Hazrat Amr Bin Jamuuh (رضئ اللہ تعالی عنہ)

Amr bin Jamuh RA wishes for martyr in Uhud.

“I witness that he is walking here and there in
Paradise and his lame leg is set right.”
Rasulullah SAW”
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During the ]ahiliyyah days, or the Days of Ignorance, when Madinah was still called Yathrib, the inhabitants of this city used to worship many idols. Islam had not yet come to Yathrib and its people thought that these idols were partners with Allah SWT. They made statues of these “gods” and people liked to have these statues in their homes. After a time, they began to worship the statues themselves. They believed them to have magical powers and they believed that they could hear and sometimes even speak.One of the people who believed in idols was a man named ‘Amr ibn al-Iarnuh, He was very serious about his belief.
His idol, which was named Manat, was made of the most expensive wood of the day. It was kept in a special room which was only for the purpose of its worship. He took very good care of it, perfuming it with the most exquisite scents, rubbing it with oils and burning incense before it. He used to make sacrifices to it and seek its help at difficult moments in his life. Now ‘Amr was one of the leaders of Yathrib in the time of jahiliyyah. He became the chief of Banu Salamah. He was also one of the most generous and valiant men of the city. He was a kind and responsible person. But he couldn’t bear any criticism of his idol or of his love for it. He went on worshipping it most of his life. When he was already an old man, over sixty, with white hair and a lame foot, Islam started penetrating the homes of Yathrib. One after the other, its citizens embraced Islam through the first ambassador, Mus’ab ibn ‘Umair RA.
The Perseverance in Seeking Martyrdom – Ibn Al Jamuh. 
‘Amr’s three sons, Mu’awwadh, Mu’adh and Khallad became Muslims at Mus’ab’s hand, as did a friend of theirs named Mu’adh ibn Jaball’RA. ‘Amr’s son Mu’adh ~ was even one of those who went to take the hand of Rasulullah SAW at the second covenant of al-Aqabah. Not only had ‘Amr’s sonsaccepted Islam; even his wife Hind RA had become a Muslim. But ‘Amr did not know about all of this. Hind ~ saw that Islam had won over the people of Yathrib, and that only her husband and a few others were left unconvinced. She loved and respected her husband very much and feared that he might die in a state of Kufr (unbelief) and end up in the Fire. She and her three sons were very worried about him.
At the same time, ‘Amr was afraid that his children would abandon their ancestors’ religion to follow the teachings of Mus’ab ibn ‘Umair RA. Mus’ab RA, was so convincing that he had, within a short span of time, persuaded a lot of people to turn away from their old religion to the faith of the Prophet SAW. He was determined to keep his family worshipping in the old way, which he thought was best.
He said to his wife, “Make sure, Hind, that none of your sons meets this man Mus’ab RA before we can make a final opinion of him ourselves.” This put Hind ~ in a difficult position. She could not lie to her husband, but she wanted him to understand what was happening. So she replied,
“I will. But concerning this man, can’t you just hear what your son Mu’adh has to say?” ‘Amr was very upset, and said in a loud voice, “Has Mu’adh turned away from our religion without talking things over with me?!” The woman felt sad for her husband, who was so sincere, and said, “Not at all. He has only attended some of his meetings and memorized some of his sayings.”
‘Amr told her to bring their son at once. When he came, ‘Amr asked him to recite some of the sayings of the man from Makkah. His son, very happy that at least his father was ready to discuss the subject, recited al-Fatihah. After he had heard it, ‘Amr was truly impressed. “How perfect these words are and how beautiful! Is everything that he says as good as this?”
Mu’adh ~ replied, “Yes, Father. It would be wonderful if you would follow him. All of your family already has!” The old man was silent. After a while he said, “I must consult our goddess Manat and see what she says.” The son asked, “What can Manat say, Father? It is only a piece of wood. It can’t think, it can’t speak…it can’t do anything.”
Because he sensed disrespect in his son, the old man repeated with anger, “I said I shall consult her!”So ‘Amr went to the idol of Manat. It was the tradition of the people of Yathrib that when they wanted the advice of the idol, they used to place a certain woman behind a curtain that was in back of the idol. She was supposed to go into a trance and then say what the idol would inspire her to say.
‘Amr called for this woman and then prepared to stand before his idol. What he did not know was that his wife had met the woman outside and drove her away from the house. ‘Amr stood before his idol on his lame foot. After praising it he said, “0 Manat, you surely know that this man who came from Makkah is your enemy. He came to turn us away from you. I don’t want to follow him without consulting you, although his sayings are beautiful. So advise me what to do.”
But Manat did not answer. So ‘Amr continued to talk and to ask questions. No reply came. At last he decided to let the idol wait for a few days. Perhaps it was angry. He thought he would put off any decision until later. ‘Amr’s sons knew how attached their father was to Manat. It was like a part of him. They didn’t want to hurt their respected father, who was indeed a very good man. But they knew that his soul wasat stake. They realized that the idol’s power over him was shaken, and that they might be able to take it away by force and thus open his path to Islam.
The Limping Martyr of Uhud.
By this time, Rasulullah SAW had come to Yathrib and they felt even stronger in their convictions. 50 they decided to act. Being young men, they thought of a very funny solution. ‘Amr’s sons and their friend Mu’adh ibn Jabal RA came late at night to the special room where the idol was kept. They were very quiet so as not to wake anybody. They took the idol Manat and threw it into the sewage pit belonging to their tribe, Banu 5alamah. They then hurried back home without being seen. They went to sleep, looking forward to what might happen. The next morning, ‘Amr went to give morning greetings to his idol, but he found it missing. He asked who had attacked his idol by night but nobody answered.

