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra
Storytelling As-Shaykh Ahmad ibn Muhammad Abu Harmiy:“One time I wanted to go out for a pilgrimage to the tomb of Awliya ‘in Zanbal, Tarim, yanng first kuziarahi is the tomb of the Khutaba’, when I would read the greetings to the People of the grave, suddenly there were two men who held the second on the right hand and my left then they lifted me in the air and move forward tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, then they said to me: “If you want to give a greeting first pilgrimage to Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra, then after it then you should make a pilgrimage to whom you want ziarahi, this must you heed the grave even though the person who wants you ziarahi distance away from the tomb Sayyidna Al-Faqih “then I bertanaya to them:” Who are you two have? “We are Sayyidina Abu Bakr and Sayyidina Umar “then they too disappeared.According to experts Arifin, explained that anyone who wants to make a pilgrimage kepekuburan “Zanbal” before the pilgrimage to Sayyidina Al-Faqih then batallah pilgrimage.A Sholihin storytelling;“At one time I was in one very scary place, I will then bertawassul and Sholih beristighatsah with some people I know, then I will fall asleep, dreaming, and I should say;” You are not going to sleep or waking save you from us except Allah, and As-Shaykh Muhammad bin Ali Ra “I will then complained to him, and asked who he is? Then there is said: “He was buried in this tomb” and then I will see in my dreams the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra “.
As-Shaykh Muhammad bin Abu Bakr Ba’ibad Ra frequent pilgrimages kemakam Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra when he passed the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra he immediately pilgrimages although not originally intended for pilgrimage for example just happened to pass by, As-syech frequency berziarahnya Muhammad Ba’ibad Ra to the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih cause confusion among his followers, because he himself has banned people for pilgrimage tomb, so they ask him;“Why do you always make a pilgrimage to the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih? And you yourself forbid people to make pilgrimages kekuburan? “he replied;“When I saw the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih, I have not the power to not menziarahinya”In the book of “Al-Anmuzaj Al-Latif” mentioned that it has been said, As-Shaykh Fadl bin Abdullah:“Sayyidina al-Shaykh al-Faqih Alwi bin Muhammad bin Ahmad bin al-Shaykh Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad bin Ali Ra he said:” seating that I love most in this world is sitting beside the grave of my grandfather Sayyidina Al-Faqih Al -Muqaddam “And had told As-Shaykh Abdullah bin Alwi Ra: “At one point I was in one pasture, and I highly Cleaner overwritten fever that almost made me lose consciousness and cause tremendous pain akupun thought that this could not be left more Soon I was then visited the tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra, then I closed my eyes and hands upwards kupanjangkan tomb of Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra then I bertawasshul “I ask God Almighty to keberkahanmu that eliminated his fever had happened to me” and then I heard the sound who said to me; “Kucukupi / fulfill your” then pulled my hand and I opened my eyes, and then lose the fever of myself and never happen to me again “.

16. Benediction Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra for his offspring
Sayyidina Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Ra pray for his offspring with three wishes he had in Ijabah by Allah Jalla Wa’Ala, prayer Sayyidina Al-Faqih Ra’s offspring are as follows:1. It is not known by the general public (Mastur) and they are not plunge in kemasyarkatan except in circumstances Faqir and loved the needy.2. Do not let them controlled by the ruler of their menzhalimi3. no one died in a state still intend to worldly affairs, which does not have the intent Earthly which could give harm to religious affairs.