Hazrat Abu Talhaa (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)

Hadhrat Abu Talha gives his garden to Allah

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Hadhrat Anas says, “Abu Talhah owned the best gardens in Madinah and they were more in number than those of any other Ansaari. One of his gardens was known by the name of Bir Ha which was his most favourite resort. It was close to Nabi’s SAW musjid and the water of its well was sweet and abundant. Nabi SAW often visited that garden and drank of the water. When Allah revealed the verse,
“You will not attain piety until you spend of that which you love.”
(S3: V92)
Hadhrat Abu Talhah came to Nabi’s SAW presence and spoke out from his heart, “O, Nabi of Allah! I love Bir Ha very much. As Allah wants us to spend that which we love, I make over that garden to be spent in the path of Allah as you please.” Nabi SAW was very pleased and remarked: “What a fine present (to Allah)! I think it would be best utilized if you distribute it among your own heirs.”
Hadhrat Abu Talhah  acted upon the advice of Nabi SAW. After reading a verse of the Qur’aan or listening to a well- delivered sermon, are we prepared to part with any of our belongings so quickly for the sake of Allah ? Even when we wish to make a charitable donation, we usually do it from our death-beds only, or else when we are so displeased with some relatives that we decide to disinherit them. But, when an occasion of public spending like marriage comes round, we are eager to win popularity even if we have to take a loan on interest.