He searched for it everywhere, indoors, outdoors, shouting and threatening, until at last he found it lying face down in the filthy sewage pit. He cleaned the idol, purified and perfumed it lovingly, then put it back in its place and said, “Truly, if I only knew who did this to you, I would beat him very severely!” The next night the young men crept into thehouse and took Manat again, and again the next morning the old man searched for it and found it in the dirty hole and cleaned it. 

The young men kept doing so every night until ‘Arm got really angry. He then hung a sword around the idol’s neck and said, “0 Manat, I don’t know who is doing this to you but if you have any power, defend yourself! Here is a sword for you!” And he went to sleep. When the sons and their friend were sure that the father was asleep, they took the sword off the idol’s neck. Then they tied the idol with a rope to a dead dog. They threw them both into the dirty pit.

In the morning, the old man found his idol lying face down, tied to a dead dog in the pit. It was without the sword. This time he left it where it lay and cursed it, saying, “You cannot even defend yourself! How can you be a god?! You are nothing but a piece of wood.” Later that day he accepted Islam.
‘Amr tA was an eloquent poet. After he realized the foolishness of idol-worship he composed these verses:
By God! Had you been a goddess then the
dead dog would not have been tied to you with a
rope in a pit.
Curses be on you – you were lying in a filthy
place. How wretched was thatplace!
Had I not been there to save you, you would
have been there still, upside down.
Allah, the Glorified, guided me before I was
sent to the darkness ofthe grave.
All praises for Allah Most Great Who is
Benefactor, Provider and Lord of the Day of
Desire to Meet Allah SWT
When ‘Amr ~ tasted the sweetness of Islam, he regretted very much the time he had wasted in idolatry. He went, full of enthusiasm, and placed his body, his soul, his money and his sons at the service of Allah SWT and His Messenger SAW; Before long, ‘Amr RA saw his sons preparing themselves to confront the enemies of Islam, looking forward to obtaining martyrdom in the Battle of uhud. Seeing this, ‘Amr’s heart was on fire to join them, and he decided to go with them on Jihad under the leadership of Rasulullah SAW. But the young men were against this. Not only was he too old but he was also crippled with a lame foot.
They told him that surely Allah SWT would excuse him for his age and his lameness. Why would he take this burden on himself when Allah SWT had exempted him? Out of their fear for his life,they continued arguing with him. However, their father would not listen to them at all. ‘Arm’s sons went to Rasulullah SAW and told him the situation. The Prophet SAW said they could explain to their father that due to his age and condition, he was not obligated to perform jihad.
The young men said that they had done their best to explain this to their father, but he wouldn’t listen. Rasulullah SAW then asked them to bring their father to him, so that he might explain that he need not fight, and that hopefully Allah c;l~ would reward his intention. ‘Amr ~, determined to stand by his decision, went to the Prophet SAW, complaining, “0 Rasulullah, my sons want to keep me away from the source of Goodness, arguing that I am crippled. By Allah, I hope to step into jannah with my lame foot! For the sake of Allah SWT, allow me to accompany you!”
Rasulullah SAW said to the sons, “Let him go. Maybe Allah will grant him martyrdom.” And they obeyed. Joyfully, the venerable old man returned to his home and prepared for battle. When the time came to go out, ‘Arm ~ said a last goodbye to his wife. Then he turned towards the Qiblah, raised his hands and said, “0 Allah, bless me with martyrdom; do not send me back to my family with my hopes dashed!” Then he took offwith his three sons and a large number of his people, the Banu Salamah.
The battle raged at the foot of Mount ‘Uhud and, after some time, it turned against the Muslims. Many people fled in fear and panic. But ‘Arm RA was seen in the front ranks, jumping on his healthy foot and shouting, “I desire Paradise, I desire Paradise!” His son Khallad RA was behind him. Both father and son remained fighting until they fell in the battlefield, taking the rank of martyr, Shahid, only a few minutes apart.
In this battle, ‘Arm’s brother-in-law was also martyred. When Hind RA received the news of the martyrdom of her husband, her son and her brother, she first asked after the welfare of the Prophet SAW is, When they told her he was well, she went to him and said, “If you are safe, all calamities are reduced to nothing.” Then she had all three bodies of her family members placed on a camel, and she began to direct it towards Madinah. On the way, she met one of the wives of Rasulullah SAW is, ‘A’ishah RA, who was going with other women to look after the Prophet SAW is. Hind RA was able to tell her that Rasulullah is was alive and not severely injured.
Then she told her that here on the camel were the bodies of her husband, son and brother who had all been martyred in the battle.At that instant, the camel, as if it had heard her, sat down and would not budge. No matter what they did, it would not move. ‘A’ishah RA thought perhaps the camel was overloaded, but Hind RA explained that it was used to carrying more than this. At last they gave up, raised the camel and turned toward ‘Uhud. The camel stood and walked willingly. Hind RA carried all the three bodies to Rasulullah SAW. He asked her whether any of them had said anything while leaving the house.
Hind RA said that on leaving the house, her husband had prayed, “0 Allah, bless me with martyrdom; do not send me back to my family with my hopes dashed!” As he looked at ‘Amr RA lying in the sand, he SAW said, “When certain slaves of Allah SWT swear for a certain purpose, Allah SWT fulfills their desire. ‘Amr is among such slaves. I witness that he is walking here and there in Paradise and his lame leg is set right.” Rasulullah SAW ordered that all the the martyrs of ‘Uhud be buried at the site of the battle without washing. He said to his companions,
“Leave them with their blood and wounds – I am their witness. Any Muslim wounded for the sake of Allah SWT will come on the Day of Judgment with his blood running, its color like saffron (deep gold) and its smell like musk (the best of scents).” He added,”Bury ‘Amr ibn al-Iamuh RA with ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr RA as they were sincere friends.” This is why the camel turned around. It is said that six months later, ‘Abdullah ibn ‘Amr’s RA son excavated the grave to shift his father’s body to some other place. The bodies of both the friends were found as fresh as the day they were buried.
Look at Hadhrat ‘Amr’s desire to die in the path of Allah . It was their love and devotion for Allah and his Nabi SAW that led the Sahaabah to the height of success. Even after his death, ‘Amr wanted to remain in the battle-field and therefore the camel refused to take his body back to Madinah.
May Allah SWT bless ‘Amr ibn al-jamuh RA, his family and his friends, martyrs of Uhud. May their graves be illuminated with light of Paradise.

Prior to the advent of islam. It was the practice, the custom and the ritual of the polytheists of Arabia to have an idol each, In every room of every house. They would embellish and decorate this idol. They would apply the most expensive and exclusive perfumes and in this manner they would revere and honour this idol.


There was an individual in Madinah Tul Munawara who was a polytheist and who practiced exactly the same as his peers. This individual was a frail old ages man, who was in his early 60’s, who went by then name Amr Bin Jamuh. He was a crippled man who had one lame leg. Amr Ibn Al Jamuh was a well known and prominent member of the society of Madinah. Amr Bin Jamuh was the leader of his tribe, he was a dignified and noble individual. Amr ibn Al Jamuh, like it was  the ritual and custom of that time , had his own exclusive idol that he would worship daily, even a few times during the day. Amr Bin Jamuh would embellish and decorate his exclusive idol, he would adorn it with the most immaculate of clothing and apply the most exclusive brands of perfume. Daily, his first practice when he would wakes up was to present himself in front of his idol to honor it, venerate it and pray to it. He would then do the same before going to bed.


It was around this time in Madinah Munawara that The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) sent from Makkah Mukarramah a companion of his who was known as Musab ibn Umair (may Allah be pleased with him) to Madinah Tul Munawara. He was sent to invite the community of Madinah Tul Munawara to Islam and for those who accept the message of Musab ibn Umair, would educate them with regards to the sciences of Islam.


The old Amr Bin Jamuh, who was adamant on worshipping his idol had a wife by the name of Hind and three young handsome children, Mu’aad, Mu’owad and Khallad. When Musab ibn Umair (may allah be pleased with him) was in Madinah Tul Munawara, he left no stone un turned in inviting the people of Madinah Tul Munawara. His invitation had such a profound effect, that it entered not just every home but it entered every room of every house in Madinah Tul Munawara. Amr Bin Jamuh, as adamant as he was about worshipping his idol, had no idea that beneath his own nose, under his own thumb his three young children entered the beautiful faith of Islam at the hands of Musab ibn Umair. Not just his three children but his own spouse Hind accepted Islam and enters the beautiful and pure religion of Islam. It was at this time in Madinah Tul Munawara that Islam was the talk of the town. Every person on every street spoke about Islam. Amr Bin Jamuh feared Islam being accepted by his family, especially by his three children. So Amr Bin Jamuh would often say to his wife Hind that,


“I want you to keep an eye on our three children. Do not allow them to communicate with Musab ibn Umair because if they do they will eventually accept the message of of Musab ibn Umair.”


Least did Amr Bin Jamuh know that his own three children didn’t just accept Islam but were among the best of muslims at the time despite their young age. However Hind feared for her husband that if he passes away from this world in a state of disbelief and polytheism, then he has no abode other than the burning fire of hell. she tried with her limited means to invite her husband to Islam but because she admired and revered him so much she was afraid of being specific and emphatic in her approach to inviting Amr Bin Jamuh to Islam.


His three children were not satisfied with just their own entry into Islam along with their mother. They were yearning to see the day when their father Amr Bin Jamuh would be a faithful, loyal and dignified muslim. So Mu’aaz, Mu’owaz and Khallad along with one of their friends Mu’aaz ibn Jabal  the famous companion of The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), who was young at that time but the same age as Mu’aaz, Mu’owaz and Khallad, sat behind closed doors one day and they decide on how to invite their father Amr Bin Jamuh to Islam. They all leave the room unanimous on 1 point. That our father honours and venerates his idol. His idol has a very special place in his heart. So the only way we will be able to communicate and invite him to Islam will be trough that idol. So the children had decided.


One night when Amr Bin Jamuh had gone to sleep, the children made their way in to the room where the idol was kept. They remove the idol from the shelf, they leave the house tip towing making sure there is no one aware of their movements. They take this idol and fling it into a whole, where the people would dump their rubbish. The next morning, their father Amr Bin Jamuh wakes up early to go to his idol to pray. When he walks into the room he is shocked to see that everything is in the room except his idol. Amr Bin Jamuh becomes enraged. He asks if any one knows and there is no reply. Amr Bin Jamuh is very sad, he is distressed, he is displeased. He leaves his house angry and enraged in search of his idol. He finds his idol dumped in the whole together with the garbage and dirt. Amr Bin Jamuh as old as he was, bends down with his hunched back and lame leg, taking support on his good leg and picks up his idol. He cleans it and washes it, he applies exclusive perfume and places back on the shelf.


That afternoon one of his sons Mu’aaz approaches his father and says,


“Father, have you heard of the speech that is conveyed by Musab ibn Umair?”


Amr Bin Jamuh says,


“O my son, wo be unto you. Have you left worshipping idol’s? Have denounced our religion and accepted the religion of Musab ibn Umair?


Mu’aaz negates what the father says and in return replies,


“O my father I have not entered into the faith of Islam, however I have met Musab ibn Umair and i am familiar with what he speaks.”


Amr Bin Jamuh asks,


“Have you memorised any of his statements?”


Mu’aaz replies,


“Yes o my father.”


Amr Bin Jamuh replies,


“O my son why don’t you recite some of the verses and mention some statements of his to me?”


Mu’aaz commences,


“With the name of Allah the most high the most merciful”

He then recites surah Fatiha.


As soon as these verses reach the ears of Amr Bin Jamuh he exclaims,


“O my son Mu’aaz, such beautiful are the words uttered by this young man. How outstanding and excellent are they. Is every statement of his like this?”


Mu’aaz seizes this opportunity and says to his father,


“His speech is much more remarkable than this. Every second verse that he says is more splendid and more excellent than the previous one.”


Amr Bin Jamuh pauses for a while and then say to his sone,


“O Mu’aaz, if you want me to accept the religion of this Musab ibn Umair. I will first need to consult with my idol.”


Mu’aaz leaves his father.


Amr Bin Jamuh returned to his idol and greeted it. Stood in front of it in a dignified and appropriate manner, as a devout worshipper and then he began speaking to his idol,


“O my beloved idol. You are well aware that there is a Musab ibn Umair in our city within our community and he intends to convert everyone in Madinah Tul Munawara to Islam. What is your input? What do you say about this religion Islam?”


This was an idol, made from marble or stone. It was never possible for an idol to speak.

Amr Bin Jamuh stood silently waiting for an answer, however he receives no answer. With tears in his eyes  Amr Bin Jamuh addresses his idol,


“O idol of mines it seems as though you are angry and upset with me. However i have not done anything that upsets and angers you. I will leave you for a few days while your anger subsides.”


The children of Amr Bin Jamuh were not satisfied with the progres with their father. They decide to take matters further. Once again they make their appearance in front of this idol. They snatch the idol from the shelf and take it out of the house once again. This time instead of throwing the idol into a whole that is full of rubbish. They take the idol to a deserted and ruined well near by. They tie the idol to the dead corpse of a dog and fling it into the depths of this well. They then return home as though nothing occurred.


The next morning when Amr Bin Jamuh wakes up. He searches for his idol.


“Wo be unto everyone, what has happened to my idol once again?


This invited stress and anger in the life of Amr Bin Jamuh. He was very fond of his idol which had once again disappeared. Amr Bin Jamuh leaves the house in search of his idol. He searches all the streets, looking here, there and everywhere but to no avail. He makes his way to this deserted well and he sees what his eyes could not believe. He seas his idol tied to the corpse of a dog. Amr Bin Jamuh, heart broken and emotional, bends down and picks up his idol, unties it and cleans it once again and returns home with tears flowing from his eyes. He places his idol on the shelf again, this time round unsheathing his sword, hangs it on his idol and says,


“I can not stand with you the whole night. If you have the ability and strength to protect and defend yourself then here is my sword. Defend yourself.”


But after all this was an idol that was made out of stone. An inanimate object, let alone speaking or defending, this was something that had no life in it.


There is a quote in Tafseer e Jalalain, In reference to the incident of Ibrahim AS. When ibrahim AS placed an ax on an idol. Its says,


“That idol, that has no power or strength to remove an ax or sword in the case of Amr Bin Jamuh. How does it then have the ability and the strength to remove calamities and atrocities from the lives of its worshippers.”


Never the less, Amr Bin Jamuh was tested in this way as an invitation to Islam by his children.


The next morning Amr Bin Jamuh sees that his idol is not there. He goes back to the well and sees his idol laying there with the sword still hanging from it, laying in a dilapidated fashion in this ruined well. This time round he is assured that this is an inanimate object. It does not have the ability of harming or benefiting. He then sings a few couplets in the Arabic language,


“O idol of mines, I swear by Allah if you were deserving of worship you would not be in this pitiful situation you are in. Hence I understand you are an inanimate object that was created by me. You have no unique powers in you. I believe in one Allah.”


He accepts the message of Islam at the hands of his three young children Mu’aaz, Muowaz and Khallad.


There was a time in the life of Amr Bin Jamuh when he was the worshipper of an inanimate object, however now Amr Bin Jamuh becomes the worshipper of Allah subhanahu wa ta’la. May Allah be please with Amr Bin Jamuh.


The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) migrated to Madinah Tul Munawara, where Amr Bin Jamuh makes his appearance in the presence of The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). He places his hands in the hands of The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). This old hunched back weak Amr Bin Jamuh becomes a loyal, sincere and diligent companion of The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).


Amr Bin Jamuh remains in the service of The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and during the famous Battle of Uhad, the second battle of Islam. Amr Bin Jamuh sees his three children preparing to take part in the battle. He becomes green with envy. Tears roll down his eyes. He thinks to himself,


“O Allah if I was as energetic and as strong as my sons, then I would be preparing for this battle. Eventually becoming a martyr and and earning great reward as promised by the prophet and yourself O Allah”


Amr Bin Jamuh then starts preparing to take part in this battle. As crippled as he was, as old as Amr Bin Jamuh was, Even with the lame leg, did not prevent him from taking part in this virtuous and noble act. When his young children see their father preparing for battle, they say to him,


“O our beloved father, you are old, not just old you are weak and feeble. You have been excused from fighting in the battle. You will not be reprimanded by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, nor by his messenger for not taking part in The Battle of Uhad. You have been excused.”


Amr Bin Jamuh, with a cracked voice reprimanded and refuted his children by saying to them,


“You are preventing me from becoming a martyr. I want to meet my lord. I want to meet Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.”


Amr Bin Jamuh goes The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) holding his three children and says to The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him),


“O messenger of Allah. These children of mine are trying to prevent me from taking part in this battle. They say I am crippled, I am laim and I am old. O messenger of Allah I intend on walking in paradise with this lame leg of mine.”


The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says,


“Leave the old father of yours, It is possible, and i pray Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will grant him martyrdom.”


Amr Bin Jamuh took part in the battle. It is a lengthy inciden. When the battle commences, Amr Bin Jamuh is seen in the front lines of the battle. He throws himself in the thick of the enemy, walking and limping with his lame leg. Amr Bin Jamuh is granted his hearts desire. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accepts his desire, as when Amr Bin Jamuh left home to go to the battle field, he raised his hands and prayed to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.


“O Allah grant me martyrdom. O Allah grant me the honor and virtue of martyrdom. O Allah do not allow me to return home . Allow my body to be accepted by mount Uhad.”


Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accepted his prayer and Amr Bin Jamuh fell as a martyr during The Battle of Uhad.


After The Battle of Uhad, The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) stood by the bodies of the martyr of The Battle of Uhad and said,


“Do not wash the bodies of these martyrs. Bury them with their blood on their bodies and their wounds. On the day of judgement I will stand next to them and I will intercede on their behalf. I will say to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, that these are those sacred soles that gave their lives and their wealth in your path. O Allah they deserve nothing but paradise.”


The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says,


“There is not a single individual who is wounded in the path of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala that stands to defend the cause of Islam, the speech of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, the statements of The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), this pure pristine religion of Islam and he is wounded in the process, except that he will stand in front of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala on the day of judgement. Blood will be flowing from every wound of his, his colour will be the colour of saffron, however he will be smelling like musk.”


The prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) buried the martyrs of Uhad with his own blessed hands and then threw soil over the body of Amr Bin Jamuh, tears rolling down the face, The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) says to the people around him,


“I swear by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in whose control and whose power is my life. There are certain people from amongst you that if they take an oath on Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, will exonerate and absolve these individuals of their oath. From amongst these people is Amr Bin Jamuh. I swear by Allah, I have seen with my own eyes, Amr Bin Jamuh walking with his lame and crippled leg in the gardens of paradise.”


May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accept the martyrdom of Amr Bin Jamuh. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accept the endeavors of his three children, Mu’aaz, Mu’owaz and Khallad for their effort in inviting their father to Islam. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala resurrect us on the day of judgement with this loyal, faithful companion and the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him).